Monday, 2015-07-27

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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed stackforge/senlin: HttpException: 403 Client Error: Forbidden, At least one role should be specified
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lixinhuiYanyan, I just submit review 205874 to fix 403 problem with latest ketstone, please check02:31
lixinhuiOn our side, we suffer from it with latest devstack02:32
xuhaiweilixinhui, as I reviewed, I think it's not quite clear about the bug, can you add a report of this?02:33
xuhaiweiyou can report it here, by click 'Report a bug'02:35
openstackLaunchpad bug 1478423 in senlin " HttpException: 403 Client Error: Forbidden, At least one role should be specified" [Undecided,New]02:48
lixinhuirobot is great02:49
xuhaiweilixinhui, when you meet 403, usually because the action need 'admin' quality, so you should change to 'admin' user ant try this again02:52
lixinhuiI am using admin02:52
lixinhuithis is not related this02:52
lixinhuibut becaue senlin can not use the role when create trust02:53
xuhaiweican you add the command you used too?02:54
lixinhuiHaiwei, this problem reproduce on my side when latest devstack and senlin code after its change to trust creation02:54
Yanyanhuhi, lixinhui, will check it, thanks02:57
lixinhuiokay, yanyan02:58
Yanyanhuhi, lixinhui, I think we need to specify at least one role when creating a new trust as the description of keystone V3 API.03:12
Yanyanhunot sure why this is omitted03:13
Yanyanhuyou may want to fix the pep8 first03:13
lixinhuinod, I am working on that03:13
Yanyanhuand also maybe create a new branch for your patchset next time, since if you work on your master branch directly, it will case all other patches depends on it :)03:14
Yanyanhuanother question is I'm not sure using ctx.roles as input is ok. Whether it works depends on how keystonemiddleware fill in the 'role' field03:16
Yanyanhumay need to confirm this03:16
Yanyanhuthe reinstallation of my environment is blocked since keystone can't be started correctly...03:18
YanyanhuTiancheng, you're right, we always met issue when reinstalling something...03:19
Tianchengyanyan, I hope I was wrong... but when I tried to reboot my SuSE VM, that VM cannot be booted to graphics and startx failed03:20
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed stackforge/senlin: To fix bug HttpException: 403 Client Error: Forbidden, At least one role should be specified, more info is here
openstackLaunchpad bug 1478423 in senlin " HttpException: 403 Client Error: Forbidden, At least one role should be specified" [Undecided,New]03:28
lixinhuinot familar with gerrit/git03:55
lixinhuican I update commit with git review reviewid03:55
lixinhuito update into the same review request?03:55
Yanyanhulixinhui, sure03:56
Yanyanhuyou can manually define the commit id to specify which patch thread you want to commit to03:57
Yanyanhujust define it using 'Change-Id: #ID_OF_AN_EXISTING_PATCH'03:58
lixinhuiokay, Yanyan03:58
Tianchenganyone who is familar with SuSE? I got different output of "lsblk" command on SuSE than others (e.g. redhat). It does not have a "TYPE" column so I cannot know the type of the deivce :(04:16
xuhaiweiI only use ubuntu Tiancheng, sorry can't help04:21
Tianchengno sorry... people use less and less SuSE -- this is my feeling04:22
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed stackforge/senlin: Fix test case of environment
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xuhaiweiYanYanhu, about patch
xuhaiweiwhy other places are not needed to fix, there are also other places using environment.Environment()05:10
Yanyanhuonly these three test cases used global env I think05:11
YanyanhuI'm reading the code but not quite sure about it.05:12
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed stackforge/senlin: fix pep8 error
xuhaiweilixinhui, are you around?05:55
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed stackforge/senlin: fix bug 1478423
openstackbug 1478423 in senlin " HttpException: 403 Client Error: Forbidden, At least one role should be specified" [Undecided,New]
lixinhuiyes, I changed the commit as you wish05:56
xuhaiweinot exactly, I think05:56
xuhaiweiyou can refer to this patch
lixinhuiokay, haiwei05:58
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed stackforge/senlin: Transfer roles of context as inputs to create trust
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed stackforge/senlin: Add test case for LoadBalancingPolicy
Yanyanhuhi, lixinhui, xuhaiwei, can you guys help to test this patch locally to verfiy it can work correctly?
Yanyanhumy local env is still broken...06:29
Yanyanhuyou can clean the DB and also realted trust in keystone first06:30
Yanyanhuand then sending request to Senlin API to see whether new trust can be created06:31
xuhaiweiYanyanhu, how to test this? I don't know in what situation it happens06:31
Yanyanhuhmm, you just need to reproduce the scenario that a new trust is created06:32
xuhaiweiuse Curl ?06:32
Yanyanhusince Senlin will create a new trust each time a new user first time sending request to Senlin API06:32
Yanyanhuclient is ok06:32
xuhaiweiany senlin client command?06:33
Yanyanhuwhat you need to do is just cleaning the existing trust whose trustor is the user you are using in environment and trustee is Senlin06:33
Yanyanhuyes, I think so06:33
Yanyanhuyou can try cluster-list :)06:33
Yanyanhualso you need to clean the table of creds06:33
Yanyanhuthe table name is 'credential'06:34
Yanyanhusince existing trust are all recorded in this table. And each time Senlin API accept a request from user, the trust middleware will check whether the trust relationship between 'senlin' user and this requester has been established06:36
Yanyanhuif not, trust middleware will try to create one06:36
xuhaiweiYanyanhu, after clean up the credential, i got this 500 error when running node-list
Yanyanhuok, let me have a look06:38
Yanyanhuis auth_url is setting in environment?06:40
xuhaiweiyes, OS_AUTH_URL is set06:41
Yanyanhuem, my configure file is old, it doesn't have 'authentication' sector06:42
xuhaiweime too ,  :)06:42
xuhaiweithe config file should be updated first06:42
Yanyanhusince we have stopped stealing keystone's authentication related configure options06:43
xuhaiweican you show me the patch's link?06:44
xuhaiweiI got it
lixinhuiI can test it through with new system06:49
YanyanhuSeems my keystone problem is caused by some security rules which blocked the access to MY_IP:500006:52
YanyanhuI can only access keystone service using localhost...06:52
Yanyanhublocked by pbr conflict again07:40
xuhaiwei1.3.0 works for me07:47
Yanyanhuhmm, I'm now manually upgrading all packages that complain version conflict07:55
Yanyanhuincluding, novaclient, neutronclient, oslo.config, cliff07:55
xuhaiweiI advise you to use tox07:56
Yanyanhuyou mean for test?07:56
xuhaiweidon't install senlin to the system, but to tox/venv07:57
Yanyanhuthe conflict happened when I reinstall my openstack environment...07:57
Yanyanhudevstack can't work correctly since pbr version isssue... sign07:57
xuhaiweiI mean you can install all the other services except senlin to the system, but only install senlin to tox/venv07:58
Yanyanhuyes, I use virtual env to install senlin :)07:58
Yanyanhureally very convenient since you don't worry to break the entire openstack env07:58
xuhaiweiyou still have so many version conflicts?07:59
YanyanhuI think some projects really need to notice this version conflict issue...07:59
Yanyanhuem, seems so...07:59
Yanyanhunow, only cliff complained prb version is 1.3.007:59
Yanyanhulet me have a look07:59
xuhaiweiYanyanhu: still there?09:58
Yanyanhuyes, but in a call09:58
Yanyanhubut I can click :)09:58
xuhaiweisince I deleted the trust from the db, I can't get it created again09:59
Yanyanhuyou mean the credential table?10:00
Yanyanhuif so, I think you can try to recreate the entire senlin db using the tool senlin-db-recreate10:01
Yanyanhuwhich is under tools directory10:01
xuhaiweiok, will try it10:01
Yanyanhuyou may lost all your clusters, nodes, profiles :(10:02
xuhaiweii know that10:02
Yanyanhuok :)10:02
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed stackforge/senlin: Node module test case part2
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