Friday, 2016-07-15

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Ducknumber80: :-)01:23
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Duckrbowen: no bastille day but monday if national holidays01:24
DuckI was at LinuxCon Japan, so a less around these last two fays01:24
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chandankumarGood Morning #rdo.05:30
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iranzodmellado: see? :-)07:32
dmelladoiranzo: o/07:32
dmelladoI'm not sure about that backport that you were commenting to me, tbh it doesn't really make sense but you can ask apevec when he's back07:33
* dmellado goes for a much needed coffee07:33
dmelladodmsimard: ^^ too07:33
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apevectristanC, dmsimard - still stuck
apevecnodepool again?08:09
apevecI'll ninja merge
rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Add cotyledon new dependency
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chaituHi, When Redhat hat openstack platform 9 will be releasing?09:06
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chaitucan someone please tell me the release date09:06
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miscnope, we can't09:10
misc(as a policy RH do not communicate on release date, afaik)09:10
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chaitu this link tells me that it support for 9 version will start from july 201609:12
chaituwill it release in this month09:13
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tristanCapevec: indeed, same issue as yesterday, I just restarted the service10:27
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tristanCftr, here is the exception in nodepool log, it matchs the zuul queue time:
tristanCi'll check if adding an except OpenStackCloudException around that code could help10:32
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danpawlikhello, some problems with RDO CI ?10:42
apevecdanpawlik, link?10:43
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apeveci.e. be specific, what do you see?10:44
danpawliklong queue for testing watcher-distgit xD10:44
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danpawlikall tasks in zuul are in queued state10:45
apevecso you mean
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apevecyeah, tristanC is fixing it10:45
apevecnodepool got stuck10:45
danpawlikapevec: yeah10:45
apevecfew jobs did run, but looks like it's stuck again10:45
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tristanCdanpawlik: yep, there is an issue when trystack is unavailable, nodepool doesn't uses the other cloud provider (rcip-dev)... it seems like an exception isn't correctly expected11:07
tristanCdanpawlik: jobs are running again11:07
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danpawliktristanC, apevec: thx for the information11:09
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rdogerrithguemar created openstack/troveclient-distgit: Refresh packaging
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EmilienMpromotion fails on: 2016-07-15 06:21:29.845480 | Notice: /Stage[main]/Gnocchi::Db::Sync/Exec[gnocchi-db-sync]/returns: ImportError: No module named cotyledon11:59
EmilienMdo we have ETA do have package?11:59
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apevecEmilienM, package is there, gnocchi needs Requres: python-cotyledon12:03
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apevecit didn't hit FTBFS, like in aodh, looks like it's not generating conf which touches all codepaths12:04
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apevecwe also have sahara %check failing, if there's no answer today from sahara team, I'll append ||:12:04
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jschlueter|afkapevec: openstack-gnocchi has some mismatch for Requires12:11
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jschlueterrdopkg reqcheck is showing pbr and paste as missing12:17
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jschlueterapevec: don't we normally Require python-pbr as well for packages?12:21
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rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/gnocchi-distgit: refresh Requires from rdopkg reqcheck
jschlueterapevec, EmilienM: ^^ openstack-gnocchi.spec patch for python-cotyledon12:23
jschlueterjust trying to help clear what I can so we can move towards a promotion today possibly?12:24
EmilienMafik this was only blocker for me12:25
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jschlueterEmilienM: it's a blocker for me as well if it's not fixed12:25
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EmilienMmaybe aodh too?12:26
number80jschlueter: cotyledon was added yesterday in CBS12:27
number80jschlueter: as for pbr, not a mandatory requires, we add it only when projects call pbr.version12:28
jschlueternumber80: cool!12:28
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jschlueternumber80: ahh ok12:28
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rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/gnocchi-distgit: refresh Requires from rdopkg reqcheck
rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/troveclient-distgit: Refresh packaging
jschlueterEmilienM: already in aodh12:31
number80Well, it was to be predicted, this is TELEMETRY!12:33
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dmelladowhat is cotyledon for? xD12:41
trownits what plants crave12:42
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EmilienMnumber80: when what?
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number80EmilienM: now, but I try to leave some time so that we have a 2* +212:44
number80(though technically, I'm not here)12:45
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number80I need another laptop for writing12:46
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adarazswhat's the "RDO color"? there's a gradient on so I'm not sure :)13:16
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rbowenadarazs: I don't know if we have an official RGB number that we settled on. The guy to ask is tigert, as he did all our design work.13:21
adarazsrbowen: okay, not a huge deal, just trying to make some background for that won't make our eyes bleed :)13:22
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/aodh-distgit: Update oslo-messaging min version for rpm-master
*** ashw has joined #rdo13:23
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jschlueterdmellado: managing long running service iirc
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adarazsapevec: do you mind if I replace the background image that will only have 1 RDO logo in the middle and won't tile?13:24
*** vimal has quit IRC13:24
rdogerritElise Gafford proposed openstack/sahara-distgit: openstack-sahara: failed to build 8ed254d
*** florianf has quit IRC13:27
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adarazsI tried it and it doesn't tile even if I resize my window to 3840x216013:30
adarazsI guess tiling is triggered under some image size.13:30
*** limao__ has quit IRC13:30
adarazsalso the image is only 14kB thanks to png compression, even though it's FullHD.13:31
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toskyadarazs: did you also run it through optipng?13:32
*** jrist has quit IRC13:32
adarazstosky: no, just set compression level to 9 in gimp. :)13:33
adarazsI'll check what it can do.13:33
rdogerritMerged openstack/gnocchi-distgit: refresh Requires from rdopkg reqcheck
jschlueterEmilienM: ^^13:34
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adarazstosky: wow, it went down to 4.2kB, good suggestion.,13:38
toskyoh, nice13:38
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EmilienMjschlueter: thx!13:39
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dmsimardhello #rdo13:43
adarazsapevec: I'll upload this and change it, you can easily switch back if you won't like it. :)13:44
dmsimardapevec: I've re-enabled the crons on dlrn, we've caught up and have plenty of space now.13:45
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pradkapevec, can we get this in now .. sem ver changes are merged now13:47
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/keystoneclient-distgit: Added python2 and python3 test subpackage
imcsk8apevec: i didn't finish the keystone bug, i'll be working on it during the day14:01
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number80pradk: rebase it14:05
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rdogerritPradeep Kilambi proposed rdoinfo: Bump stable release for gnocchi mitaka to 2.1
pradknumber80, done also updated the cotyladon spec .. lemme know if i missed anything else14:14 bug 1356625 in Package Review "Review Request: python-cotyledon - Framework for defining long-running services" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to ignatenko14:14
*** dustins has quit IRC14:15
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb14:17
*** rook- has joined #rdo14:17
*** ccamacho has quit IRC14:18
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo14:18
*** xb_ has quit IRC14:19
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is restarting to correct memory/performance issues.14:19
*** vimal has quit IRC14:19
*** vimal has joined #rdo14:23
*** rook- has quit IRC14:26
*** links has quit IRC14:27
*** vimal has quit IRC14:28
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo14:28
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo14:31
*** amuller has joined #rdo14:31
*** pilasguru has quit IRC14:33
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo14:33
*** rdas has quit IRC14:36
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo14:36
*** shaunm has quit IRC14:38
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:38
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo14:41
*** vaneldik has quit IRC14:41
*** sanjayu is now known as sanjayu|AFK14:42
*** shardy_mtg is now known as shardy14:42
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK14:42
apevecdmsimard, before re-enabling fedora* dlrns, I'd like
dmsimardapevec: welp, I'll interrupt them then14:44
apevecbut currently that's only CLI option? so we need separate script14:44
apevecor some config for cmd options14:44
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Bump stable release for gnocchi mitaka to 2.1
*** jaosorior_ has joined #rdo14:47
*** jaosorior has quit IRC14:47
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo14:48
apevecadarazs, now we can't see logo behind cards :)14:49
*** JuanDRay has joined #rdo14:49
apevecbut if that helps eyes, +114:50
adarazsI didn't see it too much before either. BTW what I'm using is while doing daily work is press "q", then it will filter out only your cards. I have the RDO logo visible that way. :)14:50
dmsimardapevec: that's an incentive to have as less cards as possible :p14:50
apevecdmsimard, good point14:50
*** jaosorior_ has quit IRC14:52
*** jerrygb has joined #rdo14:52
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara:
dmsimardlooks like a test error ?
*** laron has joined #rdo14:54
apevecdmsimard, there's more14:55
apevecI'll update review14:55
*** weshay_mtg is now known as weshay_bbiab14:56
*** akshai has quit IRC14:58
*** laron has quit IRC14:59
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC15:00
*** florianf has joined #rdo15:00
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/sahara-distgit: Add sahara-image-pack binary and disable tests
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:01
*** akshai has joined #rdo15:02
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo15:03
*** karimb has quit IRC15:06
*** jerrygb_ has joined #rdo15:06
*** jerrygb has quit IRC15:09
*** jrist has joined #rdo15:10
*** kashyap has left #rdo15:10
*** Amita has quit IRC15:12
*** abregman has joined #rdo15:14
*** apetrich has quit IRC15:15
*** jrist has quit IRC15:16
*** jrist has joined #rdo15:17
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:19
*** aufi has quit IRC15:20
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo15:22
*** nyechiel has quit IRC15:24
*** alexismonville has quit IRC15:27
*** Goneri has quit IRC15:28
rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/gnocchi-distgit: openstack-gnocchi: failed to build 39bfe46
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo15:32
dmsimardnumber80, apevec: maybe you guys have advice for tripleo-ui packaging on rdo-list15:34
dmsimardit uses npm and react /me shivers15:34
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:34
*** florianf has quit IRC15:35
number80dmsimard: I'm on PTO15:35
dmsimardnumber80: oh then stop talking in the channel :P15:35
* number80 likes using this card15:35
number80seriously, they came up quite late with this15:35
number80npm is a PITA15:35
*** dmsimard sets mode: +q number80!*@*15:35
dmsimardnot allowed to talk anymore15:35
dmsimardgo back to pto15:35
*** dmsimard sets mode: -q number80!*@*15:36
*** tumble has quit IRC15:38
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:39
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:39
*** vimal has joined #rdo15:40
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:43
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:43
*** shaunm has joined #rdo15:44
*** links has joined #rdo15:45
*** mlammon is now known as mlammon_food15:46
*** jhershbe has quit IRC15:48
*** coolsvap|afk has quit IRC15:50
*** coolsvap|afk has joined #rdo15:51
*** coolsvap|afk is now known as coolsvap15:51
*** aortega has quit IRC15:54
*** laron has joined #rdo15:54
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo15:54
rdogerritMerged openstack/sahara-distgit: Add sahara-image-pack binary and disable tests
*** weshay_bbiab is now known as weshay15:57
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo15:58
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo16:00
*** Liuqing has quit IRC16:01
apevecjruzicka, how can I force rdopkg reqcheck to use local patches branch16:01
apevecit is confused with gnocchi stable branches, it doesn't seem to use rdoinfo16:02
*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|gone16:02
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:03
dmsimardtrown, weshay: is it possible for you guys to check if there are jobs leaking machines ? KB is telling me we sometimes peak at over 100 active machines and I don't see how that is possible with 15 threads each having one active machine.16:05
dmsimardunless there are multi-machine jobs ? but I don't think we have any16:05
*** dustins has joined #rdo16:05
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/gnocchi-distgit: Adjust to Gnocchi stable/2.1
apevecpradk, ^ side-effect of switching to 2.116:06
weshaydmsimard, oy.. yes.. thanks for letting us know16:06
*** akshai has quit IRC16:07
*** sdake has joined #rdo16:07
apevecweshay, you're leaking!?16:07
weshayapevec, send help.. I need duct tape, bubble gum and crazy glue16:08
*** eharney has quit IRC16:09
*** pblaho has quit IRC16:10
chandankumarnumber80, dmsimard apevec amoralej EmilienM \o/16:11
chandankumarneed one help from you guys if you are free,16:11
*** eharney has joined #rdo16:12
chandankumarrbowen,  number80, dmsimard apevec amoralej EmilienM please review this blog using DLRN to build new package locally16:12
*** nyechiel has quit IRC16:12
dmsimardchandankumar: I cleared authorship colors for the time being, hard to read otherwise :p16:13
number80chandankumar: using virtualwrapper/pew instead of raw virtualenv would be nice16:14
dmsimardchandankumar: I think httpd doesn't need to be installed locally16:14
dmsimardit's to serve the repositories, unless you want to serve packages out of your laptop ..16:15
chandankumardmsimard, removed.16:15
dmsimardrest lgtm at a quick glance16:15
*** shardy has quit IRC16:15
apevecyou can use system wide venv16:15
chandankumardmsimard, feel free to use color code and comments i will post by tomorrow.16:16
apevecthat's what we use for prod16:16
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:16
chandankumarapevec, sure i will add that16:17
*** unclemarc has quit IRC16:17
chandankumarapevec, will i publish it from blog?16:17
apevecthen you need to install all python-* for requirements16:17
apevec+1 it's great blog topic16:18
*** rcernin|lunch has quit IRC16:18
*** karimb has joined #rdo16:18
apevechm, we don't use virtualenv --system-site-packages in puppet-dlrn16:19
dmsimardI hate system-site-packages16:19
* apevec files issue16:19
apevecI like it16:19
chandankumarapevec, then i will stick with the current steps16:19
apevecdmsimard, step towards rpm16:19
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:20
dmsimardapevec: the only reason I've found to use it is for specific requirements for python libraries that are not on pypi.. like libselinux-python or python-dnf/python-yum16:20
apevecchandankumar, it's just waste to recompile all deps when python rpms are available16:20
apevecdmsimard, it also confirms we have all deps rpmized16:20
dmsimardwell that's fine if that's what you're trying to do16:21
apevecchandankumar, I run dlrn with system-site-packages, works fine16:21
dmsimardI prefer to start from a clean and virgin virtualenv :p16:21
apevecand then you pollute it with random pypi downloads :)16:21
*** ashw has quit IRC16:22
*** tflink has quit IRC16:22
chandankumarrbowen, EmilienM any comment on draft?16:22
*** ohamada has quit IRC16:22
EmilienMchandankumar: Im eating lunch I'll look after16:22
chandankumarEmilienM, sure :-)16:22
*** tflink has joined #rdo16:23
*** dyasny has quit IRC16:23
*** osp has quit IRC16:24
*** sdake has quit IRC16:25
chandankumarapevec, sending a pr for the blog does blog topic sounds ok?16:27
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:27
apevecchandankumar, I'd avoid undefined TLAs in the title16:29
apevectry to reword w/o DLRN and RDO16:29
apevece.g. How to build new OpenStack packages16:29
*** limao__ has quit IRC16:30
*** limao has joined #rdo16:31
apevec 24minutes still building gnocchi!16:31
*** limao has quit IRC16:32
*** limao has joined #rdo16:34
dmsimardI'm still waiting for the rebuild of sahara for consistent16:34
*** limao has quit IRC16:35
*** athomas has quit IRC16:35
*** limao has joined #rdo16:35
*** dyasny has joined #rdo16:37
*** tflink has quit IRC16:37
*** psichas has joined #rdo16:37
*** limao has quit IRC16:38
*** akshai has joined #rdo16:38
*** tflink has joined #rdo16:38
*** limao has joined #rdo16:39
*** limao has quit IRC16:40
dmsimardsahara is rebuilt \o/16:40
*** limao has joined #rdo16:40
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
rbowenchandankumar: Sorry, I was getting lunch. Looking now.16:44
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk16:45
number80sahara is passing because we disabled running test suite16:45
number80that's not something I'm happy with16:45
*** limao has quit IRC16:45
dmsimardnumber80: PTO you16:46
dmsimardbe unhappy monday16:46
number80well, 3o-ui made me grumpy already :)16:47
number80I don't have anyone else doing reviews right now, and we're speaking about introducing 800 more16:47
rbowenchandankumar: This is good. I made a few small changes.16:47
number80considering optools experience, it's way too late for newton GA16:48
dmsimardnumber80: I don't think it's realistic to package all npm deps16:48
dmsimardnumber80: what does fedora think about npm packages in general ?16:48
chandankumarrbowen, cool! pull request is coming in an hour.16:48
number80dmsimard: we have to review them all, that *legal* team requiring it16:48
dmsimardso it's not even packageable in fedora then ?16:48
dmsimardbasically ?16:48
number80Fedora is even stricter than us16:48
number80first step would be checking license of the whole toolchain16:49
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:49
number80unbundle as much as possible16:49
number80and fix upstream not to rely on unshippable toolchain16:49
* dmsimard throws up16:49
number80it could easy if upstream did it right or hell on earth16:50
number80optools was hell on earth16:50
*** jlibosva has quit IRC16:50
*** nehar has joined #rdo16:51
dmsimardafk food16:52
toskychandankumar: please remember the last comment on openstack-sahara-tests review16:53
*** dustins has quit IRC16:55
*** jpich has quit IRC16:56
number80chandankumar: I closed the upstream ticket for keystoneclient test, we just needed to add openssl binary as a BR16:56
chandankumarnumber80, ack!16:57
chandankumartosky, will try to complete it in weekend16:57
toskychandankumar: thanks16:57
toskyI still have hopes for mitaka :)16:57
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:59
*** laron has quit IRC17:02
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk17:03
rdogerritMerged openstack/gnocchi-distgit: Adjust to Gnocchi stable/2.1
*** nehar has quit IRC17:09
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk17:13
*** laron has joined #rdo17:15
*** rook-rocketship has joined #rdo17:16
*** dergrunepunkt has joined #rdo17:17
dergrunepunkthi guys, installed openstack with RDO in a single host and manila is not showing in horizon, service seems to be correctly installed (endpoints, tenant, etc), any ideas why this is happening?17:17
toskydergrunepunkt: install openstack-manila-ui17:19
toskyand restart httpd17:19
dergrunepunkttosky: I did not mentioned I installed openstack with packstack, does that applies to packstack as well?17:19
*** laron has quit IRC17:20
toskydergrunepunkt: if you are here you used RDO packages17:20
toskyso the same applies: afaik neither TripleO nor packstack do install the separate dashboards right now17:20
toskyso manila, sahara, trove17:20
*** sgotliv has joined #rdo17:23
dergrunepunkttosky: thanks, it did the trick17:25
*** tosky has quit IRC17:25
*** chandankumar has quit IRC17:27
*** mlammon_food is now known as mlammon17:28
*** laron has joined #rdo17:29
*** paragan has quit IRC17:29
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo17:31
*** laron has quit IRC17:34
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:40
*** dergrunepunkt has quit IRC17:41
*** Goneri has joined #rdo17:41
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo17:43
*** DipenSD has quit IRC17:46
*** lon has quit IRC17:47
*** chandankumar has quit IRC17:51
*** links has quit IRC17:52
weshayapevec, turns out we're not leaking :) false alarm17:53
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:55
*** Goneri has quit IRC17:56
*** egafford has quit IRC17:56
apevecdmsimard, weshay, so rdo ci really eats up to 100 machines?17:57
weshayapevec, no 15 at a time17:57
*** egafford has joined #rdo17:57
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy17:58
dmsimardThese are the numbers I have so far since I setup the cron Openstack Pastebin17:58
dmsimardPaste #53308117:58
dmsimardPaste Details17:58
dmsimardreply | raw17:58
dmsimardposted on Jul 15, 2016, 5:58:14 PM17:58
dmsimardreply to this paste17:58
dmsimarddownload paste17:58
dmsimardcompare with paste17:58
dmsimard  compare17:58
dmsimardselect different colorscheme17:58
dmsimard  change17:58
dmsimardtoggle line numbers17:58
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 16:15:02 UTC 2016 | 3317:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 16:30:02 UTC 2016 | 3417:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 16:45:01 UTC 2016 | 3417:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 17:00:01 UTC 2016 | 3317:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 17:15:01 UTC 2016 | 3017:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 17:30:01 UTC 2016 | 2817:59
dmsimardFri 15 Jul 17:45:01 UTC 2016 | 2917:59
*** dmsimard was kicked by dmsimard (dmsimard)17:59
*** dmsimard has joined #rdo17:59
dmsimardsorry about that.. it looks like my browser copied the page instead of the url :/17:59
*** rcernin has joined #rdo17:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o dmsimard17:59
miscI like how you kicked yourself :)17:59
*** laron has joined #rdo18:00
dmsimardI tried to kick myself so the whole spam wouldn't go through18:00
dmsimardbut it turns out the kick went at the end of the queue18:00
dmsimardmaking things more awkward18:00
*** vimal has quit IRC18:00
*** aortega has joined #rdo18:00
*** dustins has joined #rdo18:01
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo18:03
*** leanderthal|appt is now known as leanderthal|afk18:03
weshaydmsimard, is that paste the machine utilization in ci.centos?18:03
danpawliknumber80: hello, do you know why building watcher package is failing ?
*** jaosorior has quit IRC18:05
danpawliknumber80: python-openstackclient doesn't have epoch...18:06
dmsimardweshay: yeah18:06
weshaydmsimard, has anyone been using the additional slaves you brought up?18:07
apevecdanpawlik, looking18:07
dmsimardweshay: they are not available yet due to network routing problems I identified from the cico openstack cloud18:07
apevec(number80 should change nick to _pto :)18:07
dmsimardthere's been a ticket sitting idle in IT for a month now18:07
weshaydmsimard, ok.. so if that is just from the rdo-ci user.. we have a problem18:09
weshayI see about 30 machines active atm18:09
number80danpawlik: I need to check that about that epoch18:09
weshayrunning inventory18:10
weshaydmsimard, w/o the extra field to tell us which job it's coming from... I don't have a lot to work w/ to solve the issue18:10
number80apevec: I'd be hated by dozens of channels if I do tha18:10
apevecdanpawlik, yeah, remote 1: from openstackclient18:10
number80(I actually got banned from a channel for that very reason)18:10
dmsimardweshay: yeah it's fine, I think we can wait until KB adds that field, he says the code is ready so shouldn't take long18:10
apevecnumber80, then just /quit ? :)18:10
dmsimardweshay: then I'll make sure cicoclient can see and edit the field18:11
weshaydmsimard, nor can I tell how long these reservations have been active18:11
*** chandankumar has quit IRC18:11
danpawlikapevec: exactly, number80  he lied to me :D18:11
weshaydmsimard, that will be a great addition18:11
number80well, I'm lazy to rejoin channels18:11
apevecdanpawlik, he isn't lying, just not telling truth sometimes18:12
number80there's an epoch somewhere18:12
apevec(that's actual quote from a politician :)18:12
*** sgotliv has quit IRC18:12
apevecnumber80, where is that from??18:12
danpawlikapevec: +118:12
number80apevec: I have to review that, and fix either the package or that list18:13
apevecnumber80, we never introduced Epoch neither Fedora nor RDO18:13
apevecfor openstackclient18:13
apevecnumber80, it came from Igor
apevecrpm-packaging needs to be fixed18:14
apevecor did mirantis bumped it interally for some reason??18:14
number80apevec: I don't think so18:14
*** steveg_afk has quit IRC18:15
*** apetrich has joined #rdo18:15
*** rwsu has joined #rdo18:16
number80danpawlik: missing package in buildroot18:16
danpawliknumber80: checking18:17
number80danpawlik: you don't have anything to check, I have to build it :)18:17
number80which I'm doing right now18:17
apevecAPScheduler what's that?18:18
number80some cron clone18:18
number80because cron is not good enough, I suppose18:18
apevecrounder wheels!18:19
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:20
danpawliknumber80:  I was surprised that they   something added18:20
number80at least, this one has been imported in Fedora so quick one18:20
number80"Good boys push general dependencies early in Fedora"18:20
zodbotnumber80: Karma for pabelanger changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** dustins has quit IRC18:27
*** dustins has joined #rdo18:27
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg18:29
*** steveg_afk has joined #rdo18:31
*** karimb has quit IRC18:31
weshaydmsimard, it would be interesting to shutdown the slave over the weekend.. and check the inventory on sunday18:38
dmsimardweshay: I'd rather avoid that, we'd lose visibility on promotion jobs18:39
weshaydmsimard, we would? they don't trigger unless there is a change to current18:39
dmsimardci.centos is not tight on capacity yet, we can afford to wait for the field to show up18:39
dmsimardthere are always changes to current :p18:39
weshayconsistent :)18:40
*** ihrachys has quit IRC18:42
*** egafford has quit IRC18:42
*** egafford has joined #rdo18:46
*** dpeacock has quit IRC18:46
*** sdake has joined #rdo18:47
*** ashw has joined #rdo18:48
*** gszasz has quit IRC18:48
number80danpawlik: python-APScheduler and his little friend python-tzlocal have been built, let's wait them to appear in;O=A18:49
*** akshai has quit IRC18:51
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:51
danpawliknumber80: I was wondering why CI can not find this package xD So I revert my PS and wait  for python-tzlocal18:52
*** lon has joined #rdo18:58
jjoycenumber80: ping wondering about an updated build for keycloak-httpd-client-install.19:06
number80jjoyce: do we need this?19:08
number80we have 0.3 and fedora has 0.419:08
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|out19:08
jjoycenumber80: Not sure on the need, just know that it has been updated.19:08
*** d0ugal has quit IRC19:09
trownhmm... dmsimard I thought gnocchi issue was resolved?19:09
trownError: /Stage[main]/Gnocchi::Db::Sync/Exec[gnocchi-db-sync]: Failed to call refresh: gnocchi-upgrade --config-file /etc/gnocchi/gnocchi.conf --skip-storage returned 1 instead of one of [0]19:10
trownError: /Stage[main]/Gnocchi::Db::Sync/Exec[gnocchi-db-sync]: gnocchi-upgrade --config-file /etc/gnocchi/gnocchi.conf --skip-storage returned 1 instead of one of [0]19:10
*** jerrygb_ has quit IRC19:10
dmsimardtrown: it is19:10
dmsimardtrown: where are you seeing htat ?19:10
dmsimardand more importantly, when ?19:10
trowndmsimard: that is how tripleo jobs fail in master promote19:10
EmilienMtrown: we chatted about it on #tripleo19:10
number80jjoyce: let's push it19:10
EmilienMlooks like something in Gnocchi19:10
trownlast run was 4h ago19:10
EmilienMsee in /var/log/gnocchi in the db logs19:10
dmsimardEmilienM: something new ? p-o-i *just* passed the RDO bump from today19:11
jjoycenumber80: Would the update then appear in newton?19:11
EmilienMright, but AFIK tripleo is doing dbsync differently19:12
trownEmilienM: hmm, in my deploy I do not even have logs in /var/log/gnocchi19:12
EmilienMa sec19:12
number80jjoyce: well, I'm pushing it to common-testing19:12
number80it's only adding new methods19:12
trownEmilienM: ah right and when I try to run manually I get ImportError: No module named cotyledon19:13
jjoycenumber80: Ah push as into mitaka, not push as in push off to newton.19:13
trownEmilienM: so maybe there is another issue after we fix that, but the last run in RDO broke on the previously known issue19:13
number80jdennis1: ^19:13
number80(btw, pushing tags would be nice to have)19:13
jjoycenumber80: That would be cool19:14
number80jjoyce: dependencies that are not managed upstream are hard to track, we need more feedback from maintainers19:14
number80if they don't, break it and wait for them to come screaming :)19:14
jjoycenumber80: Ack, I am trying to help bridge that gap.19:14
trowndmsimard: ah I see the problem, we had a Sahara FTBFS so consistent was actually still from yesterday19:16
trownlooks resolved, rekicking19:16
number80Usual scenario is people coming distraught from two weeks before and two weeks after GA and yelling "WE NEED THIS AND THIS IN REPO NOW"19:17
number80true story (happened dozen of times per release)19:18
*** milan has quit IRC19:18
jjoycenumber80: I will do what I can to reduce that, but I am just one person :)19:18
number80I know that :)19:19
dmsimardtrown: yeah sahara rebuilt today19:19
*** pilasguru has quit IRC19:21
*** jubapa has quit IRC19:22
*** TSCHAK has joined #rdo19:22
*** akshai has quit IRC19:23
*** akshai has joined #rdo19:26
*** akshai has quit IRC19:27
*** p01nt3r75 has joined #rdo19:35
*** ppowell has quit IRC19:36
*** rbowen has quit IRC19:38
*** apetrich has quit IRC19:38
*** laron has quit IRC19:46
*** laron has joined #rdo19:48
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo19:50
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC20:03
*** dyasny has quit IRC20:03
*** cliles has quit IRC20:06
*** sdake has quit IRC20:08
pabelangernumber80: not sure what I did20:12
rdogerriteggmaster created openstack/tempest-distgit: Remove Requires on python-trove-tests
number80pabelanger: you packaged APScheduler20:15
*** amuller has quit IRC20:15
*** dyasny has joined #rdo20:18
*** mbound has quit IRC20:18
pabelangernumber80: ah, ya, we need it for zuul and nodepool20:19
number80we had python-watcherclient relying on it20:22
*** iranzo_ has joined #rdo20:23
*** weshay has quit IRC20:25
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rdogerritSteve Baker created openstack/os-collect-config-distgit: Don't kill child processes on restart
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