Thursday, 2015-12-24

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openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Remove "builtins = _" from tox.ini
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Set status to updating when execute resize action
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elynnHi Yanyanhu03:39
openstackLaunchpad bug 1528996 in senlin "Can't delete heat node" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Ethan Lynn (ethanlynn)03:40
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Yanyanhuthis is weird03:40
elynnI'm not sure it should be solve at sdk or senlin side...03:40
Yanyanhulet me check the code, I guess show_deleted should not be set by default?03:41
elynnI think it's sdk's bug...03:41
Yanyanhuyes, guess so03:42
Yanyanhuaccording to the comment of find_stack function call, None should be returned if stack is not found and ignore_missing=True03:43
elynn it's the log of senlin-engine03:43
elynnnot found response contains a redirect link and sdk follows it and get the stack...03:44
Yanyanhusdk or keystoneauth's problem I think03:45
Yanyanhuif so, similar error should happen when sdk talking with other services?03:46
elynnI test nova03:46
elynnit works fine...03:46
elynnjust don't know why03:47
Yanyanhuhmm, a little weird03:48
elynnI think that makes functional tests fail recently.03:49
Yanyanhuyes, I noticed functional test failed03:50
elynnWill have lunch now, will be back later and dig more03:50
Yanyanhuso you mean the redirection causes this issue?03:50
Yanyanhuok, will also look at it03:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: stop using deprecated option group for rabbit
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Yanyanhuhi, elynn, are you around?04:50
elynnHi Yanyanhu04:50
Yanyanhuabout bug 152899604:50
openstackbug 1528996 in senlin "Can't delete heat node" [Undecided,Confirmed] - Assigned to Ethan Lynn (ethanlynn)04:50
Yanyanhucould it be heat's bug?04:51
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YanyanhuI guess GET request to the above link should not get stack detail returned?04:52
elynnI test with heatclient, the response body doesn't contain redirect link04:52
Yanyanhuafter the redirection happened?04:52
elynnBut heatclient request this link
elynnwithout that id04:53
Yanyanhumaybe that's is because you request for a legal url?04:53
Yanyanhuyes, this is a legal url which supported by Heat04:53
Yanyanhubut this one is not?  curl -g -i -X GET
Yanyanhuin which stack id is located after 'stacks/'04:54
elynnit's for stack_show04:55
Yanyanhuso I guess there could be two problems here: 1)sdk should not request such url in which stack id is located after str 'stacks/' when finding stack;04:56
Yanyanhu2) why heat return redirect info in header after receive such a request...04:56
Yanyanhusince if heat treats the id string as name, it should return 404 rather than 302 I think04:57
elynnFrom the log04:59
elynnI don't know sdk request what url, I just see it try to request redirect link.04:59
elynnlet me have a try...05:00
Yanyanhuyes, I guess at the first time, sdk requests this kind of url ''05:00
Yanyanhulet me paste some of my engine log05:00
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YanyanhuI guess line1 has the original url sdk requested?05:01
Yanyanhuactually, keystoneauth1 requested05:02
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: url template tag change
elynnHi Yanyanhu05:04
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elynnI use restful tool to request this link and I can get the stack details...05:05
Yanyanhubut we shouldn't I think ?05:05
elynnHeat treat it as stack_show05:06
Yanyanhucan you paste the url you requested05:06
elynnnot stack_find05:06
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Yanyanhubut I think the url of stack_show should be in the following format: /v1/​{tenant_id}​/stacks/​{stack_name}​/​{stack_id}​05:07
Yanyanhuwithout stack_name segment, it works as well?05:07
elynnHeat send back a redirect link to correct it.05:07
Yanyanhuthen the api doc of heat is wrong...05:08
elynnAnd my restful tool follows it I think...05:08
Yanyanhuaccording to the description, only stack_name is accepted...05:08
YanyanhuRequest parameters05:08
YanyanhuParameter Style Type Description05:08
Yanyanhutenant_id URI String05:08
YanyanhuThe ID of the tenant. A tenant is also known as an account or project.05:08
Yanyanhustack_name URI String05:08
YanyanhuThe name of a stack.05:08
elynnIf I request
elynnI can get en error.05:08
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Yanyanhuso the heat API-ref doc need fix I think...05:10
elynnnot sure if heat cores willing to change this behavior...05:10
Yanyanhuand also stack resource implementation in sdk05:10
Yanyanhumaybe just fix the documentation?05:10
elynnThey need to consider backward compability...05:11
elynnYanyanhu, What document?05:11
Yanyanhuelynn, yes, just the document and the actual implementation is mismatched...05:11
Yanyanhuthis one05:11
Yanyanhuand I found show_delete is True by default when getting stack by ID05:14
Yanyanhuand there is no option to change this default behavior when requesting stack get API...05:15
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add Django1.8 to tests
Yanyanhuso either change related implementation in heat API (I guess this is not easy), or revise heat stack resource type in sdk05:16
Yanyanhuto define special logic for find resource call of heat stack05:17
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elynnYanyanhu, I don't find the doc error...05:27
Yanyanhuah... let me check it again05:28
elynnYanyanhu, I would like to suggest to change sdk...05:28
Yanyanhuyes, this is also what I prefer05:28
Yanyanhuthis doc link, and description of the second requests parameter05:29
elynnI thinks it's correct, don't know which line you think is not correct.05:29
YanyanhuI mean actually heat stack find API accept stack_id here05:29
elynnoh, I got your point.05:30
Yanyanhunot stack_name05:30
Yanyanhuyes, so I guess they mean to implement the API like this05:30
Yanyanhujust doc is inconsistent with the actual implementation05:30
elynnLet me try with exist stack...05:31
elynnheat treat name and id as different... sigh05:35
elynnYou can not find stack by name if deleted, but you can find it by id05:36
elynnAnd you can not show a deleted stack by name if it's deleted.05:40
elynnBut you can show it by id....05:40
elynnI just remember somebody raise this problem before, but cores ignore it05:41
Yanyanhuso if you try to 'find' a stack in heat, you have to list stacks and filt with given name...05:41
Yanyanhuusing stack_id won't work since no way to change the default behavior(show_deleted=True) of stack get API05:42
Yanyanhuactually, IMHO, heat should expose show_deleted option for stack get API :)05:42
Yanyanhuit will be very helpful05:43
elynnYanyanhu, I agree with you.05:43
Yanyanhuanyway, before heat can change this design, we may need to fix this issue by proposing patch to sdk05:44
elynnYanyanhu, yes, I also report a bug at heat side.
openstackLaunchpad bug 1529001 in heat "find_stack api treat stack_name and id differently" [Undecided,New]05:51
Yanyanhuthanks :)05:51
elynnDo you know how to fix it in sdk?05:51
Yanyanhusorry, elynn, just left for a while06:03
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Yanyanhuelynn, I think we may need to overwrite the find resource call of heat stack resource06:03
Yanyanhucurrently, the find method defined in parent Resource class is used06:04
Yanyanhulet me find the code06:04
Yanyanhuthis is the Resource class06:05
Yanyanhumay need to add a overwriting one to here
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Yanyanhusince most of heat stack support in sdk was implemented by qiming, you can also get some advise from him I think06:08
Yanyanhubut I feel overwriting 'find' resource call could be the easist way to fix this issue before heat API can be revised...06:09
elynnMaybe overwrite get_by_id is ok.06:15
Yanyanhuelynn, yes06:28
Yanyanhuhi, will leave for a meeting, ttyl06:28
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elynnSubmit a patch to openstacksdk, but don't know how to write a unittests...08:33
openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: [Do not review] Test heat driver
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Remove "builtins = _" from tox.ini
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: url template tag change
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add Django1.8 to tests
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Remove django<1.8 from tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Remove django<1.8 from tests
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