Tuesday, 2015-11-10

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Move policy update logic to cluster  https://review.openstack.org/24195200:20
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Add test case for v1/shell module - part 1  https://review.openstack.org/24340704:33
xuhaiweiYanyanhu, are you around?06:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Remove unused methods in client module  https://review.openstack.org/24241506:07
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, yes06:08
xuhaiweiQiming can't attend tonight's meeting, he wanted me to hold it06:09
xuhaiweido you have any topic to discuss?06:09
Yanyanhuoh, just added a topic about TODO items in the agenda06:09
Yanyanhumaybe we can quick go through all TODO items to ensure everybody can understand them correctly06:10
Yanyanhuno other special topics for discussion06:10
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xuhaiweiQiming_, TC meeting will be held tomorrow?06:18
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, I guess so06:19
xuhaiweithe vote should be passed this time06:19
Yanyanhuhope so :)06:21
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Yanyanhuhi, elynn, around?08:32
YanyanhuI found the attribute schema has not been added yet?08:34
Yanyanhuin this test code08:34
elynnyes, attribute for cluster haven't been added yet.08:34
Yanyanhuonly find the schema definition of properties08:34
Yanyanhuok, got it08:34
elynnDo you think what kind of attributes need to add?08:35
Yanyanhuhmm, still need to think about it08:35
Yanyanhuoh, what you mean by the 'spec' attribute of cluster?08:36
Yanyanhuthe spec of profile used to create cluster?08:36
elynnonly profile has 'spec' attribute08:38
elynnOh... you mean https://github.com/lynic/templates/blob/master/senlin/heat_resource/resources/senlin/cluster.py#L47-L5108:38
Yanyanhuyes :)08:38
elynnI haven't update it yet... Just copy/paste from profile.py08:39
Yanyanhuok, I see08:39
elynnWill update it ASAP08:39
Yanyanhuthanks, I guess we need to consider some typical autoscaling scenarios when trying to decide what attrs we want to support in cluster resource08:40
elynnA question about senlin, can a cluster be locked by multi action?08:42
elynnyes, do you think the attributes from cluster-show is enough?08:42
YanyanhuI'm not sure whether we should add min_size, max_size and desired_capacity into attrs list08:43
Yanyanhusince they are usually defined by user08:43
Yanyanhuso it looks like we don't need expose them as attribute08:43
Yanyanhuwhat is the common pratice in heat for this kind of attrs?08:44
elynnASG will expose the output value.08:46
Yanyanhuyes, I think current_size is needed08:46
Yanyanhuhmm, but for senlin, we don't have output I think08:46
elynnyes, maybe just current size for now?08:47
Yanyanhuguess so, besides name, id08:47
elynnand a list of node id?08:47
Yanyanhuyes, agree08:48
Yanyanhuhi, elynn, I guess maybe also each node's detail08:56
Yanyanhulike the ip addresses of a nova server08:57
elynnI don't think a node is just a server, since it could be a heat stack...08:58
Yanyanhumaybe just name it as 'node_details'. It can be a list which has the following format ['ID_NODE1': {detail_node_1}, 'ID_NODE2': {detail_node_2}]08:58
Yanyanhuyes, for node which is a heat stack, its detail information will be different08:59
Yanyanhuwhat detail information you can get depends on the 'get_details' method defined in profile08:59
elynnok, no problem08:59
Yanyanhuneed more discussion about this issue I think :)09:00
elynnSenlin hase 'get_details' in profile?09:00
Yanyanhulike this09:02
elynnIs there any client method to get it?09:03
Yanyanhuyes, I think there is client interface for it09:03
Yanyanhulet me check the code09:03
Yanyanhuadd -D or --details option when performing node-show operation09:04
Yanyanhuwill give you the detail information of a node09:04
elynnok. I see it.09:05
elynnSo for now we can add two attrs for cluster, node_list and current_size09:07
elynnor node_details is better?09:08
Yanyanhuyes, I also prefer node_details09:08
xuhaiweijust a question, we will add two new attrs for cluster??09:09
xuhaiweior that is related to heat resource?09:09
Yanyanhujust related to heat resource09:09
xuhaiweigot it09:10
Yanyanhusince senlin cluster implementation has supported them and we believe they will be useful for user :)09:10
elynnWill work on it.09:14
Yanyanhuthanks. maybe you can also give a quick update about this work in tonight's irc meeting?09:14
xuhaiweielynn, will you share us the heat resource work in tonight's meeting?09:19
elynnyes, I will09:19
xuhaiweijust didn't see yanyan's message09:19
elynnDo we bump the client version yet?09:20
elynnAfter Qiming's revise patch merged.09:20
xuhaiweinot sure about that09:21
Yanyanhuhi, elynn, I guess so09:22
YanyanhuI think qiming will handle this. It is important for your work in heat side :)09:22
elynnyes, waiting for global-requirement to bump version too...09:23
openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: [WIP]Steal lock when engine is dead  https://review.openstack.org/24348309:29
elynnFeel free to comment on ^^09:31
xuhaiweielynn, should we do this after multi-engine is supported?09:37
elynnWe don't support multi-engine yet?09:38
xuhaiweinot yet09:38
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, elynn, we have09:39
Yanyanhuand I have made some simple tests about it09:40
YanyanhuI think it works in normal cases09:40
xuhaiweithe match is merged?09:40
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, yes, you can set the engine worker number in the senlin.conf09:40
Yanyanhubut we still need to do more test about it and fix any possible issues09:41
elynnDo we have any command line to list engines?09:42
Yanyanhuespecially about the issues that happen during concurrent DB access09:42
Yanyanhuelynn, not yet09:42
YanyanhuI know heat has related support :)09:42
elynnyes, through 'heat-manage serviece list'09:42
YanyanhuSo I think the multi-engine support in senlin is still in working progress. Maybe we can expose related interfaces user after we ensure it is stable.09:44
Yanyanhuto user09:44
Yanyanhuhi, xuhaiwei, you can change this option to test multi-engine http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/senlin/tree/etc/senlin/senlin.conf.sample#n22709:45
Yanyanhumaybe I should also enable multi-engine environment when doing functional test09:46
xuhaiweiI just changed it to 209:46
Yanyanhuit should work I think :)09:46
xuhaiweiand restarted senlin-engine service09:46
xuhaiweiit seems still only one engine is working09:47
Yanyanhuoh, really, let me check it. I tested with 4 engine workers about a month ago.09:48
Yanyanhuit works well in my env09:48
xuhaiweiI just checked the running process, only one engine is running09:48
Yanyanhuhmm, weird, I can see three engine processes if I set num to 309:49
xuhaiweinow it's rnning09:49
xuhaiweibut with 3 engine running09:50
xuhaiweiI guess the former one is not killed09:50
Yanyanhuthe first one is the initial one I think09:50
Yanyanhuno, it was09:50
xuhaiweiso when we set it to 2, it should have 3 running?09:51
YanyanhuI think the first one is the parent process of other ones09:52
Yanyanhuso you can see it in ps result09:53
Yanyanhuthe basic support is provided by oslo_service09:53
Yanyanhulet me find the code09:53
xuhaiweiI think you are right, when I kill the first one, all are killed09:54
Yanyanhuyou can use multi-engine environment for your daily work. That will be very helpful for finding bug :)09:55
xuhaiweibut the Child can not be killed, when I try to kill it, it is recreated09:56
xuhaiweiis there any configuration for it?09:56
Yanyanhuyes, that's intended :)09:56
Yanyanhuno sure... I saw related code about auto recreating before09:57
Yanyanhuyou're supposed to use service start/stop to control the lifecycle of all engine threads09:58
Yanyanhuwill go back home. Talk to you guys later09:59
xuhaiweiI forced to kill a heat-engine10:00
xuhaiweisee you later, I will go home too10:00
Yanyanhuyou can kill any process in user mode if you have root privilege in Linux :)10:00
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Yanyanhusee U10:00
elynnc u10:00
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yanyanhi, elynn, is haiwei inline?13:03
elynnmeeting already start.13:03
yanyanpoor network connection at home13:03
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yanyanhi, jruano, I think qiming has the plan to visit Austin13:49
jruanoah, yes i talked to him last week about it13:49
yanyanso I guess you guys may have the chance to have a f2f talk :)13:49
jruanohe said something like the 16th i believe13:49
jruanowill be nice. i will have him bring you back some texas bbq13:50
yanyanwow, cool!13:50
yanyanmany thanks :P13:50
jruanomaybe sauce. not sure if the meat will still be good :)13:50
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yanyanhope we can have the chance to taste those delicious food in Texas next year :)13:51
jruanofor sure13:51
jruanoplease make sure you can attend13:51
yanyanwill try our best13:51
yanyanwill leave, talk to you guys later13:52
haiwei_see u13:52
yanyanc u13:53
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lkarmjruano, you're in Austin too? I didn't realize that13:55
jruanobuilding 901, although not in the office this week13:56
lkarmawesome i'm in 905. we should meet up at some point when you're around13:56
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