Monday, 2016-09-12

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chandankumardmellado: jpenag number80 mrunge \o/07:02
mrungegood morning chandankumar07:03
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dmelladomorning guys ;)07:17
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/tempest-distgit: Do not build -all subpackage during bootstrap
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openstackgerritMichael Liu proposed openstack/packstack: Add Magnum deployment in packstack
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chandankumarnumber80: Now commit message is ok for this review ?07:27
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amoralejgood morning07:34
number80amoralej: could you sync osc-lib review w/ newton-rdo branch?  Let's close it07:35
amoralejgive me a while, i just found 700 mails in the inbox, :)07:36
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jpenahey, welcome back amoralej07:38
amoralejthanks jpena07:38
amoralejnumber80, i only have +1 for osc-lib07:42
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number80amoralej: I meant the fedora review (but I'll add you to the package config in review.rdo.o07:45
amoralejok, i got it now07:46
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number80you should have now +2 on the osc-lib project07:47
chandankumaramoralej: \o/07:53
chandankumaramoralej: welcome back from long pto :-)07:53
amoralejo/ chandankumar07:54
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chandankumarjpena: i got it from here
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chandankumarbut from this it appears that it is not synced
chandankumarwhere can i fix it then?07:58
jpenachandankumar, it looks like the rpm-mitaka branch is not in,branches08:00
chandankumarjpena: how to send a review for creating that branch?08:00
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jpenawe can create the branch from the page I linked above, then we'd just need to create a review with a .gitreview change to use the new branch. However, gerrit doesn't have that branch but github does, I think we should first remove the branch from github08:02
jpenaI'm not sure who has permissions to remove the branch from github, number80 do you know by chance?08:02
chandankumarnumber80: ^^08:03
number80chandankumar: git review <branch name>08:03
number80jpena: I can08:03
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chandankumarnumber80: got that.08:03
* number80 doesn't remember the list08:03
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number80problem is that does not properly remove master branch08:04
number80*sounds of brain cells connecting*08:05
number80*nasty swearing*08:06
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number80chandankumar: branch is create08:11
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/tempest-distgit: Create rpm-mitaka branch
number80but how did it get created :S08:12
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number80mrunge, paramite: I got asked to update nodejs to 6.5 in EPEL7, is this something you'd like to have for optools?08:25
mrungenumber80, node6 isn't released yet, no?08:25
mrungefunny, how things like that bounce from one person to another08:26
number80mrunge: it is scheduled for october, 108:26
number80EPEL wants to skip 4.x and rebase to 6.x08:26
mrungein theory, we should be fine08:27
number80mrunge: I have a copr for testing =>
number80I'm getting sgallagh to review the patches first08:27
mrungenumber80, thanks for the heads up08:28
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mrungeI'll ask around in opstools for comments and tests08:28
number80AFAIK, I'm not planning to update it in CBS until there's ack from optools SIG08:28
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paramitenumber80, when do you need the ack? We have pretty busy week currently08:32
number80paramite: preferably this month, no rush08:33
paramitenumber80, ok great, thanks08:33
paramitenumber80, this month is soable :)08:33
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rdogerritMerged openstack/tempest-distgit: Do not build -all subpackage during bootstrap
rdogerritMerged openstack/osc-lib-distgit: Sync requirements
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flepiedgood morning!08:47
flepiedwhy is the CI disabled?08:48
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chandankumarjpena: number80 will i do a cherry-pick from rpm-master to rpm-mitaka branch?09:03
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jpenachandankumar, for the -all subpackage?09:08
chandankumarjpena: yes09:08
chandankumarjpena: or i just fix config generator failure?09:09
jpenachandankumar, the rpm-mitaka branch just fixes it, we should keep the old structure in mitaka unless someone thinks it's really necessary to fix it there09:09
chandankumarjpena: ok09:09
jpenaI'd keep the python-tempest and openstack-tempest-all subpackages only in master09:10
rdogerritUser FengFengHan proposed DLRN: sub-packages be added to the dict
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number80chandankumar: yes09:13
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rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/automaton-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
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rdogerritMerged openstack/tempest-distgit: Create rpm-mitaka branch
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/openstacksdk-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
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rdogerritMerged openstack/os-client-config-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
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rdogerritMerged openstack/os-testr-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Allow setting the Gerrit topic on reviews
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rdogerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
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rdogerrithguemar created openstack/openstacksdk-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/openstacksdk-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
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amoralejnumber80, i just created new spec and srpm for osc-lib for version 1.1.010:28
amoraleji added links in bz10:28
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Sync requirements
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: Allow setting the Gerrit topic on reviews
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rdogerritMerged openstack/automaton-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
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chandankumarnumber80: jpena jruzicka amoralej shared the tempest blog please have a look, when you are free!10:56
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: tempest.git:
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chandankumarjpena: regarding recent rpm-mitaka tempest failure11:03
chandankumaroslo_config.cfg.ConfigFilesNotFoundError: Failed to find some config files: /builddir/build/BUILD/tempest-10.0.1.dev65/tempest/cmd/config-generator.tempest.conf11:04
chandankumaroslo-config-generator is not used in tempest-1011:04
chandankumarno idea why this failure is coming.11:04
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jpenachandankumar: the issue is that we were building the mitaka tempest (tempest-10) with the rpm-master spec. It should be fixed now that number80 created the rpm-mitaka branch, just need to wait for a build11:06
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/osc-lib-distgit: Remove python-backports-ssl_match_hostname as requirement and BR
chandankumarjpena: ack!11:06
chandankumarjpena: when we add branches against a component in rdoinfo do we check manually whether branch exists or not?11:07
chandankumarin r.o.o11:07
jpenachandankumar: well, we should make sure the source-branch or disgit-branch exists during the review11:08
number80that could be a check in rdoinfo gating11:09
number80^ if people wants ideas to improve RDO CI11:09
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number80interesting gitweb only sends you the content of .git/HEAD as html11:17
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rdogerritMerged openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Sync requirements
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Use boolean value for use_version_from_spec
EmilienMchandankumar: hey, yesterday I found a new delorean master issue, with sahara11:48
EmilienMchandankumar: see on
EmilienMthe tempest plugin moved to another repo11:48
chandankumarEmilienM: checking11:49
*** gfidente has joined #rdo11:49
chandankumarEmilienM: now sahara openstack repo has only its unit test11:50
*** karimb has quit IRC11:50
*** anshul has joined #rdo11:50
EmilienMchandankumar: right11:51
chandankumarEmilienM: we need to get sahara-tests package asap11:51
EmilienMit currently blocks puppet CI promotions11:51
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo11:52
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:52
chandankumarnumber80: tosky: Any updates on sahara-tests to unblock it ?11:53
chandankumar bug 1318765 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-sahara-tests - Sahara Scenario Test Framework" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to apevec11:54
toskychandankumar: see the etherpad, if you really want all the source code and the pointers we are not there yet11:54
toskybut the package is really needed, I just cut few tests from sahara and they are only on sahara-tests11:54
*** abregman has joined #rdo11:54
toskysame for few python-saharaclient tests11:55
toskyand soon also sahara tests in tempest will be removed as well11:55
toskywell, you could package the tempest part of sahara-tests, which do not use the jars, but still11:55
toskychandankumar: which is what I wrote above11:55
*** adarazs_lunch is now known as adarazs11:56
toskywould it be possible to introduce the source package and generate at least the subpackage with Tempest tests, and enable the other one (sahara-scenario) when all the code for jars and the documentation is available?11:57
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rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Translate pypi names into OpenStack names using pymod2pkg
*** weshay_pto is now known as weshay12:01
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Translate pypi names into OpenStack names using pymod2pkg
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: Use boolean value for use_version_from_spec
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: automaton:
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rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: sub-packages be added to the dict
*** pbandark has quit IRC12:21
*** coolsvap is now known as _coolsvap_12:22
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC12:23
chandankumartosky: dmellado tempest doc is updated, please have a look!12:24
*** amuller has joined #rdo12:24
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:26
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:29
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:32
EmilienMchandankumar: do you have an ETA for the package? So I can decide if yes/no we need to ignore the tests in puppet CI12:33
*** gkadam has quit IRC12:33
chandankumarEmilienM: i can update the package, just need apevec/number80 comments on that to move ahead.12:34
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC12:34
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo12:36
number80which review?12:37
*** iberezovskiy|afk is now known as iberezovskiy12:38
chandankumarEmilienM: I am updating the review with a fix me12:38
chandankumarwe will get it imported the sahara-tests package soon.12:39
chandankumarnumber80: bug 1318765 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-sahara-tests - Sahara Scenario Test Framework" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to apevec12:39
*** ade_b has joined #rdo12:39
*** aortega has joined #rdo12:40
*** Amita has quit IRC12:41
number80funny, mock builds of osc-lib fails locally12:44
*** social has joined #rdo12:44
*** pradk has quit IRC12:47
dmsimardEHLO #rdo12:48
rbowenHi, dmsimard12:49
* dmsimard hope that isn't a too technical hello12:49
*** pbandark has joined #rdo12:49
*** egallen has quit IRC12:51
*** zaneb has joined #rdo12:53
dmsimardtrown, weshay, myoung: wrote a comment about image promotions in
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo12:54
*** kenhui has joined #rdo12:55
*** noslzzp has quit IRC12:55
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:55
chandankumardmsimard: \o/12:55
trowndmsimard: agreed on not doing these download operations on the jenkins slave... things are set up the way they are because I didnt know there was any other way when setting them up months ago12:55
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo12:56
dmsimardtrown: well, even if they'd occur on the duffy node, it's still moving >7GB worth of data when only a symlink could be updated12:56
*** jaosorior has quit IRC12:56
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
*** pgadiya has quit IRC12:56
dmsimardI don't care so much about where it's happening, having to increase the timeout to over 15 minutes for a job that could be instantaneous..12:56
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo12:57
chandankumartosky: fixing the sahara-tests package with jar exceptions12:57
rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: python-zaqarclient: failed to build b040bbb
toskychandankumar: thanks12:57
trowndmsimard: ya, I am not a fan of increasing the timeout there12:58
*** alexismonville has quit IRC12:58
*** fultonj has joined #rdo12:59
dmsimardnumber80: looks like rpm-mitaka is required after
*** READ10 has joined #rdo12:59
dmsimardnumber80: shall I create it ?12:59
*** kenhui has quit IRC12:59
dmsimardtrown, weshay: disk space on slave is getting dangerously high again.. looking13:00
weshaydmsimard, trown wow.. surprised that was quick.. will look13:01
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo13:01
*** ashw has joined #rdo13:01
*** dyasny has joined #rdo13:01
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Create rpm-mitaka branch
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:04
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:04
*** weshay is now known as weshay_mtg13:04
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Create rpm-mitaka branch
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:05
number80dmsimard: ack13:05
*** alexismonville has quit IRC13:07
rdogerritMerged config: Create openstack-check-verified pipeline
dmsimardamoralej|lunch: oh, welcome back o/13:08
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC13:09
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-barbican-distgit: Add spec for puppet-barbican.
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo13:10
*** egafford has quit IRC13:11
number80dmsimard, jpena|lunch: any review that has "Sync requirements" comment requires checking branches before merge13:12
dmsimardI checked :p13:12
dmsimardoh, you mean like rpm-mitaka13:12
dmsimardmissed that, checking13:12
*** seppho has quit IRC13:13
number80yeah, I put them in separate patch13:13
dmsimardtooz already has mitaka13:13
*** mlammon has quit IRC13:13
number80but one has to remember rpm-liberty (/me forgot for automaton)13:13
number80well, on wednesday, we may just do the big switch and drop rpm-{liberty,mitaka} branches13:13
dmsimardyeah, when is that happening?13:14
*** saneax is now known as saneax-_-|AFK13:14
number80dmsimard: when all projects are branched13:14
*** limao has joined #rdo13:14
number80which is slow as hell as spec files/upstream branches are inconsistent13:14
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:15
number80+ HD failure13:17
* number80 lucky to have a RAID1 + LVM13:18
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:18
number80two disks failure in a row13:18
number80of the same RAID array13:18
*** morazi has joined #rdo13:19
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC13:19
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo13:19
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo13:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit13:20
number80I just thought dropping rpm-xxx branches will make branching easier13:21
*** jdob has joined #rdo13:21
*** jdob has left #rdo13:21
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena13:22
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:22
*** Goneri has quit IRC13:23
rdogerritMerged openstack/tooz-distgit: Sync requirements
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo13:26
*** akshai has joined #rdo13:27
*** rbowen has quit IRC13:27
EmilienMit sounds like latest galera is breaking tripleo CI13:27
*** rbowen has joined #rdo13:27
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen13:27
EmilienM galera-25.3.12-2.el7.x86_64 is breaking HA jobs on tripleo13:28
*** toanju has quit IRC13:28
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej13:29
amoralejthanks dmsimard13:30
dciabrinEmilienM, is there any log to look at for galera breakage? this package is just the replication provider, so I'm surprise things break13:30
*** jprovazn has quit IRC13:30
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:30
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622613 in tripleo "galera-25.3.12-2 breaks HA scenario" [Critical,New]13:30
dciabrinEmilienM, thx, looking13:31
EmilienMdciabrin: I might have to rename the bug :-)13:32
*** hrw has quit IRC13:32
number80amoralej: I'll approve the package but can you put back %upstream_version macros (and fallback definition) ?13:33
number80for osc-lib13:33
*** hynekm has quit IRC13:33
EmilienMdciabrin: on the third controller13:33
EmilienMdciabrin: you can grep: Error: /Stage[main]/Tripleo::Profile::Pacemaker::Database::Mysql/Exec13:34
number80amoralej: This kind of stuff fails the sync between Fedora and RDO13:34
*** k4n0 has joined #rdo13:34
amoralejnumber80, but the one in the bz should be the one for fedora, not dlrn, right?13:35
*** beagles has joined #rdo13:35
amoralejwithoug upstream_version, i mean13:35
amoralejin review.r.o we have the right one, with upstream_version, no changelog and XXX for version and release13:35
*** satya4ever has quit IRC13:35
number80amoralej: the fallback macros makes it compatible w/ Fedora guidelines13:36
EmilienMare they critical errors? ^13:36
number80amoralej: the only diff ideally should be Version/Release and changelog13:36
dciabrinEmilienM, no, plus we should check at /var/log/mysql.log instead13:36
amoralejok, i was wrong, i'll add the upstream_version13:36
dciabrinEmilienM, at first glance it looks like a password issue in mysql or clustercheck, i'm looking at the logs13:37
*** nstrug has quit IRC13:37
rdogerritMerged openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Create rpm-mitaka branch
*** lon has joined #rdo13:38
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:38
EmilienMdciabrin: it fails when executing
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:39
number80amoralej, dmsimard, jpena, jruzicka: what do you think about adding an independent tag to rdoinfo to mark stuff that don't follow upstream branching?13:40
number80It may or may not be ignored by DLRN though, but the information is not in the database13:40
jpenanumber80: what would we use it for?13:40
number80jpena: mostly branching, we have to manage branches per release for distgit and any automated branching attempt chokes on it13:41
rdogerritMerged openstack/osc-lib-distgit: Remove python-backports-ssl_match_hostname as requirement and BR
number80e.g openstacksdk13:41
dciabrinEmilienM, does this gate job create the overcloud or does it upgrade it?13:42
EmilienMdciabrin: it creates13:43
jpenanumber80: then it makes sense. I guess DLRN will not need to do anything with that information, but it can be useful elsewhere13:43
EmilienMyou can see all /var/log13:43
*** toanju has joined #rdo13:43
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC13:43
EmilienMdciabrin: gcs connect failed: Connection timed out13:44
EmilienMdciabrin: in mysqld.log13:44
dciabrinEmilienM, ah more interesting. just saw that13:44
number80jpena: yeah, I need to see with jruzicka the best way to put in the database13:45
dciabrinEmilienM, so this controller is a joiner node. I'm checking the other two nodes for log to check wehther they were started13:45
*** elmiko has joined #rdo13:45
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo13:45
amoralejnumber80, i think rdoinfo is the right place to store it, yes13:45
*** rdas has quit IRC13:46
*** hrw has joined #rdo13:46
*** bstinson_ is now known as bstinson13:47
*** Goneri has quit IRC13:48
*** pppingme has quit IRC13:48
*** karimb has quit IRC13:49
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/taskflow-distgit: Fix Source0 URL
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo13:53
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:53
*** pradk has joined #rdo13:54
*** anshul has quit IRC13:55
pabelangerdmsimard: did you restart zuul to pick up openstack-check-verified patch?13:56
jruzickanumber80, tagging irregular troublemakers? sounds good ;)13:56
number80jruzicka: I need such information to script that, though I won't be able to use it right now as I can't delay any more branching14:00
*** dyasny has quit IRC14:01
*** dciabrin is now known as dciabrin|meeting14:01
*** tshefi has quit IRC14:03
dmsimardpabelanger: no, not yet14:03
dmsimardpabelanger: how do I do that without dropping jobs ?14:03
pabelangerdmsimard: actually, we mind not needed a restart. I can see openstack-check-verified on the status page.14:05
*** pppingme has joined #rdo14:05
pabelangerdmsimard: I'll make a patch upstream to confirm14:06
number80amoralej: you're now a fedora packager, congrats!14:08
amoralejgreat!!! thanks number80 :D14:08
amoralejthis is a nice way of coming back from vacations14:08
number80You earned it :)14:08
amoraleji just saw your comment for searchclient, i'm sending an update too14:09
chandankumartosky: review updated bug 1318765 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-sahara-tests - Sahara Scenario Test Framework" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to apevec14:09
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo14:10
*** egafford has joined #rdo14:11
wrongosaurusabregman: hi, you've sent me email today (this is mzatko)14:12
*** null_ref has joined #rdo14:13
*** dyasny has joined #rdo14:15
toskychandankumar: thanks; out of curiosity, why do you build-depends on git now? Because it's a non-released tarball and the release notes require it (which should not happen with release tarballs)?14:16
jruzickanumber80, so that's more of a mid-term TODO? Then I suggest creating trello card/Issue/whatevers with your requirements?14:17
*** jmelvin has quit IRC14:17
number80jruzicka: yeah, immediate post-release task14:18
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo14:18
* number80 is going to get some medecine14:19
number80see you in 20/30 min14:19
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC14:20
*** aufi has quit IRC14:21
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo14:21
*** eliska_ is now known as eliska-mtg14:21
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo14:21
rdogerritjason guiditta proposed puppet/puppet-ovn-distgit: Add spec for puppet-ovn.
amoralejnumber80, do you want me to go on with the process to add a new package in fedora for python-osc-lib ?14:21
*** pbandark has quit IRC14:21
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
chandankumartosky: it was breaking during sphinx build so switched to git14:23
*** dciabrin has joined #rdo14:24
toskychandankumar: uhm, I don't think it should be needed for final tarballs14:24
toskyis there a way to differentiate the spec for DLRN snapshots and final releases?14:24
chandankumarnumber80: ^^14:24
*** dciabrin has quit IRC14:25
rdogerritJavier Peña created rdo-infra/puppet-dlrn: Allow setting the Gerrit topic for workers
EmilienMdciabrin|meeting: in the meantime I'm wondering if we can downgrade galera package14:29
*** dciabrin|meeting is now known as dciabrin14:29
EmilienMdciabrin|meeting: this week is super critical for tripleo as we are in the middle of the release14:29
*** smccann has joined #rdo14:30
EmilienMi'm wondering how to downgrade it14:30
dciabrinEmilienM, I agree, that's the quicktest thing to do to narrow the issue. There are no major features coming from this new package afaict14:30
dciabrinEmilienM, number80 can probably shed some light on that ^ :)14:31
EmilienMoh it's in
rbowenWe (tentatively) have this place for the RDO community meeting (shared with Ceph), Tuesday evening at OpenStack Summit:14:31
*** Ryjedo has joined #rdo14:31
rbowenDetails to mailing list soon.14:31
EmilienMjpena: could you please downgrade galera to be galera-25.3.5-6.el7.x86_64 again?14:31
EmilienMjpena: galera-25.3.12-2.el7.x86_64  is breaking us14:31
*** rbowen changes topic to "RDO: An OpenStack Distribution for CentOS/Fedora/RHEL | Community meeting is held here every Wednesday at 15:00UTC | M3 Test Day September 8, 9 - | Please read our IRC community guidelines: | Logged at""14:31
EmilienMjpena: for more context14:32
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622613 in tripleo "HA scenario is broken: galera bootstrap fails" [Critical,New]14:32
jpenaEmilienM: I don't have permissions in CBS, sorry14:33
jpenait's either number80 or apevec14:33
*** Alex_Stef has joined #rdo14:33
*** akshai has quit IRC14:37
*** mvk has quit IRC14:37
*** Amii has joined #rdo14:38
*** akshai has joined #rdo14:38
amoralejdmsimard, promotion jobs are disabled, you know why?14:39
dmsimardamoralej: I believe apevec disabled them for test day, we should probably re-enable them14:39
jpenaamoralej: they were disabled during test day, not sure if they were enabled after that14:39
dmsimard^ weshay_mtg, trown: can we re-enable the jobs ?14:39
*** smccann has quit IRC14:39
amoralejnot, they weren't14:40
jpenabtw, to re-enable them we need to fix the image upload issue14:40
jpenaotherwise they'll fail at the end14:40
amoraleji can re-enable them14:40
amoralejjpena, what's the issue with image upload?14:41
amoralejsimply to extend timeout?14:41
*** Alex_Stef has quit IRC14:41
jpenaamoralej: I proposed as a quickfix, but we should find a better solution14:41
*** apevec has joined #rdo14:42
*** apevec has quit IRC14:42
*** apevec has joined #rdo14:42
trownjpena: I am worried that the quick fix would not be so quick... like if we need an hour for that step we are better off just prioritizing a real fix14:42
apevecEmilienM, number80 - when was galera updated? re. ?14:42
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622613 in tripleo "HA scenario is broken: galera bootstrap fails" [Critical,New]14:42
apevecisn't it part of mariadb now?14:43
EmilienMapevec: like 6 hours ago14:43
EmilienMapevec: I don't think so14:43
jpenatrown: understood. I'm trying to check if, since we have permissions to rsync from, it would be possible to just do a "ssh rdo@artifacts...  cp"14:43
EmilienMapevec: see
*** beekneemech is now known as bnemec14:43
EmilienMapevec: galera was updated but not mariadb14:43
dciabrinapetrich, no, what's part of mariadb is the wsrep API, galera is the WSREP provider14:43
trownjpena: I dont think we can... I think it is locked down to only rsync... dmsimard mentioned symlinks, but I am not totally sure how that would work14:44
dciabrinapevec, sorry ^ , what's part of mariadb is the wsrep API, galera is the WSREP provider14:44
trowndmsimard: jpena, symlinks would work much better for a next generation promotion pipeline where we had individual jobs all "voting" on a repo14:44
apevecEmilienM, which side is good in your diffchecker ?14:45
EmilienMapevec: right14:45
EmilienMapevec: left is broken14:45
*** toanju has quit IRC14:45
apevecso .12 is since Apr ??
* apevec looks at tag historyh14:45
*** pbandark has joined #rdo14:46
EmilienMmhh, why do we have the updated package only now14:46
trownpinche epel14:47
apevecwe have
apevecbut galera-25.3.12-2.el7 is also in epel7 since Jun 714:48
apevecso repo config in the job changed?14:48
EmilienMtrown: do you remember the status of removing EPEL dependency in tripleo CI?14:48
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ovn-distgit: Add spec for puppet-ovn.
trownEmilienM: afaik it is still included via the centos base element in DIB14:49
apevecwe had built galera .12 in Apr but number80 untagged it the same day14:50
EmilienMI'm still confused why we have so old version of galera package14:52
EmilienMif you look at
EmilienMlatest is 25.3.1714:52
EmilienM25.3.12 is one year and one month old14:53
number80EmilienM: it got merged in mariadb 10.1 that's why14:56
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC14:56
amoraleji just re-enable both rdo-delorean-promote-newton and rdo-delorean-promote-master, even if we have that issue with uploading images it may be worthy to have them enabled14:57
EmilienMwe still don't know what upgrading galera14:57
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo14:57
*** dprince has joined #rdo14:57
*** paragan has quit IRC14:59
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
apevecEmilienM, can you see from which repo it got pulled in that job?15:01
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk15:02
apevecnumber80, see from dciabrin above, "galera" as provider is still there, only wsrep client part is in mariadb15:02
*** dprince has quit IRC15:02
apevecdciabrin, EmilienM so should we update to the latest?15:02
number80apevec: I don't get it, galera-server is obsoleted by mariadb-server 10.115:03
apevecthis is about "galera"15:04
dciabrinnumber80, package galera only provides, it does not ship any galera-enabled mariadb-server. makes sense?15:04
apevecnot "galera-server"15:04
*** abregman has quit IRC15:04
rdogerritchkumar246 created rdoinfo: Added sahara-tests package
*** jbrooks has joined #rdo15:04
*** fale has joined #rdo15:05
chandankumarapevec: EmilienM
*** ade_b has quit IRC15:05
number80dciabrin: what's this then?
apevecnumber80, that's not
apevecwhich is required by mariadb
*** rgogunskiy has quit IRC15:07
EmilienMchandankumar: I'll look after the galera thing15:07
chandankumarEmilienM: ack!15:07
dciabrinnumber80, this is
number80apevec: ok I'm confused, I was told to completely drop galera15:07
apevecoh, who said that?15:08
*** eliska-mtg has quit IRC15:08
*** shaunm has quit IRC15:08
apevecchandankumar, thanks, I'll review15:08
jpenadmsimard trown: I'm giving some more brain cycles to the image upload script. AFAIK we can't do a rolling symlink (like we do with DLRN) because there's just a single directory where we store them (master/delorean/consistent). So they are overwritten with any new execution15:08
dmsimardyeah, we need to upload to a different path if we want to do that15:09
number80apevec: I can't remember who, it was before summer15:09
dmsimardjpena, trown: the path has to be predictable so it can be re-used later on -- this can prefixed/suffixed by the job build number or something like that15:10
apevecnumber80, let's reset what was said :) And now listen only to dciabrin15:10
trowndmsimard: or the dlrn hash15:10
dmsimardjpena, trown: except it has to be trimmed because we don't want to use ridiculous amount of space15:10
dmsimardtrown: yeah15:10
number80apevec, dciabrin then we just need to tag back galera-server15:10
apevectrown, jpena dmsimard  +1 for hash15:10
falehi. I'm thinking about bringing python-shade in EPEL. I've been informed that RDO would be interested at the same package, and I'm thinking about providing this package to both project. Would the thing be interesting? I know that it has already been discussed in ML few weeks ago. Has anything been decided?15:10
trowndmsimard: ya, trimming would be key15:10
apevecnumber80, noooo15:10
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo15:10
jpenadmsimard trown: I see in tripleo-quickstart-promote-master-delorean-build-images we are uploading to both and images.rdoproject15:10
apevecnumber80, reset first :)15:10
number80erm galera15:10
apevecwe have that :)15:11
*** limao_ has joined #rdo15:11
apevecit's just that newer version seems to break things15:11
jpenado we really need anything in
number80in -pending15:11
trownjpena: ya, the artifacts server is unusable outside of CI now15:11
apevecso question is, should we just update to the latest15:11
apevecand that's up to dciabrin15:11
number80galera-25.3.5-9.el7 ?15:11
trownjpena: but the artifacts server is really nice for inside CI15:11
apevecnumber80, that one is only aarch64 rebuild afaict ?15:11
number80apevec: yes, but we'll be enabling aarch64 quite soon15:12
apevectrown, why not use NFS internally?15:12
number80so i'd rather keep the same version everywhere15:12
dciabrinnumber80, apevec, i think we should first revert to the oldest version of package galera and stick with what we have for mariadb (w/ wsrep API builtin).15:12
apevecnumber80, that's fine, but let's first hear from dciabrin which version we need15:12
apevecdciabrin, that's what we have actually15:12
number80it was -12 which broke CI15:12
jpenatrown: so tripleo-quickstart-promote-* use images from the artifacts server, correct?15:12
dciabrinnumber80, apevec, to unblock everybody and then we'll see about upgrading eventually15:12
trownapevec: no reason other than not knowing it was/is available15:13
apevecdciabrin, looks like EmilienM's job picked updated galera .12 from epel afaict15:13
*** thrash is now known as thrash|biab15:13
EmilienMand it fails15:13
trownjpena: ya, it stores them in a testing location, then uses those in the next stage15:13
*** number80 sets mode: +b 44!*@*15:14
*** number80 sets mode: -b 44!*@*15:14
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:14
*** limao has quit IRC15:14
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru15:14
*** pbandark has quit IRC15:15
jpenatrown: ok. So at least, we could remove the part where we scp the images to images.rdoproject in rdo-promote-upload-master (at the end of the job), because we could just ssh into the server and copy them from the testing path to stable/15:15
jpenaand then we'd figure out a good way to use artifacts15:15
trownjpena: sounds good for that one15:16
*** rpioso has joined #rdo15:16
apevecjpena, we can ssh to artifacts?15:16
jpenaapevec: no, it looks like we can't15:16
apevecI understood it's rsyncd only?15:16
trownapevec: no to the server15:16
jpenathat would be ideal15:16
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC15:16
dmsimardfale: not afaik. You might want to talk to pabelanger as I think he is the fedora maintainer.15:17
apevecjpena, ok, what about NFS for intra ci.centos?15:17
*** k4n0 is now known as k4n0_away15:17
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo15:17
apevecdmsimard, fale - we actually decided to go with openstack release-indepent rdo-tools repo15:17
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo15:18
apevecit was a topic on meeting 2 weeks ago15:18
dmsimardah, I might've missed it15:18
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC15:18
jaygjpena: I saw your comment on the puppet spec patch, I'll get the rdoinfo one in shrotly, but as the rdo wiki page doesn't discuss this directly, I am wondering if I do the rdoinfo step first, or add the deps to the opm metapackage first?15:18
apevecfale, challange might be for you to get all the latest clients into EPEL7, which shade depends on15:19
apevecnumber80, ^ fyi15:19
faleapevec: yeah, the dependencies will be the 'fun' part15:19
apevecfale, I think we have retired them all from epel when we removed openstack-* from there15:19
jpenajayg: you need to do the rdoinfo step first. Otherwise, the packages won't be built by the time you want to add the deps to opm15:19
pabelangerfale: the issue is the lack of python-openstack clients in EPEL, otherwise I would have pushed shade a while back.  Moving forward, I think the plan RDO is working on is the first step15:19
faledmsimard: yep, I'm starting a conversation with the Fedora mainters as well15:19
apevecfale, so I'd suggest you join us making it work in rdo-tools first15:19
number80apevec: yep15:19
apevecthen see about "backporting" that to epel, if doable15:20
faleapevec: I'm open at joing RDO for that, nor really sure how to start15:20
apevecspeaking up here like you did is the first step :)15:20
*** flaper87 has quit IRC15:21
falenice :)15:21
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo15:21
faleapevec: what about the second? :D15:21
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC15:21
jaygjpena: ok, thanks!15:21
apevecso we have not started work on rdo-tool repo yet, since we're busy with newton end game15:21
apevecbut let's put that as a topic for Wed meeting15:21
*** leanderthal has quit IRC15:21
jpenaapevec: about using NFS for intra ci.centos, I'm not sure how feasible it would be to give write access to any CI-spawned host to that share15:22
faleapevec: I'll try to join the meeting :)15:22
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo15:22
apevecjpena, hmm15:22
EmilienMdciabrin: what about updated galera package to 25.3.17?15:22
dciabrinapevec, EmilienM not sure how to proceed then.. is there a means of pinning version of galera to force using the one from rdo rather than that from epel?15:22
faleapevec: do I just add it to the list?15:23
apevecjpena, what is the acl model now?15:23
apevecfale, yes, under Wed Sep 1415:23
faleapevec: ok, thanks :)15:23
EmilienMdciabrin: I think tripleo CI would pick the more recent one, currently in EPEL?15:23
apevecEmilienM, yes15:24
jpenaapevec: not sure, but I'd say it has per-server acls. dmsimard do you know ^^?15:24
apevecjpena, ^ ahh, EmilienM'15:24
EmilienMI mean, why are we packaging an old version?15:24
apevecs issue is b/c of removed priority=2 ?15:24
apevecin deps15:24
EmilienMapevec: where?15:24
jpenaapevec: oh damn15:24
apevecwe removed it b/c it was making problems in dlrn-build job15:25
apevecbut now higher NVR from epel wins15:25
apevecdamn epel :)15:25
apevecso yeah,15:25
apevecwe need to push higher-than-epel NVR of galera in RDO15:25
apevecdciabrin, would latest .17 be good ?15:26
dmsimardjpena, apevec: afaik the nfs has an acl that is IP based, yes15:26
dmsimardjpena, apevec: doesn't mean we can't ask them to open it up -- and in fact I think kbsingh was saying last week that NFS *was* opened to the duffy nodes but we weren't sure what was using it at all15:26
apevecdciabrin, number80 - so we have only aarch64 patch in RDO build
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:27
apevecwas that merged to Fedora in the meantime?15:28
apevecok, it was15:28
number80apevec: yeah, that's a snapshot from Fedora15:28
zigonumber80: Hey, do we know if our talk got rejected or not?15:28
dciabrinapevec, so far we don't know for sure why something in 25.3.12 is breaking the bootstrap, but if it does .17 certainly does as well.15:28
number80zigo: rejected, you did not get notifications? :(15:28
dciabrinapevec, I'm trying to create a stack w/ oooq to log in and see what's going on15:29
zigonumber80: Probably that was lost in the 500 mails/day I get ...15:29
*** abregman has joined #rdo15:29
EmilienMzigo: do you know filters? :)15:29
number80dciabrin, apevec: Marcin said -9 is enough to fix aarch64 FTBFS and it has no other changes compared to latest known working build15:29
number80zigo: currently, I'm getting a lot of "waiting list" from CfP15:30
zigoCfP ? What's that ?15:30
zigoCall for Paper?15:30
number80Call for Papers15:30
zigoSo, *maybe* we have a chance?15:30
number80for summit, nope15:31
number80it's very rare that a talk gets cancelled15:31
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:31
*** dneary has quit IRC15:32
number80zigo: we should try to aim FOSDEM ;)15:32
rdogerritjason guiditta created rdoinfo: Remove under-review for puppet-barbican.
jpenaEmilien;: not sure if it's a good idea, but as a quick fix you could run 'yum-config-manager --enable delorean-newton-testing --setopt="delorean-newton-testing.priority=2"' in your CI job to ensure the old priority is kept for your CI job15:33
EmilienMjpena: i'm really not sure about this as a workaround15:33
EmilienMjpena: even if we fix tripleo CI, our users are still broken15:34
apevecEmilienM, we tell "our users" to not enabled epel15:34
* apevec checks if that's actually true15:35
trowndmsimard: that reminds me... our talk got rejected?15:36
number80apevec: we do, I even added it to upstream doc15:36
EmilienMcould we try to update galera package to latest upstream release? is our current version of mariadb compatible?15:36
dmsimardtrown: yeah none of my talks got accepted heh15:36
EmilienMdciabrin: ^15:36
apevecnumber80, hmm, we don't say explicitly in
*** k4n0_away has quit IRC15:36
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:36
dciabrinEmilienM, yes it is15:37
*** chasmo77 has joined #rdo15:37
apevecEmilienM, but dciabrin said .17 might have the same issue as .12 you have hit15:37
number80apevec: it may have been lost which is not surprising15:37
* number80 gets lost sometimes in our docs15:37
number80apevec: just bump release to 1315:38
number80or 17.115:38
apevecit's version, not just release15:38
number80ah yeah15:39
apevecand I would rather not mess with Epoch15:39
apevecepel7 has galera-25.3.12-2.el715:39
EmilienMand it doesn't work15:39
apevecrdo has galera-25.3.5-6.el7 in released repo15:40
EmilienM galera-25.3.5-6 worked so fine!15:40
chandankumarapevec: number80 tosky jpena amoralej EmilienM dmellado dmsimard rbowen Good Night, See you tomorrow :-)15:40
number80EmilienM: EPEL's version break in puppet CI, right?15:40
dmelladog'night ;)15:40
rbowenGood night, chandankumar15:40
EmilienMnumber80: tripleo CI15:40
number80EmilienM: you can't disable EPEL?15:40
apevecEmilienM, and you cannot disabled epel ?15:40
*** thebloggu has joined #rdo15:40
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC15:41
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:41
EmilienMit has been WIP for some time now15:41
*** Amii has quit IRC15:41
apevecdciabrin, mbayer has updated to 25.3.16 in Fedora in June
EmilienMI would rather work on disabling EPEL after our fire15:42
number80ok, puppet CI do that15:42
apevecdciabrin, I'll rebuild that in CBS15:42
number80but I suppose that tripleo is different case15:42
apevecand put it in pending repo15:42
EmilienMyes, puppet CI removes EPEL and doesn't use it at all15:42
dciabrinapevec, I tested that version on f25 and it bootstrap as expected15:43
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo15:43
*** thebloggu has quit IRC15:43
apevecok, so it has a good chance to work for EmilienM/tripleo15:43
trownwhy did  we get rid of priority on deps repo?15:43
EmilienMlet's use 25.3.16 then15:43
EmilienMtrown: where?15:43
EmilienMtrown: in tripleo-ci?15:43
dciabrinEmilienM, apevec agreed15:43
trownEmilienM: no in RDO15:43
apeveci deps.repo15:43
apevectrown, priorities were doing some strange things to yum resolver15:44
EmilienMdciabrin, apevec: ok let's do it, let's upgrade galera to 25.3.16 !15:44
trownwell that is the root cause of the tripleo-ci breakage15:44
EmilienMand we will continue the "EPEL remove" work15:44
apevecjpena, ^ can you point trown to the review15:44
apevectrown, that's what I said earlier :)15:44
trownie, why it broke now15:44
apevectrown, but decision now is to update galera to higher nvr to win over epel15:45
trownthat is kind of kicking the can15:45
apevecand after that please pretty please kill epel in tripleo :)15:45
trowndude I have tried15:45
EmilienMapevec: re tripleoclient, FYI I'm working on the backports. They should merge tonight or tomorrow.15:45
EmilienMtrown: we'll try harder :-)15:46
apevecEmilienM, ok, send rdoinfo review when it's ready to switch to stable/newton15:46
EmilienMapevec: I will15:46
trownya, without priority set on the deps repo we kind of must now15:46
trownthis type of thing will happen often15:46
dciabrintrown, we don't why galera bootstrap break w/ current package, i'm trying to install a stack locally to reproduce15:46
apevecEmilienM, we have to be carefull now that we don't start depending on things which will NOT made it into Newton releases15:46
apevecEmilienM, that's why all projects will now build from stable/newton when it exists15:47
jpenatrown: so it started in after a bump to python-oslo-db in the newton deps repo started breaking DLRN builds, it continued in when dmsimard found out removing priorities broke Magnum builds, and ended up in when I realized the issue with Magnum was in the newton deps priority=215:47
*** limao_ has quit IRC15:47
jpenaTL;DR: yum repo priorities are a pain15:48
*** Alex_Stef has joined #rdo15:48
EmilienMapevec: yeah, I figured :-(15:48
jpenaabout EPEL, how many packages do we need from it? Could we just provide them in the newton deps repo?15:49
trownEmilienM: fwiw, I think adding the workaround to reset that priority on the deps repo is valid15:49
EmilienMtrown: can you propose this change?15:49
trownjpena: we need 0 packages from EPEL... it is just there are lots of places to change it... and DIB in particular is a bit difficult15:50
jpenatrown: ok, I see15:50
jpenamaybe it's simpler to disable it instead of setting priority=2 for newton deps?15:51
trownEmilienM: hmm ... actually thinking about it, we would then have to doc that as part of the repo setup which is kind of gross... bnemec's repo tool would be nice for this15:51
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:52
*** eaguilar has quit IRC15:52
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:53
*** aufi has joined #rdo15:53
EmilienMapevec: so you ok to update galera?15:54
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo15:54
*** sreichar has joined #rdo15:54
*** shaunm has joined #rdo15:55
*** pkovar has quit IRC15:55
number80EmilienM: i guess so, I was under the impression that apevec was taking care of that (now or soon)15:55
*** pcaruana has quit IRC15:56
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC15:57
number80well, I can switch and take over if needed15:59
number80but there's enough work to not collide :)15:59
apevecnumber80, .16 coming15:59
*** ade_b has joined #rdo16:00
apevecEmilienM, can you take and update the machine where it failed?16:00
*** marrusl has joined #rdo16:01
number80amoralej: I noticed a mid-air collision on osc-lib review, I fixed that (and submitted the pkgdb request to avoid bottlenecking)16:02
EmilienMapevec: problem is in tripleo ci, not on my machine16:02
*** weshay_mtg is now known as weshay16:02
number80apevec: ack, that what I understood16:02
amoralej:) no prob number8016:03
apevecEmilienM, ok, I thought there is local reproducer16:03
*** marrusl has quit IRC16:04
*** lucas-afk is now known as lucasagomes16:04
*** marrusl has joined #rdo16:04
apevecEmilienM, trown - can you enable common-pending repo in tripleo job for a test?
*** danpawlik has quit IRC16:06
apevecI've tagged galera .16 update there
apevecI need at least some verification before tagging it for -testing16:07
*** paragan has joined #rdo16:07
apevecdciabrin, ^ can you try this build locally?16:07
EmilienMI can look how we could enable it16:08
*** garrett has quit IRC16:11
EmilienMapevec: can't we just move it?16:11
EmilienMor I can use tripleo-ci and kick off a ci job with cloud7-openstack-common-pending repo16:11
apevecmove to -testing? What if it breaks something else?16:11
EmilienMeverything is broken for us lol16:12
EmilienMI'm not sure what else we can break16:12
*** mwhahaha has quit IRC16:12
apevecI'd prefer if you could run 1-off job as a quick test16:12
EmilienMok i'm trying now16:12
*** ifarkas is now known as ifarkas_afk16:12
*** mwhahaha has joined #rdo16:12
EmilienMapevec: is there a magic command to add cloud7-openstack-common-pending repo? or should I manage file manually?16:13
EmilienMwith yum-config-manager16:13
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/barbicanclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
apevecyou need to add .repo with baseurl=
EmilienMok so manually16:14
*** Alex_Stef has quit IRC16:15
apevecah there is yum-config-manager --add-repo=ADDREPO  add (and enable) the repo from the specified file or url16:15
apevecnever used it, lemme try :)16:15
*** dneary has joined #rdo16:16
apevecEmilienM, this works:  yum-config-manager --add-repo=
apevecadds ugly looking cbs.centos.org_repos_cloud7-openstack-common-pending_x86_64_os_.repo16:17
apevecbut wth16:17
EmilienMapevec: do I also need the --enable?16:18
*** zoli|trng is now known as zoli|gone16:18
*** rasca has quit IRC16:18
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo16:18
*** danielbruno has quit IRC16:18
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo16:18
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:18
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
number80EmilienM: --add-repo also enable repo16:19
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:19
dmsimardayoung: hey, silly question. Who wins if both project_id and project_name are set -- and to different values ?16:20
apevecEmilienM, no, it got enabled=1 by default16:20
*** derekh has quit IRC16:21
dmsimardayoung: I guess it would be different based on the client (i.e, osc could do this, another could do that)16:21
EmilienMapevec, number80: thx guys16:21
ayoungdmsimard, I'd have to look.  Ideally, it would be an error16:21
dmsimardayoung: ok, np. I'll try and figure it out.16:22
rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
*** ade_b has quit IRC16:22
*** milan has quit IRC16:23
*** thrash|biab is now known as thrash16:26
*** eggmaster has quit IRC16:27
*** gszasz has quit IRC16:28
*** tosky has quit IRC16:29
*** brig-man has quit IRC16:30
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo16:30
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk16:31
*** jpich has quit IRC16:32
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo16:32
*** jmelvin has quit IRC16:34
*** nyechiel has quit IRC16:34
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo16:34
*** jmelvin_ has joined #rdo16:34
EmilienMpackages are not signed :(16:37
apevecdang, gpgcheck=1 is default ?16:39
rdogerritMerged openstack/zaqarclient-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
EmilienMapevec: yeah :)16:39
EmilienMI'll enforce gpgcheck=016:39
*** pilasguru has quit IRC16:40
EmilienMapevec: is the param in the file by default? or just not set?16:41
apevecnot set16:41
apevecy-c-m creates .repo without that opt16:41
apevecand default is =116:41
*** jobewan has joined #rdo16:41
apevecbut not good for hacks like this16:42
apevecjust append gpgcheck=016:42
apevecor create .repo manually for full control16:43
*** brig-man has joined #rdo16:44
*** ohamada has quit IRC16:44
*** aufi has quit IRC16:45
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo16:46
EmilienMapevec: the team is also removing EPEL
apevecbtw here's warning that number80 mentioned he added to upstream docs
* number80 waves16:51
*** milan has joined #rdo16:51
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:56
*** akshai has quit IRC16:57
*** akshai has joined #rdo16:58
*** paramite has quit IRC16:58
*** jaosorior has quit IRC16:59
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
*** aufi has joined #rdo16:59
*** fragatina has joined #rdo17:01
*** aufi has quit IRC17:04
*** sreichar has quit IRC17:04
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:06
*** sdake has joined #rdo17:06
*** sdake_ has quit IRC17:09
*** gfidente is now known as gfidente|afk17:10
*** yfried has joined #rdo17:10
*** akshai has quit IRC17:14
*** flepied has quit IRC17:14
*** dneary has quit IRC17:17
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off17:18
*** oshvartz has quit IRC17:19
*** iberezovskiy is now known as iberezovskiy|off17:20
*** dgurtner has quit IRC17:20
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo17:23
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo17:23
*** social has quit IRC17:25
number80damn, automatically generated commits ...17:29
number80there's still # 110 projects to fork17:29
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo17:32
*** harmw_ is now known as harmw17:33
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:36
*** choirboy has joined #rdo17:37
*** dciabrin is now known as dciabrin|food17:38
EmilienMapevec: CI job is in zuul now, I'm watching it running17:41
*** fragatina has quit IRC17:42
*** pnavarro has quit IRC17:42
EmilienMapevec: on the other jobs, I saw galera-25.3.16-1.el7.x86_64 passing nonha etc, so let's see how HA job works now17:44
rdogerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
*** yfried has quit IRC17:47
apevecdciabrin|food, ^ good news17:47
*** lkuchlan has joined #rdo17:47
*** yfried has joined #rdo17:47
apevecEmilienM, email me when you see pass17:48
EmilienMapevec: I'll send you a bird with the message too17:48
apevecjust no horseheads please :)17:49
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo17:49
*** aortega has quit IRC17:49
number80that's traditional corsican gift!17:52
apevecis EmilienM corsican?!17:52
EmilienMI'm from Strasbourg :P17:53
number80apevec, EmilienM: Macchi is corsican name :)17:53
*** flepied has joined #rdo17:54
*** eharney_ has joined #rdo17:56
rdogerritjason guiditta created rdoinfo: Remove under-review for puppet-ovn.
*** eharney has quit IRC17:57
jristEmilienM: I think maandre lives in Strasbourg!17:57
*** eharney_ is now known as eharney17:57
EmilienMjrist: yep :)17:57
*** akrivoka has quit IRC17:58
*** nyechiel has quit IRC17:58
* number80 notes that18:01
number80Strasbourg has one of the most gorgeous cathedrale in Europe18:01
number80good place to visit, the only bad thing is they sleep too early18:02
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC18:02
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo18:02
EmilienMbut we wake up early :-)18:02
miscwhat do you mean by "sleep too early" ?18:03
*** SKaRCHa has joined #rdo18:03
miscI have stayed in some pub until 318:03
misc(the Nelson, for people who want the details)18:03
number80misc: little bars open after 11pm, and zero kitchen after 9pm18:04
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:04
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk18:05
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo18:06
miscnumber80: that's not much different in paris, no ?18:06
number80misc: I never starved to death in Paris18:06
miscnumber80: you did in Strasbourg ?18:06
number80well, in Paris City itself18:06
number80misc: yup, last time, I arrived after 9pm and no food to find18:07
miscnumber80: there is always mc donalds :p18:07
*** nyechiel has quit IRC18:07
number80I said food for humans, not for hobbits18:08
number80though I'm not much taller, I do not have hairy feet !18:08
*** paragan has quit IRC18:08
miscI would point that hobbits are know for their appetite18:08
misc(cf the party throw by Bilbon in the books)18:09
number80yeah, that's another common point18:09
number80I do not smoke pipe too18:09
*** milan has quit IRC18:10
*** jlibosva has quit IRC18:11
*** oshvartz has joined #rdo18:12
*** fragatina has joined #rdo18:13
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo18:16
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner18:16
*** social has joined #rdo18:18
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
*** dciabrin|food is now known as dciabrin18:19
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC18:19
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
miscnumber80: you would also likely propose a agreement to Sauron rather than destroying the ring18:20
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo18:21
weshayFYI... rdo-slave for CI is down18:21
*** SKaRCHa has quit IRC18:22
myoungtrown, weshay: working on the direct copy/publish deltas now.  Wanted to confirm (before I remove it) that we do NOT need to specify an SSH key to publish from build hosts --> artifacts?18:23
number80misc: depends18:23
weshaymyoung, ya.. no key18:23
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/neutronclient-distgit: Fix Source0 URL
*** fragatina has quit IRC18:27
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/ironicclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
*** dyasny has quit IRC18:27
*** fragatina has joined #rdo18:27
jschlueternumber80: where might I find the puppet dist-git used for building puppet-3.8.7-2.el718:29
jschlueterin cbs18:29
*** shaunm has quit IRC18:29
miscnumber80: you could make a rpmlint plugin to check package for compliance regarding pypi ?18:30
*** hynekm has joined #rdo18:30
jruzickahuh, that sounds interesting18:31
*** dyasny has joined #rdo18:32
number80misc: compliance with pypi?18:33
jschlueternumber80: thanks /me was drawing blanks for locating it18:33
miscnumber80: well, using the right source0 url18:34
number80misc: well, that's doable, but simplest is to use spectool18:34
miscnumber80: to do the change ?18:34
dciabrinEmilienM, ping me when your deploy is finished, I have reproduced the failure with galera from EPEL and I'm investigating atm18:35
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/ironicclient-distgit: Sync requirements
EmilienMdciabrin: excellent !18:36
EmilienMdciabrin: on my side, deployment is in progress18:36
EmilienMdciabrin: I should know soon18:37
number80misc: yes, they're rewriting pypi, so predictible urls is moving18:37
miscnumber80: so it could be added upstream in rpmlint ?18:38
number80misc: no, it's a moving target, a plugin is a better idea18:38
*** dneary has joined #rdo18:42
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo18:42
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC18:47
*** aortega has joined #rdo18:48
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo18:48
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*** jlibosva has joined #rdo18:51
*** alond has joined #rdo18:53
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:56
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC18:57
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:57
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:58
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
*** pcaruana has joined #rdo19:04
*** mandre has quit IRC19:06
*** florianf has quit IRC19:09
*** yfried has quit IRC19:10
imcsk8apevec: still around?19:10
*** jbadiapa has quit IRC19:14
*** jlibosva has quit IRC19:14
*** mandre has joined #rdo19:17
*** READ10 has quit IRC19:18
alondhey all, someone tried to use sr-iov on mitaka or newton?19:20
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC19:20
alondIm struggling with that..19:21
alondsame conf that worked in kilo / liberty not working in mitaka, newton19:21
*** itamarjp has quit IRC19:23
*** albertom has quit IRC19:27
imcsk8alond: what's your problem?19:27
alondIm getting and error while try to sapwn the instance19:28
alondon mitaka: " unknown vif_type" which usually represents error in conf19:28
alondbut same conf in newton give19:29
alond Attempting to bind port 7a98da1c-1502-459d-bc02-694de985f94f on host dl-360-151 for vnic_type direct with profile {"pci_slot": "0000:0c:10.2", "physical_network": "sri19:29
alond Attempting to bind port 7a98da1c-1502-459d-bc02-694de985f94f on host dl-360-151 at level 0 using segments19:30
alondRefusing to bind due to unsupported vnic_type: direct bind_port /opt/stack/neutron/neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/
*** jmelvin_ has left #rdo19:31
*** dtrainor has quit IRC19:35
imcsk8alond: that goes beyond my sriov knowledge,  check if this helps you:
*** vaneldik has quit IRC19:35
*** albertom has joined #rdo19:35
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo19:35
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo19:35
alondThanks, its configured correctly19:36
*** aortega has quit IRC19:37
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb19:39
*** vaneldik has quit IRC19:40
*** hynekm has quit IRC19:40
*** julim_ has joined #rdo19:42
EmilienMdciabrin, apevec: the new galera package would break HA job on Mitaka (Newton job still in progress)19:42
imcsk8alond: cool!! glad to help19:44
alondthe config is good but still not working :-(19:45
alondmy config is good19:45
*** julim_ has quit IRC19:45
*** hynekm has joined #rdo19:46
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:48
EmilienMdciabrin, apevec: it fails on newton too :(19:49
EmilienMdciabrin: same reason19:49
dciabrinEmilienM, ok good to know thx. we're having a look on a -12 deployement with zzzeek atm19:50
EmilienMdciabrin: with galera-25.3.12-2.el7.x86_6419:50
EmilienMwhy do I have galera-25.3.12-2.el7.x86_6419:50
EmilienMI want galera-25.3.16-119:50
dciabrinah! :)19:50
EmilienMprobably something in the image19:50
EmilienMdciabrin: nevermind my comment I guess I did wrong in the testing patch19:51
EmilienMtrown: can you review please?19:51
EmilienMso at this stage I believe trown's and bnemec's work to remove EPEL would be more useful19:54
EmilienMtrown: I approved your patch in dib19:54
dciabrinEmilienM, ok so zzzeek may have found out the issue, we're now able to make node join the galera cluster. still investigating19:55
*** rhallisey has quit IRC19:55
EmilienMdciabrin: cool!19:55
EmilienMdciabrin: let me know if you need help to understand how do we bootstrap galera cluster in tripleo19:55
dciabrinEmilienM, sure thx19:55
*** jkilpatr_ has joined #rdo19:59
EmilienMdciabrin: I think we have a fix20:00
EmilienMdciabrin: to bring our CI back20:00
EmilienMdciabrin: when we remove EPEL all works fine20:00
EmilienMdciabrin: as a temporary workaround20:00
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC20:00
dciabrinEmilienM, ok great. on our side, zzzeek found that removing a line in the config file makes bootstrap works again.20:01
EmilienMwhich line?20:01
dciabrinEmilienM, problem is that line was probably there as an ipv6 workaround,20:01
trownEmilienM: is that the right patch? or do you mean
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo20:01
dciabrinEmilienM, wsrep_provider_options = gmcast.listen_addr=tcp://[]:4567;20:01
dciabrinEmilienM, I didn't search in git history yet20:02
*** _coolsvap_ has quit IRC20:02
EmilienMtrown: yes sorry20:02
EmilienMtrown: i'm going to abandon
*** hynekm has quit IRC20:04
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo20:05
*** zeroshft has joined #rdo20:07
*** amuller has quit IRC20:09
*** dbecker has quit IRC20:10
*** Goneri has quit IRC20:17
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
*** jkilpatr has joined #rdo20:20
*** jkilpatr_ has quit IRC20:23
*** kgiusti has left #rdo20:23
*** abregman has quit IRC20:24
*** jkilpatr_ has joined #rdo20:25
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo20:25
*** dneary has quit IRC20:26
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*** dciabrin has quit IRC20:32
*** dciabrin has joined #rdo20:32
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rdogerrithguemar created openstack/gnocchiclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
*** myoung is now known as myoung|bbl20:49
apevecEmilienM, dciabrin so there will be no joy even with updated galera .16 - it's a tripleo config incompatible with newer Galera IIUC?20:51
EmilienMyes probably20:51
EmilienMapevec: the good news is that we got rid of EPEL in tripleo CI today20:51
dmsimardnumber80: can you put all of those reviews in a topic20:51
EmilienMapevec: like real20:51
dmsimardnumber80: so we can batch review them20:51
dciabrinapevec, yes I think so. they way we configure it to make it work for ipv6 seem to break on newer version of galera20:52
dciabrinEmilienM, ^20:52
EmilienMyep got it20:52
EmilienMwhen you find something, please file a bug in launchpad/tripleo20:52
apevecdmsimard, I think number80 is ninja merging all that, but yeah, I'd suggest topic:newton-rdo20:52
apevecor similar20:53
apeveccreate-newton maybe, like upstream?20:53
apevecnumber80, ^ please :)20:53
*** jkilpatr_ has quit IRC20:55
number80dmsimard: no batch review20:55
number80spec files are so inconsistent, that there are few false positive20:56
*** Pavo has joined #rdo20:56
number80(but yes for topics)20:56
*** akshai has quit IRC20:56
number80yes, I'm ninja-merging some of them as I have > 200 packages to branch and some fixes are required to build on CBS20:57
apevecnumber80, just realized one inconsistency when comparing neutronclient and gnocchiclient: Source0: tarballs.o.o vs pypi ?20:57
number80if I have to wait until all of them are reviewed, well, I can keep going until Xmas :)20:57
Pavohaving a packstack deployment issue with keystone not being able to prefetch openstack role list during deployment, any suggestions?20:57
number80apevec: yes, these were merged in rpm-master20:57
*** marrusl has quit IRC20:58
number80worst are nice-looking urls but which are incorrect20:58
number80this one looks harmless but it has two flaws20:58
number801. no http download on predictible url20:59
*** Tenhi_ has joined #rdo20:59
number802. one spurious package name20:59
apevecyeah, so maybe better to switch all openstack projects to tarballs.o.o20:59
openstackgerritIvan Chavero proposed openstack/packstack: Change ironic identity to authtoken
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
number80apevec: next cycle maybe, because to add more entropy, we had unsynced changes from fedora for libs + clients21:00
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo21:00
*** nyechiel has quit IRC21:00
number80I'm very happy to finish soon with clients as services will be less painful21:00
apevecyeah, at least on Fedora sync there21:02
number80one good thing is that I do cbsbuild --scratch + mock install before merging anything so Source0 URL works (as it does a spectool -g), builds and installs21:02
number80I had few glitches on git merges like subpackages disappearing21:02
number80like one of the oslo lib had a -doc subpackage in fedora, not in RDO21:03
apevecnumber80, yeah, you mentioned that, I'd really like to look into reproducing that, can you give me steps?21:03
apevecb/c for automation, we'll need to trust merge!21:03
apevecah so that was merge strategy choice?21:04
number80apevec: e.g cherry-pick -x mitaka-rdo~3..mitaka-rdo (assuming those patches were not present in Fedora)21:05
number80and someone making non-trivial changes in spec files in fedora spec only21:06
*** Tenhi_ has quit IRC21:06
number80so if you add a new but different subpackage in each branch, then git will think you modified the subpackage introduced in fedora rather than introducing a different one21:06
number80not surprising, considering that git has no insight on what you're trying to do21:07
*** mvk has joined #rdo21:07
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/ironic-inspector-client-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
number80that's why he can't be completely automated21:07
number80apevec: ^21:08
apevecI see, so I guess we need to try to lock-down Fedora distgit for openstack projects21:08
number80as I may submit multiple patches in a row, I can really use too-specific topics21:08
number80that and cleaning up docs21:09
apevecjust use git-review -t21:09
Pavohaving a packstack deployment issue with keystone not being able to prefetch openstack role list during deployment, any suggestions?21:09
apevecsame topic for all21:09
number80apevec: I do21:09
number80but it can't be -t fix-source0-url and/or -t sync-req21:10
apevecPavo, is that v3 ? There was thread on rdo-list, you need updated OPM and packstack for that21:10
Pavodoes the same using v2.0 or v321:10
apevecnumber80, yeah, single topic for all21:10
number80sync-req are the annoying ones as it may require branching rpm-master21:10
Pavojust did a rsync of rdo Saturday21:10
Pavoso its updated21:10
apevecnumber80, yeah, those probably break mitaka/liberyt, so best to fork rpm-mitaka/liberty if not there21:11
apevecPavo, is that Mitaka?21:11
number80I also need to trim down, rdopkg remotes21:12
apevecthere are some unpushed mitaka updates, neglected due to newton wrapup work, I'll review pending updates and push this week21:12
Pavois that gonna update the rpms?21:12
apevecPavo, yes, in the meantime, you can try stable/mitaka "nightlies" RPMs:
Pavook will try that21:15
number80apevec: btw, this review needs second check =>
*** jobewan has quit IRC21:16
number80I need to tell Chandan to try that trick on other packages21:16
*** unclemarc has quit IRC21:16
dciabrinEmilienM, I've updated to keep a record of why the galera bootstrap was failing.21:16
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622613 in tripleo "HA scenario is broken: galera bootstrap fails" [Critical,Fix released]21:16
EmilienMdciabrin: could you maybe file a new bug ?21:17
EmilienMdciabrin: so we keep track of our CI bug and also this thing21:17
EmilienMdciabrin: it sounds like an ipv6 thing, that we need to fix asap21:17
EmilienMexcept if we don't upgrade galera21:18
apevecnumber80, yeah, on my list, and I wanted to try simplify that, before we start copy/pasting it all around21:18
dciabrinEmilienM, sure, we will eventually, so I'll open it21:18
EmilienMdciabrin: thanks a lot for your help today21:18
number80apevec: ok, we just need to remember backporting it in newton-rdo21:18
apevecnumber80, yep21:19
*** jobewan has joined #rdo21:19
dciabrinEmilienM, apevec np thx to you guys :)21:19
* number80 bumping it in the review list21:19
*** Ryjedo has quit IRC21:19
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/k8sclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
*** Ryjedo has joined #rdo21:19
EmilienMdciabrin: when you create the bug, please give me URL so i'll make triage to make sure it's in our radar21:20
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/ironic-inspector-client-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/magnumclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
number80right, I also need to explain, why I don't bump nvr21:21
number80cherry-picks are easier when you don't touch changelog + nvr21:22
*** rpioso has quit IRC21:22
*** jkilpatr has joined #rdo21:23
apevecnumber80, yes, that's why we don't have changelog entries on rpm-master :)21:23
number80yeah, I had the comment though21:24
*** alexismonville has quit IRC21:25
*** ashw has quit IRC21:26
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/k8sclient-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
*** toanju has quit IRC21:28
*** dneary has joined #rdo21:28
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622755 in tripleo "tripleo-heat-templates: support recent version of the galera WSREP provider" [Undecided,New]21:30
*** rhallisey has quit IRC21:31
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo21:31
*** dciabrin is now known as dciabrin|away21:32
dmsimardweshay: am I going to break anything if I put an entry in /home/rhos-ci/.ssh/config for ?21:33
weshaythink that's fine21:33
dmsimardweshay: One of the jobs will need to open a review21:33
weshaydmsimard, please cc adarazs21:34
dmsimardyeah I haven't submitted a review yet21:34
dmsimardwill do.21:34
*** rpioso has joined #rdo21:36
*** qu has joined #rdo21:36
quTo deploy applications, is it better to build into the Glance image, or use user scripts?21:36
*** pilasguru has quit IRC21:36
dmsimardqu: both way will work21:37
qudmsimard: I'm concerned that with user scripts the download may fail or dns compromised.21:38
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/magnumclient-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
*** Goneri has joined #rdo21:38
quBut then how to apply security updates to the Glance image?21:38
*** sdake_ has quit IRC21:38
dmsimardqu: I think you will end up running configuration management (such as chef, puppet, ansible) on top of the deployed virtual machines anyway to keep them up-to-date because updating your Glance image won't update running VMs21:39
*** sdake has joined #rdo21:39
dmsimardIt really depends on your use case21:39
quMassive deployment.21:40
quCan Ansible update Glance images?21:40
dmsimardIn the context of CI (testing OpenStack and RDO), we create a lot of short-lived, ephemeral, VMs and of course there's a lot of things to be installed when we install and configure OpenStack. So we have optimized images which comes pre-installed with some packages to save significant time on our jobs.21:40
quIn this case it'll be cardinal image with one application installed and unused libs cut out.21:41
*** eaguilar has quit IRC21:42
quI guess my question is how to update Glance images.21:42
quI'll read up on Glance.21:44
dmsimardqu: You can't update them in-place, you build a new one and upload it.21:44
quSo I have a user log in through keystone->AD, and a VM is spun up for him.21:45
quHow would I associate his persistent data with that VM? (user files)21:45
dmsimardqu: There's couple ways to build images.. usually you start off a base image (Ubuntu or CentOS cloud images for example) and then edit them locally before uploading them. You can edit with something like libguestfs or qemu-nbd+chroot for qcow2 images.21:46
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo21:47
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo21:48
*** morazi has quit IRC21:48
*** sdake has quit IRC21:49
*** sdake has joined #rdo21:50
*** iranzo has quit IRC21:50
*** dustins has quit IRC21:51
*** dneary has quit IRC21:51
*** sdake_ has quit IRC21:52
dmsimardweshay: replied to your email on rdo-list, can you check it out before you're out for the day? ;)21:52
weshayyes sir21:53
*** jmelvin has quit IRC21:54
dmsimardthanks :)21:54
apevecdmsimard, we still have upstream puppet-ci and tripleo-ci21:54
*** Goneri has quit IRC21:56
weshaydmsimard, mitaka and master should run packstack + weirdo now21:57
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo21:57
weshayapevec, we'll have it fixed by tomorrow afternoon21:57
apevecsehr gut!21:58
weshayya sicher, dass Sie Betcha21:59
*** ccamacho has quit IRC22:00
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/manilaclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/mistralclient-distgit: Use for Source0 URL
*** mlammon has joined #rdo22:08
*** zigo has quit IRC22:08
*** zigo has joined #rdo22:11
*** zigo is now known as Guest4138822:11
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/mistralclient-distgit: Add %upstream_version fallback macros
*** zeroshft_ has joined #rdo22:16
*** Guest41388 is now known as zigo_22:17
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: ironic-inspector, python-tripleoclient:
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: python-zaqarclient:
*** panda is now known as panda|Zz22:19
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*** apevec has quit IRC22:24
quHow do I make Cinder storage persistent and associated with a particular keystone user?22:26
*** alond has quit IRC22:27
*** zeroshft_ has quit IRC22:33
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo22:34
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imcsk8EmilienM: still around?22:52
*** eaguilar has quit IRC22:55
*** limao_ has joined #rdo22:55
imcsk8EmilienM: i was checking if puppet neutron configures dhcp-option-force but i can't find it22:56
*** jobewan has quit IRC22:57
*** elmiko is now known as _elmiko22:57
*** limao has quit IRC22:58
*** kaminohana has joined #rdo22:59
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current: python-zaqarclient, tempest.git:
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo23:01
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