Thursday, 2016-09-29

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amoralejgood morning07:06
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chandankumarnumber80: dmellado amoralej \o/07:22
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dmelladochandankumar: o/07:39
rdogerritDaniel Mellado created rdoinfo: Add Attila Fazekas as os-testr maintainer
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/mistral-distgit: Use individual log files for each Mistral process
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pandanumber80: hey, where are we with erlang package ? something I can do to help ?07:53
number80panda: I was looking at weirdo generic jobs, and all packstack ones failed (but not puppet modules CI)07:55
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number80let's tag it and see if nobody yells07:56
pandanumber80: you think packstack fails for the package ? any link I can look at ?07:59
number80I'm having hard time to figure what's the exact failure08:00
amoralejnumber80, in that logs i think you are getting an old version of packstack installed from rpm but you are using the git repo for the tests08:03
number80I guess another NVR issue ...08:04
number80wait, it's supposed to use packstack from repo08:04
number80it is testing released repo not trunk08:04
amoralejprobably the version with the new options was never tagged in mitaka08:05
amoralejin mitaka stable repo we probably still have the GA version08:05
amoralejfor packstack08:05
number80latest mitaka build:
amoralejyes, openstack-packstack-8.0.0-1.el7.noarch08:05
number80then, we need to tag a release ...08:06
pandanumber80: found this -- packstack: error: no such option: --provision-uec-kernel-url08:11
pandanumber80: it's at about 65% of the console log, right after cirros image download. All the following commands are just resscue debug and log gathering.08:13
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/networking-ovn-distgit: Update to
number80panda: according amoralej, we're using too old packstack (but there was no release since)08:15
number80I won't block on that since it borks weirdo packstack jobs08:15
amoralejcommit introducing those options is which is not included in any tag for stable/mitaka08:16
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rdogerritMerged openstack/tripleo-ui-distgit: Use FallbackResource in httpd config
amoralejwe need to release a new tag, and build it in cbs08:16
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rdogerritMerged openstack/mistral-distgit: Use individual log files for each Mistral process
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amoralejany idea about why is failing to download only the tarball for cinder?, it's weird...
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amoralejjpena, number80, ^08:29
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number80amoralej: I'm trying to find if there's some limit or just network hanging out08:33
number80but nodepools does not make it easy to reproduce the issue08:33
amoralejit's failing in different points, so i think it's not a hard limit somewhere08:33
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amoralejnumber80, when trying to create the new-version for horizon, i'm getting error "Patch not validated by CI, use --force to override", i think related to
amoraleji'm not sure if i should force it08:44
number80yeah, just ignore it, this is liberty08:45
amoraleji can't ignore, rdopkg aborts08:45
amoralejand if i use --force i guess it will add the patch08:45
amoralejthat's my understanding08:46
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number80use -b08:47
number80it should pass that08:47
* number80 hasn't find yet, why rdopkg looks at other patches branches08:47
amoralejyes it does08:47
amoralejmy doubt was if other patches are required as
amoralejok, so patches in other branches shouldn't be backported automatically...08:49
amoraleji didn't know if this was by design08:49
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number80our goal is to have zero patches08:50
number80so, not backporting them is good way to not keep old patches around08:50
chandankumardmellado: Hello08:50
chandankumardmellado: Currently 0.7 is available in newton-rdo08:51
chandankumardmellado: i will send a patch to update to 0.8.008:51
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dmelladochandankumar: awesome, please do so ;)09:00
dmelladowhen in doubt about os-testr internals09:00
dmelladofetch afazekas09:00
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jpichnumber80: Good morning! Do you know what repo the openstack-tripleo-ui-deps.spec file used to build lives in? I don't see it in ... Would it make sense for me to copy over to that distgit repo the spec file used in the koji build, so they are all in the same place?09:05
jpichnumber80: Or do we not really care because it's not a real package anyway??09:06
chandankumarnumber80: since os-testr 0.8.0 is available, in rdoinfo it is tagged 0.7.0 under newton-uc aswell as in requirements/upper-constriants it is 0.7.0, can i switch to 0.8.0 in newton?09:08
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rdogerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn-distgit: Update to
zodbotchandankumar: Karma for pnemade changed to 10 (for the f24 release cycle):
number80anything that is a dependency is either from this org or from fedora distgit (unmodified)09:16
jpichnumber80: Oh, perfect! Thank you for the link and for the information, I'll know where to check next time :)09:17
number80I'll start hooking some of them to gerrit, after we validate CBS build jobs (now they only runs for newton-rdo branches)09:17
number80np, it is indeed a maze09:18
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amoralejnumber80, i can run to create rc2 review for puppet-*10:31
amoralejanything against it? :)10:32
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number80amoralej: nope, not all of them have the same version number10:32
amoraleji thought all openstack/puppet-* have 9.4?10:33
amoraleji can get version with git describe, np10:33
amoralej "9.4.0 will be our RC2."10:34
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number80e.g puppet-ceph is 2.2.010:34
amoralejpuppet-ceph is not branched10:34
number80yeah but exceptions10:34
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number80ack for looping on explicit list puppet-{aodh,barbican,c{inder,eilometer},glance,gnocchi,heat,horizon,ironic,keystone,magnum,manila,neutron,nova,openstacklib,oslo,ovn,swift,trove,zaqar}10:37
number80vswitch is also specific version for RC2..10:37
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number80and you can use -u for --unattended if you have latest patchset for rdopkg10:37
* number80 will update review so jruzicka can merge it10:38
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jruzickanumber80, you do that ;)10:42
number80jruzicka: I'll do as soon as I get 10 minutes w/o context switch :)10:48
* number80 after 2 months of preparing release needs time off10:49
number80that and a mountainload of green tea kitkats10:51
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* jpich makes a kitkat note for her next trip10:56
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jschlueterpython-scss-1.3.4-5.el7 seems to be broken no python3-pyscss rpm and /usr/bin/pyscss is pyscss -> ./pyscss-%{python3_version}11:27
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jschlueternumber80: thanks11:29
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rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-powerdns-distgit: Add spec for puppet-powerdns.
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Add Attila Fazekas as os-testr maintainer
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chandankumarnumber80: do i need to update newton-uc in rdoinfo of os-testr?11:53
number80chandankumar: isn't 0.8.0 for ocata?11:55
chandankumarnumber80: 0.8.0 will be used in tempest-13.0.0 (which is coming soon in oct.)11:55
chandankumarnumber80: i think we will be needing it for newton also.11:56
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chandankumardmellado: can you correct on that?11:56
* dmellado multitasking heavily, context switching xD11:56
chandankumaros-testr-0.8.0 contains bug fixes only mostly.11:56
dmelladochandankumar: number80 so, tempest-13.0.0 would still be for newton11:56
number80ack then11:57
chandankumarnumber80: updating, then.11:57
dmelladoand os-testr contains mainly the availability to use both white and blacklist at the same time11:57
number80ok, no disruptive change11:57
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dmelladonumber80: chandankumar we'll do (upstream) the release tag after the newton offical announcement11:57
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rdogerritchkumar246 created rdoinfo: Bump os-testr to 0.8.0
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rbowenGood morning. #rdo12:16
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*** rbowen changes topic to "RDO: An OpenStack Distribution for CentOS/Fedora/RHEL | Help us test Newton RC - | Community meeting is held here every Wednesday at 15:00UTC | Please read our IRC community guidelines: | Logged at""12:17
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trowndoes anyone know why the ha promote job is disabled on liberty?
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo12:35
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rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/rally-distgit: Generate rally config using oslo-config-generator
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chandankumarvkmc: hello12:48
chandankumarvkmc: please have a look when you are free!12:48
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ktdreyerjruzicka: ok to merge that "tag-patches" rdopkg change?
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number80chandankumar: any reason, not to put in the first review?13:01
chandankumarnumber80: missed out that part from my mind.13:01
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*** jlibosva has joined #rdo13:11
lhindshello *, I a new to RDO packaging and stuck with an issue building from a spec file in dlrn. I have null(?) values for version, release:13:12
lhindsVersion:        XXX13:12
lhindsRelease:        XXX13:12
lhindsso its looks like the version is being pulled out from the projects setup.cfg:13:13
*** vaneldik has quit IRC13:13
lhindsyet dlrn is someone trying to cd into a non existent directory, after exploding the tarball:13:13
dmsimardtrown: I don't13:14
lhindsDEBUG: + /usr/bin/gzip -dc /builddir/build/SOURCES/bagpipe-bgp-1.70.0.dev141-0.20160929125349.6ba06de.tar.gz13:14
lhindsDEBUG: + /usr/bin/tar -xf -13:14
lhindsDEBUG: + STATUS=013:14
lhindsDEBUG: + '[' 0 -ne 0 ']'13:14
lhindsDEBUG: RPM build errors:13:14
lhindsDEBUG: + cd networking-bagpipe-1.70.0.dev14113:14
lhindsDEBUG: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.vRGGb2: line 36: cd: networking-bagpipe-1.70.0.dev141: No such file or directory13:14
dmsimardlhinds: seeing the actual specfile would also be helpful (also: please use a paste service :))13:14
trowndmsimard: k, given I cant find any communication about why it was turned off anywhere, I am going to turn it back on13:15
lhindswill do.. dmsimard13:15
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:15
dmsimardtrown: it last failed fairly recently? 2 days?13:15
rdogerritMerged rdopkg: actions: add "tag-patches" command
*** vimal has quit IRC13:16
*** Poornima has joined #rdo13:16
dmsimardlhinds: what's the name of the actual folder ? bagpipe-bgp-1.70.0.dev141-0.20160929125349.6ba06de ?13:17
*** Amita has quit IRC13:17
*** links has quit IRC13:17
jruzickaktdreyer, merged ^13:17
lhindsdmsimard: folder in the tarball or dlrn data?13:17
dmsimardlhinds: it should hopefully be the same :)13:18
lhindsdmsimard: I am little green here, so bare with me. In dlrn/data I have13:18
lhindsthat was from the advise of Javier P13:19
lhindsbut maybe I misread those values :S13:19
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:19
lhindsI am yet to figure out how these values plumb into each other13:19
jruzickalhinds, so XXX is OK, dlrn replaces that with actual version. That doesn't happen for you?13:20
dmsimardoh, yeah, definitely follow jpena's advice, he's better at this than I am :)13:20
lhindsjruzicka: not fully, there is a tag on the end .dev14113:21
trownwhere is bagpipe-bgp coming from? I see networking-bagpipe in the spec13:21
jruzickalhinds, networking-bagpipe-1.70.0.dev1413:21
lhindsDEBUG: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.vRGGb2: line 36: cd: networking-bagpipe-1.70.0.dev141: No such file or directory13:21
*** jaosorior has quit IRC13:21
jpenalhinds, if you're trying to build with DLRN, make sure you are not assigning a value for upstream_version in the spec (I did it as a test with rnoriega)13:21
jruzickathat's the expected directory name after unpack13:21
lhindsits a driver from neutron:networking-bgp api13:22
jruzickaI assume the actual directory in the tarball is different13:22
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo13:22
lhindsjpena: I removed that:
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej13:22
lhindsI think?!? :) ^13:23
jpenalhinds, yes, it looks ok now13:23
lhindsjruzicka: me too, so I might need to make a PR to get it changed in the upstream repo? I just can't figure out where as yet13:23
lhindsthanks jpena13:23
jpenalhinds, are you trying with dlrn then?13:23
jruzicka%setup -n name13:24
jruzickaor some macro magic I always forget13:24
lhindsjpena: yes, I am using dlrn13:24
jruzickato tell rpm to unpack from specific directory13:24
lhindsI set up my projects.ini and have rdo-info cloned13:24
lhindsfollowed the
jruzickalhinds, I think this is a RPM packaging problem, not DLRN13:24
jpenalhinds, nice, then there must be an rpmbuild.log file in the data/<hash>/ directory. If you could paste it, it should be easy to spot the issue13:25
lhindsjpena: on it, one min13:25
*** limao has quit IRC13:25
lhindsjpena et al: rpmbuild.log >
lhindsstate.log >
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:26
*** myoung|out is now known as myoung13:27
jpenalhinds, ok, now it makes sense13:27
lhindsah, sounds good13:27
jpenawe have + TARBALL=bagpipe-bgp-1.70.0.dev141.tar.gz13:27
jpenathat's the tarball generated from the git repo at
jpenais this the canonical source? I see there's also
*** READ10 has joined #rdo13:28
lhindsshould be orange, no dist specific (at least as far as I know)13:28
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo13:28
lhindsI guess I need to use the other repo!13:29
lhindsthey did not tell me there was one in openstack/13:29
jpenaI don't know if they're the same piece of code, or separate components13:30
trownthat is what I was asking13:30
trown[09:21:35] <trown> where is bagpipe-bgp coming from? I see networking-bagpipe in the spec13:30
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo13:30
lhindsI am pretty sure this is the issue, going to try a dlrn run again.13:30
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:31
jpenakeep in mind that the %{pypi_name} macro should be whatever the python namespace is (bagpipe for the orange repo, networking_bagpipe for the openstack one)13:31
lhindswill do, thanks jpena13:32
lhindsjpena: actually, just clarify namespace for me?13:32
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo13:32
lhindsas in:
*** limao has joined #rdo13:33
jpenalhinds, in this case, it is "networking_bagpipe". That's the directory where the python code will be installed under /usr/lib/python-version/site-packages13:33
lhindsah ok, so I have that set correct13:34
*** pgadiya has quit IRC13:34
*** pkovar has joined #rdo13:36
*** karimb has quit IRC13:37
jpichhonza: I may have found an issue with the tripleo-ui package, it "breaks" httpd on update because it reinstalls the package's own httpd conf file, even though there is already a configuration file with a different name set up by puppet. So 2 vhosts end up trying to listen on the same port and that doesn't work13:38
jpichI wonder how other packages handle that...13:38
lhindsjpena: still the same CD failure13:38
honzajpich: this is comical13:38
jpichmrunge: Hello! I know it's a loooong time ago :-) but would you have some input/advice/url re ^ and packaging/installing httpd configuration files?13:39
honzajpich: the reason why we added the file to puppet was so that puppet wouldn't delete it, and now we have two?13:39
*** rdas has quit IRC13:39
lhindsyou will note I have the new repo in there13:39
*** shaunm has joined #rdo13:39
jpenalhinds, nope, the tarball name is still bagpipe-bgp-1.70.0.dev141.tar.gz13:40
jpichhonza: The one created by puppet (I assume?) is called 25-tripleo-ui.conf which seems to match the other configuration file naming styles13:40
lhindsjpena: where is a getting that name from? spec file or github repo?13:40
*** karimb has joined #rdo13:40
honzajpich: so, do we want to have an rpm without a config file?13:40
jpichhonza: Maybe the one included in the package is meant to be for reference and not actually installed together with the RPM?13:40
jpenalhinds: dlrn clones the repo, and it runs "python setup sdist" from inside it to generate the tarball13:40
jpenalhinds, did you change the url in your local rdoinfo clone?13:41
honzajpich: is the same true of tripleo_ui_config.js?13:41
jpichhonza: Did you find any useful packaging guideline while you were going through the process for the first time? I might try to dig a bit first, otherwise might the best solution for now...13:41
honzai was using the rdo docs, and this page
honzajpich: everything was reviewed by rdo packagers, too13:42
lhindsjpena: derp..I did not13:42
lhindsjpena: learning all the time :P13:42
ktdreyerjruzicka: awesome :) when are you picturing releasing v0.41 ?13:42
jpichhonza: The JS config file looks fine, not overwritten. I think it might be because the httpd conf file name is different from puppet, it's like it doesn't exist so it gets created13:43
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo13:43
*** tiswanso has quit IRC13:43
jpichhonza: Thank you for the URL13:43
*** martinkopec has quit IRC13:44
*** martinkopec has joined #rdo13:44
*** athomas has joined #rdo13:44
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo13:45
jruzickaktdreyer, well I'm oppen to suggestions with that :) I usually wait after a release to be sure to find and fix bugs it introduced13:45
ktdreyerjruzicka: that works for me, just curious!13:45
zodbotktdreyer: Karma for jruzicka changed to 3 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** tiswanso has quit IRC13:46
*** Amita has joined #rdo13:48
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo13:48
*** tdasilva has joined #rdo13:50
*** zoli|afk is now known as zoliXXL13:51
*** tiswanso has quit IRC13:53
chandankumarnumber80: I have a package in fedora, how can i make it available for centos?13:54
chandankumari donot want it to push to epel13:54
mrungejpich, I'd have a few ideas about httpd config files, yes13:54
number80chandankumar: just give me the link to commit you want to push13:55
*** aortega_ has quit IRC13:55
number80we haven't find out a proper way to automate this part13:55
jpichmrunge: Yay! :) Is it common to install a new conf file at the same time as the package is installed?13:55
*** aortega has joined #rdo13:56
mrungejpich, yes, it is13:56
jpichmrunge: (Updating a package is breaking us because the conf file gets recreated, even though puppet is managing it already under a different name)13:56
jpichmrunge: Darn! How are this kind of conflicts handled then? Should we have puppet manage the file under the same name we created it in the package?13:56
mrungejpich, mark the config as config13:57
mrungeand puppet should not touch the config file13:57
number80chandankumar: ok13:57
mrungejpich, like here:
jpichmrunge: "Mark the config as config" - is this some spec magic? I wonder if the problem is a bit different here: puppet creates 25-tripleo-ui.conf, while the package installs tripleo-ui.conf so as far as they're concerned neither is overwriting anything13:58
* jpich clicks13:58
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_brno13:59
mrungejpich, darn. then puppet has to clear your config, like it does with horizon config13:59
jpichmrunge: Thanks! I think we have this: . So I guess the solution is to figure out how/why puppet or something else is re-creating this with a different name13:59
mrungejpich, we had the same thing with horizon14:00
jpichmrunge: Ouch :(14:00
mrungepuppet folks decided to create a new config file,14:00
jpichmrunge: Why not ;)14:00
jpichmrunge: So I should be able to get hints on how to resolve this by looking into the puppet-horizon package then14:00
mrungeso: either you're renaming your config file to 25-tripleo-ui.conf14:00
mrungejpich, yes14:01
jpichmrunge: Thank you for your help and tips!14:02
mrungejpich, you're welcome14:03
*** pnavarro has quit IRC14:03
*** Poornima has quit IRC14:04
jpichhonza: I'll see if I can figure out a puppet solution for this14:04
*** scorcoran_brno has quit IRC14:04
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo14:05
*** satya4ever has quit IRC14:05
*** Pavo has quit IRC14:08
jaygjpena: re: your license comment on the spec, thanks for the link, do you know if there is somewhere in CI to look and see what is currently generated?  I am wondering if we get the file for free with the current specs14:10
jaygand I mean 'generated by installing the rpm'14:10
*** Pavo has joined #rdo14:10
jpenajayg: sure. If you check the console log from the DLRN-rpmbuild job, at the end there's a URL14:10
jpenafollow the link and you'll get the repo14:10
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk14:10
jaygjpena: hmm, I am not seeing the build job linked from the review, am I missing something?14:11
*** athomas has quit IRC14:11
jpenajayg: for example, in the puppet-powerdns review, you have
jpena(see jenkins CI comment)14:12
jaygoh, I see now, CI was toggled off for some reason, thanks!14:13
*** brig-man has quit IRC14:14
*** karthiks has quit IRC14:15
*** edannon has quit IRC14:16
*** saneax is now known as saneax-_-|AFK14:16
*** flepied has joined #rdo14:18
*** kaminohana has quit IRC14:20
*** martinkopec has quit IRC14:20
jaygjpena: ok, so just for giggles, I checked both barbican and powerdns,14:21
jaygpowerdns indeed doesn't have the license file, but barbican does:14:21
jpenagreat :). Probably the openstack puppet modules are ok14:21
jaygand powerdns is missing license file upstream as well, fwiw14:21
jpenabut other modules may not have their license files14:21
jaygI am not sure if we should address that or not?14:22
jaygso basically if it exists upstream, we get it, otherwise we do not14:22
jpenawe should address it, although it's not super-urgent (I wouldn't consider it a blocker, although number80 may disagree :D)14:22
jpenaI'll create a card in the Trello board to make sure we go through the packages and check14:23
number80LICENSE files?14:23
jaygok, cool14:23
jpenanumber80: it looks like we've never included them in the puppet-* packages14:23
number80if they have known license, it's not a blocker but we need to take action to fix it14:23
*** flepied has quit IRC14:24
jayglicesne files ARE in the puppet-* packages if upstream has one14:24
number80unknown license == DANGER LAWYER ALERT14:24
number80jayg: if they don't have one, we just need to request its inclusion or submit reviews14:24
number80but we can't block on this14:24
*** sdake has quit IRC14:24
*** saneax-_-|AFK is now known as saneax14:25
jaygyeah, I am not sure what an efficient (non-manual) way to check all packages would be, but once we have a list, we could certainly start submitting them upstream14:25
jpenaso will make sure we track it14:25
*** satya4ever has joined #rdo14:26
*** aortega_ has joined #rdo14:26
*** dciabrin has quit IRC14:26
*** sdake has joined #rdo14:26
*** dciabrin has joined #rdo14:27
jaygjpena: cool, thanks for adding that!14:29
*** aortega has quit IRC14:29
*** aortega has joined #rdo14:29
*** brig-man has joined #rdo14:29
*** karthiks has joined #rdo14:30
*** aortega_ has quit IRC14:30
lhindsis there any particular python version I should use in the venv for dlrn?14:32
jpenalhinds, 2.7 is what I've always used14:33
lhindsok, that's what I have14:33
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo14:34
*** eaguilar has quit IRC14:35
*** Poornima has joined #rdo14:35
*** sdake has quit IRC14:36
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo14:38
*** karthiks has quit IRC14:38
*** mburned is now known as mburned_out14:41
*** diana-test has joined #rdo14:45
*** morazi has quit IRC14:46
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake_dnd14:53
number80lhinds: if you want to contribute, testing against python3.5 would be appreciated14:54
*** Poornima has quit IRC14:55
* number80 knows that we have to push python3 in RDO but not how14:55
trownis DLRN py3 compatible though?14:55
number80trown: it should be14:55
number80The only blocking point to push python3 is that I have no clue on how to introduce it in RHEL14:56
number80if it were only CentOS, I'd backport python35 as //-installable stack and we're done14:57
number80but if we go the SCL way, it's much more work14:57
number80and I'd likely loathe myself so much that I'd become a Buddhist monk14:58
*** sdake has joined #rdo14:59
number80*after that14:59
*** kgiusti has quit IRC15:00
*** pabelanger has quit IRC15:00
*** pabelanger has joined #rdo15:00
*** sdake_dnd has quit IRC15:00
*** krickwix has joined #rdo15:01
*** mengxd has joined #rdo15:03
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:05
*** oshvartz has joined #rdo15:05
chandankumarnumber80: jpena rbowen dmsimard trown amoralej dmellado Good night, see you tomorrow :-)15:06
amoralejsee you chandankumar15:07
dmelladochandankumar: see you tomorrow!15:08
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:08
mengxdquick question here: do we still have separate cloud sig meeting?15:10
number80yes, but I'm finding little time to plan/chair them15:11
*** emalikov has quit IRC15:11
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry15:12
number80mengxd: are you going to Barcelona summit btw?15:12
mengxdnumber80: yes, i will go there15:12
mengxdi want to check how we can move forward to alt-arch builds for RDO.15:13
number80mengxd: we need to check builders status, and figure out how to implement CI15:13
number80did you send the builders to KB?15:13
mengxdnumber80: do you mean the h/w?15:14
rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Use --use-public instead of --dev for
* number80 tired15:14
mengxdnumber: no, we did not have a chance to send the h/w into centos.org15:14
number80ok, we need to get that done, preferably in october or early november15:14
mengxdnumber80: i am still working with kbsingh on it. he mentioned it has to wait until infra re-org completes.15:15
*** tiswanso has quit IRC15:15
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:15
number80mengxd: ok, btw, if you're in Barcelona on monday, we're having a RDO infra meetup =>
*** oshvartz has quit IRC15:16
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo15:17
mengxdnumber80: ok, i will attend this meeting too.15:18
mengxdnumber80: ok, i will attend it.15:18
mengxdi have another question about rdo dependencies. I noticed there are a bunch of RDO dependency packages not met the requirements set by the OpenStack community.15:19
mengxdfor example, python-memcached15:19
number80yes, but these ones are usually tested in our CI15:20
mengxdbut RDO is using 1.5415:20
number80one issue we have is that requirements are bumped very often and we can't update them as aggressively as upstream15:20
mengxdso do we have any plan to be compliant with OpenStack community?15:20
number80well, we'll try to be more proactive but no guarantee15:21
number80only upper-constrainst are actually tested15:21
mengxdbut in that sense, can we guarantee the functions all working?15:21
number80yes, through CI15:21
number80if our CI breaks, we'll update dependencies15:22
*** lkuchlan_ has quit IRC15:22
number80if alternate arch needs that we update a dependency, we'll do too15:22
*** coolsvap has quit IRC15:22
number80e.g: galera/aarch6415:22
mengxdi understand. But i suspect there are risks there. Since our CI will not cover all possible scenarios.15:22
jschlueternumber80: question about python-UcsSdk ... from the readme that repo/project is now a legacy package can we remove it from RDO Trunk and move it into -common or stable build branches only in CBS?15:23
number80mengxd: well, problematic packages are tested anyway15:23
number80jschlueter: maybe, but I'd like to get feedback from Cisco folks15:24
jschlueternumber80: ack just asking since there haven't been any changes in the newton cycle for it iirc15:25
toskyehm, I arrived late to the testing party, should I enable CONFIG_ENABLE_RDO_TESTING ?15:26
*** ade has quit IRC15:26
number80jschlueter: it may be deprecated upstream but since networking-xxx stuff are slow-moving, we may still need it.15:26
*** sdake is now known as sdake_dnd15:26
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo15:26
number80anyway, it's already in common, so removing it from master should be ok15:26
*** aufi has quit IRC15:27
*** numans has quit IRC15:29
*** tiswanso has quit IRC15:31
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off15:37
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:37
*** k4n0 has quit IRC15:42
*** garrett has quit IRC15:42
*** mengxd has quit IRC15:42
jschlueternumber80: not asking to remove totally just remove it from master since it's been so slow moving15:45
* jschlueter may have more as i go through the packages for the newton cycle15:45
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC15:49
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo15:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit15:50
*** anshul has quit IRC15:52
*** karthiks has joined #rdo15:52
jpichhonza: Just as a generic FYI I opened to track the updated config issue15:53
openstackLaunchpad bug 1628983 in tripleo "Puppet httpd config for the tripleo-ui conflicts with the package config" [High,Triaged] - Assigned to Julie Pichon (jpichon)15:53
lhindsnumber80: sure, I will see if I can help out sometime. Just need to get some stuff out there door, but I have worked on porting some 2.7 projs to 3.4 before15:54
*** paramite has quit IRC15:54
*** mburned_out is now known as mburned15:54
*** zoliXXL is now known as azoli|gone15:56
*** dbecker has quit IRC15:58
*** azoli|gone is now known as zoli|gone15:59
*** tosky has quit IRC15:59
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo15:59
*** egafford has quit IRC16:01
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:02
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:03
*** eaguilar has quit IRC16:03
*** absubram has joined #rdo16:03
*** rcernin has quit IRC16:05
jpenadmsimard, I'm giving another round at the dlrn+nodepol etherpad, added some concerns on the requirements (review.rdo.o) section16:06
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:09
*** rasca has quit IRC16:09
dmsimardjpena: will have a look after food16:12
*** vimal has joined #rdo16:13
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo16:14
*** manous has quit IRC16:15
dmsimardjpena: good question16:15
dmsimardjpena: zuul triggers off gerrit events, I'm not sure it can trigger off of github16:15
dmsimardalthough it is a likely feature because I think they eventually want to use zuul against upstream ansible16:15
dmsimardwhich is hosted on github16:15
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes16:15
*** dgurtner has quit IRC16:16
jpenaalso, it's not clear to me how we can trigger a build on several workers (e.g. newton, newton-uc and mitaka) when there's a single change in master16:18
*** racedo has joined #rdo16:18
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:19
EmilienMnumber80: any news about the ipv6 package?16:20
EmilienM(erlang, etc)16:20
number80EmilienM: it's pushed, since packstack jobs were borked16:21
EmilienMnumber80: ah, you didn't ping me ;-)16:21
number80EmilienM: sorry, I forgot16:21
EmilienMpanda: I rebased and check experimental so we can test ipv6 again16:22
EmilienMnumber80: so tripleo jobs should download the pkg?16:22
pandaEmilienM: yay16:22
*** hrw has quit IRC16:25
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo16:26
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:26
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo16:27
honzajpich: thanks for being on top of this, i've been knee deep in other stuff16:27
*** hrw has joined #rdo16:27
*** karimb has quit IRC16:27
number80EmilienM: yes16:27
jpichhonza: I figured out :) Hopefully I can slay the puppet demons in an appropriate way16:27
*** sdake_dnd is now known as sdake16:27
*** krickwix has quit IRC16:28
*** pbandark has quit IRC16:28
lhindswell finally got what seemed like a clean run with no ERROR, but instead a 'packages not built correctly: not updating the consistent symlink'16:29
*** limao has quit IRC16:29
*** manous has joined #rdo16:29
lhindsIs that a common condition?16:29
lhindsoh no, my bad, I missed one `ERROR: can't access '/var/lib/mock'`16:31
dmsimardpabelanger: I have a question for our dlrn+nodepool initiative. This works super well when we can hook off of things (POST pipeline for review.r.o Zuul or review.o.o Zuul) -- but what about projects that are not hosted on either ?16:33
dmsimardpabelanger: For example projects that are only hosted on github (puppet modules come to mind)16:34
*** derekh has quit IRC16:34
pabelangerdmsimard: right, the project would have to be managed by zuul.16:36
pabelangerwhich gets easier in zuulv3 when we add github support16:36
dmsimardyeah I thought about that too16:36
jpenalhinds, both are normal. The "packages not built correctly" means that only one package was built, and the rest of the repo wasn't. The mock error is also expected, if the rpm is built16:36
dmsimardpabelanger: so this is kind of a huge blocker then16:37
pabelangerhow do you do it today?16:38
lhindsjpena: that's good...seems a confusing error message though, but happy it built.16:38
dmsimardpabelanger: dlrn scans arbitrary repositories at locations provided by rdoinfo16:38
*** trozet has joined #rdo16:38
dmsimardpabelanger: and when a new commit is detected, it builds it16:39
dmsimardpabelanger: i.e,
pabelangerRight, so you'd have to still support that usecase I think.16:39
pabelangerif projects cannot not be done with nodepool+DLRN, do the original way16:39
dmsimardSupporting both at the same time would be sort of complicated, I think. jpena, what do you think ?16:40
*** mburned is now known as mburned_out16:40
dmsimardWe would need some sort of metadata in rdoinfo to indicate whether or not to scan this particular repository16:40
*** psachin has quit IRC16:40
dmsimardso that the central worker would build non-openstack and non-rdo projects16:40
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:41
dmsimardmy brain is tired this week ..16:41
jpenadmsimard: yep, that would be a bit hacky, but it could work16:41
jpenawe could even skip the rdoinfo metadata if we have a list of packages, and just run dlrn --package-name a --package-name b ...16:42
dmsimardjpena: hmm, we still have a spec for those right? /maybe/ we could do a periodic job instead of a POST job16:42
dmsimardperiodic job -> scan -> build if something16:43
jpenathat would work16:43
jpenawe have the -distgit repos for all of them16:43
dmsimardso those particular projects16:44
*** priteau has joined #rdo16:44
dmsimardwould definitely build on POST (spec update) and then periodically scan if there are new commits16:44
dmsimardI'll add the idea to the etherpad16:45
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo16:45
dmsimardoh you beat me to it16:45
jpena :)16:45
jpenathen the only pending topic is how to trigger multiple jobs for a single change (e.g. when we need to build a commit in master with stable/mitaka and stable/liberty repos)16:46
dmsimardjpena: my brain is fried, I need a real world example to wrap my head around it I think16:46
dmsimardjpena: so you're saying -- say, a commit in master branch of nova would need to be built across master (ocata), newton and mitaka ?16:47
jpenadmsimard: let's take diskimage-builder as an example16:47
dmsimardWhy would that happen ? Especially with the no-more-lazy-branching ?16:47
*** dmacpher has quit IRC16:47
jpenait's branchless, so everytime there is a commit on master we build the package in newton/mitaka/liberty16:48
dmsimardjpena: is it obvious from rdoinfo that it's branchless ? /me looks16:48
dmsimardso what that entry translates to is that we use master everywhere16:48
jpenadmsimard, nope. It's a DLRN feature, if the requested branch is not available, fallback to master16:48
*** pkovar has quit IRC16:49
dmsimardah that sort of sucks, we probably need to make it explicit in zuul layout but let me think16:49
dmsimardthe source of truth I want to use for zuul layout generation is rdoinfo16:49
fultonjShould rdo master be shipping python-heatclient 1.5 ? I have the latest from RDO but I still have 1.4 so I'm unable to use parameter_merge_strategies found in THT.16:51
dmsimardfultonj: define "rdo master" and "latest from rdo" ? What exact repositories are you using ?16:51
dmsimardjpena: so there's nothing stopping us from making commits to dib trigger builds on different workers/branches, the problem is how do we generate that16:52
dmsimardjpena: I don't want to have to maintain that by hand16:52
fultonjdmsimard: delorean delorean-current delorean-newton-testing16:53
gfidentedmsimard, I think we've been there before and we needed a promote?16:53
dmsimardwe'd probably have a JJB template, say, dlrn-{os_type}-{release} that'd expand into fedora/newton (for example) and then set the appropriate project.ini config and stuff16:53
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:53
*** manous has quit IRC16:53
dmsimardfultonj: can you give the exact hash of the delorean repositories you're using ?16:54
gfidentedmsimard, actually, I would be very interested in learning how the promote process works, any chance we can talk that at the summit?16:54
jpenafultonj, based on we're still building heatclient 1.4.0. I see 1.5.0 is not on stable/newton, and we haven't created the ocata workers yet16:54
dmsimardgfidente: sure t hing16:54
gfidentedmsimard, thanks, so I have an excuse to reach you :)16:55
dmsimardgfidente: I actually gave a talk about that a while back :P16:55
jpenaI mean, upper-constraints for stable/newton still has python-heatclient==1.4.016:55
dmsimardjpena: I'll try and get working on layout generation to highlight what kind of problems we have with it -- I've sort of been trying to get stable/testing repo jobs going.. already found a huge issue with stable mitaka16:56
jpenadmsimard: ack. Send me what you have and I can try to extend it tomorrow while you're sleeping ;)16:57
dmsimardjpena: oh I can sleep tomorrow? that'd be great :P16:57
jpenadmsimard, well, I don't expect you to be awake at 9:30 my time :)16:58
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed rdoinfo: Prepare tags for ocata-uc, remove newton-uc
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC17:01
*** eaguilar has quit IRC17:01
fultonjjpena: is it possible to get heat-client 1.5 promoted into newton?17:02
fultonjdmsimard: i assume you don't need my hases as per
dtrainorcan someone talk to me a little bit about changelogs in packages?  they all seem pretty darn sparse.  has there been a discussion about this?  I'd love to more easily tell what changes were made to which packages, when.17:02
fultonjjpena: i'm interested in ensuring that a particular THT will work with newton
jpenafultonj: I can propose to raise the version earlier if needed. I see there is an open review to update upper-constraints to 1.5.0 (, will reference that.17:05
*** manous has joined #rdo17:05
*** ihrachys has quit IRC17:05
jpenathe only concern is that, since this version is not being tested in the gate, it could break other stuff. But let's see17:06
*** gszasz has quit IRC17:08
fultonjjpena: ok, thanks.17:08
gfidentejpena, yeah I think ramishra is the owner of the changes in heatclient17:08
gfidenteand he wanted that for newton17:08
gfidentewhich is why we're using those in tripleo17:08
rdogerritJavier Peña created rdoinfo: Bump python-heatclient to 1.5.0
*** mvk has quit IRC17:08
dtrainori think changelog messages in packages are pretty important.  is this not a priority?  i don't know the history, looking for some info on this17:09
*** abehl has joined #rdo17:11
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo17:12
gfidentejpena, maybe add him on the submission17:12
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC17:13
jpenagfidente, can't find him on review.rdo, maybe he never logged in?17:14
gfidentejpena, yeah probably17:15
*** krickwix has joined #rdo17:16
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dmsimardfultonj: do you think you could poke sbaker about ?17:27
dmsimardfultonj: (he doesn't look on IRC right now)17:27
fultonjdmsimard: yes, I'd be happy to.17:27
dmsimardfultonj: because we would very much prefer that change to land before pulling that version in RDO17:27
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC17:27
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rdogerritKen Dreyer created rdopkg: doc: rename asciidoc files from ".txt" to ".adoc"
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rdogerritKen Dreyer created rdopkg: HACKING: fix doc file suffixes
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gregworkhi im following :  and im not sure which of the nodes some of these steps need to be done on.  the doc doesnt specify .  some of it is obvious .. eg id install compute on the nodes i want to run compute on19:09
gregworkbut could somebody mention which of these services need to be installed on all nodes ?19:10
*** apetrich has joined #rdo19:10
gregworki have several hosts prepared to be either compute, controller or ceph storage nodes19:10
mnaseridentity service goes on controller nodes gregwork19:15
mnasernova-compute and neutron-<your-plugin-of-choice>-agent will be the 2 likely running on compute19:16
mnaserceph will run all ceph things and maybe cinder-volume19:16
mnasercontroller will run everything else19:16
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rbowenHave any of you folks seen this:
misclook nice19:27
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dmsimardrbowen: looks nice, not sure what to make of it though -- very young project from one guy. What's the end game ? An all-in-one Murano setup, basically ?20:02
dmsimardWhere'd you hear about it ?20:04
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number80bandini, EmilienM tagged rabbitmq-server, some process must have failed20:21
number80it should appear within an hours20:21
bandininumber80: awesome, thanks!20:22
pandanumber80: thanks! will it appear on newton repo ?20:22
bandinid/win 920:23
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pabelangerSo, this is odd. Anybody know if python-pip was removed from EPEL?22:54
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imcsk8pabelanger: last time i checked it was there23:08
pabelangerimcsk8: Ya, I see it in epel7 too, something wrong on the node in openstack-infra23:11
pabelangernot sure what yet23:11
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jschlueterdmsimard: or others, from last friday to the latest were there failures to deploy overcloud that were resolved?23:25
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