Wednesday, 2016-07-20

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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: ceilometer:
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rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
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flaper87number80: what would be required to pull into the rdo repos? (or just to have it in centos:7)07:56
flaper87it's in f23 and f2407:56
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number80flaper87: I'll work this out with the virt SIG, but I can temporarily add them in Cloud SIG repo08:44
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number80anything already in fedora or centos, doesn't need specific process08:47
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flaper87number80: gotcha, thanks!08:49
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openstackgerritIvan Chavero proposed openstack/packstack: Fix user creation for nova network
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sshnaidmdoes anybody know what is "reponame=delorean" in project.ini of openstack-packages/DLRN? (and where to find projects.ini explanations)09:14
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hewbroccanumber80: hey, I just went and added [fixed] to the end of the three crossed-out items on the RDO promotion CI issues eitherpad09:30
hewbroccaso that they no longer show up in the count on Fred's dashboard09:31
hewbroccaI guess that means we're now down to pecan and gnocchi...09:31
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flaper87number80: so, turns out this is real and I don't think it's correct (but of course, I could be wrong)
flaper87That's a problem because it forces us to keep python-devel installed (unless you force the removal)09:40
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flaper87removing python-devel would end up removing a good portion of openstack's stack09:41
flaper87and it's annoying to use a -devel as a runtime dependency09:41
flaper87number80: is there anything you can help with on that front ?09:41
* flaper87 trusts on number80's cow powers09:42
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number80hewbrocca: thanks, btw pecan and gnocchi are fixed09:42
number80(gnocchi is waiting confirmation though)09:42
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flaper87number80: we depend on that package because taskflow depends on python-networkx-core09:42
flaper87well, it depends on python-networkx, which depends on python-networkx-core09:43
hewbroccanumber80: that is fantastic. does that mean we have a working promote job?09:43
hewbroccaand, if so, should we update the etherpad?09:43
number80though, pixelbeat did reduce networkx dependency chain ... I'll give it a look again09:43
flaper87number80: danke, sir!09:44
number80hewbrocca: dmsimard was working on this, last night, I haven't checked results09:44
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number80hewbrocca: looks better than the other day =>
number80it's slowly turning green09:47
hewbroccaLMK when you have a chance. I'd love to be able to report in the program meeting (two hours from now) that we have up-to-date promote jobs09:47
hewbroccaor, better yet, I'd love for apevec to be able to do that :)09:47
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hewbroccanumber80: oh, what about the mitaka job? There's one error there but it looks like a fix might have been merged?09:48
number80hewbrocca: if I get the news before that, I'll notify you09:48
hewbroccanumber80: thank you sir09:48
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number80Yeah, tricky one => Neutron backported a patch that requires a *Newton* version of neutron-lib09:49
hewbroccathanks, Neutron!09:49
number80Well, I'll give it a shot09:49
hewbroccaIt looks like chem (Sofer) merged a fix for it?09:50
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number80Yes, I'm trying to figure out why the promotion job failed, only one sub-job has failed09:53
apetrichrdo slave on ci.centos is unresponsive. I've talked to centos people and they will reboot the rdo slave09:53
number80could be the selinux issue that also affected master09:53
number80apetrich: ack09:54
number80again => "error: failed to get vol 'undercloud.qcow2'\nerror: Storage volume not found: no storage vol with matching path 'undercloud.qcow2'""09:54
number80ok, since we have two promotions jobs running (master, liberty) and one node down, well, I'll leave mitaka alone until we get more ressources.09:55
number80.whoowns python-networkx09:56
zodbotnumber80: jjames09:56
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apetrichso rdo slave on ci-centos is back but probably missing a mount to /home/centos or /home/centos/workspace10:38
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apetrichdoes anyone know anything about it? the centos sysadm says that the slave is annotated with "rdo self managed"10:38
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pandanumber80: why there are 2 versions of os-*-config in ? should the 5.0.0 be in liberty ?10:39
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number80panda: we don't remove old builds, but only latest is installed10:40
number80and it allows yum doangrade10:40
number80as for os-cloud-config, it's branchless project, so DLRN builds whatever is in master in all branches10:41
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pandanumber80: thanks, that explains a lot.10:42
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number80I'm planning to change that but we have other stuff to fix first10:46
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number80hewbrocca: it failed but as apetrich said, there's an issue with CI infra11:07
apetrichhewbrocca, number80 working with centos people to figure that out.11:07
number80apetrich: yup, just to be sure that he gets the info before his meeting :)11:09
number80well, we had a lot of CI failures, so I prefer letting infra folks fixing it11:10
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hewbroccanumber80: thanks for keeping me informed11:31
hewbroccaapetrich: any idea how long it'll be before it's fixed?11:31
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apetrichhewbrocca, nope :( I have no experience with that server and the annotation there says "rdo self managed" so the sysadms there do now know how if anything is needed after a reboot11:41
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apetrichhewbrocca, I'm hoping that when wes appears that he has any idea11:41
hewbroccaapetrich: OK, yeah11:42
apetrichhewbrocca, but on the other hand it seems that we have reduced that to be a permission problem at this time so not the end of the world11:44
hewbroccareduced what, exactly?11:44
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apetrichhewbrocca, it is fixed11:46
apetrichs/reduced/reduced the problems/11:47
hewbroccaOh, meaning the slave machine now works?11:47
apetrichhewbrocca, aye11:48
hewbroccawell that is excellent -- so no reboot needed after all11:48
apetrichhewbrocca, it was rebooted early on. it was stuck not even answering ssh11:48
number80apetrich: nothing specific is needed, weirdo takes care of setting up nodes11:48
hewbroccawell, cool11:49
weshaycico does that11:49
weshaymorning all11:49
hewbroccaI'm sorry for being so dense, guys, but does this mean we are good to try the promote job again?11:49
hewbroccaweshay: morning!11:49
weshayhewbrocca, did the introspection package issue resolve?11:49
apetrichnumber80, it needed to be run with rhos-ci user they are used to rdo-ci user then it was labeled rdo-ci-slave01 not cloudslave. they didn't know that11:50
apetrichbut we are adding notes for that not to happen again11:50
weshayhewbrocca, kicked it11:50
apetrichand there he is!11:50
apetrichhey weshay11:50
apetrichweshay, we had to reboot the ci.centos slave early on and it just came back.11:51
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weshayhewbrocca, I guess this goes in delorean-deps
* weshay looks11:52
weshaymust be a new dep, don't see it in either delorean or delorean-deps11:53
weshayhewbrocca, we fail until that is avail afaict11:53
number80weshay: update to existing dep11:54
*** nehar has quit IRC11:55
weshaynumber80, I guess that is a base os library?11:55
weshayif it's built in cbs that would make sense11:55
number80weshay: nope, dependency maintained by RDO11:55
*** gchamoul is now known as gchamoul|afk11:55
weshaynumber80, which repo?11:56
*** gchamoul|afk is now known as gchamoul11:56
*** gchamoul is now known as gchamoul|afk11:56
*** gchamoul|afk is now known as gchamoul11:56
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hewbroccapecan, yeah11:57
hewbroccaSo Pevec updated it yesterday, is it nowt available?11:57
*** pkovar has joined #rdo11:58
number80weshay: newton-testing =>
*** karimb has quit IRC11:59
weshaynumber80, only issue w/ that is I don't believe CI uses that repo12:00
*** amuller has joined #rdo12:00
number80weshay: well, it is in delorean-deps.repo =>
*** athomas has joined #rdo12:03
weshayah.. now I see it.. was searching for python-pecan not python2-pecan12:03
weshaymy bad12:03
number80yeah, python-pecan is a virtual provides for compat12:03
*** abregman has quit IRC12:04
weshaynumber80, so who updates delorean-deps  /me sees 1.0.2-212:04
weshayvs.. 1.1.2-112:04
*** d0ugal has joined #rdo12:04
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number80weshay: Alan and I12:04
*** jayg|g0n3 is now known as jayg12:05
number80Until we have better automation, I'm human automation12:05
weshayya.. automating all things is not easy12:06
*** dprince has joined #rdo12:07
weshaynumber80, thanks for taking care of it12:07
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|lunch12:07
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hewbroccaweshay: so... does this mean we have a working promote?12:08
weshayhewbrocca, no.. number80 is updating the repo12:09
*** Liuqing has joined #rdo12:10
number80repo is up-to-date since monday, maybe you're hitting an unrefreshed CDN node12:10
* number80 reviewing CI logs12:10
honzamrunge: i'm online now if you're free --- what timezone are you in?12:10
hewbroccahonza: mrunge is auf deutschland12:11
honzahewbrocca: roger that :)12:11
weshayha.. weird.. python2-pecan-1.1.2-1.el7.noarch.rpm2016-07-19 14:07267K12:11
weshaynumber80, ya.. see it now12:12
*** rodrigods has joined #rdo12:12
number80restarting the liberty promote job as it was jenkins failure12:12
hewbroccaAny chance we can get the Mitaka one going too?12:13
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|lnch12:13
weshayhewbrocca, ok.. bad news.. Jul 20 00:49:08 Installed: python2-pecan-1.1.2-1.el7.noarch12:14
weshaydoes not resolve the introspection issue12:14
* weshay looking into it12:14
*** nehar has joined #rdo12:14
weshaylast run got..12:14
weshayIntrospection for UUID fc421898-c26f-41a1-9db0-766713c7e066 finished with error: Introspection timeout12:14
weshaywhich is better12:14
weshayso it did fix the ise12:14
hewbroccaIt did fix the issue, but we have a different issue?12:15
weshayintrospection is still not working, but the python-pecan update resolved the ise12:16
*** hynekm has quit IRC12:16
*** abregman has joined #rdo12:16
hewbroccawhat is the ise?12:16
hewbroccaand, dtantsur do you have any insight here?12:16
weshaythe ise was resolved..  the error *was* Exception registering nodes: Internal Server Error12:17
weshaynow we're just timing out12:17
mrungehonza, pong12:17
hewbroccaOh, ISE means "Internal Server ERror"12:17
hewbroccathat's what I was missing12:17
dtantsurwell, we need ramdisk logs I guess12:17
* weshay brings up a local env12:17
weshayhewbrocca, ya.. weird right.. blast from the past12:17
dtantsurunless it's
openstackLaunchpad bug 1604770 in tripleo "introspection hangs due to broken ipxe config" [Undecided,New]12:18
dtantsurso check the ipxe config first ^^^12:18
dtantsurweshay, ^^^12:18
hewbroccaI thought we landed the fix for that :(12:18
honzamrunge: i had some fruther discussions with the folks in #openstack-infra and i think i like the "bundle all node_modules inside the source tarball" idea12:18
honzamrunge: how do you like xstatic?  is it worth publishing hundreds of pypi packages for our app?12:19
mrungehonza, well. what's the alternative?12:19
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo12:19
mrungehonza, bundling all node modules in one source tarball is a nightmare on the distro side12:19
mrungeif you're doing the packaging as well: good luck with it12:20
*** pkovar has joined #rdo12:20
dtantsurhewbrocca, awesome, I've screwed up and thanks to the disabled gate nobody noticed that >_<12:20
honzamrunge: when the rpm is built, it can't have access to the internet, right?  so when building we'll have access to the bundled modules and then throw them away once it's all built12:21
*** brault has joined #rdo12:21
honzamrunge: why is it a nightmare?  package size?12:21
mrungenope. bundling is forbidden by policy12:21
*** flepied has quit IRC12:21
mrungeand npm install at build time is disabled for good reason12:21
*** satya4ever has quit IRC12:22
honzamrunge: i thought it was bundling of artifacts only, and not sources?12:22
hewbroccamrunge: I believe we have relaxed the bundling policy somewhat, have we not?12:22
hewbroccanumber80: ^^^12:22
mrungehewbrocca, it's still a *should* unbundle12:23
mrungewhere possible12:23
mrungehonza, so your question is: how to get your static files like js libs into your package, no?12:24
mrungehonza, you don't rely on python for your application at all, don't you?12:25
*** pradk has joined #rdo12:25
number80honza: temporarily, we can accept bundling artifacts but that'd be an exception12:25
honzamrunge: i want to run "npm run build" in my rpm spec file and need the files that "npm install" brings in --- my choices appear to be a) bundle b) xstatic12:26
mrungeboth is not your solution then12:26
mrungelook at node packaging guides12:26
*** gfidente|lunch is now known as gfidente12:26
dtantsurweshay, FYI:
*** rbrady has joined #rdo12:27
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:27
mrungethere are more node packages being built in koji without accessing the net12:27
mrungexstatic helps you to map those node packages into python namespace12:27
weshaydtantsur, thanks12:27
number80xstatic is more for web assets, if I'm correct?12:27
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:28
mrungexstatic is something to make static files accessible/installable via pip12:28
*** limao has joined #rdo12:29
mrungebenefit is, that you can re-use system packages with xstatic packages12:29
mrungelike in xstatic-fonts-fontawesome, we're re-using fontawesome-fonts, xstatic only provides a thin wrapper12:30
honzabut what if you have hundreds of dependencies?12:30
mrungethen you have hundreds of packages12:30
mrungehorizon has 60 dependencies currently12:31
number80honza: if it's in fedora, then we'll rebuild them in CBS12:31
number80for the others, well, we'll help you12:31
*** julim has joined #rdo12:31
*** limao_ has joined #rdo12:31
mrungegrafana has around 120(?) deps?12:31
mrungegolang and node deps12:32
number80if it's 800 deps before GA, I have few weeks of remaining PTO :)12:32
mrungesame here12:32
mrungeand an insane pile of other stuff to do12:32
number80yeah, optools is a lot of work12:32
*** _degorenko|afk is now known as degorenko12:33
mrungehonza, seriously, check what's already available in fedora12:33
mrungeit can't be that bad any more12:33
honzaWhere do I check that?  I can't help but think that we're talking about different things here.12:34
*** limao has quit IRC12:34
mrungednf search foo, where foo is your package name?12:35
*** paragan has joined #rdo12:35
mrungeor if you prefer a web interface12:35
*** jerrygb has joined #rdo12:36
honzathat's what i thought you meant12:36
honzaso, we're publishing npm packages in fedora?12:36
*** chandankumar has quit IRC12:36
hewbroccaNot yet12:37
mrungewe're packaging nodejs- related packages in fedora, yes12:37
*** eliska has quit IRC12:38
*** anshul has quit IRC12:39
honzajust did a cursory check and most of what we need isn't in fedora12:39
*** shaunm has joined #rdo12:39
*** fultonj has joined #rdo12:40
*** jerrygb has quit IRC12:41
mrungehonza, then I suppose you should check, how those deps are being packaged12:42
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho12:42
honzamrunge: my js deps?  they're on npm and that's it12:42
mrungehonza, don't try to bundle everything and promise to unbundle later. let's be honest, that won't happen12:43
honzamrunge: what does unbundle mean?12:43
mrungehonza, package every dependency as a single package12:43
mrungebundling means: copying all together, no?12:43
*** eliska-mtg has joined #rdo12:44
mrungefor golang deps, there is a script to *nearly* automatically package golang dependencies12:44
honzaI want to tar up node_modules to e.g. node_modules.tar.gz and then run "npm pack" in that same repo to produce a source tarball12:44
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:45
mrungehonza, I don't envy you.12:45
honzathen, the in the spec I'll untar the node_modules.tar.gz and run "npm run build" to produce the dist files12:45
mrungehonza, discuss that with product security12:45
mrungethat's comparable to static linking, no?12:46
*** ashw has joined #rdo12:46
*** pstack has quit IRC12:46
honzaso, are you saying that publishing hundreds of dependencies to pypi via xstatic or to fedora is the way to go?12:47
mrungeyou don't rely on python at all, no?12:47
honzaso no xstatic for me then12:47
honzawhat's left?12:47
mrungethen xstatic gives you nothing12:47
mrungeprober building packages?12:48
*** hynekm has joined #rdo12:48
*** _elmiko is now known as elmiko12:48
hewbroccajtomasek: had you not given this whole packaging question some thought at one point?12:48
honzaI don't follow12:48
*** sasha2 has quit IRC12:49
honzahewbrocca: jtomasek and i discussed this last week12:49
mrungehonza, build a package for each dependency would be my recommendation12:49
* jtomasek reads back12:49
mrungea nodejs-foo-bar package for each dependency12:49
number80good, we're progressing in requirements management upstream :)12:49
hewbroccahonza: I thought you might have12:49
honzamrunge: package here means rpm?12:49
honzahewbrocca: we were hoping to not have to publish hundreds of rpms :(12:50
mrungethat's *my* recommendation and pov12:50
number80honza: I suggest that you start progressively12:50
mrungenumber80, might see it differently12:50
number80bundle everything, and start unbundling12:50
number80as said, we'll provide support12:51
mrungenumber80, that won't happen, let's be honest, no?12:51
mrungeI mean, unbundling won't happen12:51
mrungeproviding support will surely happen12:51
honzaunbundling meaning that little by little you start removing libs from the tar file and publish it as an rpm?12:51
jtomasekmrunge: having each dependency explicitly packaged is the optimal way, yes, but since it is not possible at the moment, I believe it is possible to relax the rules a bit and let the app provide compiled source12:51
jtomasekwe should be able to provide all dependencies sources12:51
number80mrunge: possibly, but the red line is that minification/whatever toolchain must be unbundled12:51
mrungejtomasek, then you'll end up in the same situation as static linking12:52
number80that derives from a stronger requirements which is "I don't want to bang my head against a wall, bickering with lawyers"12:52
jtomaseknumber80: unbundled means having rpm package?12:52
number80jtomasek: yes12:52
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:53
number80source rpm must contains only sources, not generated files12:53
honzaI don't think this is realistic at all.  The speed at which npm packages are publish is staggering.  How can we ever expect to keep up?12:53
*** jhershbe has quit IRC12:53
mrungehonza, other question: would you do a daily rebuild on your package source and package then?12:54
dmsimardtristanC: upstream openstack-infra centos images do not install firewalld and networkmanager (these tend to conflict with OpenStack things). firewalld and networkmanager are part of the centos-minimal image we use as a base image. upstream doesn't have it because they start from a bare image. Do you see a problem with removing them from our images ?12:54
*** sasha2 has joined #rdo12:54
jtomaseknumber80: let's take it from the other side a bit. What is the recommended way to create nodejs appllications in rdo/fedora ecosystem?12:54
number80honza: well, legal constraints, we can't publish package which has files with dubious licensing or generated by unknown tool12:54
jtomaseknumber80: in general, there are no packages available12:54
mrungejtomasek, honza stated, some are available12:55
number80jtomasek: that's the current way, I agree it is painful but until we fix our build system, it's not changing in the near-future12:55
jtomasekmrunge: it is like 5%12:55
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:55
number80some people like threebean are working on such topics12:55
mrungejtomasek, better than nothing, no?12:55
honzareact isn't even there12:55
jtomasekmrunge: we'll sure, but it does not currently solve the problem12:55
number80at some point, we'll have internal npm registry and it'll be simpler12:55
*** flepied has joined #rdo12:56
jtomasekmrunge: waiting 5 years seems not a solution. So I'd expect that we have some strategy that relaxes the rules a bit12:56
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo12:56
mrungejtomasek, waiting is one strategy, but maybe not the optimal one, no?12:56
*** yfried has quit IRC12:56
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo12:56
jtomasekmrunge: that is what I am saying12:57
*** pstack has joined #rdo12:57
mrungejtomasek, then I'd suggest to start packaging12:57
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo12:59
hewbroccaLook, it wouldn't matter when we started, we're not going to individually package 800 node deps12:59
number80jtomasek: we're actually relaxing rules by allowing reasonable bundling12:59
hewbroccait's just not going to happen, so we should abandon that line of inquiry12:59
mrunge800 dependencies?12:59
number80hewbrocca: some of them may be packaged, and we only require the packages that are part of the minification/generation toolchain13:00
hewbroccaSo, let's proceed that way13:00
hewbroccawe need to get the toolchain packaged in individual RPMs13:00
*** egallen has quit IRC13:00
hewbroccado we know which ones those are?13:00
*** pilasguru has quit IRC13:01
number80well, tripleo-ui experts can tell us which ones are they13:01
*** ohochman has joined #rdo13:01
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo13:02
*** ohochman has left #rdo13:02
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown13:03
*** tumble has joined #rdo13:03
*** egallen has joined #rdo13:03
*** mlammon1 has quit IRC13:03
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:03
number80jtomasek: I can tell that less and webpack are good candidates13:04
*** richm has joined #rdo13:04
number80I was told that gulp was in process to be removed, right?13:04
jtomaseknumber80: yes, nodejs, npm, webpack, less13:04
jtomaseknumber80: correct13:04
number80nodejs/npm are available in CBS, we can work out versions shipped13:04
hewbroccathat's a good start13:05
jtomaseknumber80: webpack uses loaders - babel-loader13:05
jtomasek+ babel presets.13:05
number80jtomasek: so we need babel-core, babel-loader too13:05
jtomasekas we remove gulp, we'll have a few more loaders, but loaders are tiny without dependencies mostly13:05
jtomaseknumber80: we (with honza) can try to put together a list13:06
*** limao_ has quit IRC13:07
dmsimardtrown: seeing more green but we still have work to do ..
jtomaseknumber80: problem might be, that the tooling are usually most robust and have a lot of dependencies13:07
hewbroccadmsimard: we're going to push a fix for the issue blocking the tripleo jobs as soon as it passes upstream CI13:07
jtomaseknumber80: also, is there a way to have multiple versions of the same npm modules?13:07
jtomaseknumber80: I believe so, right?13:08
*** limao has joined #rdo13:08
dmsimardhewbrocca: ok13:08
hewbroccaThat *might* be the last thing blocking the trunk promote job13:08
hewbroccaReally need the Mitaka job fixed too, I don't know what the issue is there13:08
jtomaseknumber80: the problem is, that npm install builds a dependency tree where each dependency can depend on same node module but different version13:09
*** laron has joined #rdo13:09
*** limao_ has joined #rdo13:10
jtomaseknumber80: in general, wouldn't it be better to create a verified npm registry which could be used for building? instead of having to package every npm package independently13:10
weshayhewbrocca, mitaka just failed one job.. /me looks13:10
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:10
hewbroccaBRB folks13:11
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk13:11
trownweshay: have been seeing httpd fail to start on mitaka minimal13:11
trownweshay: running a local run of it now to see if it is a CI only issue13:12
number80jtomasek: yes, but we can't touch the build system13:12
jtomaseknumber80: how about something like this?
*** limao has quit IRC13:13
number80and if we were able to do that, you'd do the work anyway for the product as we have the same constraints13:13
number80jtomasek: that'll happen in the future but it's work in progress13:13
*** pgadiya has quit IRC13:13
*** dgurtner has quit IRC13:14
*** d0ugal has quit IRC13:14
*** hewbrocca-afk is now known as hewbrocca13:15
*** rdas has quit IRC13:16
*** limao has joined #rdo13:16
*** jdob has joined #rdo13:16
weshayhave introspection running now on master13:17
jtomaseknumber80: do you have some link to that work? I'd really like to take a look13:17
*** limao_ has quit IRC13:18
*** vimal has quit IRC13:18
*** bfournie has joined #rdo13:19
dmsimardtrown: fyi I noticed something I will investigate today.. the upstream openstack-infra CentOS image does not have either firewalld or networkmanager .. which both come installed by default on the centos-minimal base we use in both ci.centos and review.rdo13:19
jtomaseknumber80: I am kind of worried that creating so many rpm packages is a waste of time, considering that it will eventually get replaced by an approved npm registry13:19
*** abregman is now known as abregman|mtg13:19
honzaalso, we're not necessarily involved with those projects --- would it make sense for us to do the packaging?13:20
*** nmagnezi_ is now known as nmagnezi13:21
*** sdake has joined #rdo13:21
*** akshai has joined #rdo13:22
*** limao_ has joined #rdo13:22
rdogerritMichael Chapman created openstack/nova-distgit: Change nova shell from nologin to bash
honzanumber80: any sense of timeline on the npm registry thing?13:23
*** michchap has joined #rdo13:24
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:24
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo13:25
*** limao has quit IRC13:25
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:28
hewbroccaThere is a Node SCL13:28
hewbroccathis might solve some problems for us13:28
weshayafaict.. introspection is hanging on my local env13:29
hewbroccaweshay: that's expected if you don't yet have dtantsur patch13:29
*** athomas has quit IRC13:29
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka created rdopkg: patches: drop legacy patches branch rule for clients
weshayk.. I'll add his patch and retry13:29
number80honza: I'm only sure that it won't happen before FY201813:29
hewbroccanumber80: so there is an SCL for node-js13:30
hewbroccaavailable for RHEL 7 and I assume centos 713:30
hewbroccahonza, jtomasek ^^^ this might be a solution13:31
jtomasekhewbrocca: I think thrcka mentioned that to me some time ago. I'll get in touch with him about it again13:32
hewbroccazsvetlik is the guy you want13:32
hewbroccaI was just talking to him13:32
jtomasekhewbrocca: ack13:33
*** hynekm has quit IRC13:33
*** hmlnarik has joined #rdo13:34
zodbotnumber80: Karma for fcami changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
number80hewbrocca: well, SCL is a divise topic for us13:34
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli|wfh13:35
*** nehar_ has joined #rdo13:35
*** nehar has quit IRC13:35
*** jerrygb has joined #rdo13:37
rdogerritMichael Chapman proposed openstack/nova-distgit: Change nova shell from nologin to bash
*** gszasz has quit IRC13:38
hewbroccanumber80: how so13:39
*** hmlnarik has quit IRC13:39
*** aortega has quit IRC13:39
*** gszasz has joined #rdo13:39
*** hmlnarik has joined #rdo13:39
*** hmlnarik has quit IRC13:39
*** hmlnarik has joined #rdo13:39
*** hynekm has joined #rdo13:40
hewbroccadmsimard: et al, can you guys update the various promote etherpads13:40
hewbroccawith current status of all the issues, including *who* owns each issue?13:40
*** jerrygb has quit IRC13:41
hewbroccaweshay: ^^^13:41
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:41
EmilienMhewbrocca: updating13:42
hewbroccaEmilienM: many thanks13:43
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:43
EmilienMall is green for puppet CI atm13:43
*** d0ugal has joined #rdo13:43
hewbroccaEmilienM: excellent13:43
hewbroccawe haven't had an RDO trunk promote in 15 days now13:44
hewbroccaI'm trying to get that solved13:44
hewbroccaor a Mitaka promote in... 5 days I think?13:44
weshay5 days is not unusual13:45
hewbroccait's going to bite us pretty soon because we're trying to kick OSP9 out the door13:46
weshayhewbrocca, the issue w/ mitaka was httpd did not start on one test job for tripleo13:46
weshayit did start on the HA job.. I believe trown is looking at that issue right now13:46
*** priteau has quit IRC13:46
*** priteau has joined #rdo13:47
*** nehar_ has quit IRC13:47
*** akrivoka has quit IRC13:47
*** rdo has quit IRC13:48
*** rdo has joined #rdo13:50
*** pstack has quit IRC13:50
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo13:51
*** abregman|mtg has quit IRC13:52
trownjust failed to reproduce it locally13:52
trownpinche CI13:52
hewbroccanumber80: what's the problem with SCL, just so I understand?13:52
*** jerrygb has joined #rdo13:53
number80hewbrocca: it's non-intrusive to the system but it's kinda packaging-intrusive13:53
hewbroccaIf it means we get node more or less for free though, that would be pretty cool, right?13:54
number80I'm not mentioning also the dependency galore, you have to rebuild dependencies on top of SCL if it doesn't exist13:54
*** eliska-mtg has quit IRC13:54
number80hewbrocca: node ain't a problem, but SCL doesn't come with all the dependencies we may need13:54
hewbroccaeven the toolchain ones?13:54
hewbroccaI can see how that would be an issue13:54
hewbroccaWe might be able to get them added?13:55
number80what's interesting for us is to provide alternative stacks like python3 on EL7 for instance13:55
number80hewbrocca: probably, at least in our repositories13:55
*** mgarciam has joined #rdo13:56
hewbroccaOK. We'll have a closer look and see if it helps13:56
number80CentOS SCLs try to remain consistent with RHEL's so not sure that we can push additional packages there13:56
hewbroccaI get the impression from talking to the SCL guys here that they are hungry for RFEs13:56
hewbroccaI don't know what schedule they ship on though13:56
*** limao_ has quit IRC13:57
*** _milan_ has joined #rdo13:57
weshayhewbrocca, trown fixes the issue13:57
*** athomas has joined #rdo13:58
*** limao has joined #rdo13:58
hewbroccaweshay: which one is that, mitaka?13:59
hewbroccaOh, right13:59
hewbroccasoon as it passes upstream CI we'll get it in14:00
*** eliska has joined #rdo14:00
weshayit failed upstream14:00
* weshay looking at that now14:00
weshayw/ sshnaidm|lnch14:00
weshaypinche CI14:00
*** dgurtner has quit IRC14:00
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|mtg14:00
*** sshnaidm|lnch is now known as sshnaidm14:00
*** eliska is now known as eliska-mtg14:00
*** milan has quit IRC14:01
trowndmsimard: any idea on
trownlooks pretty fail :)14:02
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo14:02
trownand nothing in
*** Alex_Stef has quit IRC14:02
dmsimardtrown: got my caffeine now, checking.14:02
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:02
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:02
*** shardy has joined #rdo14:03
dmsimardtrown: looks like the ceph issue again, that should be resolved as of yesterday PM14:03
dmsimardlooking if the fix was effective in that job ..14:03
*** sdake has quit IRC14:03
dmsimardtrown: no, my fix wasn't effective for that job14:04
dmsimardtrown: it installed the ceph hammer repo instead of the ceph jewel repo14:04
dmsimardtrown: looks like gerrit replication for weirdo repo doesn't work.. looking14:04
*** sdake has joined #rdo14:04
*** fultonj has quit IRC14:06
*** fultonj has joined #rdo14:07
*** rhallisey has quit IRC14:07
dmsimardnumber80: oh no :(14:07
*** trozet has quit IRC14:07
*** sdake_ has quit IRC14:07
dmsimardI really need to pay more attention in reviews14:08
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|brb14:08
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo14:08
dmsimardweirdo is prefixed by rdo-infra/ not openstack/14:08
*** trozet has joined #rdo14:08
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: WeIRDO repositories are in the rdo-infra namespace
rdogerritMerged config: WeIRDO repositories are in the rdo-infra namespace
number80dmsimard: btw, any idea why =>
number80no +V14:10
*** ohochman has joined #rdo14:10
number80the gate does not run at all14:10
dmsimardtrown: replication is fixed and was sent to github now .. next time the job runs it'll pull the role with the fix now14:10
*** przem has quit IRC14:10
trowndmsimard++ thanks14:11
*** dgurtner has quit IRC14:12
*** yfried has joined #rdo14:12
dmsimardnumber80: is it rebased on top of ?14:12
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:12
dmsimardnumber80: hard to tell from gerrit UI without cloning the review and checking the dependant commit14:12
dmsimardif it's rebased on top of a review that hasn't merged, the gate jobs will not run14:13
dmsimardnumber80: yeah, it says the parent is that review14:13
dmsimardand TIL I learned how to check the parent/child relationship in the gerrit UI14:14
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo14:16
*** King_InuYasha is now known as Son_Goku14:17
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka created rdopkg: guess: only consider open patch reviews
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo14:18
*** dhill_ has quit IRC14:19
*** p01nt3r75 has joined #rdo14:19
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo14:19
*** rdobot has joined #rdo14:21
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v rdobot14:21
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK14:22
*** tosky has quit IRC14:24
*** dgurtner has quit IRC14:25
number80dmsimard: damn14:28
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka created rdopkg: Remove unused gerrit module
number80well, I need to block an afternoon14:29
*** rdobot has quit IRC14:29
*** gszasz has quit IRC14:29
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo14:31
*** julim has quit IRC14:32
jristnumber80: can you point me to agenda for #rdo meetings?14:32
jristplease :)14:32
*** gszasz has joined #rdo14:32
jristbrilliant thanks14:33
rbowenAlso, a useful resource:
jristnumber80: ignore :)14:33
jristrbowen: boom, thanks14:33
jristthose would be good in the topic but the topic is already huge :)14:33
*** d0ugal has quit IRC14:33
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka proposed rdopkg: Remove unused gerrit module
jristrbowen: oh wow that is quite useful14:33
jristetherpad of etherpads14:34
jristetherpads all the way down14:34
*** eliska-mtg has quit IRC14:34
number80jrist: well, we can trim it14:34
jristthe royal we? :)14:34
*** shardy is now known as shardy_mtg14:35
number80nah, I'm hardcore republican :)14:35
*** mengxd has joined #rdo14:35
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:37
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:37
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC14:38
dmsimardtrown, weshay: FYI I'm testing new virtualized slaves right now.14:39
*** zoli|brb is now known as zoli|wfh14:39
dmsimardplease report if you see any funkiness, sorry in advance but this is for the best14:39
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg14:39
weshaydmsimard, thanks14:39
*** dhill_ has quit IRC14:40
*** d0ugal has joined #rdo14:41
rdogerritMerged rdopkg: guess: only consider open patch reviews
zodbotnumber80: Karma for jruzicka changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** hynekm has quit IRC14:41
*** hynekm has joined #rdo14:42
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka proposed rdopkg: Remove unused gerrit module
*** apevec has joined #rdo14:42
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka proposed rdopkg: patches: drop legacy patches branch rule for clients
rdogerritMerged rdopkg: Remove unused gerrit module
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo14:46
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka proposed rdopkg: patches: drop legacy patches branch rule for clients
imcsk8jschlueter: can you check that one out and see if you still have the nova network problem?14:46
apevecimcsk8, does that patch fixes it?14:46
dmsimardtrown: we already have jobs running on the new slaves \o/14:46
imcsk8apevec: from my end it does, but i would like other opinion14:46
trowndmsimard: magic14:47
dmsimardwill monitor these to see if they work14:47
*** jcoufal has quit IRC14:47
imcsk8apevec: it was a pretty sneaky fix14:47
apevecimcsk8, whatever it takes :)14:47
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo14:47
apevecdmsimard, where are the new slaves?14:47
dmsimardapevec: ci.centos openstack cloud14:47
apevecno way, we got networking !?14:48
jjoyceimcsk8: jschlueter is not around today.14:48
dmsimardapevec: they tweaked MTU settings and it works now14:48
apevecand afazekas|dentist14:48
imcsk8apevec: sorry it took me a while find the proper solution, it was confusing14:48
dmsimardapevec: MTU problems are the worse problems.14:48
dmsimardtrown: it's failing, checking why14:48
apevecdmsimard, oh yeah, esp when you don't have access to all the devices in the path14:49
dmsimardtrown: oh, I guess I need to setup a ssh key for connecting to the duffy nodes, forgot that.14:49
trowndmsimard: hmm k, if that doesnt work, maybe we can put a label on those new ones and run some test jobs before doing the whole switch :)14:49
rdogerritMerged rdopkg: patches: drop legacy patches branch rule for clients
*** tosky has joined #rdo14:50
trowndmsimard: dont want promote jobs getting scheduled there right now14:50
*** egafford has quit IRC14:50
apeveclast pipeline run (still running ha) - we have puppet scenario001 failing14:50
apevecbut packstack scenario001 passed14:50
trownapevec: ya, should be fixed in next run according to dmsimard14:50
*** rook has joined #rdo14:50
imcsk8meeting in 10 minutes guys...14:50
apevecah cool14:50
*** aortega has joined #rdo14:52
*** aortega has quit IRC14:52
*** aortega has joined #rdo14:52
trowndmsimard: I just went ahead and made a label for those new slaves for now rdo-dev14:52
trownthey just screwed up the mitaka pipeline14:53
trowndmsimard: so lets use a poc that targets rdo-dev and confirm it works before putting them back to rdo label14:53
apevectrown, 3o minimal also failed14:53
trownapevec: ya that one is issue 18
apevecah new one14:54
trownfyi I will be cutting out pretty early from the meeting for a dr appt14:56
dmsimardtrown: ok sure14:57
dmsimardtrown: I just copied the ssh config over to the new slaves14:57
*** jaosorior has quit IRC14:57
*** hynekm has quit IRC14:58
trowndmsimard: cool kicked to test14:59
dmsimardI'm gonna kick a lot more than that :p14:59
jruzickameeting time14:59
imcsk8meeting time guys15:00
apevecstart it up15:00
imcsk8#startmeeting RDO meeting - 2016-07-2015:00
zodbotMeeting started Wed Jul 20 15:00:30 2016 UTC.  The chair is imcsk8. Information about MeetBot at
zodbotUseful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic.15:00
zodbotThe meeting name has been set to 'rdo_meeting_-_2016-07-20'15:00
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|mtg15:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Jul 20 15:00:30 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is imcsk8. Information about MeetBot at
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'rdo_meeting___2016_07_20'15:00
imcsk8#topic roll call15:00
*** rbowen sets mode: -v openstack15:00
imcsk8#chair apevec coolsvap jruzicka rbowen mengxd15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap imcsk8 jruzicka mengxd rbowen15:01
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap imcsk8 jruzicka mengxd rbowen15:01
imcsk8#chair jjoyce trown15:01
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:01
imcsk8ok, let's start15:02
eggmaster\m/ -_- \m/15:02
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:02
imcsk8#chair eggmaster15:02
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:02
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:02
*** yfried has quit IRC15:02
apevectrown, it's too hot for snowman15:02
imcsk8#topic newton2 testday readiness15:02
trownwishful thinking15:02
apevecis that testday readiness summary? :)15:03
trownlol, it does work there too15:03
apevecso we're down to 1 issue15:03
*** zeroshft has joined #rdo15:03
trownthough I think there is a better chance of promotion than building a snowman outside right now15:03
trownso we have that going for us15:03
weshaythere is a weirdo failure on scen00115:04
apevecdmsimard, ^ has it fixed for the next run iiuc ?15:04
weshayand a introspection issue  that we've confirmed fixes15:04
apevecit's only puppet scn115:04
trownovercloud deploy just failed on HA as well, which would not be introspection15:04
trownwaiting on logs15:05
imcsk8#chair chandankumar15:05
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:05
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka mengxd rbowen trown15:05
dmsimardapevec: yeah, the gerrit replication wasn't working since the gerrit replication revamp for weirdo repositories15:05
dmsimardso the fix landed in the gerrit repo but wasn't replicated to github15:05
dmsimardfixed it this morning15:05
trownha still has a high transient failure rate, so might not be a new issue15:05
dmsimardtrown: see my comment re: firewalld and networkmanager15:05
dmsimardtrown: it might explain the flapping to a certain extent15:05
trowndmsimard: hmm, maybe you could uninstall those at the beginning of weirdo?15:06
imcsk8#chair jtomasek15:06
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:06
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:06
imcsk8#chair florianf15:06
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:06
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:07
dmsimardtrown: would ideally not manage that in weirdo (i.e, bake it in the image for review.rdo and do it some other way for ci.centos)15:07
*** Liuqing has quit IRC15:07
dmsimardbut yeah, we should definitely try it15:07
jrist#chair jrist15:07
dmsimardsee if that fixes some flapping15:07
number80jrist: only chairs can chair15:07
jristoh :)15:07
imcsk8#chair jrist15:08
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:08
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown15:08
apevecso summary for the meeting minutes is: not ready but have a good chance?15:08
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:08
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:09
dmsimardyeah and15:09
apevecwe can retrigger after introspection fix is merged and built in dlrn15:09
dmsimard#action dmsimard to investigate if removing firewalld and networkmanager from the default centos installations can help alleviate flapping results15:09
apevec(18. in current issues)15:09
apevecdmsimard, ^ is there more info on that? where have you seen it in logs?15:10
apevecNM was supposed to work fine w/ Packstack15:10
apevecimcsk8, ^ ?15:10
dmsimardapevec: it's part intuition, part it's documented to remove those anyway, part these are not installed upstream15:10
imcsk8apevec: i've been testing packstack without disabling NM for a while now with no problems15:11
apevecimcsk8, what about firewalld ?15:11
apevecit could be disabled w/o removing?15:11
*** pstack has quit IRC15:11
imcsk8firewalld has to be disabled at least15:11
*** oshvartz has quit IRC15:12
*** rcernin has joined #rdo15:12
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:12
apevecok, who will watch over 18. and retrigger promotion pipeline when it gets build in RDO Trunk ?15:13
imcsk8apevec, dmsimard
apevecoh it is not +W yet?
imcsk8the firewall puppet module disables firewalld15:15
trown#action trown babysit instack-undercloud patch15:15
trownapevec: no it is not passing upstream CI, because upstream CI issues15:15
number80(the firewalld thing)15:16
weshayya.. downloading packages15:16
trownanything else on this topic?15:16
imcsk8ok, let's continue15:16
imcsk8#topic RDO CI: POWER nodes sizing (w/ mengxd)15:17
mengxdyes, i want to discuss with team to understand the h/w requirements for RDO CI15:18
*** mgarciam has quit IRC15:18
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:18
mengxdfrom the above link, i can see there are about 5 nodes used for RDO ci. Is this number correct?15:19
*** trown is now known as trown|dr15:19
mengxdphysical server15:20
mengxdthat is the physical servers in the node pool in the CI system, right?15:20
weshaywe have the slave governed to start 15 max at any time15:20
*** eharney has joined #rdo15:20
weshaymengxd, atm I see all 15 running15:21
weshayso there will be at least 15 servers/nodes reserved by rdo-ci atm.. plus any that have "leaked"15:21
mengxdweshay: i think that 15 is the CI pipelines, not the nodes15:21
weshay15 physical servers15:22
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:22
dmsimardmengxd, weshay: We're in the process of adding more slave capacity15:22
mengxdi saw 15 pipelines under rdo-ci-slave0115:22
dmsimardmostly to distribute the load and have redundancy15:22
weshaydmsimard, ya.. we should then limit each to 5 jobs15:23
weshayif we end up w/ 315:23
weshay3 slaves15:23
dmsimardWe will lower the amount of threads on the current slave and use 3 more slaves (2 are under testing right now)15:23
weshaymengxd, not sure what you mean re: pipelines15:23
zodbotweshay: Karma for dmsimard changed to 3 (for the f24 release cycle):
weshaymengxd, each job when running uses 1 physical server15:24
mengxdweshay: do we really need one physical for a job? i thought they are running on top of VMs15:24
*** gszasz has quit IRC15:24
weshaymengxd, yes we need that15:24
dmsimardmengxd: there will be an openstack cloud available for virtual workloads15:25
weshaythese jobs are deploying openstack on vms on top of the physical server15:25
*** tesseract- has quit IRC15:25
dmsimardmengxd: we try not to run jobs directly on the slaves as they are static, we run the jobs on ephemeral nodes15:25
*** aufi has quit IRC15:25
*** edannon has quit IRC15:25
weshayhopefully we have no jobs running on the slaves15:25
mengxdok, then if i need to enable RDO on ppc64le, what is the minimal h/w requirements? which will trigger the ci job?15:25
dmsimardweshay: we might have some things.. like lint jobs or things like that15:26
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC15:26
*** sdake has quit IRC15:26
dmsimardmengxd: we don't have ppc64le available on the ci.centos environment, I don't think15:26
dmsimardmengxd: would need to check.15:26
mengxdyou are right, but i have an interest to enable that15:26
mengxdso i want to get some idea about the h/w requirements if we do so.15:27
dmsimardmengxd: okay, right15:27
*** dtantsur|mtg is now known as dtantsur15:27
*** pstack has quit IRC15:27
weshayfor CI, we need to test w/ HA.. which requires 64gb of memory on the host15:27
weshaysame w/ upgrades15:27
imcsk8#chair weshay15:27
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown weshay15:27
number80please provide multiple scenarios15:27
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd rbowen trown weshay15:27
dmsimardmengxd: This is the documentation for the hardware currently on
imcsk8#chair number8015:28
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:28
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:28
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:28
imcsk8#chair dmsimard15:28
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap dmsimard eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:28
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap dmsimard eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:28
dmsimardmengxd: Jobs are currently running on nodes with 32GB ram, 8 cores and disk space varies between 200GB to 500GB I believe15:28
mengxdso from the 1st link, it seems one big power server is enough for triple-o test15:28
dmsimardmengxd: some jobs are designed to fit within 8GB of ram, others really require  32GB at the very least.15:29
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:29
weshaydmsimard, mengxd really 32gb is min, 64 is ideal15:29
*** pstack has quit IRC15:29
dmsimardweshay: there's no 64GB anywhere on ci.centos, where's that number from ?15:29
weshayw/o 64 we can't test a sudo supported deployment15:29
weshaydmsimard, aye I know15:29
jristin fact he's probably the most familiar, ha15:30
number80mengxd: we'll need also enough capacity for gating DLRN changes (I mean packaging changes)15:30
dmsimardnumber80: that's from review.rdo though15:30
number80dmsimard: well, we can plug external CI15:30
mengxdso what will trigger a RDO CI job now?15:30
dmsimardnumber80: though it could be third party15:30
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:30
imcsk8isn't 65Gb too much??15:30
dmsimardimcsk8: tripleo.15:31
number80for 3o? nope15:31
weshaymengxd, an update to a yum repo15:31
weshaymengxd, and we also have periodic triggers15:31
number80actually 32Go is barely enough15:31
mengxdbtw, i can run full Tempest with 16GB memory on a CentOS VM, not sure why we need 64GB here15:31
dmsimardmengxd: we periodically check if new RDO packages have been built and if so, we trigger a series of jobs to check if those packages work well.15:31
*** pstack has quit IRC15:31
dmsimardmengxd: tripleo has particular requirements15:31
mengxdare you running full Tempest?15:31
dmsimardmengxd: packstack and puppet-openstack don't require more than 8GB of RAM15:32
weshaymengxd, for HA 3 controller, 2 compute 1 ceph is the min official support arch15:32
weshaywe don't attempt that today15:32
weshaybut that is the CI requirement15:32
weshaywe work w/ in the current hardware atm15:32
weshayand test the rest else where15:32
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:32
mengxdok, so even for triple-O, we can test RDO with VMs (nested virtualization), right?15:33
weshaywe're very happy w/ what we have.. but those our the requirements we've been given15:33
dmsimardmengxd: yes, we test with nested virtualization in the and the environment.15:33
*** pstack has quit IRC15:33
dmsimardmengxd: well, wait, I read that wrong15:33
dmsimardmengxd: tripleo does nested virt itself (through tripleo-quickstart), the job is not designed to run on a VM (since then you'll end up with ultimately 3 layers of nested virt)15:34
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:34
weshaydmsimard, that does work though15:34
dmsimardweshay: quickstart on VMs ? must be slow, no ?15:34
weshayya.. not saying it's ideal.. but it works15:35
number80that explains why jobs are so long15:35
mengxdok, usually how long will each CI job take?15:35
dmsimardnumber80: which jobs ?15:35
number80dmsimard: tripleo15:35
number80mengxd: 3 to 5 hours15:35
dmsimardmengxd: packstack and puppet openstack finish within 45 minutes, tripleo takes several hours15:36
weshaymengxd, w/ quickstart a min job is 1:15 and upgrade or scale can run as much as 3.5 hrs15:36
dmsimardweshay: are you including the image build in that time ?15:36
*** laron has quit IRC15:36
weshaydmsimard, image build is only done in the promotion pipeline15:36
*** laron has joined #rdo15:36
*** iranzo has quit IRC15:36
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:36
number80we manage to get average below 3hours?15:36
mengxdok, and how frequently will CI job be triggered?15:36
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC15:37
weshaywe are working on a downloading an already deployed stack.  and restarting it..15:37
dmsimardmengxd: well, that's up to you I guess ? I'm not sure where you want this job and what you want it to test15:37
weshayso that upgrades, scale etc. don't have to deploy the initial cloud each time15:37
*** imcleod_ has joined #rdo15:37
weshaywhich will bring run times down to 1.5 hrs for upgrades which is our longest job15:37
*** gszasz has joined #rdo15:37
weshayit's only WIP atm15:38
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:38
mengxdweshay: that is really nice to have. since it can save a lot of time.15:38
*** gkadam has quit IRC15:38
weshayagree.. upgrades are terrible15:38
dmsimardI have to step out for an appointment, I'll be afk for a bit15:39
*** dmsimard is now known as dmsimard|afk15:39
*** imcleod has quit IRC15:39
mengxddmsimard: how about the current RDO CI? Is it reporting to every community patch-set?15:39
weshaymengxd, no15:39
weshaymengxd, we poll the git repo every 4hrs or so.. check if there is a change.. if true; then execute15:40
weshayother jobs are configured to run once a day15:40
weshayfor instance15:40
weshayare triggered off the yum repo15:40
*** mvk has quit IRC15:40
weshay  are triggered off of changes to CI src..15:40
weshayso every patch15:40
weshayare triggered once a day15:41
imcsk8guys, i think we're getting a little off topic and we have other stuff to address15:41
mengxdweshay: so i just want to get an estimate about the CI h/w reqs15:41
mengxdmaybe we can talk in mailing list15:41
jruzickaor here after the meeting ;)15:42
weshaymengxd, sure np.. we're very grateful for what we have in ci.centos but the requirements of tripleo are what they are :(15:42
*** linuxgeek has quit IRC15:43
imcsk8is there anything else? do you want an action for continue this topic on the ML?15:44
mengxdyes, i will send out a note to mailing list for further discussion15:44
imcsk8#action mengxd to send a message to the Mailing List about CI requirements15:45
mengxdso we can move on with other topics15:45
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:45
imcsk8next topic15:45
*** livelace has joined #rdo15:45
imcsk8#topic tripleo-ui packaging15:45
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC15:46
*** mbound has quit IRC15:46
imcsk8jrist: ^^15:46
jristhonza, jtomasek, florianf15:47
jristso yeah15:47
*** dprince has quit IRC15:47
jristthanks imcsk815:47
jristwe've got to get tripleo-ui packaged15:47
jristand we've got some first steps with upstream openstack15:47
imcsk8#chair jrist15:47
zodbotCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap dmsimard eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:47
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar coolsvap dmsimard eggmaster florianf imcsk8 jjoyce jrist jruzicka jtomasek mengxd number80 rbowen trown weshay15:47
jristbut there is a concern for what we need to do for compilation15:47
*** karimb has quit IRC15:47
*** sshnaidm|mtg is now known as sshnaidm15:47
jristi.e. all of the possible dependencies15:47
jristnote, tripleo-ui is npm/react based15:48
jruzickawhich dependencies are problematic in particular?15:48
jristwell, it is npm based, so there are many npm packages15:48
jristjruzicka: we would like to understand what might be already packaged15:48
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:48
jristor if there is an npm repo that we can work from, instead of packaging15:48
jristif that is not possible15:48
jristwe will have to package the dependencies that are not already in RPM f15:48
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr15:48
jristdoes anyone have any insight? is this something we can or need to set up another15:49
jristto not derail the #rdo meeting15:49
jtomasekin general, we're talking hundreds of dependencies, since the nature of how npm packages work15:50
*** linuxgeek has joined #rdo15:50
jristlast count was 856, but it will reduce a little15:50
jtomasekwhole ecosystem is very similar to this
*** iranzo has joined #rdo15:50
*** mlammon has quit IRC15:50
florianfto give a bit of background: this discussion has been going on for some days now on various channels. Initially we were hoping to find a way to deliver the compiled/minified JS packages with the UI package.15:50
jristhonza mentioned that there might that there might be a fedora NPM registry15:50
jristbut that it won't be ready until next year15:50
jtomasekan approved npm registry where the dependencies could be sourced would be a nice solution15:51
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:51
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo15:51
*** mlammon has joined #rdo15:51
honzai think it was number80 who suggested we might be able to get away with only packaging the build toolchain to start and work on the rest later15:51
*** dprince has joined #rdo15:51
apevechonza, yes, how big is the toolchain?15:52
jtomasekproblem is that the build toolchain is most of the deps15:53
jtomaseksay 50015:53
honzaapevec: i'll let jtomasek answer that one15:53
jtomasekmaybe less if we don't need to include testing tools15:53
apevecdo you have a dep tree? this sounds insane :)15:53
sshnaidmapevec, hi there15:54
jruzickayeah, sounds pretty instane if no npm rpms are available ATM15:54
sshnaidmapevec, do you have a time for delorean issue talk?15:54
number80jtomasek: we can ignore testing tools, and not request strict unbundling for toolchain15:54
*** mbound has joined #rdo15:54
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk15:54
apevecsshnaidm, we're in the meeting15:54
*** karimb has joined #rdo15:54
jtomaseknumber80: that means that we would not need to package dependencies of the toolchain dependencies?15:55
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk15:55
jtomasekthis is the list of the direct app dependencies
number80jtomasek: top priority is to build from sources and have the toolchain available15:56
*** rpioso has joined #rdo15:56
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo15:56
number80unbundling will be ongoing work but not a blocker for this package15:56
number80(and if this lands in RHOSP, you'd have to do it anyway)15:56
*** pstack has quit IRC15:57
jtomasekthis is the full dependency tree
* jrist winces15:57
jtomasekwe're in process of cutting down some of them but not a lot15:57
florianfnumber80: this is supposed to land in RHOSP1015:57
jruzickawhat a magnificient tree!15:57
jristjruzicka: :)15:57
openstackimcsk8: Error: "!" is not a valid command.15:57
*** pstack has joined #rdo15:58
imcsk8guys, we're almost at the top of the our. can we proceed with the next topic?15:58
* chandankumar thinks it might be useful for creating npm specs for packages15:58
jristthanks chandankumar15:58
honzachandankumar: nice15:58
jristimcsk8: sounds like we need to have another separate meeting. thanks15:58
imcsk8#topic rdopkg 0.38 released15:58
jruzickayeah, that's just a quick info15:59
jruzickanew version contains bugfixes, cbsbuild command by number80 and 1000 less sloc of obsolete code15:59
*** egafford has joined #rdo15:59
jruzicka18.5 % of code is gone ;)15:59
*** laron has quit IRC16:00
jruzickaso let me know if something broke as always and that's all :)16:00
*** laron has joined #rdo16:00
imcsk8ok, next16:00
imcsk8#topic     Chair for next meetup16:00
number80jruzicka: awesome16:00
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|brb16:01
chandankumari am up for chairing.16:01
rdogerrithguemar proposed DLRN: Add rdopkg reqcheck output in CI runs
imcsk8#action chandankumar to chair next meeting16:01
imcsk8#topic open floor16:01
imcsk8is there anything else? or should we finish?16:02
imcsk8ok, closing meeting16:03
jruzickaC-C-COMBO BREAKER16:03
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jristlol jruzicka16:03
rbowenThanks, imcsk816:03
jristthanks imcsk816:03
imcsk8np :) this was a long one16:04
*** shivrao has joined #rdo16:04
imcsk8it's very weird how everything that has to be with tripleo is massive16:05
*** pstack has quit IRC16:07
*** d0ugal has quit IRC16:07
jristit's openstack on openstack16:08
jristso... TWICE AS MUCH? :)16:08
jristshouldn't be16:08
jristbut it seems like it16:08
*** garrett has quit IRC16:08
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rdogerritMichael Chapman proposed openstack/nova-distgit: Change nova shell from nologin to bash
*** mlammon1 has joined #rdo16:10
*** zoli|brb is now known as zoli|wfh16:10
rdogerritMichael Chapman proposed openstack/nova-distgit: Change nova shell from nologin to bash
jruzickajrist, FOUR TIMES (two power two?) AS MUCH (16 vs 64 GB) ;)16:12
*** beagles is now known as beagles_brb16:12
jristjruzicka: haha, yes, fair. noted16:12
*** rwsu has joined #rdo16:13
jruzickajruzicka, anyway, I'll try to not forget about the friday UI packaging discussion. I'm quite curious actually...16:13
jruzickait's more like dependency forset :-p16:13
*** mlammon has quit IRC16:14
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*** jprovazn has joined #rdo16:15
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jruzickaeeeh, that was for you jrist.16:18
jristjruzicka: haha16:18
* jruzicka wasn't talking to myslef this time16:18
jristjruzicka: thanks16:18
jristjruzicka: I thought maybe it would be good to have you on it.16:18
jristjruzicka: but you are optional if you have pressing matters16:18
*** hrw has quit IRC16:21
jruzickajrist, yeah, I'll try to add my 0.02 CZK ;)16:22
*** hrw has joined #rdo16:22
jristchandankumar: btw, thanks for the npm2spec, very useful - this is why the wider visibility is good16:23
chandankumarjrist, np :-)16:23
chandankumarjrist, you can find the npm2spec developers on #fedora-apps :-)16:24
*** dgurtner has quit IRC16:24
jristalso useful :)16:24
jruzickathat's a way to go, I'd definitely start with generating the packages directly from npm16:24
*** dprince has quit IRC16:27
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number80well threebean for you16:28
*** _milan_ has quit IRC16:31
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trownI am pretty confused by the mitaka minimal job17:50
*** pstack has joined #rdo17:50
trownno clue why httpd is failing to start there, but not in a local run17:50
trownand not in the ha run17:50
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trownwhile true; do sleep 30; curl -s | grep -A4 '<tr class="success">' | head -n4 | grep ironic || echo 'not yet'; done18:18
trownnot yet18:19
*** pstack has joined #rdo18:20
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dmsimardtrown: I don't get the ssh connection problem from the slaves to the duffy nodes ..18:27
dmsimardtrown: I'm feeling like a noob here..18:27
dmsimardtrown: I even went as far as generating a new keypair (and adding the public key to an already provisioned node) and still getting permission denied18:28
dmsimardno errors on either side, file permissions are ok..18:28
dmsimardit might be some more network weirdness18:28
dmsimardbecause if I do a icmp tcpdump, I see the pings from one side to the other18:28
dmsimardbut if I tcpdump on port 22 from dst being the slave node, I don't see any traffic ..18:29
*** pstack has quit IRC18:30
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo18:30
dmsimardThey found an issue that is MTU related (and was causing different network issues with the cloud) and supposedly fixed that18:33
trowndmsimard: ya looks like rsa handshake fails:18:33
trowndebug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply18:33
trowndebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic18:33
dmsimardtrown: but why doesn't that show up in the tcpdump ?18:33
dmsimardI can give you access to both machines if you can prove I'm not crazy :P18:34
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trownweshay: looks like dlrn is a couple hours behind...18:54
weshaydang it18:55
weshaywhat are the odds we have a bug hiding after the introspection error18:55
weshayprobably fairly high18:55
trownnot really given ha passed18:55
trownoh except ha didnt pass :P18:56
weshayw/ no host found18:57
weshayha hasn't passed since the 7th18:59
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number80we have new scipy in common-testing, it removes dependency on f2py/python-devel19:02
number80flaper87 ^19:02
number80let me know if you experience issues with it19:02
*** laron has joined #rdo19:02
number80I think that openstack does not have dependency on fortran stuff so should be harmless19:03
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mlammon i have a failed overcloud deployment with RDO.  I was wondering if you could take a look at these errors. Not sure if its a config issue or bz
ohochmanmlammon: thanks for raising this .19:54
ohochmantrown|relocating: ^19:54
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jjoycenumber80: wondering if we can get this guy moving.20:22
*** rasca_ has joined #rdo20:25
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rdogerritzaitcev created openstack/swift-distgit: Remove is_admin from keystoneauth clause
number80ping EmilienM, trown, see jjoyce request ^20:30
number80jjoyce: I'm no tripleo core, so let's have them do some work20:30
EmilienMjjoyce: is it passing CI?20:30
jjoycenumber80: Thanks20:30
EmilienMI see red20:30
jjoyceEmilienM: I am not sure.20:30
number80EmilienM: there's a weird failure "2016-07-19 08:03:09.261927 | fatal: A branch named 'master' already exists."20:31
*** milan has joined #rdo20:31
number80unrelated to the content of the changeset though20:31
trownya that is the bug that blocks all stable/mitaka CI in tripleo20:31
jjoyceEmilienM: Are you looking at
* jjoyce wonders what I walked into20:32
openstackLaunchpad bug 1604039 in tripleo "CI: delorean build of tripleo-heat-templates fails" [Critical,Triaged]20:33
trownit is because there is some broken hacks in tripleo.sh20:33
trownthats what happens to hacks20:34
jjoycegot to love hacks20:35
*** egafford has joined #rdo20:35
trownmlammon: that looks like configuration issue to me... line 38: is not pingable.20:36
*** laron has quit IRC20:38
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number80hell yeah20:38
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mlammontrown: thanks for checking… I am attempting again now with a correct network-environment.yaml I got from Sasha.   thanks20:43
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