Wednesday, 2016-01-27

xuhaiweiQiming, morning00:44
xuhaiweisorry for missed yesterday's meeting, just checked the log00:45
Qimingokay, pretty interesting a discussion00:45
xuhaiweione question is about the summit proposal00:45
xuhaiweithere is no proposal of Senlin introduction?00:45
Qimingwe continued the discussion on #senlin again after the meeting00:45
xuhaiweiI saw it too00:46
Qimingworking on it00:46
Qimingethan has proposed one00:47
QimingI'm revising it into a generic introduction00:47
Qimingwe are thinking of a second one00:47
xuhaiweiso up to now, how many proposals are decided to be made to summit? Two?  Senlin introduction and Container Clustering?00:47
xuhaiweiIs there anything I can help?00:48
Qimingthe second one would be about auto-scaling00:48
QimingI'm not sure we can make container clustering work by the summit00:49
Qimingwe are working on the auto-scaling scenario00:50
xuhaiweiIn fact yuanying and me are also thinking of 'Container as a service' topic, but it will be discussed first in Magnum team00:50
xuhaiweithere maybe some relationship00:51
Qimingwe need work on that to make it happen00:52
Qimingas you know, we are being challenged by some early users that there are quite some bugs00:53
Qimingpeople want to compare senlin's stability to heat resourcegroup00:53
Qimingit is unfair, but it is understandable00:53
Qimingthose will be the top priority00:53
Qimingthen comes the fixes to known issues00:54
xuhaiweiso currently we should try our best to fix bugs?00:54
Qimingthen comes typical scenarios00:54
Qimingthen comes new features00:54
Qiminghowever, sometimes we cannot wait00:54
Qimingif we wait too long, we are losing the time window00:54
Qimingall teams/communities/projects are moving fast00:54
Qimingwe may have to work on both00:55
Qimingmake the best of resources available00:55
Qimingmake senlin usable and valuable00:55
Qimingjust got a request to backport senlin to liberty00:56
xuhaiweithe next big topic should be done in m3 is NODE CREATE/DELETE action fix?00:56
Qimingand desired_capacity00:56
Qimingand an end-to-end auto-scaling solution00:57
Qimingit would be highly desireable to have a POC of container clusters00:57
xuhaiweiok, got it00:57
Qimingwhen I'm revisiting the journey we have gone so far, I'm a little bit concerned that we may be a little bit conservative00:58
xuhaiweiwhat do you mean?00:59
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Qimingbut it is always a tradeoff, 1) getting the existing features stabilized 2) add new features to demonstrate our capabilities00:59
Qimingthere is nothing wrong to stabilize the existing features01:00
Qimingbut we should also encourage experimentations of new features01:00
xuhaiweithere is a desire from our team which is baremetal autoscaling by Senlin01:02
Qimingoh, thanks god01:03
Qimingthat would be so sexy01:03
xuhaiweisometime we got ideas but are not so active to make it happen :)01:04
QimingI was experimenting some container support recently01:05
QimingI was using coreos as the guest OS01:05
Qimingthere is no problem to create and manage a cluster of nova servers running CoreOS01:06
Qimingto support container clustering, we need to have senlin probe into those VMs to manage docker instances01:06
Qimingit is an interesting scenario01:06
xuhaiweiyou don't want to use magnum?01:07
Qiminghaving senlin sit above magnum?01:07
QimingI was expecting magnum to use senlin01:08
xuhaiweiuse Magnum to do the preparement job01:08
Qimingwell, we can do that if it makes sense01:08
Qimingpersonally, I'm very very concerned of integrating mesos, marathon, kubernetes into openstack01:09
Qimingyou will have python, Java, go, scalar, C programs at different layers01:10
Qimingit would be very difficult (if possible) to do integration tests01:10
xuhaiweiyes, that's the problem01:11
Qiminghere is what the SUR team has done:
Qimingthe students were hard coding everything, which is bad01:12
xuhaiweiyou want container to run on baremetal or vm?01:13
Qiminghowever, the POC did show us it is possible01:13
Qimingideally, they should run on baremetal01:13
Qiminghowever, I don't think Linux kernel is ready for that01:14
Qimingat its hard core, container is about building isolated runtime environments based on kernel support01:16
QimingI'm not that sure the isolation provided by Linux kernel is complete01:17
Qimingthat is why running containers inside VMs is still the common practice01:17
Qimingbut looking into near future, we can expect the gaps will be filled pretty quickly01:18
Qimingso one of the option to support a flexible deployment/management of container clusters could be using docker-py01:18
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xuhaiweidocker is doing container on baremetal, right?01:19
Qimingit doesn't care01:19
Qimingin docker community, there is a project named docker-machine01:20
Qimingwhich is an attempt to abstract the underlying infrastructure01:20
xuhaiweias I discussed with yuanying, he wants to create a container compute service and use docker to start container directly01:21
xuhaiweion baremetal01:22
Qimingthat is promising01:22
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix a bug about cluster-node-add/del
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Change 'status_code' to 'http_status' to parse SDK's exception
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elynn_Hi Qiming , Are you working on change the cluster_delete  returned location to action id? if not , I can help05:01
QimingI'm working on that right now05:01
elynn_Then I will wait for your patch :)05:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Make cluster-delete return action id
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Make cluster-delete return action id
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zigoelynn_: xuhaiwei: qiming: There's no tag for senlin-dashboard, could someone make one?06:58
zigoOtherwise, I can't package it ...06:58
elynn_I'm not sure that senlin-dashboard is ready for use now...07:00
elynn_Liuqing, Could you help with zigo ?07:00
Liuqingzigo, the tag is about instance or anything else?07:02
zigoLiuqing: I just need a git tag in the repo, so that I can package that for Mitaka b2.07:02
elynn_Add git tags to senlin-dashboard07:02
zigo(I don't use tarball, I generate them out of git tags)07:02
Liuqingok, got that07:03
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elynn_Thanks Liuqing :)07:07
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QimingLiuqing, I'm producing a 0.1.0 tag for senlin-dashboard07:21
Qimingokay, it is there07:23
Liuqingthanks Qiming,07:23
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xuhaiweihi Qiming, if generally comparing Senlin with Heat auto-scaling, what is the merit point of Senlin?07:57
xuhaiweiSenlin has policy and can make auto-scaling more convenient and more powerful?07:59
Qimingyes, more flexible08:00
xuhaiweiSenlin also has health management function is also a point i think08:01
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Qimingxuhaiwei, what's the question for?08:09
xuhaiweithe question is Senlin is better than Heat auto-scaling in where?08:10
Qimingwhat's your observation?08:10
xuhaiweimy idea about it?08:11
xuhaiweiI have thought of some merits, but afraid it's not enough08:11
xuhaiweiI am often asked by someone about this question08:12
Qimingokay, I have a list of comparison, :)08:13
Qimingbut I'm not sharing that with you08:13
Qimingit has to come from your own belief08:13
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xuhaiweican I make a reference of it?08:14
Qimingwe can exchange our thoughts, but I'm not sharing mine with you first08:15
Qimingwhen you are deploying a cluster for auto-scaling and operating it08:16
Qimingyou will see the real difference08:16
Qimingespecially when you are trying to operate such a cluster08:16
xuhaiweias far as I can see, due to the policies in senlin we can do auto-scaling more flexible than heat if we only think about auto-scaling08:17
Qimingokay, that is a good point08:17
xuhaiweiof course, senlin has its own API, DB and engine, that must be much more powerful08:18
xuhaiweithat is from effectiveness point08:19
xuhaiweithe people who asks this question usually think from function point08:20
QimingAPIs are providing functions, right?08:21
xuhaiweihm, yes08:22
QimingDBs and engine doesn't matter that much08:22
Qimingyou are basically comparing a heat resource type to a service08:23
xuhaiweiactually no08:23
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xuhaiweiyes, creating a heat resource is just doing a task in heat engine?08:29
xuhaiweinot understand your question well08:29
Qimingin heat, you are managing template and stacks, not resources08:30
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Make node-delete return an action ID
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/senlin: Cleanse set_status method used in cluster_action
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Improve size parameter checking function
Qimingxuhaiwei, I have some disagreements regarding the changes to set_status patch09:50
QimingWe are supposed to distinguish action status and cluster status instead of mixing them together09:51
Qimingany patches in alignment with that are welcomed09:51
Qimingfor example, when we do a CLUSTER_CHECK09:53
Qimingthe check operation itself may fail, but we should not change the cluster status after cluster check is completed09:53
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix cluster_create function
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix cluster_create function
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix cluster-resize parameter checking
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Remove NodeNotOrphan exception type
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cschulz_elynn: Has anything changed in how the senlin client in heat builds webhook receivers?13:03
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cschulz_We had been having success with creating receivers until yesterday when the request started failing because of a missing host attribute in the configuration.13:04
cschulz_Do we need to add a ip address to a configuration file?13:04
Qimingcschulz_, refer to:
Qimingthe host and the port option in the webhook section in the senlin.conf file will be used as the defaults for webhooks13:09
QimingI'm not aware of any changes to these options13:10
Qimingif things used to work and then fail now, it could be some situation we didn't capture, possibly a bug?13:10
cschulz_Qiming, Thanks.  Actually discovered that it works on one of my hosts an not on another.  Will need to get the configurations synchronized.13:26
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Add size checking for cluster scaling
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Updated from global requirements
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