Monday, 2016-01-25

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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Remove 'enabled' arg of cluster-policy-attach
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritThomas Goirand proposed openstack/senlin: Fix spelling mistake
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zigoHi there!06:15
zigoFYI, I'm packaging Senlin for Debian.06:15
Qimingzigo, let us know if helps needed, :)06:16
zigoThe package is nearly ready.06:16
Yanyanhuzigo, welcome :)06:16
zigoNo problem so far.06:16
zigoFor the packages, I wrote a senlin-api and a senlin-engine.06:16
zigoIs there the need of anything else?06:16
Qimingnope, currently that is all you need to run the service06:16
Qimingsenlin-api and senlin-engine are inseparable I'm afraid06:17
Qimingdo you mean they are to be packaged in different packages?06:18
zigoAnd what about the API endpoint? I have found out the port is 8778, but is there something after the URL ?06:18
zigoYeah, 2 packages, one for each, plus python-senlin, senlin-common and senlin-doc.06:18
Qimingyou don't need anything afater the URL06:19
Qimingsenlin api middleware will route the request to its current api version, i.e. v106:19
zigoThere's a bunch of stuff missing from the default config file... :(06:25
zigoIn the keystone_authtoken, there's nothing after #hash_algorithms06:25
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Qimingoh? those settings are supposed to come from keystonemiddleware package directly ...06:26
zigoYeah, I'm checking on it...06:27
zigoGive me a minute.06:27
zigoQiming: Are you in China?06:27
Qimingzigo, yes06:27
zigoQiming: 我在郑州 :)06:28
zigoThat's probably the only kind of sentence you can expect from me in Chinese though... :P06:28
Qimingyou are unfortunate either06:28
zigoBut I'm here for the new year.06:28
QimingYour Chinese is good.06:29
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Qimingjust tried 'tox -e genconfig' in senlin06:31
QimingI'm getting this:06:31
Qiming#hash_algorithms = md506:31
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix spelling mistake
Qimingelynn, saw your patch in senlinclient06:43
Qimingis there any reason we should get rid of 'enabled' parameter?06:44
elynnI though we don't support policy enabled/disabled06:44
Qimingwe support that06:44
elynnI saw you remove policy-enable/disable from senlinclient06:44
Qimingwe support through a single command cluster-policy-update06:45
Qimingwith cluster-policy-update, we can do the toggling between enabled and disabled06:45
elynnQiming, so you mean we still support enable/disable policy after attach to a cluster?06:45
Qimingso cluster-policy-enable/disable seem a redundant interface with no much justification06:46
Qimingthat is still supported06:46
elynnok, I will abandon this patch , it's my misunderstanding...06:46
zigoQiming: Yeah, but AFTER that?06:51
zigoAfter hash_algorithms?06:51
zigoYou're supposed to have #enforce_token_bind normally.06:52
zigoIt shouldn't just stop there.06:52
Qimingenforce_token_bind is there06:52
Qiming#enforce_token_bind = permissive06:53
Qimingsudo pip list | grep keystonemiddleware06:53
Qimingkeystonemiddleware (4.0.0)06:53
zigo$ senlin node-list06:58
zigoERROR(500): Auth plugin requires parameters which were not given: auth_url06:58
zigoThat's what I get ...06:58
zigoSomething must be miss-configured.06:59
Qimingyou need to provide some required info for authentication with keystone06:59
zigoYup, it's done.06:59
zigoAutomatically with debconf.06:59
zigoThough something must be wrong.06:59
Qimingdid you export OS_AUTH_URL ?06:59
zigoYup, that's working, "openstack user list" works.07:00
zigoDoes senlin support Keystone API v3?07:01
Qimingyes, v3 is the default07:01
Qimingif you do a 'senlin -d node-list', you can get more details wrt where the request was blocked07:02
zigo#auth_version = <None>07:02
zigoApparently, v3 is NOT the default...07:03
Qiminghere is what I have in senlin.conf to make it work:07:04
Qimingadmin_tenant_name = service07:04
Qimingadmin_password = openstack07:04
Qimingadmin_user = senlin07:04
Qimingauth_uri =
Qimingsigning_dir = /var/cache/senlin07:04
Qimingcafile = /opt/stack/data/ca-bundle.pem07:05
Qimingidentity_uri =
zigoOh, I got it...07:05
zigoThere's also a "authentication" part to configure, not just keystone_authtoken.07:06
zigoWhy is this separate?07:06
Qimingoh, there was a discussion about this07:06
Qimingbasically, senlin is doing trust based authentication automatically07:07
zigoAnd this part is *not* generated in the config file... :(07:07
Qimingit is a workaround to the token expiration problem07:07
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Qimingwe were 'hijacking' the keystone_authtoken for that purpose, but later was warned that was an abuse of those config items07:08
QimingWe were suggested to come up with something new07:08
zigoNow node-list works.07:08
zigoWell, I don't like the fact that it's "different" from other services.07:09
zigoI'd very much prefer to configure stuff only once.07:09
zigoI'm not sure I understand the purpose here...07:09
Qimingem, it was a long discussion07:09
zigoAnyway, the package is good for uploading, now we just need to wait for FTP master approval! :)07:09
Qimingthanks, zigo, feel free to ping us when there are questions07:10
zigoHow do I get this [authentication] bits generated in the config file though?07:10
zigoThat's the only blocker...07:10
zigoI can manually add it, but that's hackish, I'd very much prefer to use oslo-config-generator for that if possible.07:10
Qimingtox -e genconfig adds that section07:11
zigoI insist into having working good configuration files in Debian, unlike what they do in Ubuntu...07:11
zigoNop, it doesn't for me.07:11
zigoAnd I don't use tox, it's not possible when doing a package.07:11
zigoI do:07:11
zigoPYTHONPATH=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp oslo-config-generator --output-file $(CURDIR)/debian/senlin-common/usr/share/senlin-common/senlin.conf --namespace ...07:11
zigoSomething like that.07:11
Qimingalright, I hate doing this via tox07:12
Qimingin tools subdir, we have a script 'gen-config'07:12
zigoYup, which is just calling oslo-config-generator, so that's not helpful.07:13
Qimingand also a config-generator.conf file07:13
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Qimingthe [authentication] section comes from the 'senlin.common.config' namespace07:13
zigoYes, from which I took the arguments to oslo-config-generator.07:13
Qimingthat is weird ...07:14
zigoLet me try to debug that...07:15
QimingI just regenerated the sample config, [authentication] section is there in the output file07:16
zigoI could generate something, so it shall be my fault somehow ...07:19
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zigoOk, I got it fixed! :)07:29
zigoPackage uploaded.07:37
zigoNow, let's wait for the FTP masters to approve it.07:37
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elynnHi Qiming08:18
elynnCan we create a receiver without specify cluster name?08:18
elynnok, I think the answer is no.08:23
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Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, around?08:51
Yanyanhusince the following bp has almost been done
Yanyanhucan we set its status to implemented?08:51
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Yanyanhuok, will change its status09:07
Yanyanhuoh, you have done it, thanks :)09:07
Yanyanhuhi, elynn, around?09:14
YanyanhuI occasionally found the following error message in engine log:09:15
Yanyanhu  (table.description, expected, rows_matched)09:15
elynnHi Yanyanhu09:15
Yanyanhuminute, seems I can't paste the error msg into irc directly09:15
Yanyanhulet me use the paste.openstack.org09:15
elynnhave you do 'senlin-manage db_sync'?09:15
Yanyanhuthe engine works correctly09:16
Yanyanhujust occasionally found that error msg09:16
elynnok, lets check the log09:16
Yanyanhuthis one09:16
Yanyanhuthis msg didn't appear everytime I started the engine09:16
Yanyanhuactually it's just a warning09:17
elynnDuring engine restart?09:17
Yanyanhuduring engine start09:18
Yanyanhuit just appearred once as of now09:18
Yanyanhuso maybe my db's issue09:18
elynnMaybe related to this code09:19
elynnengine will clean dead engine records when starts.09:19
Yanyanhuoh, that's possible09:20
elynnSince we can remove dead records by using 'heat-manage service clean', so maybe this code can be remove.09:21
Yanyanhuthat will enforce user to clean dead engine records manually?09:22
elynnHi Qiming , I propose a spec to add more senlin resources to heat, could you help review?09:24
elynnYanyanhu, yes, admin can remove dead engine records manually.09:25
YanyanhuI guess maybe reserving it is better? For cases where admin forget to clean engine record manually09:26
elynnYanyanhu, there's potential race condition there I think, it get records at but delete it at
elynnSometimes when executing to L183, this record is already delete, so you get that warning.09:28
elynnLet me see if I can improve db api.09:28
QimingI'm wasting my life trying to get docker up09:33
Yanyanhuthere is really bunch of dependencies there09:34
Yanyanhuespecially for redhat09:34
gongysh一句话描述senlin: 森林, OpenStack云的集群服务,它能够创建和操作其他服务创建的同构对象的集群。09:35
Yanyanhu非常形象, vividly :P09:36
Yanyanhuteng ptl, dashixiong has question @Qiming09:37
gongyshQiming,  dear Mr. PTL?09:38
QimingSenlin是为OpenStack开源云计算平台开发的集群(Clustering)服务,其设计目标是帮助用户更方便地管理云计算环境中的资源池,具体包括资源池的弹性伸缩、高可用性以及可管理性等等。目前Senlin主要关注虚拟机和Heat Stack集群的创建与管理,未来计划扩展到其它类型资源池。09:42
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Qimingreally not good at this09:43
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Qimingthis IS HOLLY SHIT:09:51
Qimingcore@code1 ~ $ docker run ubuntu /bin/echo hello world09:51
QimingUnable to find image 'ubuntu:latest' locally09:51
Qiminglatest: Pulling from library/ubuntu09:51
Qiming92ec6d044cb3: Downloading [=>                                                 ] 1.621 MB/65.68 MB09:51
Yanyanhunightmare for our network09:54
gongyshthat's not bad.09:55
Yanyanhuour network connnection is really poor...09:55
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gongyshQiming,  cool, your's is adopted.09:57
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Qimingthx, gongysh09:59
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Fix a bug about cluster-node-del
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zigoGood news guys, Senlin has been FTP master approved.17:03
zigoIt's going to reach Debian mirrors in a few hours! :)17:04
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