Wednesday, 2016-01-06

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xuhaiweiWelcome to join this discussion:
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Set cluster to correct status when scaling failed
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xuhaiweimorning all02:27
Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, around02:57
YanyanhuI'm thinking if no deletion policy is attached to cluster, is that possible to let other policies like lb_policy to select candidates?02:58
Yanyanhue.g. randomly by default02:58
Qimingthat sounds weird02:59
xuhaiweino comment about the etherpad page?03:01
elynnDo you know how to find depends-on patch in new gerrit? It's not clearly what's the current patch depends on.03:17
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Set cluster to correct status when scaling failed
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, you mean?03:21
Yanyanhuelynn, let me check. I also didn't find it in the new UI03:21
Yanyanhustill didn't find it...03:29
elynnThat's a regression03:36
Yanyanhuelynn, yes...03:42
Qimingelynn, seems the upper right corner shows a list of related patch03:45
elynnQiming: yes, I notice the 'same  topic', just not sure if they are order by dependents..03:46
xuhaiweiI mean you can write your idea about deletion policy in the etherpad, Yanyanhu04:06
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, sure, will leave my comment :)04:23
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Add test case for common/utils
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Qimingjust heads up08:29
QimingI've found the email thread discussing the changes to python-xxxclient08:29
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Remove usless module
Qimingthe consensus was to switch to use openstackclient + cliff for CLI08:30
elynnSo we need to support openstackclient in this release08:31
Qimingthat depends on our bandwidth08:31
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Qimingthis is a good example08:32
elynnI can find a colleague to work on it.08:32
Qimingthat would be great08:33
Qimingwe will need to do this step by step08:33
elynnIn heat, openstackclient related codes is added in heatclient, using setup.cfg namespace08:33
Qimingfirst would be a bp08:33
Qimingsomething like this:
elynnIt would be good we maintain it in our client.08:34
elynnok, will register a BP first and discuss in BP or etherpad.08:35
Qimingthen we may either start working on it in python-senlinclient or in python-openstackclient directly08:35
elynnMy colleage is also working on adding openstackclient related codes in heatclient, so she would be fine to do this job.08:37
elynnWe need to use cliutils from oslo.utils first, isn't it?09:04
Qimingcliutils has gone09:04
Qimingif we are switching to cliff09:05
Qimingit has a different format09:05
Qimingrefer to the example I pasted above, about network support in OSC09:05
elynnQiming: So you mean we don't offer commands starts with 'senlin cluster ...'?09:06
elynnWe directly use 'openstack cluster ...' , right?09:06
Qiminggood question09:06
Qimingwe will need to think about it09:07
Qiming'openstack cluster create' looks good09:07
elynnOtherwise it would be double job if both switch to cliff...09:07
Qimingbut 'openstack profile create' looks a little bit agressive09:07
xuhaiweiafter senlinclient is moved to openstackclient, I think we dont need to support senlinclient anymore, so senlin commands will be gone09:07
Qiming'openstack node create' is even more weird09:08
Qiming'openstack event list' too09:08
xuhaiweiit maybe openstack senlin profile create09:08
Qimingno, xuhaiwei09:08
Qimingthere won't be word like 'senlin'09:08
elynnThat's a little too long...09:08
Qimingif you try 'openstack'09:08
Qimingit only shows you the service name, not the project name09:09
xuhaiweiI found this today: openstack congress datasource create xxx09:09
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Qimingthat is the only reason why I think a bp would be needed09:10
Qimingoh my09:10
elynnYes, BP and etherpad both needed.09:10
Qimingthat is very weird09:10
xuhaiweiit is the first time I saw this kind of command09:11
Qimingwe may need an etherpad for polishing the commands09:11
Qimingthen we use bp to track progress09:11
elynnMaybe they like to be weird :P09:11
elynnGeek is always weird :)09:11
elynnQiming: yes, agree.09:12
Qimingin heat specs, we also get this: openstack orchestration resource type show --format (hot|cfn)09:12
Qimingso maybe we can do this:09:13
elynndixiaoli: will work on BP and etherpad, and we can discuss it in mid-cycle meeting.09:13
elynnlike openstack cluster profile ...?09:13
Qimingopenstack cluster profile create|list|show|delete09:13
Qimingopenstack cluster create|delete|update|show09:13
elynnThat's what I'm thinking about.09:13
Qimingopenstack cluster node create|update|delete|show|join|leave09:13
xuhaiweibecause many projects have similar commands, should differentiate them09:13
xuhaiweiwho can tell me how to use openstack commands09:14
Qimingespecially, 'node', 'event', 'action', 'profile' ...09:14
xuhaiweihow to know what commands it has09:14
Qimingthese nouns are too common09:14
xuhaiweiopenstack -h doesn't show it09:14
Qimingopenstack help09:14
elynnAbove link is the etherpad used by heat to track openstackclient status.09:16
Qimingthere are cases where we need to be more explicit, there are other cases we can make the command a little bit shorter09:16
Qimingopenstack action list <-- not good09:17
Qimingopenstack cluster action list <-- semantics ambiguity09:17
Qimingif we remove node-join and node-leave09:18
Qimingall actions would be about clusters09:18
Qimingthen the second format looks acceptable09:18
xuhaiweiwill remove them?09:26
xuhaiweiwhat about openstack clustering action list09:27
dixiaolihow about openstack senlin cluster action list ?09:29
elynnI would like to keep commands shorter and simple...09:30
xuhaiwei'senlin' should not be shown in the command09:30
Qimingjust openstack cluster action list would be okay09:34
Qimingin future, we may support 'openstack cluster action create -s script', ;)09:34
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elynnWhat's that about?09:42
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Qimingelynn, when you have a cluster of nova servers10:04
elynnsoftware config?10:05
Qimingyou can do a batch command on all nova servers with one request10:05
Qimingit would be more powerful than software config10:05
Qimingsoftware config is static, it doesnt allow circles10:05
Qimingbash alike actions is something senlin can help initiate on all nova servers via remote ssh10:06
elynnhmm, that's a interesting use case to support.10:07
Qimingit is an embedded version of ansible10:08
Qimingnot sure it is a good thing to do10:08
Qimingbut I do feel the need to do post-deployment operations10:08
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Implement node_recover in Profile
openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Move cluster_update logic from service to cluster_action
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Add test case for common/utils

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