Friday, 2016-07-29

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hewbroccakbsingh: Hey, I haven't had the chance to say thanks for your help sorting out the TripleO-QuickStart jobs07:36
hewbroccaSo, thanks!!07:36
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rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/glance-distgit: Conditionalize -doc building
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rdogerritFrederic Lepied proposed DLRN: Add the --project-name command line option
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rdogerritFrederic Lepied created openstack/openstackclient-distgit: run unit tests during build
number80^ this reminds me if we fixed the master repo sync yesterday?09:05
zodbotnumber80: Karma for flepied changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
number80thanks for fixing 175209:05
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flepiednumber80: you're welcome09:06
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number80flepied: now, we just need apevec to add his stamp back on
rdogerritchkumar246 created rdoinfo: Added horizon-tempest package
chandankumarnumber80, flepied \o/09:13
number80excellent, I get to test review 1594 with new project importing09:13
number80yep, on it09:14
number80I just -W until I finish import09:14
chandankumarnumber80, i thought something needs to be fixed from myside09:14
chandankumarapevec, will i add send a rdoinfo review for sahara-tests also with under-review flag/09:15
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apevecchandankumar, not yet09:17
rdogerritMerged DLRN: Add the --project-name command line option
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number80chandankumar: -W means it needs an action or a change independent from the patchset before considering to merge09:20
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chandankumarnumber80, here X means it is not implemented or not possible to implement?09:32
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apevecchandankumar, X means it is included09:40
number80chandankumar: X == implemented and below are details09:40
apevecit's like checkbox09:40
number80like tokens backend in keystone09:40
apevecyeah, non-X describes specific config09:40
apevecright, like token types or cinder backend09:41
apevecor ipv6 is centos only09:41
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* chandankumar waits for EmilienM to test horizon-tempest plugin.09:41
apevec(that's interesting)09:41
apevecchandankumar, iirc it needs to be added in the package list in puppet-tempest09:41
apevecchandankumar, somewhere here
chandankumarapevec, before that i need to fix openstack-horizon spec09:42
chandankumarthere is no test subpackage09:43
apevecand then
apevecchandankumar, in horizon spec there are only unittests left?09:43
apevecyou don't need that for tempest09:43
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apevecchandankumar, but that's not a tempest plugin ?09:51
rdogerritAttila Darazs proposed DLRN: Set up newly cloned repos even with --local
apevecchandankumar, afaik puppet integration is running only tempest tests09:51
chandankumartempest-horizon plugin contains some scenario horizon dashbaord tests.09:53
chandankumarlet me run and take a look what is happening.09:54
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rdogerrithguemar created config: Add tempest-horizon
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chandankumarapevec, I got that how and what to test related to tempest-horizon and will be sending a patch soon for puppet-tempest and puppet-openstack-integration10:29
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socialdid we have this in RDO? ceilometer AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'stop'10:33
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apevecsocial, where/when do you hit this?10:48
apevecin RDO we're stuck early on
openstackLaunchpad bug 1605876 in tripleo "openstack baremetal import --json instackenv.json fails with "PluginAttributeError: _auth_params"" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Alan Pevec (apevec)10:49
apevecduring baremetal import10:49
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kbsinghhewbrocca: absolutely! were still going to keep working on making things better, as we can.11:00
kbsinghhewbrocca: if at any point there are concerns or issues, pleaes do loop us in11:00
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rdogerritMerged config: Add tempest-horizon
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chandankumarnumber80, will i send my horizon-tempest spec file to this
chandankumaror it will automatically imported?11:39
number80you need to send a review11:39
chandankumarnumber80, sure11:40
number80again, master branch is still not removed :(11:40
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rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/tempest-horizon-distgit: Initial import of horizon-tempest spec file
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chandankumarnumber80, apevec
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chandankumarnumber80, can initial import can be automated?11:50
jruzickathat reminds me... is there any reason to prefer %{py2_install} over %py2_install?11:50
apevecchandankumar, you mean from review BZ? Yeah, maybe11:51
apevecbut I would start vice versa: gerrit review first, then auto-create review BZ or even just skip review BZ11:52
chandankumarapevec, yes, rdoinfo has a package review bugzilla link which has spec file, can directly pull from there and make a new commit in the created spec11:52
jruzickaas in download last .spec from review and submit it through git review?11:52
apevecjruzicka, I'd keep full review in gerrit, we have review BZs to be compatible with fedorea-review tool mostly11:52
number80jruzicka: not really, %{xxx} form is preferred to %xxx when you have parameters11:52
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number80jruzicka: and %py2_build has parameters =>
apevecjruzicka, suggesions how to improveme the pkg review process are welcome!11:54
number80so unless you have parameters, they're identical11:54
number80jruzicka: reference =>
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jruzickaapevec, well I find the bz reviews kinda redundant as we have gerrit...11:55
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jruzickanumber80, ack11:55
number80jruzicka: it's tooling related, fedora-review is not integrated with gerrit11:56
number80and I'd rather not review packages w/o such utility11:56
chandankumarapevec, send a rdoinfo review first, in the commit message attach the spec file url, jenkin job will create a pkg review bug then attach the spec file there, then we create a dist git on r.o.o then a new imported patch is sent as a new review then run fedora-review on that and then sync gerrit comments on bugzilla11:56
jruzickaoh right11:56
number80jruzicka: but I agree that the very day we solve that issue, we can switch to full gerrit-based review11:56
chandankumarand we also need to find a mechanism to auto create components under rdo product in bugzilla for packaged review.11:57
jruzicka -L <rpm directory>, --local-repo <rpm directory>11:57
jruzicka                        directory with rpms to install together with reviewed11:57
jruzicka                        package during build and install phases.11:57
number80chandankumar: not possible11:58
chandankumarnumber80, last one?11:58
number80jruzicka: it does not work well w/ dlrn spec files11:58
jruzickaso dlrn would need to create srpm11:58
number80chandankumar: Fedora has an exception, but any component creation in RHBZ require that we ask RHBZ admin through a ticket11:58
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number80jruzicka: yep and not complain about changelogs11:59
number80that's doable but again, it's time11:59
jruzickasounds like a lots of work for the gain11:59
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number80jruzicka: not necessarily, it's a week worth of work if you know fedora-review and jenkins at most12:00
number80but if I had a week, it would have been solved for a while12:00
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number80s/jenkins/gating infra/12:01
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jruzickayes, also for it to save a week of creating reviews manually... that'd be a LOTS of reviews :)12:01
chandankumarnumber80, do we have docs for attending ci jobs to r.o.o?12:02
number80chandankumar: nope12:02
chandankumarnumber80, whom to catch for learning?12:02
number80chandankumar: likely David12:03
number80but I don't think he has much time available with his weirdo's current work12:03
number80however our priority right now is getting M3 ready, and we have a lot of reviews sitting in the NEWTON tracker12:04
number80if people are interested, I can draft a plan and get things documented12:05
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number80chandankumar: best way to get started with gating would be joining RDO infra meetings (see minutes on the rdo list by weshay)12:07
number80I forgot that entry point12:07
chandankumarnumber80, what is the time of meeting?12:08
number80chandankumar: check the etherpad, I voluntarily avoid learning the timing or else, I'd join that meeting too :)12:08
jruzickatue 15:00 CET12:08
* number80 didn't see it12:09
chandankumarjruzicka, is meeting happens on #rdo channel?12:09
jruzickaif we're talking about rdo-ci infra12:09
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jruzickano, it's a bj one12:09
number80I think it's bluejean, but I'd encourage to have an irc meeting instead12:09
number80(easier to get newcomers that way)12:09
chandankumarweshay_mtg, 6612:09
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number80we tried to do RDO meetings on bj, but it ended being the same people and trimming minutes without the bot was a pain12:10
weshay_mtgchandankumar, there is no requirement to join except for the retrospectives12:11
*** tvignaud has joined #rdo12:11
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number80weshay_mtg: I think it's interesting for onboarding to attend those12:11
jruzickanumber80, do you prefer me to submit python-{cloudkitty,mistral}client reviews to rpm-packaging or concentrate on the newton reviews? I assume the later.12:12
*** jayg|g0n3 is now known as jayg12:12
number80the latter and keep alive your current reviews upstream12:13
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number80We're still on the green side, but we need to keep an eye on our progress12:13
number80past-M3 we'll be busy enough on the finishing bits or last-minute breaking changes12:14
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mandrehello, I'm following the instruction to add a new package to RDO and can see that in almost all of the open bugzilla for package review the description includes a "Fedora Account System Username"12:20
chandankumarmandre, what is the package name?12:21
mandrechandankumar: I'm trying to package tripleo-validations, I haven't opened the bugzilla yet12:22
chandankumarmandre, i think it goes under rdo bugzilla12:22
mandreso my question is, what is a "Fedora Account System Username" and how does it matter?12:22
mandrechandankumar: right, I'm looking at
chandankumarselect component == package-review12:23
chandankumarmandre, "Fedora Account System Username" is the FAS user name if you are going to do a package review/ package review request for Fedora.12:23
mandrechandankumar: oh, I see. So it's not necessary for RDO packages?12:24
chandankumarmandre, nope12:24
mandrechandankumar: cool, thanks for the help. I'm about to create the bugzilla for tripleo-validations12:25
chandankumarcurrently we follow Fedora package review request for client packages and its dependencies12:25
chandankumarmandre, once done feel free to block your package review bug with Newton Package review tracker bug 1329341 in distribution "Tracker: Blockers and Review requests for new RDO Newton packages" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to apevec12:26
mandrechandankumar: will do, thanks12:27
*** mhu has quit IRC12:27
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honzanumber80: jruzicka: i just submitted another patchset for tripleo-ui with your suggested changes12:39
honzanumber80: jruzicka: what's the timeline like for passing the package review request in rdo and the getting the rdoinfo patch merged?12:39
*** rbowen has joined #rdo12:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen12:40
number80honza: package has to be approved by M3 so we still have a month (that's the deadline)12:41
*** ashw has joined #rdo12:41
honzanumber80: even for trunk?12:41
*** vimal has quit IRC12:41
number80honza: there's no deadline for trunk12:42
number80I was just speaking to get it in Newton GA12:42
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:43
honzanumber80: we actually need to ship this asap, any chance we can make that happen?12:44
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:44
*** dbecker has joined #rdo12:44
number80honza: as soon as possible12:44
hewbroccaPut another way12:45
hewbroccawe would like to make sure the packaging is all buttoned down well before GA12:45
weshayone tempest test failing in mitaka, puppet scenario00212:45
number80I think we still need to scrutinize openstack-tripleo-ui-deps12:45
weshaydmsimard, apevec fyi ^12:46
weshaymaster blocked on ooo
number80hewbrocca: yes, the difficulty are the node deps, I can't give good estimates, I hope that we won't have to eat up the whole month to get things done12:46
hewbroccanumber80: I hear you12:47
*** _elmiko is now known as elmiko12:48
jruzickanumber80, I went through the newton reviews and it looks pretty good indeed if we have mont till M312:49
honzanumber80: hewbrocca: scrutinize for license compliance?  or infosec?12:49
* jruzicka looking at new clients and functools32 port12:50
number80honza: license-wise we're good, react.js patent grant issue was clarified12:50
number80honza: I'm worried about node_modules reproducibility, is it possible to pin versions in packages.json?12:50
jruzickahonza, can you pass me the link, please? Lost my tabs... (well, this is embarassing)12:51
honzanumber80: yes it is possible, and we do that12:51
number80honza: good, then, if we can have some versioning in openstack-tripleo-ui tarball to discriminate them, we should be good12:51
*** bill_az has joined #rdo12:52
number80I'll spend some time building/testing the package itself to find if we missed something12:52
honzanumber80: ok, cool12:53
mandrechandankumar:, let me know if everything is in order12:53 bug 1361581 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-tripleo-validations" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to hguemar12:53
honzanumber80: let me know if i can do anything to speed this up12:53
number80jruzicka: seems that we have this ticket priority raised, could you look at it today? bug 1318765 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-sahara-tests - Sahara Scenario Test Framework" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to apevec12:53
number80honza: aye, sir12:54
chandankumarnumber80, sahara-tests is blocked due to jar files issue12:54
honzanumber80: jruzicka: also, is common to keep the spec file inside the project's repo?  or should i just put it in the distgit repo?  (pardon my ignorance)12:54
*** amuller has joined #rdo12:55
number80tosky: ^12:55
number80chandankumar: good point12:55
toskychandankumar, number80: then also sahara should be blocked for the same reason iirc - is there a way to have an exception?12:55
chandankumarapevec, ^^12:55
number80tosky: that needs to be decided during RDO meetings12:55
number80and exceptions must be documented12:56
honzanumber80: also, we can use "npm shrinkwrap" to pin down all npm dependencies (recursively, all of them)12:56
number80honza: well, the RDO spec will live in our distgit but it's fine to keep a copy in the project repo for testing purposes12:56
number80honza: that'd be even better then12:56
honzanumber80: cool12:56
number80as you see reproducibility is huge concern for us12:57
jruzickahonza, aaaand I have a nitpick for you there :)12:57
honzajruzicka: all ears12:57
chandankumarmandre, one correction please include BuildRequires : python-setuptools12:57
chandankumarother i am checking12:57
jruzickahonza, already -1'd there12:57
*** zoli|brb is now known as zoli12:57
*** zoli is now known as zoliXXL12:58
* honza reads12:58
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:58
mandrechandankumar: just updated the spec file12:58
honzajruzicka: haha, i thought that was a bit weird :)12:58
chandankumarmandre, you can also build sphinx docs and include it in the main package since it is not too big12:59
jruzickahonza, well I keep the rdopkg .spec in the repo for convenience but it usually lives in dist-git...12:59
number80mandre, chandankumar: tests subpackage missing and also BR: python2-devel (I'll look for ansible requirements)12:59
jruzickahonza, right? :D12:59
* chandankumar is doing partial reviews12:59
* chandankumar will back after meeting.13:00
number80I'm entering call period for a while13:00
number80chandankumar: you're doing fine :)13:00
*** maeca1 has joined #rdo13:00
chandankumarmandre, i can comment on bz itself then you can correct in one go.13:00
number80honza, hewbrocca: just to say that according my compass, tripleo-ui is in the right direction to be ready for Newton GA in time (and maybe ahead of time)13:01
mandrechandankumar: that would be awesome, thanks13:01
number80and ping jruzicka and I when you need something13:01
*** dyasny has quit IRC13:01
*** eliska has quit IRC13:02
hewbroccapff FAS account not linked13:02
*** pradk has quit IRC13:02
*** spr2 has joined #rdo13:02
jruzickayeah, honza's doing great job, I expected it to take much longer to package ;)13:02
honzayay me :)13:02
number80honza is responsive, that's the first quality I expect from reviewees :)13:02
hewbroccasomebody help me out here13:03
honzawe really need to get this out the door so i'm doing my best :)13:03
number80hewbrocca: what you're trying to do?13:03
number80.fasinfo hewbrocca13:03
honzai wondered what all those ++ things were for13:03
zodbotnumber80: User "hewbrocca" doesn't exist13:03
number80.fas hugh13:04
zodbotnumber80: corey33093 'Corey Miller' <> - batmensch 'Hugh Caley' <> - hbrock 'Hugh O. Brock' <> - telinux47 'Gordon Tracy Eldridge' <> - hdasch 'Hugh Daschbach' <> - rchugh 'Rushil Chugh' <> - merz 'Hugh Merz' <> - qixcom 'John McHugh' <> - hcoomes 'Hugh Coomes' (8 more messages)13:04
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:04
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:04
number80.fasinfo hbrock13:04
jruzickahewbrocca, yeah the fedora bot isn't really working well here :-/13:04
zodbotnumber80: User: hbrock, Name: Hugh O. Brock, email:, Creation: 2007-04-05, IRC Nick: , Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: 40E35F5D, Status: inactive13:04
jruzickaas of karma13:04
zodbotnumber80: Error getting group memberships.13:04
jruzickayou can also give one cookie to one person per fedora cycle13:04
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb13:04
jruzickaIn the wonderful land of future where I have some space I'll finish the rdo karma bot.13:04
number80hewbrocca: your account is inactive, you need to reconnect in FAS:
number80btw, you should set your irc nick so that the bot can do the mapping13:05
hewbroccaman I haven't done anything in FAS for ages13:05
hewbroccaOK, what the heck13:06
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax13:06
number80btw, Software Factory 2.2.3 looks super good :)13:06
*** fultonj has joined #rdo13:06
number80expect some nice stuff coming for review.rdoproject.org13:06
*** links has quit IRC13:07
jruzickait's already pretty nice so I'm looking foward :)13:07
*** egallen has left #rdo13:07
number80jruzicka: storyboard is now integrated :)13:07
hewbroccano kidding storyboard13:08
hewbrocca.fasinfo hewbrocca13:08
zodbothewbrocca: User "hewbrocca" doesn't exist13:08
hewbroccaI do so13:08
hewbrocca.fasinfo hbrock13:08
zodbothewbrocca: User: hbrock, Name: Hugh O. Brock, email:, Creation: 2007-04-05, IRC Nick: hewbrocca, Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: 40E35F5D, Status: active13:08
zodbothewbrocca: Approved Groups: fedorabugs cla_done packager cla_redhat13:08
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho13:08
*** ianw has quit IRC13:10
zodbotnumber80: Karma for honza changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** hewbrocca has left #rdo13:10
number80.whois honza13:10
zodbotnumber80: Error: The command "whois" is available in the Internet and Network plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "whois".13:10
*** hewbrocca has joined #rdo13:10
*** ianw has joined #rdo13:10
number80.fasinfo honza13:10
zodbotnumber80: User: honza, Name: Honza Pokorny, email:, Creation: 2016-07-25, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active13:10
zodbotnumber80: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca13:10
number80you already gave me cookie :)13:11
jruzickaas I said, I need to finish rdo karma bot :)13:11
jruzickayeah, but number80 deserves m04r cookies13:11
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:11
honza.fasinfo honza13:13
zodbothonza: User: honza, Name: Honza Pokorny, email:, Creation: 2016-07-25, IRC Nick: honza, Timezone: America/Halifax, Locale: en, GPG key ID: None, Status: active13:13
zodbothonza: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca13:13
*** dyasny has joined #rdo13:14
*** Tenhi has joined #rdo13:16
*** dgurtner has quit IRC13:16
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo13:22
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:23
jruzickanumber80, does the %global debug_package %{nil} in serve any purpose?13:23
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:24
number80jruzicka: I can't remember the exact reason, but it was required for testing13:25
jruzickaOK, so it's not a random leftover ;)13:26
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK13:26
jruzickanumber80, next I'm quite confused about the license. .spec says ASL but python has PSF license... are these two compatible?13:30
*** rdas_ has quit IRC13:31
number80jruzicka: you're correct about licensing13:31
*** gszasz has quit IRC13:33
number80updating the review13:34
number80jruzicka: it's updated, links are the same13:36
*** mbound has joined #rdo13:36
number80for spec and src.rpm13:36
number80that's good reviewing13:37
jruzickayou mean "beaing able to read fedora-review output"? :D13:38
* jruzicka gonna continue dem reviews after lunch13:39
*** richm has joined #rdo13:40
number80jruzicka: you'd be surprised how many people don't read carefully those reports13:41
*** rbowen has quit IRC13:43
number80patience and paying attention to details are valuable skills in general13:44
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:45
*** myoung|remote has joined #rdo13:46
*** rbowen has joined #rdo13:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen13:46
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:46
*** ilja_AFK is now known as ilja13:49
*** ilja is now known as iljam13:49
*** jeckersb is now known as jeckersb_gone13:49
*** shaunm has joined #rdo13:50
*** akshai has joined #rdo13:50
*** gildub has quit IRC13:53
apevectrown, have you tried manually tripleoclient patch - does it fix all or there's more?13:54
*** pgadiya has quit IRC13:54
trownapevec: it did as of yesterday13:55
trownapevec: have not confirmed it is still  the only thing broken yet today... will start a run now13:55
apevectrown, does it make sense to pull it temp as rpm patch on rpm-master ?13:55
apeveclooks like upstream gate is slow today13:56
apevecin last PS many check jobs are still ony queue13:56
*** spr2 has quit IRC13:57
apevecafter more than 45min13:57
trownhmm... I really dont like that for tripleo packages... as the tripleo gate uses that branch, so we are kind of ninja submitting it right into the repo effectively13:57
trownapevec: given PS3 passed all but UT jobs, and PS4 only changed tests, I will ask for quick merge when UT jobs come back on PS413:58
*** myoung|remote has quit IRC13:59
apevecack, although as I said, upstream zuul seems busy today13:59
*** fultonj has quit IRC14:00
*** myoung|remote has joined #rdo14:00
*** pradk has joined #rdo14:00
trownhmm... maybe I can ask folks to manually run UT to confirm I fixed them... would be nice to get one more promote before I am out... then at worst we are 4 weeks behind when I get back :)14:00
pradknumber80, Hi, replied to pifpaf and cotyledon bugs14:01
apevecyou need to grow your clones faster :)14:01
number80pradk: great, I'll look at it14:02
*** fultonj has joined #rdo14:04
apevectrown, py34 job passed14:04
*** newuser_rdo has joined #rdo14:05
number80apevec: his clone has been growing slowly14:05
newuser_rdowhere can I find trove images?14:06
number80vkmc: ^14:06
*** akshai has quit IRC14:06
trownapevec: ya bothering folks on #tripleo14:06
*** akshai has joined #rdo14:07
vkmcnewuser_rdo, what kind of image you want for trove? that is, which SO + database?14:07
newuser_rdovkmc, yes, like centos+mysql for example14:07
*** ppowell has joined #rdo14:07
vkmcnewuser_rdo, openstack-trove project has a tool for image creation on trove-integration
vkmcnewuser_rdo, they are not production images though14:08
newuser_rdoahh ok14:09
newuser_rdoI don't understand why I have to create trove images, but don't have to create others, like for nova...14:10
newuser_rdodo you know?14:10
dmsimardI'm not familiar with trove but my guess is that there needs to be an agent running inside the virtual machine (amongst other things) so that trove can communicate and manage what's on the server14:12
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC14:12
newuser_rdoahh it's OK14:13
vkmcnewuser_rdo, I actually have an idea yes :) so Trove, as other PaaS projects in OpenStack, relies on Nova, Glance, Cinder and Neutron (pure infrastructure projects in OpenStack) to allocate it resources14:13
newuser_rdothank you :)14:13
vkmcnewuser_rdo, to keep communication between the control plane and the instance, you have the trove-guestagent running within the instance14:14
vkmcnewuser_rdo, so you basically need to upload a prebuilt image with that, the guest agent, and the database you want to Glance14:14
newuser_rdothat's OK14:15
vkmcnewuser_rdo, and then Trove abstracts you from the whole launching and communicating with the instance process14:15
*** dneary has joined #rdo14:17
newuser_rdovkmc, well well see this: :P14:17
*** hynekm has quit IRC14:19
vkmcnewuser_rdo, boom14:19
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo14:21
jschlueterfbo: nice work on the stats dashboard!14:21
dmsimardjschlueter: oh? show me14:24
hewbroccajschlueter: are you sure it's not like this?14:24
*** davidgiluk has joined #rdo14:24
*** kashyap has joined #rdo14:25
fbojschlueter, Thanks ! I have a lot of nice ideas to improve that tool !14:27
fboand create better stats :)14:27
* davidgiluk has just installed his first packstack host and doesn't really understand the networking; certainly I can't ping the cirros instance I've booted and was looking for pointers14:27
*** dustins has quit IRC14:28
apevecYAD ?14:28
*** mcornea has quit IRC14:28
davidgilukapevec: D's are good14:29
*** mcornea has joined #rdo14:29
* davidgiluk is ifconfig'ing the cirros's eth0 from it's shell to the IP that the dashboard says, and it's an address on what's shown as the default 'public' network - but I don't see how packstack's public network is routed to anything14:32
EmilienMjschlueter: which dashboard?14:34
kashyapapevec: What is "YAD"?14:34
EmilienMkashyap: that was my second question :P14:34
apevecweshay, dmsimard - that mitaka failuire is in only tempest.api.object_storage.test_account_quotas.AccountQuotasTest14:34
apevecyet-another-dashboard :)14:35
EmilienMapevec: maybe we can skip it?14:35
weshayapevec, it passed in the next run14:35
apevecweshay, yeah, usual flapping ?14:35
kashyapdavidgiluk: Did you also check -
EmilienMapevec: url?14:35
kashyapdavidgiluk: Maybe not, that has a lot of verbiage14:36
*** egallen has joined #rdo14:37
*** myoung|remote has quit IRC14:37
apevecEmilienM, puppet 002 in
EmilienMapevec: looking14:38
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo14:38
EmilienM{1} setUpClass (tempest.api.object_storage.test_account_quotas.AccountQuotasTest) [0.000000s] ... FAILED14:39
EmilienMtrying to find in logs why this one failed14:39
EmilienMis it random or consistent?14:39
davidgilukkashyap: Ah interesting, I'd been following  - the router/external networking one might be worth me checking in that14:39
socialjlibosva: what happend with the fix you had for ovs?14:39
socialjlibosva: is it in RDO master now?14:39
jlibosvasocial: nope, it's on upstream review, waiting for tests14:39
kashyapdavidgiluk: Certainly.  Don't get disheartened if n/wing doesn't work on the first try or two.14:40
socialjlibosva: can I get link?14:40
* social wants to follow this up14:40
jlibosvasocial: yes14:40
kashyapdavidgiluk: FWIW, many people (including yours truly) struggled w/ it when beginning for months...14:40
*** dustins has joined #rdo14:40
apevecEmilienM, random14:40
EmilienMapevec: nothing we can go I guess...14:40
kashyapdavidgiluk: These days I'm exclusively setting up things w/ DevStack.  Where the only extra things I do are (once a setup is done):14:41
*** pilasguru has quit IRC14:41
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru14:41
kashyapdavidgiluk: (a) Associate router to gateway; (b) Add sercurity group rules for ICMP and SSH; (c) Setup floating IP14:41
EmilienMapevec: I haven't found something useful in logs14:41
kashyapdavidgiluk: All of them I run via this little ugly script -
EmilienMapevec: can we force promotion?14:42
EmilienMI don't think we need to wait more time just because of this swift test in one job14:43
rdogerritMartin André created rdoinfo: Add openstack-tripleo-validations
trownon the other hand why have automation if we have to always do things manually14:44
*** jcoufal_ has joined #rdo14:44
EmilienMtrown: I'm suggesting here14:45
*** dpeacock has quit IRC14:45
*** dpeacock has joined #rdo14:46
*** jcoufal has quit IRC14:47
trownEmilienM: lets wait on and they are close to finishing one way or another14:47
EmilienMtrown: oki14:47
apevecyeah, let's wait for the current run to finish14:47
apevecsocial, jlibosva - so we should put on our master_current_issues etherpad?14:48
openstackLaunchpad bug 1607787 in neutron "Missing secure fail mode on physical bridges" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Hynek Mlnarik (hmlnarik-s)14:48
apevectrown, ^ might be what was observed under load14:48
apevecso it could still happen in CI14:48
jlibosvaapevec: social does it happen on other deployments than social's ?14:48
socialapevec: I guess yes, I just hit it in different point of deployment even with added CPU power14:49
dmsimardtrown: the ci.centos guys just fixed the ssh problems between openstack cloud and duffy14:49
apevecjlibosva, we had seen network drop during ironic dd, which broke baremetal setup in RDO CI14:49
dmsimardtrown: going to try it out14:49
apevecdmsimard, what was it?14:50
jlibosvaapevec: that's this issue, we have it as critical in neutron so it's gonna be fixed "soon"14:50
dmsimardapevec: they had an iptables rule somewhere that redirected port 22 traffic to the jump host14:50
*** mengxd has joined #rdo14:51
dmsimardapevec: so when the new jenkins slaves tried to connect to the duffy nodes, they were actually trying to ssh to the jump host ..14:51
dmsimardsome crazy mitm potential there ..14:51
apevecalso, debugging networking issues like that is not fun14:52
dmsimardapevec: yeah, it was sort of obvious though because the duffy node did not see any ssh traffic from the jenkins slave .. and when doing fingerprinting with nmap, the ssh host key and openssh versions were different ..14:53
*** tvignaud has quit IRC14:53
dmsimardbut hard part was figuring out where the problem was14:54
*** mengxd has quit IRC14:54
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo14:54
*** tvignaud has joined #rdo14:55
*** mosulica has quit IRC14:56
*** pilasguru has quit IRC14:57
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru14:57
*** smeyer has quit IRC14:57
*** jdob has quit IRC14:57
*** jdob has joined #rdo14:57
davidgilukThe other comment I had from doing the packstack quickstart, is that it tells you to drop all your firewalls and then has things like the guests vnc open to - that seems like a bad combination of bad things14:58
*** jlibosva has quit IRC14:59
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo14:59
*** dtrainor has quit IRC15:00
dmsimardtrown: ehhh, that's not going to work:
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo15:01
dmsimardtrown: do you also make assumptions regarding the ssh key location somewhere ?15:01
EmilienMjschlueter: thx15:02
trowndmsimard: hmm... in quickstart it "just works" maybe that is already exported in .bashrc?
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC15:03
number80dmsimard: can you comment this review?
dmsimardtrown: well, it probably just uses the default key which is ~/.ssh/id_rsa which is fine15:04
dmsimardtrown: I could probably get rid of the ansible key definition altogether15:04
trownah right15:04
number80if you have no blocker, I'll rebase/merge it so that fbo continue working on stable builds15:05
dmsimardnumber80: I have a hard time understanding what that particular job does15:05
dmsimardnumber80: can you explain ?15:05
trowndmsimard: ya if we put it in a non-default place, setting that as an env variable in jenkins bashrc makes sense15:05
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo15:05
number80dmsimard: basically, it's supposed to run a scratch build in CBS and test installation with a temp repo15:06
number80some bits were already there since the PoC, Fabien is just refreshing it15:06
number80it will be restrained to the newton-rdo branch anyway15:07
*** jdob has quit IRC15:07
*** jdob has joined #rdo15:07
number80It's just that I'm not confident enough w/ jjb/zuul/nodepool to ninja-merge it15:07
apevecnumber80, dmsimard - last comment from fbo makes sense, let's just put this in as PoC for connecting to CBS15:08
apevecthen expand with full promotion pipeline jobs15:08
dmsimardhang on15:09
number80apevec: I just need a sanity check review from someone else, the job does not look problematic itself15:10
*** jistr is now known as jistr|call15:10
number80after all, it's not much different from the one running in the PoC15:10
dmsimardnumber80: there's no integration tests involved from that15:11
apevecnumber80, fbo - where is that release rpm coming from?
*** jcoufal_ has quit IRC15:11
apevecdmsimard, yeah, not yet15:12
apeveclooks like it will just do yum list ?15:12
number80apevec: it's leftover from PoC job, so it's somewhere in history15:12
apevecit's Poc15:12
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo15:12
dmsimardapevec: it will also run the pkg validate builder15:12
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo15:13
dmsimardapevec: which is;a=blob;f=jobs/rpmfactory.yaml;h=2fb4cfc762db00de2d26dea3c67f33f29e5a6c95;hb=HEAD#l1415:13
dmsimardapevec: which is:;a=blob;;h=c61a075cc2b0414893412720dad439c1a25310bf;hb=HEAD15:13
dmsimardthe reason I was initially relunctant is because I thought that was going to use this script:;a=blob;;h=89aecb2403a87a370a2c74b9f58f8003affea639;hb=HEAD15:14
dmsimardWhich I do not want to be used anywhere15:14
number80dmsimard: I also mentioned that you were working on a more complete set of CI job for package reviews so that we should focus on the building part15:14
number80dmsimard: even for PoC15:14
number80apevec: btw, release rpm comes from;a=blob;;h=2c70c8f950bb78478f0df00825b41dbcbf7c90db;hb=HEAD15:15
*** egallen has quit IRC15:15
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen15:15
number80dmsimard: they just want for the PoC to have a basic CI job that does more than just installing the rpm15:15
number80if you have pointers, please comment the review15:15
dmsimardnumber80: there's no integration job in what fbo is doing yet15:16
dmsimardwe can add one later15:16
dmsimardthe review as is is fine15:16
number80dmsimard: that's the next step actually15:16
number80dmsimard: excellent15:16
number80fbo: ^15:16
dmsimardnumber80: I just don't want them to be using that khaleesi packstack thing15:16
number80dmsimard: we'll ping then when we'll come to CI job15:17
dmsimardapevec: I was going to say kill khaleesi with fire15:17
dmsimardbut you actually can't kill khaleesi with fire :(15:17
number80dmsimard: you can burn github datacenter15:17
*** jistr|call is now known as jistr15:17
dmsimardnumber80: she'll just come out unscathed15:17
hewbrocca"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."15:18
dmsimardtrown: I'll push
rdogerrithguemar proposed config: Add newton-distgit-cbs-validate job
rdogerrithguemar proposed config: Add newton-distgit-cbs-validate job
fbopabelanger, Hi, we are trying to fix the review.rdo db to fix the issue you have with your account. Could try to connect on review.rdo now ?15:19
*** eggmaster has quit IRC15:20
number80gotta run for an errand (already late), see you later15:20
trowndmsimard: cool15:20
dmsimard84 jobs.. damn15:21
rdogerritMerged config: Add newton-distgit-cbs-validate job
*** ayoung has joined #rdo15:22
*** egallen has quit IRC15:23
dmsimard66 quickstart jobs !15:24
pabelangerfbo: done, still Forbidden15:24
*** dmsimard sets mode: +v rdogerrit15:24
*** weshay is now known as weshay_bbiab15:25
fbopabelanger, ok thanks we got a new stack trace, we are investigating :)15:25
pabelangerfbo: ack15:25
fbodmsimard, number80 apevec thx for the merge, yes for now after the build on CBS, a pkg rpmfactory-temp-release is created that target a local temporary repo with the pkg(s) we fetched from CBS. Then the job continues by just listing the content of the repo (but instead we should do useful stuff the first scope was to just install the pkg(s) on the slave node and return +1 if the install succeed)15:29
dmsimardtrown: 6 weirdo generic jobs running cross the two cloud nodes so far everything looking good15:30
fbopabelanger, could you retry ?15:30
dmsimardtrown: what was your poc job that ran on rdo-dev ?%15:30
*** Liuqing has quit IRC15:33
*** rwsu has quit IRC15:33
*** anshul has quit IRC15:34
*** dneary has quit IRC15:34
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:34
trownEmilienM: legit success on mitaka :)15:34
EmilienMtrown: woot. Promotion now?15:35
trownya it automagically promoted15:35
trownEmilienM: just waiting on dlrn to build that python-tripleoclient patch and I will kick off master15:35
*** dneary has joined #rdo15:36
EmilienMtrown: that's an excellent new for a Friday :)15:36
EmilienMtrown: can I do recheck now on a tripleo patch that needed latest mitaka?15:36
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:37
trownEmilienM: hmm... tripleo stable CI does not use current-passed-ci... if the patch it needed is built in dlrn, it would be available to CI15:37
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:38
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo15:38
*** dgurtner has quit IRC15:38
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo15:38
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:39
dmsimardtrown: can you put a rdo-dev tagged quickstart job ?15:41
trowndmsimard: that is the job I linked15:42
dmsimardoh oops15:42
trownI just cloned it and changed the pool to rdo-dev15:42
dmsimardoh wow there is an even an owl in quickstart jobs now15:43
dmsimardi'm jealous15:43
trownlol, that has been there for a while :)15:43
*** dgurtner has quit IRC15:43
trownccamacho did that for us :)15:43
*** bill_az has quit IRC15:44
dmsimardtrown: if I have to troubleshoot quickstart jobs at all, I'm usually not looking at the first few lines of the console :P15:44
hewbroccawe also have an "owlsay" bot15:44
trowndmsimard: hehe true15:44
*** manous has quit IRC15:44
dmsimardtrown: friday before huge vacation, you must be super productive today15:45
pabelangerfbo: redone, same issue15:45
trowndmsimard: I actually had coffee this morning for the first time in weeks (I have been pretty ill), so I at least *feel* very productive :)15:45
iljamIs this something anyone have seen before (current-passed-ci): Execution of 'systemctl start ceph-mon@overcloud-controller-0' returned 6: Failed to start ceph-mon@overcloud-controller-0.service: Unit ceph-mon@overcloud-controller-0.service failed to load: No such file or directory.15:45
trowndmsimard: and it is not a vacation :p15:46
dmsimardtrown: :)15:46
dmsimardiljam: I have15:46
dmsimardiljam: it was something along of the lines of using the hammer version of ceph instead of the jewel version of ceph15:46
iljamI have some prior errors connecting to mongo@localhost, that fails15:46
trownit is just a tiny irrational being screaming at me for 4 weeks straight, rather than many full-sized rational beings screaming at me :P15:47
fbopabelanger, thanks ok ... :/ we continue to investigate15:47
dmsimardiljam: what installer are you running and how did you configure your repositories ?15:47
dmsimardtrown: been there done that ... twice15:47
iljamtripleo newton m215:48
iljamjust following the test day repos15:48
dmsimardtrown: school is starting in a month for both kids.. vacation will start for ~8 months then :p15:48
trownya my second time as well, so I know full well what I am in for... plus he is 3 months old at this point so I know what kind of lung power he has15:48
iljamlucky you, school in a month, some kids around will go to school on Aug 1st15:49
dmsimardah, always been late august until late june here15:49
dmsimardfor kids, at least, it's different for colleges and universities15:49
*** dneary has quit IRC15:49
dmsimardiljam: can you link the "test day repos" you're speaking of ? or the documentation you're relying on ?15:49
dmsimardtrown: does tripleo set up the ceph repos somewhere ?15:50
iljam instructions from http://tripleo.org15:51
dmsimardiljam: can you do a of yum repolist -v ?15:51
iljamceph packages install ok, the legacy /etc/init.d/ceph is present,ceph.conf is created, but service unit files are not there, or haven't been created yet (not sure about the design)15:52
iljamI also keep notes @
iljamI see that on my controller, ceph is installed from the EPEL15:53
kashyaplarsks: Heya, when you're about, how up2date is this doc? --
dmsimardiljam: oh man EPEL is probably bad15:54
iljamright :)15:54
larskskashyap: it is a little less up-to-date than
iljamtahts what the overcloud-full builds as, it seems15:54
trowndmsimard: I dont see them anywhere in the tripleo-docs...15:54
kashyaplarsks: Nice response15:54
larskskashyap: which itself doesn't cover things like dvr or ha routers or ...15:54
kashyaplarsks: Thaks :-)15:54
iljamseemed to work 2 weeks ago before my vacation15:54
rbowenI was trying to think of the name "Quantum" yesterday and couldn't come up with it.15:54
dmsimardtrown: so it's sort of expected that it's being pulled from EPEL ?15:54
kashyaplarsks: Yeah, it's just for someone (quite technical, a QEMU dev), getting started w/ the Neutron networking15:55
larsksProbably fine, then. Especially if the dev is already with bridges and tap devices...15:55
dmsimardtrown, iljam: EPEL has ceph 0.80, that's older than even hammer15:56
trowndmsimard: I guess... though there are patches up to remove EPEL default from centos DIB element, and I think a patch to docs merged today removing EPEL from instructions15:56
dmsimardhammer is 0.9415:56
trowniljam: in any case, if you use the pre-built images from CI they have the official storage sig repo on them15:56
*** manous has joined #rdo15:57
iljamI can't use pre-built images from CI, because they do not contain linux-firmware package and my bnx2 network adaprters wouldn't work w/o it15:57
iljamso, I build them on tripleo host15:58
dmsimardtrown: p-o-i switched to ceph jewel a while ago15:58
dmsimardtrown: newton is not designed to work with hammer15:58
*** panda is now known as panda|bbl15:58
dmsimardtrown, iljam: well there you go15:58
* trown knows nothing about ceph15:58
dmsimardtrown: there's a bunch of systemd/sysvinit changes between version of ceph15:59
*** jcoufal has quit IRC15:59
dmsimardtrown: it sucks to manage so I believe they're just not doing hammer for newton15:59
dmsimardor something like that15:59
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo15:59
trownk... #someoneelse'sproblem :)16:00
dmsimard.. yeah :)16:01
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:01
dmsimardtrown: weirdo jobs are starting to finish on the cloud slaves16:02
dmsimardtrown: successfully or unrelated failures16:02
dmsimardartifact upload works and all16:02
trownnice one16:02
*** indy21 has joined #rdo16:02
iljamI'm new to reviews and the merging process, what are my best options now?  I'm afraid that if I remove EPEL and add correct Ceph repo and rer-un overcloud deploy, that these may get overwritten16:02
trowniljam: you would have to remove them inside the overcloud-full image via virt-customize or the like16:03
trowniljam: changing what is on the undercloud wont help16:03
dmsimardiljam: I'm trying to ask what repository you really need16:03
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:04
dmsimardiljam: you're deploying on centos, right ?16:04
iljamyep centos716:05
dmsimardiljam: ok, "yum -y install centos-release-ceph-hammer" gets you the repository you need with the right version.16:05
fbopabelanger, again could you retry ?16:05
dmsimardso install that repository on top of the others that you have (trunk repo, epel, etc.) and make sure that yum-plugin-priorities is also installed.16:05
iljamtrown: I was thinking of changing repos on already deployed controller and ceph nodes, but you are probably right,it is cleaner to customize the overcloud-full16:06
pabelangerfbo: progress16:06
pabelangerfbo: looks to be working16:06
*** paramite has quit IRC16:06
jruzickadmsimard, where does your bot live?16:06
iljamkk, i'll try after lunch16:06
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk16:06
zoliXXLhave a good weekend16:06
miscjruzicka: in Canada ?16:07
pabelangerfbo: should my email address be empty in gerrit? and Anonymous Coward (232?16:07
*** iljam is now known as ilam_AFK16:07
pabelangervalidating email16:07
dmsimardjruzicka: what bot16:07
dmsimardjruzicka: rdobot ?16:07
jruzickadmsimard, well I'm wondering where should my attemt at rdokarma run on16:08
*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|gone16:08
fbopabelanger, no and should not be called anonymous coward ... :/ it seems you user has not be fully created16:08
dmsimardjruzicka: the software ?
pabelangerfbo: okay, if you need to delete it again, feel free16:09
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:09
jruzickadmsimard, the instance... on what machine does it run?16:09
jruzickayour private one or something RDO-ish16:10
jruzickacause I'd like the db to not be lost16:10
dmsimardjruzicka: on the same machine as the monitoring node16:10
dmsimardjruzicka: which is rdo-ish16:10
dmsimardjruzicka: if anything, you can just write a plugin for rdobot if you want idc16:10
dmsimardI wonder if that still works16:11
dmsimardhey rdobot, you know what... rdo manager16:11
rdobotI think dmsimard meant TripleO! ( )16:11
dmsimardahah, it does16:11
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb16:11
* jruzicka lel'd16:11
dmsimardand larsks hates that16:11
jruzickadmsimard, yeah I looked at that and I also chose errbot but I wanted it to be universal independent karmabot... I'd hate to break monitoring machine so I'll roll it on my sometimes-online internal instance. Thanks anyway.16:13
*** jcoufal has quit IRC16:13
dmsimardjruzicka: sure np16:13
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo16:14
*** nstrug has joined #rdo16:14
apevectrown, EmilienM - hm, so tripleo-ci is using repos and not storage sig ?16:15
EmilienMapevec: I have no idea16:15
EmilienMbut I'm in favor of usin SIG16:16
EmilienMand gfidente too iiuc16:16
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo16:16
apevecEmilienM, that's gfidente proposing ceph.com16:16
dmsimardapevec: there is another patch16:17
apevecah, conflicting reviews16:17
dmsimardsame review different patchset16:18
apevechm, now I'm confused16:18
apevecso latest is ceph.com16:18
dmsimardwe were discussing reverting to ps3 in #tripleo16:18
dmsimardbecause doesn't work without epoel16:18
apevecthat's what I wanted to point out :)16:19
dmsimardall weirdo jobs returned successfully from the new cloud slaves, just waiting on the quickstart jobs16:20
dmsimarddare we enable them in production on a friday ? :D16:20
gfidenteapevec dmsimard EmilienM I've just restored patchset #316:20
dmsimardit might help prevent our existing slave from crashing so much16:20
*** hrw has quit IRC16:20
gfidenteplease check if the repo 'mangling' for Jewel looks good
*** Liuqing has joined #rdo16:21
dmsimardgfidente: I'm not particularly a fan of that curl .repo thing16:21
dmsimardgfidente: but otherwise it's ok16:21
gfidentedmsimard I copied the approach we had for the other repos, but I can change it, comment in the submission16:22
*** hrw has joined #rdo16:22
*** florianf has quit IRC16:23
jruzickanumber80, WARNING: Cannot download url:
fbopabelanger, could log retry ?16:24
*** weshay_bbiab is now known as weshay16:24
fbopabelanger, could you retry I mean16:24
jruzickanumber80, I fail to find out the correct URL, pypi one has commit in it :-/16:24
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:25
pabelangerfbo: okay, logged in again. What do I need to check16:25
fbopabelanger, if you login name is ok and if you have your gmail addr pre-registrered in Gerrit that should be good then16:26
*** jpich has quit IRC16:26
*** tumble has quit IRC16:29
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:30
*** dcotton has quit IRC16:30
*** bill_az has joined #rdo16:30
*** permalac has quit IRC16:31
*** pnavarro has quit IRC16:32
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo16:33
*** paramite has joined #rdo16:36
number80jruzicka: canonical url is<first letter of pypi name>/<pypi name>-<version>.tar.gz16:37
number80ah found it16:39
*** gfidente has quit IRC16:39
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner16:41
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk16:41
*** indy21 has quit IRC16:42
apevecEmilienM, dmsimard - Failed to establish authenticated ssh connection to cirros@ after 23 attempts in
apevecregular flapping?16:44
*** Liuqing has quit IRC16:44
EmilienMmaybe you're running on low resources16:44
EmilienMI haven't seen it in puppet upstream C16:44
dmsimardwe have more resources on ci.centos than upstream ..16:45
apevec32 GB
apevecnot very fast cpu, but still 8 cores:
*** Liuqing has joined #rdo16:47
*** manous has quit IRC16:47
dmsimardapevec: this reminds me I still haven't sent that patch in to remove firewalld/networkmanager from the default ci.centos install16:48
dmsimardapevec: I'll do it right now.16:48
apevechmm, exceptionis Error reading SSH protocol banner[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer16:51
dmsimardalways peer16:52
*** rhallisey has quit IRC16:52
dmsimardthat guy is everywhere16:52
*** jbadiapa has quit IRC16:52
apevecyeah, and that's rude, hanging up just like that16:53
*** READ10 has joined #rdo16:53
*** READ10 has quit IRC16:53
*** READ10 has joined #rdo16:53
*** Liuqing has quit IRC16:54
apeveccirros console dump looks good, it is fully booted16:54
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/weirdo: Add generic ansible tox env
*** thrash is now known as thrash|biab16:56
*** Liuqing has joined #rdo16:56
apevecok, I can't find explanation for those time ssh timeouts, so hopping it won't hit us in the current run !16:57
*** derekh has quit IRC16:57
jruzickanumber80, source iz OK, but after studying I wonder if the License tring shouldn't be "Python"?16:59
apevecthere is a trace with RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable in but that seems to be transient and earlier16:59
*** pilasguru has quit IRC17:00
*** manous has joined #rdo17:03
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/weirdo: Add a playbook to remove firewalld and networkmanager
dmsimardapevec: so is the dlrn purge command safe to use now ?17:04
dmsimardwe're at 86% usage now17:04
dmsimardnot growing as fast as last time17:04
number80jruzicka: correct17:05
apevecdmsimard, not yet, purging will wait for jpena on Monday :)17:06
dmsimardapevec: ok17:06
apevecwe've disabled fedora dlrns hence slower growth17:06
*** snecklifter has joined #rdo17:09
*** paramite has quit IRC17:09
dmsimardapevec: do we know why the quickstart jobs have been failing ? they have been pretty much consistently failing over the past few builds17:10
apevecEmilienM, dmsimard - last look at starting at 2016-07-29 15:42:07.69817:10
dmsimardapevec: that weirdo puppet one looked like a flap, it's been consistently passing17:10
apevecdmsimard, see etherpad17:11
apevecshould be fixed in the current run17:11
dmsimardmistralclient ?17:11
apevecOSC master issue (some clients were using private attrs)17:11
apevectripleoclient was latest17:11
apevecmerged and built now17:11
apeveceverybody knock wood for #55717:12
apevecdmsimard, so back to that flap: first few retries are usual Unable to connect to port 22 i.e. cirros still booting17:12
apevecbut then the one which failed reported Authentication (publickey) failed.17:13
dmsimardapevec: why do we carry such an old version of paramiko ?17:13
*** tosky has quit IRC17:14
dmsimardoh wait nm17:14
dmsimardpython2-paramiko is 2.0 but python-paramiko is 1.15.117:14
*** manous has quit IRC17:14
dmsimardand 2.0 is the version that is installed17:15
*** ccamacho has quit IRC17:15
number80dmsimard: g-r17:17
number80moreover we have 2.0 in newton =>
*** milan has quit IRC17:17
*** apevec has quit IRC17:18
dmsimardnumber80: yeah I was confused by version mismatch between python-paramiko and python2-paramiko again17:18
*** apevec has joined #rdo17:18
apevecbah dsl dropped17:19
number80yeah, but python2-paramiko 2.0 obsoletes python-paramiko 1.15.117:19
apevecdmsimard, what was last from me?17:19
apevecdmsimard, it's not paramiko17:19
dmsimardtrown|lunch: failed but I'm not sure why17:20
dmsimardtrown|lunch: oh, cloud validation worked but log upload failed17:20
pabelangerfbo: no, they are empty still and anonymous coward (233)17:21
apevecrepeating myself:  cloud-init failed to insert the key:  failed to get in cirros console17:21
apevecso networking failed on that VM17:22
apevec route: SIOCADDRT: File exists17:22
apevec WARN: failed: route add -net "" gw ""17:22
apevecdmsimard, EmilienM ^ seen that?17:22
dmsimardapevec: no17:22
apeveclarsks ^ knows networking :)17:23
apeveccould it be some kind of race, since it's random flapping17:23
dmsimardapevec: I wouldn't be too worried, there's nothing specific from scenario002 that the other 5 tests aren't already running17:24
apevecdmsimard, it's worrying as any other race, should be fixed in nova/neutron17:24
dmsimardapevec: ah, well, yes17:24
dmsimardjust saying it's unlikely to be another trunk breaking problem17:25
apevecproblem is: we can't reproduce17:25
apevecso when it happens, it might be valuable for networking experts to check logs17:25
vkmcin, instructions for setting up the repos in CentOS are wrong... you need to add the repo files as you do for RHEL17:26
apevecvkmc, which repo you had to add?17:26
apevecand what is your base centos image?17:27
vkmclet me check17:27
vkmcmaybe that's my problem17:27
*** nstrug has quit IRC17:28
apevecyou had rdo-release.rpm installed?17:28
apevecthat's the first step :)17:28
vkmcfor what I get from the docs, that is not necessary in CentOS17:28
EmilienMapevec: no17:28
vkmcOn CentOS, the Extras repository provides the RPM that enables the OpenStack repository. Extras is enabled by default on CentOS 7, so you can simply install the RPM to set up the OpenStack repository <-17:29
apevecvkmc, ah yes, centos-release-openstack-mitaka you have that one?17:29
vkmcI did that step yes17:29
vkmcbut... there are no new .repo in /etc/yum.repos.d17:29
apevecpastebin that folder17:30
*** rwsu has joined #rdo17:31
*** manous has joined #rdo17:32
apeveclooking at code, that msg could happen only if you had both centos-release-* and rdo-release RPMs installed17:32
vkmchmm, the thing is that packstack doesn't see those repos?17:32
apevecvkmc, yum remove rdo-release and try again17:33
apevecvkmc, CentOS-OpenStack-mitaka.repo is from centos-release-openstack-mitaka17:33
apevecand that should be enough17:33
*** shardy has quit IRC17:33
zodbotvkmc: Karma for apevec changed to 4 (for the f24 release cycle):
apevecwe are still in f24 cycle, wasn't it released?17:34
*** itlinux has quit IRC17:35
jruzickanumber80, python2-functools32.noarch: W: unexpanded-macro Obsoletes python-%{pypi_name} < %{pypi_name}17:35
jruzickanumber80, pypi_name not defined17:36
*** Liuqing has quit IRC17:36
jruzickanumber80, (is it OK to review here like this or should I use bz with slower iteration?)17:36
*** dneary has joined #rdo17:37
number80jruzicka: wfm17:38
number80fixed btw17:38
* number80 is pairing with a baby17:38
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:39
number80teaching him rpm packaging17:39
apevecnumber80 == kids' molester! :)17:39
number80apevec: no my friend has given the baby while she cooks him his meal17:40
number80actually the child is trying to steal my glasses17:40
apevecbut don't do rpm to him!17:41
trowndmsimard: hmm... must be something on the existing slave that makes rsync work there...17:41
dmsimardtrown: yeah, have a hint for me ?17:42
dmsimardtrown: I copied the env vars over already (from node configuration interface)17:43
dmsimard(before the job ran, like last week)17:43
trowndmsimard: hmm... we just have @ERROR: access denied to rdo from
dmsimardtrown: the weirdo jobs were able to upload their logs successfully17:44
trowndmsimard: is weirdo log collect in weirdo tree?17:44
dmsimard ran from new cloudslave17:44
dmsimardtrown: ah, I misread that, hang on17:45
*** dustins has quit IRC17:45
jruzickanumber80, apevec DON'T DO RPM TO KIDS17:45
*** manous has quit IRC17:47
*** rhallisey_ has joined #rdo17:48
trowndmsimard: I dont see RSYNC_PASSWORD set in the env for
trowndmsimard: maybe it is not needed on existing slave for some reason, but needed on the virt ones?17:49
dmsimardtrown: there's an env variable configured on the node17:49
dmsimardtrown: on ci.centos.org17:49
dmsimardtrown: but I don't rely on it for weirdo17:49
dmsimardso maybe it doesnt work, I don't know17:49
trowndmsimard: hmm maybe it doesn't work... we have it set in .bash_profile on the current slave... maybe that is where quickstart is getting it from17:52
*** dyasny_ has joined #rdo17:52
dmsimardtrown: hmm, let me see17:52
trownI can make the job part of that POC a "noop" to test just the log collection17:53
*** links has joined #rdo17:53
*** dyasny_ has quit IRC17:53
*** dyasny has quit IRC17:54
dmsimardWell CICO_API_KEY definitely works because otherwise the job couldn't have had requested a node17:54
dmsimardI didn't copy .bash_profile over to the new slaves17:54
dmsimardI didn't expect any customization there17:54
trowndmsimard: right, you are explicitly looking it up and setting it though... where as quickstart is relying on it being set in advance somewhere17:54
trowndmsimard: though I am still confused...17:55
trownI have never really looked at that... it always just worked17:55
*** dyasny has joined #rdo17:55
*** Sarath has joined #rdo17:55
dmsimardtrown: so .bash_profile is probably run when jenkins establishes the ssh connection17:56
dmsimardtrown: or whatever connection17:56
dmsimardtrown: and thus exports the RSYNC_PASSWORD var17:56
dmsimardin weirdo I lookup CICO_API_KEY that is provided by the jenkins slave config and substract part of it to define the rsync password17:57
dmsimardand then pass RSYNC_PASSWORD to the rsync command17:57
trownya it must be something like that... though it is weird in weirdo you can lookup the env vars from ansible... seems like that means they are set in the env...17:57
dmsimardWe should rely on as little configuration as possible required to be on the actual disk of the slave17:57
dmsimardtrown: they are set in the env because of
trownya, all for changing the behavior in the collect logs role... just never thought of it before17:58
trowndmsimard: right but RSYNC_PASSWORD is set there too17:58
*** livelace has quit IRC17:59
trownI think it has to be the .bash_profile thing just by process of elimination... but I dont really fully grok why17:59
*** jprovazn has quit IRC17:59
trownoh... it is the shell task... it gets a new shell with an empty environment (but would load the bash_profile)18:00
*** Tenhi_ has joined #rdo18:00
trownyou explicitly inject an env var into that new shell, but collect-logs role does not18:00
trownie it is not using the shell from jenkins that has env vars in it18:01
dmsimardI wonder if command would have the same limitation18:01
trownansible is using that shell so you can lookup vars in ansible proper18:01
dmsimardi.e, command vs shell18:01
trownI think so18:01
trownI am pretty sure they both create a new shell to run commands... cant remember what is the difference though18:01
dmsimardyou can't use pipes in command18:02
dmsimardamongst other things18:02
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo18:02
dmsimardThe command module takes the command name followed by a list of space-delimited arguments. The given command will be executed on all selected nodes. It will not be processed through the shell, so variables like $HOME and operations like "<", ">", "|", and "&" will not work (use the shell module if you need these features).18:02
trownah so it is like safe shell18:02
dmsimardtrown: but I'm still confused18:03
dmsimardtrown: quickstart did not fail to request and dispose of a node so it was able to use the CICO_API_KEY env var18:03
dmsimardtrown: why was RSYNC_PASSWORD not used ?18:03
trowndmsimard: ya that is happening outside of ansible even18:03
trownthat is just bash18:03
dmsimardwell there you go18:03
trownwithout weirdo would fail too18:03
dmsimardthat's probably why I put it there in the first place18:04
trownthat shell task would have no RSYNC_PASSWORD (or any of the other vars set)18:04
*** iranzo has quit IRC18:04
trownbut could be 'rsync_password: "{{ lookup('env', 'RSYNC_PASSWORD') }}"' because ansible has that var from jenkins18:05
dmsimardtrown: yeah, historically I don't think RSYNC_PASSWORD was set though18:06
trowneven then line 40 is required to have it in the shell used for rsync18:06
dmsimardsomeone must have put it there at some point18:06
trownjust trying to reason about it18:06
*** READ10 has quit IRC18:06
trownI think I get it fully now18:06
dmsimardthat's why I substract it from api key18:06
EmilienMI'm investigating a weird bug in tripleo CI when I upgrade from mitaka to newton18:06
EmilienMbut I'm not sure how what is happenning18:07
trownso quick fix is putting .bash_profile on new slaves, long term fix is making log collect role set it in the environment for that task18:07
*** Tenhi_ has quit IRC18:07
trownand by long term I mean not today :p18:08
dmsimardtrown: I can submit a patch18:08
dmsimardtrown: if you can review it :D18:08
trowndmsimard: k, I dont think I have +2 there, but I will review, and adarazs would be able to land it18:08
trownEmilienM: could it be because tripleo-ci uses puppet from packages on mitaka/liberty but puppet from source on newton18:09
trownEmilienM: like maybe puppet modules are not getting updated because of that18:10
*** jdennis has quit IRC18:10
EmilienMtrown: yeah18:10
EmilienMbut the thing, it's failing when deploying the mitaka undercloud18:10
EmilienMmaybe I'm doing wrong18:11
EmilienMI checked the OPM package and I see no error about oslo::cache, it was something we did in Newton18:13
EmilienMso my guess is that a module is deployed from source in the CI18:13
trownEmilienM: maybe it exists on the infra nodes when we get them?18:16
trownand then yum doesnt overwrite?18:16
trownno clue18:16
dmsimardtrown: I think that should do it, but it seems a bit weird/confusing to me still18:17
trownyep I think that is right... we are taking the env variable from the shell ansible is running in, and passing it through to the shell rsync runs in18:18
dmsimardthat's why18:18
dmsimardthat's exactly why18:18
dmsimardthe env var is on the jenkins slave, not the duffy node18:18
dmsimardit just clicked18:18
*** dyasny has quit IRC18:19
chandankumarnumber80, it needs to be merged first i think to retrigger this one
trowndmsimard: it is actually not about the duffy node :P18:21
trowndmsimard: but its ok :)18:21
dmsimardwell in the case of weirdo, I do the rsync from the duffy node, not from the jenkins slave18:21
trownweshay: do you know who else has +2 on collect logs?
trowndmsimard: oh, so you wouldnt even be helped by the bash profile18:22
weshayI do18:22
weshaytrown, dmsimard merge?18:24
dmsimardweshay: yeah we can test if it works right away18:24
dmsimardor well18:24
dmsimardis there a gate job for that repo ?18:24
trownya I am pretty confident in that18:24
trownlike (0+%18:25
trownlike 90+% I meant to say...  but that seems less trustworthy given the typo18:25
dmsimardtrown: caffeine levels dropping18:25
*** amuller has quit IRC18:25
dmsimardtrown: ok I'll kick another job and see what happen18:25
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC18:26
trowndmsimard: wait... let me change it to noop so we can just test logging18:27
trownoh too late :)18:28
dmsimardtrown: i aborted the job18:28
dmsimardgo ahead18:28
dmsimardjruzicka: interesting coincidence
*** dyasny has joined #rdo18:31
weshaytrown, 'ClientManager' object has no attribute '_auth_url'18:34
weshayin ha18:34
*** thrash|biab is now known as thrash18:34
trownwtf man... how many private attributes were we using... this is the third one18:35
jruzickadmsimard, heh, it's the best bot framework I know about and it's usable on multiple channels, not just IRC, so that seems like a good direction18:35
jruzickaeven if not the best, using one framework instead of many brings joy in itself ;)18:36
dmsimardjruzicka: well it's just so easy and extendable18:36
*** akrivoka has quit IRC18:36
trownweshay: oh now we have moved to the deploy code... thrash ^ another private attribute that is no longer available is in the deploy code somewhere18:37
number80chandankumar: no, first distgit then rdoinfo. the reverse order breaks dlrn18:37
jruzickayeah, rdoinfo contains CURRENT information, as opposed to humble wishes of reviews completed in the shiny future ^^18:38
thrashtrown: :(18:39
thrashtrown: on it.18:39
trownoh this one is not tripleoclient I think18:39
thrashtrown: have a link?18:39
thrashto the trace?18:39
trownthrash: ya posting one sec... CI doesnt have the full trace but I just got one manually... looks like it is in heatclient now18:40
thrashtrown: ack18:40
*** ilam_AFK is now known as iljam18:41
dmsimardtrown: so it's master libs/clients kicking our asses again18:42
dmsimardI'm starting to get sore18:42
trowndmsimard: ya, and this one is now the third place we have found this issue... to be fair using private attributes is a bad idea, because they are supposed to be private and breakable18:42
trowndmsimard: but looks like lots of client code was doing it18:43
*** jcoufal has quit IRC18:43
dmsimardtrown: why are those issues only showing up in quickstart jobs though ?18:44
trownbut ya we wouldnt be dealing with this (now anyways) if we pinned to releases in u-c18:44
trowndmsimard: it is not just quickstart jobs... it is tripleo jobs on master18:44
dmsimardtrown: ok I'll rephrase18:44
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo18:44
trowndmsimard: because the first two were in tripleoclient, and this one is in heatclient18:44
dmsimardwhy is this not affecting weirdo jobs :D
dmsimardheat is tested in both packstack and p-o-i18:44
trownvia tempest... which writes their own client18:45
dmsimardyou're right, interesting18:45
dmsimardEmilienM: ^18:45
dmsimardthis man has a very good point18:45
*** dneary has quit IRC18:45
dmsimardwe test things with tempest18:45
dmsimardbut we're not exercising things that rely on other things18:45
*** davidgiluk has quit IRC18:46
EmilienMso does openstack18:46
EmilienMeverything is tested via tempest18:46
dmsimardthat's a super big problem lol18:46
dmsimardhow are clients properly tested, then ?18:46
*** panda|bbl is now known as panda18:46
EmilienMsomething Puppet CI does, is that we have providers that use OSC18:46
trownclients arent tested18:47
EmilienMwe are testing them in Puppet CI18:47
EmilienMall our providers rely on clients18:47
dmsimardEmilienM: but trown is hitting an issue in tripleo that p-o-i isn't seeing18:47
trownclearly not heatclient with master osc-lib :)18:47
EmilienMno, we don't have any heat provider18:47
dmsimardEmilienM: I guess we don't create stacks and things like that18:47
EmilienMwe create stacks18:47
*** sdake has quit IRC18:47
EmilienMwe don't have puppet provider for it.18:48
dmsimardbut through tempest18:48
EmilienMjust pick right wording18:48
EmilienMtripleo CI has something called pingtest which is testing clients18:48
EmilienMpuppet CI relies on what upstream gives: Tempest.18:48
dmsimardtrown: so we got sidetracked, had you made the poc job noop ?18:52
trowndmsimard: hmm I tried... but it is really nooped... nothing happened and it failed...18:53
dmsimardlet's leave it vanilla, it's okay if it takes an hour18:54
trownreset and rekicked18:55
dmsimardtrown: ty18:55
dmsimardbrb food18:55
dmsimardtrown: have a nice vacation if I don't see you when I'm back :p18:55
trownI see what you did there :P18:57
dmsimardtrown: I'll try to advertise our talk a bit18:59
trowndmsimard: thanks... I promise to get more excited about it if it gets accepted :)19:00
*** mlammon has quit IRC19:01
*** dustins has joined #rdo19:03
*** ihrachys has quit IRC19:04
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:05
jruzickanumber80, fedore-review+, first pass19:07 bug 1355819 in Package Review "Review Request: python-functools32 - Backport of the functools module from Python 3.2 for use on 2.7" [Medium,Assigned] - Assigned to jruzicka19:07 bug 1359820 in Package Review "Review Request: python-cloudkittyclient - Client library for CloudKitty" [Medium,Assigned] - Assigned to jruzicka19:07
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* jruzicka hits EJECT button on his rocket powered seat19:10
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number80jruzicka: good job :)19:26
*** rwsu has quit IRC19:27
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ohochmanEmilienM: gosh19:49
ohochmanError: /Stage[main]/Apache::Service/Service[httpd]: Failed to call refresh: Could not restart Service[httpd]: Execution of '/bin/systemctl restart httpd' returned 1: Job for httpd.service fa19:49
ohochmaniled because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status httpd.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.                                                                19:49
ohochmanError: /Stage[main]/Apache::Service/Service[httpd]: Could not restart Service[httpd]: Execution of '/bin/systemctl restart httpd' returned 1: Job for httpd.service failed because the control19:49
ohochman process exited with error code. See "systemctl status httpd.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.                                                                                        19:49
ohochmanWrapped exception:                                                                                                                                                                             19:49
ohochmanExecution of '/bin/systemctl restart httpd' returned 1: Job for httpd.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status httpd.service" and "journalctl19:49
ohochman-xe" for details.  19:49
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rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/weirdo: Add a playbook to remove firewalld and networkmanager
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newuser_rdohow can I delete/remove a datastore-version from my trove installation ?20:29
newuser_rdoI accidentally put one wrong version...20:30
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo20:34
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo20:37
number80 newuser_rdo: except fixing manually the database no =>
openstackLaunchpad bug 1394564 in OpenStack DBaaS (Trove) "WISHLIST: trove-manager CLI util should be able to delete datastore and/or version by its name or ID" [Wishlist,Opinion] - Assigned to Victoria Martinez de la Cruz (vkmc)20:40
*** akshai has quit IRC20:42
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newuser_rdothank you number8020:43
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trownIm out... see you all in a month :)20:59
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww20:59
trown|outtypewwwgood luck :)20:59
apevecyou too!21:00
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Added horizon-tempest package
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rdogerritAlan Pevec created rdoinfo: Kilo is EOL
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rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo: Script for updating pins in rdoinfo
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo: RFC: pin ALL non-TripleO projects present in upper-constraints
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