Thursday, 2016-07-07

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dmsimard|afknumber80: so should I add crudini to buildrequires or sort of assume it's there ?00:12
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created openstack/designate-distgit: Add missing requirements from upstream
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
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openstackgerritIvan Chavero proposed openstack/packstack: Fixes interface character processing
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara:
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
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dmsimardCool, openstack-ansible working on implementing rdo
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amoralejgood morning07:29
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rdogerritChristian Schwede created openstack/swift-distgit: DO NOT MERGE - TEST
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number80fbo_: ping replicators :)08:20
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rdogerritMerged openstack/ec2-api-distgit: Use for Source URL
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fbo_number80, yes08:26
fbo_number80, bj ?08:26
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/ec2-api-distgit: Update requirements
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rdogerritSF initial configurator created config: Adapt the replication configuration to the new way
rdogerritMerged config: Adapt the replication configuration to the new way
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rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: remove duplicated description section
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rdogerritMerged openstack/ec2-api-distgit: Update requirements
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rdogerritSF initial configurator created config: Fix typo in replication config
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rdogerritMerged config: Fix typo in replication config
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rdogerritSF initial configurator created config: Add mistral-distgit to new replication method
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/mistral-distgit: autosetup git in openstack packages
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rdogerritMerged openstack/mistral-distgit: autosetup git in openstack packages
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number80sorry for ninja merging, we fixing replication09:40
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chandankumarapevec, number80 jpena amoralej \o/09:59
chandankumarapevec, number80 uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Wednesday 06 July 2016 11:51 PM. The current time is Thursday 07 July 2016 03:29 PM.09:59
amoralejchandankumar o/10:00
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apevecchandankumar, hm, letsencrypt cron job didn't work?10:01
apevecmisc, ^10:01
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chandankumarapevec, this is working fine10:01
chandankumarbut when i do then invalid security certificate comes10:02
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apevecah it's separate cert10:02
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amoralejletsencrypt can manage certs with multiple domains10:03
amoralejwe should unify it if possible10:04
miscmhh, letsencrypt changed the syntax of the cli tool10:05
misc# letsencrypt-renewer --config-dir /etc/letsencrypt/10:05
misc-bash: letsencrypt-renewer : commande introuvable10:05
apevecstable CLI/APIs anyone? :)10:06
miscfor their defense, that's stil a beta10:06
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amoraleji used certbot for new trunk.rdoproject.org10:08
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miscyeah, I guess I just need to figure the new syntax and that's it10:09
miscI guess it should be fixed in 30 minutes at worst10:10
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miscok fixed, now I can resume my breakfast10:13
jpenamisc: Spanish breakfast time ftw :)10:14
miscjpena: well, technically, PTO brekfast time10:14
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derekhHi, the liberty trunk repo, hasn't been updated since yesterday, is there something up with it ?
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number80chandankumar: o/10:24
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jpenaderekh: checking10:26
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jpenaderekh: it looks like the last execution got stuck during the review.rdo upgrade trying to clone a git repo10:28
jpenaI'll monitor the next execution10:28
derekhjpena: great, thanks10:28
jpenaactually, some other workers got stuck (centos-mitaka)10:29
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miscmhh taking a breakfast with the godfather original theme and the sun is quite nice10:40
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rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/ec2-api-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: ec2-api:
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rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/keystoneauth1-distgit: bump python-requests-mock required to 1.0
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rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-liberty-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
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chandankumarnumber80, i am getting this while python test for python-keystoneclient
chandankumarit requires while tests11:41
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chandankumarhow should i make it possible to use while making tests or i modify ?11:43
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara:
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number80chandankumar: the former or disable test case11:56
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chandankumarnumber80, the issue is here i think , i am filing a bug11:57
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openstackLaunchpad bug 1599828 in python-keystoneclient "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory while running python2 test" [Undecided,New]12:02
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number80chandankumar: no need of default python, there will be no CLI anymore and we're not yet ready to have python3 as default even in fedorq12:03
chandankumarnumber80, removed that part already12:04
chandankumarsending new patchset12:04
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jruzickacarrier has arrived12:06
jruzickahello #rdo12:07
chandankumarjruzicka, \o/12:07
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rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/keystoneclient-distgit: Added python2 and python 3test subpackage
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rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/magnum-distgit: openstack-magnum: failed to build 697e435
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jpenanumber80: we need to fix bandit in newton-testing. It requires python-PyYAML when we have PyYAML in the repos. That's causing the magnum ftbfs ^^12:59
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number80ack, I'll untag it and fix it13:00
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dmsimardweshay: I know the answer, just sanity checking13:12
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho13:12
dmsimardweshay: RDO is still tested on RHEL right ?13:12
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Add missing requirements from upstream
dmsimardnumber80: ^ ty13:17
weshaydmsimard, it was paused for a bit but we have it running w/ quickstart now ya13:18
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo13:18
dmsimardweshay: I wonder if we could run weirdo jobs on it eventually, should be easy13:19
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*** dciabrin has joined #rdo13:19
weshaydmsimard, ya.. that would be great... is there anything you can't run w/ weirdo in centos?13:20
weshaywould make a good candidate for the internal jobs13:20
dmsimardweshay: not sure what you mean by that13:20
dmsimardit runs packstack and puppet-openstack jobs13:20
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weshaydmsimard, well.. for instance.. bare metal deployments.. a config that is too large for centos.. etc13:21
*** fragatina has joined #rdo13:21
dmsimardweshay: well it runs upstream jobs that are designed to fit in virtual machines with openstack-infra specs (8 cores, 8gb ram, 80gb disk)13:21
dmsimardweshay: on ci.centos weirdo runs on bare metal (ansible inventory from the jenkins slave that has the duffy node as target)13:22
number80dmsimard: no worries, mate, I'm glad someone is taking good care of that13:22
dmsimardweshay: on review.rdo weirdo runs on virtual machines (ansible inventory contains localhost since the nodepool vm is the jenkins slave)13:22
dmsimardweshay: there is no "multi node job", arguably because upstream has none13:23
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weshaydmsimard, so if you can define a weirdo job in the internal jjb I'm +1 on including it in the internal pipeline13:24
dmsimardweshay: is there a reason why rhel jobs running rdo should not be public facing ?13:24
dmsimardI understand the rhel registration specifics, is that somehow exposed in the job ?13:25
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Add missing requirements from upstream
weshaydmsimard, only infra issue..13:26
*** sdake has quit IRC13:27
dmsimardweshay: what kind of infra ? could we have a rhel image in, say, review.rdoproject nodepool and use it there ?13:27
jpenawe got a consistent Fedora Rawhide build for Trunk, finally!13:27
dmsimardweshay: or are you talking jenkins infra ?13:27
dmsimardnot trying to cause you problems, genuinely curious :)13:27
trownits a trap...13:28
dmsimardyou shush13:28
weshaythat may be ok.. ya.. until tripleo-ci is done w/ our bm hardware we have no choice atm but to run internal13:28
trownjk, but ya internal RHEL jobs point to internal RHEL repos13:28
weshaywe could host a satellite server and have images use activation keys..13:29
dmsimardtrown: ah, okay, if there are internal things, let's discuss if we can do it later down the road13:29
weshayusing the cdn is subpar13:29
dmsimardwould love to be able to boast publicly and go, here, look, we're also testing RDO on RHEL and it's in the open13:29
weshaydmsimard, hosting a public facing satellite for rdoproject would help that cause13:30
trowncan we host a public facing satellite?13:30
* dmsimard has never dealt with satellite and, to a greater extent, RHEL before13:30
weshaymaking available just to the infra there.. not public really13:30
trownisnt that just giving RHEL for free?13:30
dmsimardtrown: I guess, like, hosting it in the ci.centos network for example13:31
trownya, that makes more sense13:31
trownin the public cage, but not publicly accesible13:31
weshaymaybe once we get the votes on the dfg thang.. we can write up that as a goal13:31
dmsimardfor nodepool VMs (review.rdo) it could be a VM in the tenant but no floating IP or something like that13:31
dmsimardweshay: hah13:31
dmsimardweshay: I'll reply to that after my shower which I'm delaying cause I want to send in reviews first13:32
weshaystinky reviews :)13:32
* dmsimard has too many emails and pings when waking up because his entire team is offshore13:32
weshayya.. but I agree anything rdo should be public if possible13:32
*** nkinder has joined #rdo13:32
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:33
trowndmsimard: as in island dwellers? I am sure they either have some shore or are landlocked in which case wouldnt they be very much onshore?13:34
dmsimardtrown: oh I might have the meaning of the word wrong T_T /me looks up dictionary13:34
dmsimardb. Located or based in a foreign country and not subject to tax laws13:34
dmsimardsounds about right13:34
*** maeca1 has joined #rdo13:35
trownyou are offshore :P13:35
dmsimardok that word does not mean what I thought it meant13:35
dmsimardI thought it meant, like, "on the other side of the ocean" or something like that13:35
dmsimardforgive my french13:35
*** dneary has joined #rdo13:36
*** kgiusti has left #rdo13:37
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo13:37
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/magnum-distgit: openstack-magnum: remove bandit as BR
*** pradk has joined #rdo13:44
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo13:45
*** myoung has joined #rdo13:46
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC13:48
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:48
*** limao has joined #rdo13:49
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
dmsimardnumber80, apevec, jpena, amoralej: ^ and with that is ready for another round of reviews13:52
dmsimardwe might have a working designate today !13:52
*** nmagnezi_ has quit IRC13:52
*** jhershbe has quit IRC13:53
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:53
*** rdas has quit IRC13:54
*** myoung has quit IRC13:55
*** myoung has joined #rdo13:55
*** kaminohana has quit IRC13:56
*** gkadam has quit IRC13:57
*** gkadam has joined #rdo13:59
number80dmsimard: ack, if no networking folks comes around, we'll try merging them anyway (forgiveness vs permission)14:00
dmsimardnumber80: I validated the api-paste and policy.json with ihar and upstream14:00
number80jruzicka: thanks for reviewing
number80I'll rebase it14:01
dmsimardpolicy.json is used by every component, api-paste just by api14:01
number80dmsimard: excellent14:01
*** alexismonville has quit IRC14:01
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC14:02
jruzickanumber80, sure, rebase and I'll merge.14:03
*** dustins has quit IRC14:05
*** edannon has quit IRC14:06
chandankumarapevec, number80 will i merge this changes related to magnum
chandankumarit is ok to go14:06
*** rovyas has joined #rdo14:08
*** danpawlik has quit IRC14:08
*** Amita has quit IRC14:10
number80chandankumar: fix apevec nitpicks and it should be good14:15
*** chandankumar has quit IRC14:17
*** dustins has joined #rdo14:19
*** jargmonk has joined #rdo14:19
*** jargmonk has quit IRC14:20
*** jargmonk has joined #rdo14:21
*** jargmonk has quit IRC14:21
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC14:22
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:22
*** ade_b has joined #rdo14:22
EmilienMpuppet-mistral is failing because tackerclient is not installed14:22
EmilienMwith latest trunk14:23
EmilienMapevec: and I see
EmilienMare you aware about it?14:23
apevecEmilienM, it was fixed in mistral upstream, which build do you have?14:23
EmilienMI don't see tackerclient in
apevecyes, no tackerclient needed after dprince's fix14:24
apevecit's optional now14:24
jpenaEmilienM: that is consistent, right? We haven't had a consistent for one/two days14:24
*** Poornima has quit IRC14:24
EmilienMit's consistent yes14:24
EmilienMwe're 1 day behind trunk14:25
apevec320dd39 doesn't have dprince's fix14:25
EmilienMok se we need
EmilienMand we don't have it14:25
EmilienMwhy don't we have recent consistent? what is broken?14:26
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/magnum-distgit: openstack-magnum: remove bandit as BR
apevecEmilienM, bandits14:26
EmilienMapevec: thx14:28
jpenaand sahara14:28
jpenait's also broken14:28
jpenawhich reminds me I need to bug some cinder core14:28
*** anshul has joined #rdo14:29
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo14:29
*** limao_ has joined #rdo14:30
apevechm, again unreleased clients master14:30
*** dhill_ has quit IRC14:30
EmilienMapevec: we're releasing modules next week, we need our CI working but can do some workarounds. Do you think we can fix FTBFS this week?14:30
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo14:30
apevecEmilienM, all are under review14:30
EmilienMdon't want to push, just asking if it's huge or not14:30
apevecwe can merge all spec related14:30
EmilienMotherwise we can workaround on our side14:31
apevecbut one is upstream fix (cinderclient)14:31
EmilienMapevec: ping me when all is merged and I'll promote our CI to latest consistent again14:31
apevecit already has +2 so should be in today14:31
apevecEmilienM, you can just watch that topic:rdo-FTBFS query :)14:31
EmilienMapevec: ok i'll monitor it14:31
*** limao has quit IRC14:32
jpenaapevec: I think we can get the cinderclient fix merged today14:32
*** egallen has quit IRC14:33
dmsimardjpena: replied to your comment14:36
rdogerrithguemar proposed rdopkg: Add new cbsbuild command to build against CBS
rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/designate-distgit: Add rpm-mitaka branch
*** limao_ has quit IRC14:38
*** gfidente has quit IRC14:39
*** gfidente has joined #rdo14:39
*** limao has joined #rdo14:39
*** myoung is now known as myoung|mtg14:39
*** myoung|mtg is now known as myoung14:39
EmilienMjpena: what is the cinder patch please?14:40
jpenaEmilienM:, already approved (just waiting to pass the gate)14:40
rdogerritMerged openstack/ec2-api-distgit: Add rpm-liberty branch
EmilienMawesome :)14:40
jpenaonce that is packaged in cinderclient, we can retry the sahara build14:40
apevecjpena, isn't that weird, _sahara_ unittest is exercising _cinder_client14:41
jpenaapevec: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯14:42
EmilienMjpena: you're on the edge, fixing bugs before sahara cought it :)14:42
jpenaEmilienM: yep, another case of DLRN finding bugs in clients before they get to upstream CI14:43
*** rdas has joined #rdo14:43
EmilienMimho we should add more CI jobs in upstream project where DLRN would gate14:44
apevecjpena, also missing coverage in clients tests14:44
EmilienMit would benefit for us and upstream too14:44
*** laron has quit IRC14:44
*** laron has joined #rdo14:45
jpenadoing something like weirdo does (same upstream CI test, but using RDO Trunk packages instead of PyPi) as a gate would be awesome14:46
*** itamarl_ has joined #rdo14:47
*** ayoung has joined #rdo14:48
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo14:48
*** itamarl has quit IRC14:49
*** itamarl_ is now known as itamarl14:49
*** itamarl has quit IRC14:50
number80I need to have a presence bots for meetings14:51
number80damn, I don't have a single block of 4 hours w/o meetings during the week14:52
*** egallen has joined #rdo14:52
*** egallen has quit IRC14:52
*** mengxd has joined #rdo14:57
*** mengxd has quit IRC14:57
*** ifarkas has quit IRC14:59
*** ppowell has quit IRC14:59
*** rgogunskiy has quit IRC14:59
*** mengxd has joined #rdo15:00
*** dneary has quit IRC15:01
*** dneary has joined #rdo15:01
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:02
rdogerritMerged openstack/designate-distgit: Add rpm-mitaka branch
dmsimardjpena: wait15:03
dmsimardjpena: so should I split keystoneauth1 into another patch ?15:03
dmsimardjpena: so mitaka can have the reqs update too ?15:03
dmsimardwouldn't hurt I guess15:03
dmsimardor I can cherry-pick and manually remove keystoneauth115:04
jpenadmsimard: not really. We should check if those are the requirements in stable/mitaka15:04
dmsimardit's very likely that mitaka is super broken too15:05
dmsimardbut I'm focusing on making newton work first15:05
aufiHi, keystone and regions related question - do I understand correctly, that each keystone region has it's own endpoint for authentication?
*** priteau has joined #rdo15:09
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo15:09
rdogerritMerged openstack/magnum-distgit: openstack-magnum: remove bandit as BR
dmsimardaufi: yes15:09
dmsimardaufi: but this endpoint can logically be really the same keystone server15:09
EmilienMI suggest to use #openstack-keystone for keystone questions and also use and not internal redhat pastbin15:10
dmsimarda region needs a keystone endpoint so services in that region can authenticate against keystone15:10
aufidmsimard: great, thanks15:10
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo15:10
aufiEmilienM: ack15:10
*** rovyas has quit IRC15:13
*** sdake_ has quit IRC15:13
*** toanju has quit IRC15:13
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:14
*** pnavarro has quit IRC15:15
chandankumarnumber80, apevec jruzicka please have a look when you have time15:16
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK15:18
*** stanchan has joined #rdo15:18
*** ppowell has joined #rdo15:21
*** akshai has joined #rdo15:21
*** Amita has joined #rdo15:22
dmsimardapevec: so the tested trunk mitaka repo is in rdo-release and centos-release-openstack-mitaka now right ?15:24
dmsimardalso, should "" work ?15:26
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:26
*** ifarkas has joined #rdo15:26
dmsimardI guess "" points to the latest stable release which is fine by itself but I guess we should have a particular link for a specific release15:27
*** matbu is now known as matbu|bbl15:27
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:27
dmsimardand my followup question: can we have a rpm for unreleased trunk ? (newton)15:27
dmsimardthat would only contain tested-trunk and be updated with the signed stable repo once available15:28
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:28
rdogerritBernard Cafarelli created openstack/octavia-distgit: WIP Install diskimage-create files
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC15:30
*** jhershbe has quit IRC15:30
*** apetrich has quit IRC15:31
apevecdmsimard, it feels wrong to have "release" rpm for "unreleased" version :)15:32
apevecbut lemme think about it15:32
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo15:32
dmsimardapevec: it's to provide the same repository mechanism for both trunk and release15:32
dmsimardrepository installation mechanism*15:32
dmsimardotherwise, for example, we have to use curl shenanigans or craft the .repo file manually15:32
dmsimardwhile we could yum -y install a rpm for both release and trunk15:33
*** dtrainor has quit IRC15:33
dmsimardcontext: openstack-ansible is trying to adopt RDO, I'm trying to help them15:33
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|bbl15:34
*** dmsimard sets mode: +v rdogerrit15:35
*** anshul has quit IRC15:37
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo15:39
apevecuhoh, they copy gpg key into their repo15:40
dmsimardyeah the patch is in discussion15:40
dmsimardthey do not necessarily want the other repos that centos-release* brings15:40
apevecok, then they could use rdo-release rpm15:41
EmilienMapevec: we do that to15:41
*** aortega has quit IRC15:41
apevecwhich include the key15:41
apevecok, so that's normal in deployment tools15:41
dmsimardnormal != ok15:42
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
amoralejapevec, i've disabled https in old dlrn server, as it failed to validate certificate15:44
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:44
apevecamoralej, ack15:44
apevecamoralej, and I've removed symlinks in htdocs and removed links in landing page15:44
*** fragatina has quit IRC15:45
amoralejyes, i saw everything is ready to use it as staging15:45
apevecamoralej, hm wait, it still redirects to https?15:46
apevec$ wget -S http://trunk-primary-old.rdoproject.org15:46
apevecURL transformed to HTTPS due to an HSTS policy15:46
*** coredump has quit IRC15:46
apevecwhere is that configured?15:47
*** coredump has joined #rdo15:47
apevecamoralej, jpena ^15:47
*** rdas has quit IRC15:48
*** garrett has quit IRC15:48
*** sdake has quit IRC15:48
jpenaapevec: I think it's somewhere in the apache vhost configuration, let me check15:48
*** pcaruana has quit IRC15:49
amoralejit's working ok for me apevec15:49
amoraleji removed the ssl vhost15:49
amoralejand now it's working15:49
apevecdunno where is wget getting that from, I guess DNS15:50
amoralejclean your browser history if you have issues from any15:50
apevecReading HSTS entries from /home/apevec/.wget-hsts15:50
amoralejwget is working fine in my env15:50
apevecindeed, it's cached in that file15:50
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC15:51
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:51
apevecamoralej, yeah, working after cleaning that file15:51
apevecso it's from browser history15:51
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo15:52
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:52
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo15:53
apevecdmsimard, back to release rpm: per release URL is
dmsimardapevec: where are you finding those links ?15:54
apevecI'll create newton15:54
dmsimardapevec: or do you just "know" them ?15:54
apevecwe had it documeted somewhere15:55
*** derekh has quit IRC15:55
apevecbut yeah I also did create redirects involved15:55
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo15:56
*** vaneldik has quit IRC15:56
apevecso on we document only current release one:
*** abregman has joined #rdo15:56
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo15:56
apevecolder version of that page also had: If you want specific release, use this....15:56
apevecbut that's just too confusing on the "quickstart" page15:57
apevec could a good place to go into details15:57
apevecbut would then require updating for each release GA/EOL15:57
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo15:58
dmsimardthat's not a big deal16:00
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo16:01
*** livelace has quit IRC16:01
*** ppowell has quit IRC16:03
amoralejyes, and it's worthy, users should have clearly documented how to enable the different repos16:06
*** abregman has quit IRC16:07
*** tvignaud has joined #rdo16:07
*** abregman has joined #rdo16:07
*** jprovazn has quit IRC16:08
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC16:08
chandankumarrbowen, ping, May i pm?16:08
*** spr1 has joined #rdo16:09
*** sdake has quit IRC16:09
*** ashw has joined #rdo16:09
*** smeyer has quit IRC16:10
*** rcernin has quit IRC16:10
*** unclemarc has quit IRC16:12
rbowenchandankumar: In a meeting. Give me a few minutes16:13
*** ashw has quit IRC16:15
*** ohochman has joined #rdo16:16
*** xb_ has quit IRC16:16
apevecamoralej, dmsimard - go ahead and submit docs update16:17
apevecI'm adding rdo-release-newton with testing repo only enabled16:17
apevecBTW jpena, dmsimard - still there :(
dmsimardkbsingh: ^16:18
amoralejapevec, but i why not rdo-unrelease.rpm or similar16:19
*** yfried has quit IRC16:19
amoraleji mean, if rdo-release-newton points to /usr/local/share/dlrn/16:19
apevecamoralej, yeah, but that might be even more confusing :)16:19
kbsinghdmsimard: how can i help16:19
dmsimardkbsingh: see apevec's comment :p16:19
amoralejover the time it'll point to ocata or whatever16:19
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo16:19
*** mengxd has quit IRC16:19
*** ohochman has quit IRC16:19
apeveckbsingh, we want to starting killing  Kilo :)16:20
kbsinghapevec: but why from buildlogs ?16:20
*** sdake has joined #rdo16:20
apevecrdo-trunk-kilo should have been removed asap, it was not update for weeks16:20
*** aufi has quit IRC16:20
kbsinghI thought content lives forever in build systems16:20
apevechmm, why?16:20
apevecwhen it's EOL it should be gone16:21
kbsinghfrom the released content, yes16:21
*** ohochman has joined #rdo16:21
kbsinghbut from the buildsys as well ? i dont know. are you saying we need to purge the tag's in koji and remove all the artifiacts etc in ci.c.o as well ?16:21
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:21
apevecbut keeping testing is even more confusing when there are no updates coming?16:21
number80kbsingh: for buildsys, can't we just prevent new builds?16:22
apevecnot from CBS16:22
kbsinghi guess its sort of like do you remote your commit history from git repos16:22
kbsinghor remove older release tag's16:22
apevecwe'd keep it in CBS history of course16:22
apevecbut why use resources on buildlogs ?16:22
kbsinghthts what buildlogs is :)16:22
apeveclet's free that up16:23
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:23
apevecCBS is separate from buildlogs16:23
kbsinghbuildlogs is what actually aggregates the cbs content16:23
kbsinghie. you can untag something in cbs and have it gone from the repos16:24
kbsinghyou cant in buildlogs16:24
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:24
kbsinghw.r.t resources on buildlogs, i take your point. I'm just not a big fan of removing stuff16:24
kbsinghmaybe we need something like for the buildlogs content to age away into16:24
*** limao has quit IRC16:25
kbsinghapart from space, is there any other concern on the buildlogs side ?16:25
*** sdake has quit IRC16:25
*** limao has joined #rdo16:25
chandankumarrbowen, ok16:25
*** sdake has joined #rdo16:27
kbsinghapevec: let me think about this a bit. Maybe the vault.c.o like setup for cbs might be the way to go16:28
kbsinghand if we do that, then we might as well just mirror from cbs ( allowing untag'ing to also work all the way to buildlogs )16:28
*** tumble has quit IRC16:28
number80that'd be great16:29
apeveckbsingh, apart from space, I'd like also strong statement what is EOL16:29
apevecand removing is the best message :)16:29
kbsinghthat is true16:29
*** shivrao has joined #rdo16:29
*** mlammon is now known as mlammon_afk16:29
*** jpich has quit IRC16:30
*** lmiccini has quit IRC16:30
*** limao has quit IRC16:31
*** devvesa has quit IRC16:33
rbowenchandankumar: </meeting>16:33
*** lmiccini has joined #rdo16:34
*** dtrainor has quit IRC16:34
apevecjpena, try now
apevecrdo-provenpacakges was missing in -core16:35
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo16:35
apevecnumber80, ^ do we have a list of open issues for create project script somewhere?16:35
*** gkadam has quit IRC16:36
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC16:36
number80nope, except readme16:36
dmsimarddo we have people working on the dlrn ftbfs ?16:36
apevecdmsimard, all are solved16:36
*** dtrainor has quit IRC16:36
dmsimardapevec: not according to
apevecwell, not built yet16:37
apevecjpena, can you +2 now?16:37
*** julim has quit IRC16:38
*** julim has joined #rdo16:38
dmsimardWhat about
jpenaapevec: yep, now I have permissions16:38
apevecdmsimard, see last comment16:38
apevecfixed in cinderclient16:39
dmsimardso we can close that review ?16:39
apevecnot yet16:39
apeveconce cinderclient is built, recheck it16:39
apevecto confirm16:39
apevecthen abandon16:39
apevecit was merged upstream 1h ago but DLRN has not picked it up yet afaict16:41
*** dprince has quit IRC16:42
*** julim has quit IRC16:42
jpenayes, during yesterday's maintenance in review.rdo, it looks like most workers got stuck trying to git clone. I fixed this today when derekh mentioned it, but workers are still catching up16:45
jpenaonly the rawhide worker is up to date16:45
*** shivrao_ has joined #rdo16:45
*** ifarkas has joined #rdo16:46
*** shivrao has quit IRC16:46
*** shivrao_ is now known as shivrao16:46
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas|afk16:48
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:49
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo16:50
*** RedRat__ has quit IRC16:50
*** dtantsur|bbl is now known as dtantsur16:54
*** aortega has joined #rdo16:54
dmsimardgood to know16:58
*** aortega has quit IRC16:59
jschlueteropenstack-mistral.spec still has a Fixme enable with_doc when python-sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme is available17:01
*** snecklifter has joined #rdo17:02
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:03
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC17:05
*** rwsu has quit IRC17:06
*** dprince has joined #rdo17:06
EmilienMdmsimard: designate/tempest patch merged \o/17:10
EmilienMnow were waiting for trunk to be consistent and we can promote17:10
dmsimardEmilienM: not yet17:10
dmsimardWe still need the two packaging reviews and to merge17:11
*** sdake has quit IRC17:11
*** ade_b has quit IRC17:12
EmilienMoh ok17:12
dmsimardEmilienM: soon (tm)17:13
*** julim has joined #rdo17:20
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk17:20
*** julim has quit IRC17:21
*** bfournie has quit IRC17:22
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:22
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC17:23
*** julim has joined #rdo17:23
*** tosky has quit IRC17:25
*** paragan has quit IRC17:26
*** bfournie has joined #rdo17:26
jschlueternumber80: umm something is up ... I think the RDO promotion job picked up bandit-1.0.1-2.el7 ...17:27
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:28
jschlueterI ran script to pull what I thought was results from trunk and current-passed-ci17:28
jschlueterand bandit-1.0.1 was in the list but cbs only has that in -candidate17:29
amoralejlet me check jschlueter17:30
jschlueteramoralej: thanks17:30
amoralejyou are running it for last promotion, right?17:31
jschlueteramoralej: I think so ...17:31
*** sdake has joined #rdo17:32
jschlueter./ --release master -b ok17:32
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk17:32
amoralejpackage is in openstack-newton deps
amoralejand the build...17:32
jschlueter cbs buildinfo bandit-1.0.1-2.el717:32
jschlueterTags: cloud7-openstack-common-candidate17:33
jschlueterfrom what I've been hearing I thought the deps were supposed to be generated from -testing tags17:33
jschlueternot the -candidate tags17:33
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo17:33
amoralejapevec, number80, ^ clarification about cbs tags -> repo please17:34
*** matbu|bbl is now known as matbu17:34
*** jubapa has quit IRC17:35
amoralejcan that be found somewhere?, i couldn't find it in the past17:35
*** sdake has quit IRC17:37
* apevec reads back17:37
rdogerritMerged openstack/designate-distgit: Add missing requirements from upstream
* jpena runs off, holidays are waiting!17:38
amoralejenjoy jpena!!!17:38
apevecjpena, have fun!17:38
dmsimardjpena: have a nice vacation17:38
imcsk8jpena: go gooo17:39
apevecand don't cheat on PTO like some folks here :)17:39
jpenathx :) and don't break anything :P17:39
*** jpena has quit IRC17:39
EmilienMok he's gone, let's break DLRN17:40
apevecamoralej, jschlueter - cbs list-tag-history --build bandit-1.0.1-2.el717:40
apevecnumber80 has untagged it today17:40
apevecbut buildlogs is sticky, accumulates everything17:40
amoralejthat was a good catch apevec17:40
apevecwe just discussed changing that earlier17:40
apevecjschlueter, btw BR bandit should be gone from packages now17:41
amoralejjschlueter, anyway we've removed bandit as BR today in the two packages that had it17:41
*** chem has quit IRC17:41
apevecit was bogus BR17:41
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off17:42
jschlueterapevec: ack, then I'll catch that in the next promotion then17:42
jschlueterapevec, amoralej|off thanks17:42
*** chem has joined #rdo17:43
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
*** mlammon_afk is now known as mlammon17:47
apevecBTW for folks using latest skylake machines:
*** emccormick has quit IRC17:50
*** sgotliv__ has quit IRC17:50
*** tosky has joined #rdo17:50
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/mistral-distgit: remove TODO Notes and enable with_docs
*** ppowell has joined #rdo17:54
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/mistral-distgit: remove FIXME Notes and enable with_docs
*** sdake_ has quit IRC17:57
EmilienMapevec: cinderclient patch landed, what else needs to be done now?17:58
apevecget it all built17:58
EmilienMdoing recheck on
*** dyasny has quit IRC17:59
apevecEmilienM, cinderclient was not rebuilt yet
apevecso recheck will fail17:59
EmilienMso last blocker for us is
EmilienMdmsimard is a superhero18:00
EmilienMhe fixed designate18:00
dmsimardwhat did I do again18:00
EmilienMI mean, he fixed puppet modules, tempest and packaging18:00
EmilienMwho do that nowadays?18:00
apevece2e hero18:00
EmilienMit's super rare18:00
dmsimardbeing able to fix end to end things is fun18:00
EmilienMdmsimard: you are a great example, and a blog post of what you did would be cool :P18:01
dmsimardugh, a blog post would be even more work18:02
*** flepied has quit IRC18:03
jschlueterno good deed go unpunished?18:05
*** dyasny has joined #rdo18:05
*** emccormick has joined #rdo18:11
*** jlibosva has quit IRC18:11
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/oslo-i18n-distgit: Add missing BuildRequires: git for autosetup
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:16
trownjschlueter: you are a fan of Wicked?18:16
* trown has seen it over 80 times (not kidding)18:17
*** shardy has quit IRC18:17
trownI used to operate spotlight in a previous life18:17
jschluetertrown: don't think I've seen it18:17
trownit is the wizard of oz musical from the perspective of the wicked witch18:18
trownof the things I had to sit through that many times, it was not even close to the worst18:18
jschlueterna, that's one of our saying for quite a while ...18:18
trownone of the big songs is "No good deed goes unpunished"18:19
trownor that is at least a line in the song, not sure of the title18:19
*** fzdarsky|afk has quit IRC18:20
*** egallen has joined #rdo18:20
jjoycetrown: I always wanted to see that.18:21
jjoycetrown: I really want to see Hamilton.18:22
trownjjoyce: that one I actually really want to see18:22
trownjjoyce: I would probably have enjoyed wicked in the audience, it is pretty good18:23
jjoycetrown: I have been listening to the cast album and it is really good. I will try an catch wicked next time its in the area.18:24
*** laron has quit IRC18:26
*** laron has joined #rdo18:26
*** eharney has quit IRC18:29
*** ohochman has quit IRC18:32
*** shivrao has quit IRC18:32
*** rcernin has joined #rdo18:39
*** dgurtner has quit IRC18:39
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:39
*** mgarciam has joined #rdo18:41
weshaytrown, dmsimard any report that is down?18:42
weshayget_hash is failing18:43
weshayor does that url need an update18:43
dmsimardDon't believe it's down or sensu would be screaming at me18:43
dmsimardbut I'll look18:43
trownweshay: are you trying to access it from outside of ci.centos?18:44
trownbecause that wont work :)18:44
weshayk k.. let me double check from the slave..18:44
*** egallen has quit IRC18:45
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller18:45
dmsimardlooks up and healthy to me over ssh18:45
dmsimardchecking the job18:45
dmsimard looks fine to me18:45
weshayoh I see..18:45
*** gfidente has quit IRC18:45
weshayold hash = new hash18:46
dmsimardit's not building because current-passed-ci == consistent18:46
*** imcleod_ has joined #rdo18:46
dmsimardthere'll be a new consistent hash today hopefully18:46
*** shivrao has joined #rdo18:46
weshaytrown, was just noticing this going red..  but we're good :)18:46
trownweshay: ah ya that happens if we have promoted consistent18:47
trownand consistent is not moving18:48
trownmitaka looks pretty rough... wonder what happened there18:48
trownlooks like neutron is failing to start18:49
trownseems like maybe a bad db migration backport?
weshayalthough can't find that for some reason18:51
*** shivrao has quit IRC18:51
trownya seems broken18:51
*** julim has quit IRC18:51
*** shivrao has joined #rdo18:53
*** rbowen has quit IRC18:54
*** flepied has joined #rdo18:57
dmsimardnumber80: need a final +2 on if you're happy with it :)18:57
number80now, that I finished pymod2pkg release, I'll review it18:58
number80no big changes since last time except the few corrections needed18:59
number80now, time to test rdopkg w/ new pymod2pkg19:00
number80jruzicka: we'll need a new rdopkg release soon for
number80after that, rdopkg will be pip installable so easily usable for automated stable builds19:01
EmilienMdmsimard: now?19:02
weshayah now I see19:02
number80jruzicka: according your last comment, we should continue w/ cbsbuild review too
dmsimardEmilienM: last packaging patch for designate is merging19:02
dmsimardEmilienM: now we just need to wait for dlrn to catch up19:02
dmsimardin the meantime afk for a bit19:02
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:04
*** rbowen has joined #rdo19:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen19:07
*** athomas has quit IRC19:08
apevectrown, weshay - could we change get-hash-master to trigger on URL change?19:11
apevecthat would avoid this false red19:11
weshayya.. we do that internally19:12
apevecon ...consistent/delorean.repo19:12
apevectrown, ^ copy! :)19:12
weshayI can put in a change19:12
trownwell, we dont want to trigger EVERY time it changes19:12
weshaytrown, it can poll every 4 hrs for a change19:12
trownmost of the time it would be always running then19:12
weshaytrown, nope..19:12
apevecyeah, time + change19:12
trownweshay: ya that would be awesome19:12
*** ohochman has joined #rdo19:12
weshayk.. I'll go after that19:12
rdogerritMerged openstack/designate-distgit: Re-work which files gets installed where
*** toanju has quit IRC19:14
*** shivrao has quit IRC19:25
*** chandankumar has quit IRC19:26
*** pilasguru has quit IRC19:26
*** jcoufal has quit IRC19:29
*** fultonj has quit IRC19:29
*** ohochman has left #rdo19:31
dmsimardapevec, trown: dlrn is really late and still catching up from yesterday's maintenance. I'll figure out a way to monitor if the instance stops building packages with sensu to prevent a big backlog to accumulate.19:32
*** akrivoka has quit IRC19:33
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo19:36
weshayok.. url-triggers
trownweshay: thanks pushed19:41
*** laron has quit IRC19:42
trownweshay: do you know how that works? ie how that pollurl plugin determines the content changed?19:42
weshaytrown, fyi..
trownah neat19:42
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
*** laron has joined #rdo19:48
*** tumble has joined #rdo19:48
number80Ok, I can hear that France is winning against Germany19:49
* number80 not watching the Euro cup19:49
number80either that or I was teleported in Germany19:49
toskythey scored a penalty19:50
*** choirboy has quit IRC19:50
number80I have paid a lot of money for sound isolation so I can tell, it's quite noisy19:50
number80well, I just hope that Portugal will lose in finale19:51
number80I don't like teams that have people faking19:51
trowngood ol Portugese diving team19:52
jeckersbhard to believe portugal made it to the final, they looked so awful early on19:52
trownI think Ronaldo is my least favorite professional athlete19:52
trowncant believe Suarez hasnt bit him yet in la liga19:53
number80well, I guess that Zidane will remain in good ol' Real for a while19:54
number80If you're French, you know that he'll be the next coach for French team (and he'll be awful in that role)19:55
*** pilasguru has quit IRC19:56
*** jayg is now known as jayg|g0n319:58
*** gszasz has quit IRC20:00
*** shivrao has joined #rdo20:02
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC20:04
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo20:05
*** fultonj has joined #rdo20:06
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC20:07
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo20:08
*** jlabocki has quit IRC20:10
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC20:13
apevec number80, will he headshot any players not obeying his command?20:14
*** jmelvin has quit IRC20:17
number80apevec: well, morale is to never anger the seemingly quiet water :)20:19
number80Losing a world cup on a headshot, that's was bold20:20
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed rdo-infra/weirdo: Refresh WeIRDO's documentation
number80second goal?20:30
*** mgarciam has quit IRC20:31
*** dprince has quit IRC20:34
*** DV has quit IRC20:37
apevecnumber80, yes, you need to improve sound insulation :)20:40
*** ppowell has quit IRC20:40
*** iranzo has quit IRC20:40
number80my next home will be a bunker then20:40
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo20:41
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg20:42
*** imcleod_ has quit IRC20:42
*** DV has joined #rdo20:43
*** stanchan has quit IRC20:45
*** stanchan has joined #rdo20:46
dmsimardnumber80: what do you feel would be a reliable way to tell that dlrn suddenly stopped building packages ?20:46
dmsimardin the context of monitoring that the different processes aren't stuck20:47
apevecdmsimard, we would need some heartbeat info out of dlrn20:47
dmsimardOh, I guess I could repurpose I had written to check if the backup server went out of date20:47
miscjust build 1 package every hour20:48
number80dmsimard: well, we can set a timeout of 30 minutes for openstack packages20:48
apevecwrite timestamp in a file after one cycle20:48
dmsimardapevec: we can check what's the timestamp of the last file like in that bash script ^20:48
apevecwhich last file?20:48
apevecit could be no upstream changes20:49
dmsimardversions.csv ?20:49
number80othe only process that could be stuck is mock20:49
number80git, and script are unlikely to fail20:49
apevecyeah but versions.csv is written only when something is built20:49
number80and if they fail, it will be in the least expected way20:49
dmsimardapevec: but we should have some level of expectations as to the frequency of new builds20:49
dmsimardmaster is all the time, master - 1 less frequent, master -2 even less frequent20:50
number80maybe we should use --rpmbuild_timeout options20:50
dmsimardand adjust tresholds accordingly20:50
apevecnumber80, it's usuall git operations which get stuck20:50
apevecI haven't see mock itself stuck20:50
number80apevec: weird, I experienced the reverse20:51
*** priteau has quit IRC20:51
apevecnumber80, where was mock stuck?20:51
apevecd/l from repos?20:51
number80nope, buggy spec or could stuck the build20:51
number80failed d/l will fail the build20:52
EmilienMI still don't realize we are winning against Germany20:52
trownhome turf20:52
*** DV has quit IRC20:52
jeckersbgermany hasn't really looked like they care most of this game20:52
trownGermanay also nearly lost to Italy, so not looking like themselves20:53
trownjust better beat Portugal20:53
jeckersbyes please20:54
dmsimardIs Canada in that tournament ?20:54
dmsimardjk /me hides20:54
trownIs Canada the Iceland of CONCACAF?20:54
*** DV has joined #rdo20:55
dmsimardthe Montreal team actually played in the CONCACAF last year I think20:55
dmsimardI don't follow soccer at all but apparently it was a huge deal20:55
EmilienMyou can find me at the french bar tonight20:55
trownnot that the USMNT is much better20:55
number80dmsimard: isn't Québec a French region?20:56
* number80 hides20:56
trownif only we were only judged on our womens team20:56
dmsimardnumber80: what's that supposed to mean20:56
EmilienMnumber80: don't start this discussion please, not at 5pm20:56
*** fragatina has joined #rdo20:56
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo20:56
EmilienMthe only thing french here is langage.20:56
number80Québec Libre!20:56
dmsimardnumber80: I'm trying to show EmilienM how to swear in proper quebecer on my off time20:56
*** mlammon is now known as mlammon_afk20:57
EmilienMeven trown knows lol20:57
dmsimardtrown: almost there20:57
number80Crisse d'ostie20:57
*** unclemarc has quit IRC20:57
dmsimardWhat I really love about this whole thing20:57
trownmy high school girlfriend went to McGill, so I have spent a fair bit of time in Montreal20:57
dmsimardIs that we even have a super detailed wikipedia page about it
EmilienMtrown: oh wow20:58
trownit is actually one of my favorite cities in north america... if only for the summer20:58
EmilienM2 months in a year is not too bad20:58
*** egallen has joined #rdo20:59
number80Québec is the only place of the world, where people used a cooking show as an excuse to hammer themselves21:00
*** DV has quit IRC21:00
*** karimb has quit IRC21:00
number80"Les recettes pompettes"21:01
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo21:01
*** karimb has joined #rdo21:01
*** DV has joined #rdo21:03
*** Goneri has quit IRC21:03
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww21:04
*** rbowen has quit IRC21:04
*** maeca1 has quit IRC21:05
apevecnumber80, that's dangerous! Drunken use use knives21:06
*** karimb has quit IRC21:07
dmsimardnumber80: there's also a certain NSFW cooking show that I won't link here21:07
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo21:09
Sketcha nsfw cooking show?21:09
Sketchthat sounds...dangerous21:11
*** rwsu has joined #rdo21:11
*** rwsu has quit IRC21:11
*** rwsu has joined #rdo21:12
*** priteau has joined #rdo21:13
dmsimardSketch: they do weird stuff in Quebec sometimes :)21:13
apevecdmsimard, number80 - genreports runs everytime, so sensu could check timestamp on report.html21:13
*** karimb has joined #rdo21:13
dmsimardapevec: everytime what ?21:13
*** priteau has quit IRC21:13
apevecjust get Last-Modified: Thu, 07 Jul 2016 21:12:47 GMT21:14
dmsimardapevec: would genreports sometime get updated while versions.csv wouldn't ?21:14
apevecif there were no commits to build21:14
rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/weirdo: Refresh WeIRDO's documentation
apevecwhich could happen on stable21:14
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC21:14
dmsimardapevec: ahhhhhh21:14
dmsimardI see21:14
apevecso recent Last-Modified is sign of life for dlrn process21:15
dmsimardOk, I'll check that file and put sensible tresholds21:15
*** rcernin has quit IRC21:17
*** pilasguru has quit IRC21:17
EmilienMdmsimard: I'm off, let's continue tomorrow21:19
*** alexismonville has quit IRC21:20
dmsimardEmilienM: sure, I'll check on dlrn every now and then and submit a bump for the designate patch when it's caught up21:20
dmsimardI'm off soon too21:20
dmsimardWe're around 17h behind in dlrn builds right now21:20
number80dmsimard: tipsy recipes is good enough for me :)21:20
dmsimardapevec, number80: could we consider stopping one or two workers to priorize resources towards centos-master ?21:21
dmsimardi.e, fedora and liberty or something like that21:21
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC21:21
dmsimardah, but the workers are still going, I don't know how to kill them gracefully21:21
number80if we prioritize, it'd be centos-master > fedora-master > mitaka > liberty21:22
number80fedora-master is still useful for detecting potential issues with next release but lesser priority21:22
dmsimardnumber80: there is fedora-master and fedora-rawhide-master21:22
*** chem has quit IRC21:22
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo21:22
number80yeah, no defined opinion on these21:23
dmsimardand I don't really want to slow mitaka down, osp is working from it21:23
number80dlrn stable branches?21:23
dmsimardjschlueter and others import from it, no ?21:23
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC21:23
dmsimardor something like that21:23
number80nope, they import master21:24
dmsimardso newton, not mitaka ?21:24
number80I understood ops as operators not OSP :)21:24
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo21:25
apevecbut tripleoci is using rdo trunk mitaka for stable/mitaka21:25
apevecso master > mitaka > fedora > liberty21:25
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC21:25
dmsimardok I guess I'll leave things as is and it'll eventually catch up21:25
dmsimardwork day is mostly over anyway21:25
apevecmachine is fast, but we have whole day to catch up21:26
apevecI mean, faster than old dlrn VM21:26
apevecbtw, rdo-release-newton.rpm - I'll push Version: 0 with testing + master-tested enabled:
apevecplease comment in if you spot something21:29
apevectrown, did you mention Mitaka is broken due to neutron backport ?21:32
*** ayoung has quit IRC21:34
*** irrelepand is now known as irrelepand|zZ21:34
dmsimardapevec: do we need dlrn-deps with the buildlogs repo ?21:36
dmsimardI forget.21:36
*** maeca1 has joined #rdo21:36
dmsimardI think we only sync the dlrn repo to trunk-tested, yes ?21:36
apevecdeps is testing repo21:37
apevecah you mean .repo file ?21:38
apevecthere was proposeal to append deps to dlrn.repo21:38
apevecbut there are some concerns it would confuse yum due to duplicates with current jobs:
dmsimardI guess the trunk-tested repo isn't usable on it's own then21:39
apevecdmsimard, in my change I've enabled both21:40
apevecso installing rdo-release-newton will work21:40
dmsimardI didn't see21:40
dmsimardI'm blind21:40
apevecand release repo is enabled=021:41
apevecin this Version: 021:41
apevecwill be reverted for GA21:41
dmsimardmakes sense21:42
*** rhallisey has quit IRC21:42
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
apevecweshay, cool, urltrigger works
apevecNo changes.21:46
apevecb/c dlrn is behind21:46
apevecbut it's really slow:
dmsimardstill around 17h .. it's having a hard time catching up21:47
apevec13 minutes for cinder build!21:47
dmsimardapevec: do you know how to kill gracefully the workers ?21:47
apevecdmsimard, is machine under such load?21:47
dmsimardapevec: no, just around 5 of load21:48
*** karimb has quit IRC21:48
dmsimardfrom what I can tell it's mostly workers competing for I/O (there's a bit of i/o wait)21:48
apevecdmsimard, with don't have any sig hooks, just kill fedora ones21:48
apevecand cleanup mock bindmounts if any are left21:48
*** karimb has joined #rdo21:48
dmsimardok, I'll also comment cron until like tomorrow morning or something21:49
apevecbut if load is not high, why is it that slow21:49
apevecyeah, comment out crons for fedora and liberty21:49
apevecwould be also good to get more diags from inside running dlrn, like queue dump21:50
dmsimardapevec: from the DLRN-rpmbuild job on review.rdo21:50
dmsimardI've seen some packages take 5 minutes, some like 4521:50
dmsimardbut it seems to average between 10 and 1521:52
apevecand most if it is probably sphinx build21:54
dmsimardI'll at least kill inbetween builds21:54
dmsimardapevec: from looking at what the previous dlrn instance does21:55
dmsimardthere is a long downtime between builds21:55
dmsimardI haven't exhaustively traced but it looks like it redoes the entire git fetch for every repos or something21:55
apevecoh wait it does rsync to public trunk.rdo21:56
dmsimardI don't see the rsync processes21:56
dmsimardhang on, let me capture a video to show you ..21:56
apevecbut still that should be just built rpms + symlinks21:56
apevecdebugging via youtube?21:56
*** dustins has quit IRC21:57
*** fultonj has quit IRC21:58
*** maeca1 has quit IRC21:58
apevecrecord also top in other window21:59
apevecis it maybe createrepo ?21:59
*** jmelvin has quit IRC21:59
apevecmachine has 32GB RAM ?22:02
number80I guess we should have a separate instance for RPM packaging22:03
number80(yes, I planned to shove more jobs in that poor instance :> )22:04
dmsimardthe mock chroot is in a ram tmpfs22:04
*** egafford has quit IRC22:04
dmsimardcan't get much better than that22:04
*** maeca1 has joined #rdo22:05
number80optimization would //-zing builds22:05
dmsimardbut yeah, build_sphinx is what is definitely taking the longest22:05
number80but tha*be22:05
dmsimardby a huge margin22:05
number80well, we still want detect doc build failures22:06
number80otherwise, it'd be easy to disable that22:07
apevecyeah, but we need to profile it, why is that slow22:07
*** egallen has quit IRC22:07
apevecdmsimard, have you found what is it doing between builds?22:08
dmsimardapevec: no, I'm capturing it on video now :p22:08
*** laron has quit IRC22:08
dmsimardI have the problem in front of me right now, the process is apparently idle with no subprocesses22:08
dmsimardand eventually it'll wake up22:08
apevectrace it22:08
*** laron has joined #rdo22:08
apevecwhich version of dlrn code do we have in production?22:10
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo22:10
dmsimarddoh the file is too big for asciinema22:10
*** akshai_ has joined #rdo22:11
dmsimardapevec: ok, here:
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC22:15
*** akshai has quit IRC22:15
dmsimardyou see the centos-master dlrn process doesn't have any child process22:15
dmsimardno rsync, no git, no nothing22:15
*** bfournie has quit IRC22:16
dmsimardwow that strace in asciinema crashes22:16
dmsimardhere's a longer htop view (nothing in specific in it, just to show you the main processes and their child and what each is doing)
dmsimardafk food22:21
*** tosky has quit IRC22:22
*** spr1 has quit IRC22:38
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|afk22:43
*** tumble has quit IRC22:43
*** julim has joined #rdo22:44
*** kaminohana has joined #rdo22:51
*** pradk has quit IRC22:52
*** mlammon_afk is now known as mlammon22:52
*** ohochman has joined #rdo22:54
*** maeca1 has quit IRC23:03
*** manous has joined #rdo23:04
*** amuller has quit IRC23:05
*** ohochman has left #rdo23:06
*** laron has quit IRC23:09
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo23:16
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC23:16
*** apevec has quit IRC23:18
*** mlammon has quit IRC23:23
*** julim has quit IRC23:27
*** karimb has quit IRC23:32
*** julim has joined #rdo23:32
*** ayoung has joined #rdo23:36
*** fragatina has quit IRC23:40
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: sahara, magnum, osc-lib:
*** manous has quit IRC23:43
*** dtantsur|afk has quit IRC23:43
*** bfournie has joined #rdo23:46
dmsimarddlrn 12h behind, we're gaining ground23:46
*** bfournie has quit IRC23:48
*** bfournie has joined #rdo23:48
*** dtantsur has joined #rdo23:50
*** cpg is now known as cpg|away23:56
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo23:59

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