Friday, 2015-11-13

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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/senlin: Fix SDK exception message parse
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elynnHi xuhaiwei02:37
elynnI reply your comment at
xuhaiweiwill check it, thanks02:39
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xuhaiweilvdongbing, are you around?03:02
elynnHi Yanyan xuhaiwei , saw your comments. So you mean there's no need to add this function?03:12
xuhaiweiI think so, elynn, in senlinclient, we have give min_size and max_size the default value, so nothing wrong happens when you are using senlinclient03:13
elynnI have some concern that besides min_size and max_size, there are other value might have this problems too.03:14
elynnSince if use heat resources, we will directly call rest API03:14
xuhaiweilike your test, if you test the API directly, the bug happens, so in the API side, we just need to complete client side's job( add default value)03:14
xuhaiweiI know  that, we can't fix this kind of bugs at one time03:15
xuhaiweithat's why Nova is doing the API validation03:15
xuhaiweimaybe one day we can do the same work in Senlin03:15
Yanyanelynn, sorry, just back03:15
xuhaiweiWe should check all the API entrance parameters03:16
xuhaiweiYanyan, can you review this patch ?
Yanyanxuhaiwei, sure03:17
xuhaiweiit's a bug brought by you :)03:17
Yanyanxuhaiwei, ok :)03:17
Yanyanhi, elynn, I think maybe we can check all those parameters to find similar problem. If it is common, I think it's worthy to define such a function03:17
xuhaiweiqiming and julio have misunderstood lvdongbing's intension I think03:17
xuhaiweiI will go for lunch, talk to you later03:18
elynnxuhaiwei, yes, we should take care of all parameters, so that's why I add this function.03:18
xuhaiweielynn, I think your fix is an option, but from the code's view, it will make the code unreadable and a little dirty, honestly :)03:19
elynnok, if you insist, I will fix min_size and max_size for now, and if we found any bugs that happens, we can add a more common function.03:21
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Yanyanelynn, agree with this. If it's become a common question(I guess it will be), we define a function for it.03:22
elynnIMO, adding a common function to handle kwargs can make codes more readable, maybe we should choose a better name for it ;)03:22
Yanyan'extract_kwargs' really can't reflect the 'None value is allowable(or not)' logic clearly :)03:24
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elynnkwargs.get('ATTR_NAME', None) is the same as extract_kwargs(kwargs, 'ATTR_NAME',  None) , maybe need more discussion if adding such a function.03:30
elynnAbout metadata value, can we accept it as None?03:31
Yanyanelynn, let me check it03:37
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Yanyanhi, elynn, I think if kwargs.get('ATTR_NAME', None) is the same as extract_kwargs(kwargs, 'ATTR_NAME',  None), we should use the former one since it is built-in support of python language:)03:38
Yanyanyes, metadata can be none03:39
Yanyanoh, sorry, can be empty dict03:40
Yanyanlunch time, ttyl03:41
elynnttyl, will submit a patch to just fix min_size and max_size problem ;)03:42
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Correct set the default value for min_size/max_size
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