Friday, 2015-09-11

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xuhaiweihi shu, welcome to senlin04:58
shuhi, nice to meet you04:58
shuMy English is very poor, but the best regards04:59
xuhaiweishu, you can work together with zhenguo for senlin dashboard04:59
zhenguoyeah, shu welcome to senlin-dashboard05:00
shuI'd like to develop senlin-dashboard, then what I should do?05:01
zhenguoshu: do you familiar with horizon or django or angularjs?05:02
shuI had read source code and customized Horizon Folsum and Grizzly05:04
shubut don't know angular yet.05:04
zhenguoshu: ok good, senlin-dashboard is a horizon plugin, you can try to deploy it first and see05:05
zhenguoshu: np, we don't use angular now although horizon is moving towards to be an angular application05:06
shuOk I see.05:06
shuI had deployed senlin-dashboard yesterday.05:07
zhenguoshu: now the basic framwork have been done, and a simple clusters/profiles tables have been added.05:07
zhenguogood, then I think you can try to add CRUD operations of clusters and profiles05:08
shuShould I write a blueprint?05:08
zhenguosure, you can do that in senlin-dashboard launchpad05:09
zhenguoseems I already register clusters and profiles related bp05:09
shuYes I saw it.05:10
shushould I create a new bp? apart from yours?05:11
* zhenguo checking the bp05:14
zhenguobut the bp is about adding all necessary CRUD operations support.05:15
zhenguoyou can take over one05:16
zhenguoclusters or profiles05:16
shuI'll try the "profiles"05:18
shucould you assign the bp to me?05:19
zhenguoso what's your launchpad id? Seihu?05:23
shumy launchpad id is "shu-mutou", thanks.05:24
zhenguook, have done, please go ahead05:26
shuI'll do my best.05:27
Yanyanhuhi, shu, welcome :)05:28
Yanyanhujust came back from lunch05:28
shuhi, best regards from now.05:29
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed stackforge/senlin: Rework context initialization in action module
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed stackforge/senlin: [WIP]Add functional test for cluster resize
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed stackforge/senlin: Sending warning event for action trying
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