Monday, 2016-07-04

EmilienMthis patch broke Puppet CI when testing trunk00:10
EmilienMtrying to fix it with
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EmilienMok fix it. We'll promote on Monday probably00:48
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jpenagood morning07:01
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Fix LinuxBridge support
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danpawlikjpena: I have made some changes for watcherclient: bug 1350974 in Package Review "Openstack python-watcherclient" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to hguemar08:05
jpenadawpawlik: cool, I'll check them08:05
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: setuptools 24.0.0 broke dsvm tests, we've gone back to old images, it's safe to recheck now if you had a failure related to setuptools 24.0.0 (processor_architecture) - see bug 159852508:16
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number80danpawlik: left you comments08:51
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number80btw, clients are supposed to be reviewed in Fedora land :)08:51
danpawliknumber80: ok, thanks08:52
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gemahey, I have found an issue with selinux, is this a known problem?09:39
gema bug 2396 in Enterprise "openstack-selinux does not allow neutron to access /proc/self/ns/net (centos)" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed] - Assigned to marcin.juszkiewicz09:39
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apevecgchamoul, social - I need in old OPM stable/mitaka, what's the process?10:44
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socialapevec: well pinging me works too10:45
socialapevec: on it10:46
apevecthanks, that should unblock at least packstack mitaka10:46
apevecsocial, is tomorrow CZ holiday ?10:47
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socialapevec: yes but I'll probably be around if there is anything urgent10:47
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apevecsocial, thanks - please have a look at
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apevecbefore updating stable/mitaka10:56
apevec2nd comment10:56
apeveclooks like current stable/mitaka needs rebase10:57
apevecBTW no need to push 8.1.3 tag yet10:57
apevecthis is just for packstack CI10:57
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number80apevec, jpena, EmilienM: since is merged, should I resume and close the python3 effort?12:06
EmilienMnumber80: a CI thing12:06
EmilienMwhich means "it works only in Puppet CI"12:06
EmilienMif someone deploys OpenStack using Puppet modules, it won't work12:06
EmilienMexcept if the person is smart and put Package<| tag == 'openstack' |> { allow_virtual => true } in manifest12:07
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number80EmilienM: actually RDO is shipping puppet >= 3.6 for a while12:08
apevecnumber80, hold on12:08
number80so only CI was blocking us12:08
apevecnumber80, yeah but puppet 3.6 does not have allow_virtual turned on by default12:08
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number80can't we do it?12:09
number80enabling allow_virtual12:09
number80if we don't do it, we're in a deadlock12:09
number80reverting all changes will be painful12:10
number80including those we shipped for more than one year ...12:10
number80I'd rather patch puppet package to enable virtual by default12:11
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apevecnumber80, where can we do it?12:12
apevecwe can fix packstack manifest12:12
apeveccan it be turned on in RDO puppet build?12:12
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number80apevec: well, I need to have a look at sources but yes, we can fix our puppet package (I did that already for buggy puppetlabs paths)12:13
chemnumber80:  EmilienM I have this ready and the inclusion of this in all openstack puppet at the ready ... and a massive grep to detect package not tagged openstack.  Should land sometime this week.12:13
chemnumber80: the idea discussed on puppet channel was inclusion of ::openstacklib::defaults in params.pp in all modules12:14
chemEmilienM: should I do some kind of blueprint or bug matching all module for this ?12:15
apevecchem, thanks for pushing that12:15
number80chem: would be nice to have common defaults accross all puppet modules12:15
* number80 thinks that we only need a one-liner patch in ./lib/puppet/provider/package/yum.rb12:15
apevecnumber80, but in the meantime, if you can change default in our build, let's do it12:15
chemnumber80: but that would make the fix outside of the puppet module.  Not sure this the right path... open for discussion :)12:17
number80apevec: 3.6 build, 3.8 ? or both?12:17
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number80chem: you should continue your effort within puppet modules, mine is just complimentary workaround12:18
EmilienMchem: launchpad bug as usual12:18
chemEmilienM: I just don't know where to put it as I'm going to add stuff to all module.  Should I do one per module ?12:19
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number80lol, it's even easier than I thought12:21
number80just add "defaultto true" in global where allow_virtual param is defined12:22
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apevecnumber80, both, I'd like to push 3.8 asap but it will take some time to verify it12:28
apevecpatched 3.6 can be fasttracked to -testing12:28
number80apevec: np, I'll start w/ 3.8.7 for testing and if it works, then I'll patch 3.612:28
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flepiedapevec: number80: do you have some time to discuss the stable branch process today while the US are out?12:52
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miscah ah, conspiracy time :p12:56
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number80flepied: yes, just give me the hour so I finish my tests with puppet12:59
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number80I have confirmed that my patch does enable allow_virtual compared to the ones in CBS13:00
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number80(I even tested the problematic python-setuptools)13:00
flepiedmisc: that's more: I have spots in my agenda ;-)13:02
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number80(cons piracy) \o/13:04
number80(cons 'piracy)13:04
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number80both puppet packages are fixed13:47
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o dmsimard13:47
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dmsimardhello #rdo13:47
EmilienMdmsimard: w00t13:47
EmilienMwelcome back :-D13:47
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*** dmsimard sets mode: +v rdogerrit13:47
dmsimardhow's everyone doing ?13:48
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apevecdmsimard, we're good, still no aliens in sight :)13:51
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kbsinghapevec: they all got legit visa's now ?13:56
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EmilienMI'm trying to promote our Puppet CI today but fixing blockings one by one14:18
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo14:23
EmilienMImportError: No module named os_win14:23
*** pviktori has joined #rdo14:25
EmilienMthe dep is missing in nova distgit14:26
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jpenaEmilienM: it's (merged 4 hours ago)14:26
jpenaI'll prepare a patch14:27
Abluapevec: i resolved my issues by reinstalling centos now. Thanks a lot for your help though14:27
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo14:28
rdogerritEmilien Macchi created openstack/nova-distgit: Add python-os-win in Requires
EmilienMjpena: ^14:29
EmilienMmaybe the wrong place14:29
jpenaEmilienM: nope, the dependency showed up in os-brick14:29
EmilienMjpena: ok I'll abandon it14:29
rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/os-brick-distgit: Add os-win as Requires and ddt as BuildRequires
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iranzojoin #neutron14:39
*** yolanda has joined #rdo14:40
* assassin hands iranzo a '/'14:40
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dmsimardok, mostly caught up with emails and stuff. If anyone has something in specific they'd like me to look at, please let me know14:47
*** egallen has joined #rdo14:49
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iranzoassassin: I know :(14:51
EmilienMcan we land please?14:51
EmilienMit will help us to promote our CI14:51
dmsimardEmilienM: done14:53
EmilienMdmsimard: thx14:53
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*** egallen has joined #rdo14:56
socialapevec: what I looked on stable/liberty vs upstream-liberty seems ok14:58
apevecsocial, on liberty it was only gerrithub out of sync14:58
socialapevec: I think gerrithub does not have stable/* branches14:58
apevecstable/mitaka was not rebased so it was missing 8.1.2 tag14:58
apevecgerrithub has all github branches, you can't avoid that?14:59
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rdogerritMerged openstack/os-brick-distgit: Add os-win as Requires and ddt as BuildRequires
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socialapevec: we are pushing stable/* via forcepushes to github, I don't think gerrithub synces that15:09
apevecso you push to github directly?15:09
apevecyeah, once force pushed it doesn't15:09
*** edannon has quit IRC15:09
apevecbut then it should be removed on gerrithub, lemme check15:09
*** Amita has quit IRC15:09
dmelladowell, theoretically github and gerrithub should be in sync15:09
apevecthat's also true15:09
apevecbut you could remove branch in gerritub15:09
apevecand keep it in github15:09
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socialapevec: anyway I'll push 8.1.3 tag with new patch15:09
socialapevec: so that delorean catches it up15:09
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number80this review needs attention:
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dmelladosocial: I'd go for that15:18
dmelladoI once had an issue with the syncs on gerrithub15:18
dmelladoapevec: ^^ that once lead me to sync issues so big I had to delete and re-do gerrithub15:19
dmelladoidk if that has been improved (I hope so)15:19
tristanCGreeting folks, this the announcement draft for the upcoming maintainance of planned for on 2016-07-06 13:30 UTC (this Wednesday):
*** arif-ali has quit IRC15:20
*** rbowen has joined #rdo15:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen15:20
number80jpena: i'll look into transferring stuff from in DLRN then15:20
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC15:21
jpenanumber80: ack. I'll have a patch to trim %changelog soon, btw15:22
*** osp has joined #rdo15:22
*** livelace has quit IRC15:22
*** Tenhi_ is now known as Tenhi15:23
*** itamarl has quit IRC15:23
*** egallen has quit IRC15:24
rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Trim spec files after %changelog when building
*** sdake has quit IRC15:25
apevecjpena, now I need man sed to review that :)15:26
jpenaapevec: I had to google the solution :D15:26
number80q == quit15:27
number80info sed Common Commands15:28
apevecoh wait15:30
*** aguetta has joined #rdo15:30
apevecit's -i so it won't work15:30
*** osp has quit IRC15:31
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC15:31
apevecjpena, ^15:32
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo15:35
apevecjpena,  sed -i -e '/^%changelog.*/,$d' *spec15:36
*** abregman has quit IRC15:36
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|afk15:38
*** gkadam has quit IRC15:39
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk15:39
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo15:41
*** devvesa has quit IRC15:43
*** osp has joined #rdo15:44
*** palimarium has quit IRC15:46
jpenaapevec: I've tested it on a file, and it works too with q15:46
*** egallen has joined #rdo15:47
apevechm, I don't see how it could work with -i15:47
apevecit just matches and quits, keep file as it was15:47
*** anshul has quit IRC15:48
jpenait quits outputting15:48
jpenaso everything before that is kept15:48
*** tumble has quit IRC15:48
apevecjpena, but it's inplace15:49
jpenayep, and it still works :)15:49
apevecnot for me :)15:49
jpenaI can change it if it looks clearer that way15:50
apevecoh wait15:50
*** egallen has quit IRC15:50
*** egallen has joined #rdo15:50
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:50
jpenawith your proposed regexp it deletes the %changelog line15:51
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:51
apevecok, now i see15:51
*** aguetta has quit IRC15:51
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo15:52
*** rbowen has quit IRC15:52
*** pgadiya has joined #rdo15:52
*** egallen has quit IRC15:58
apevecimcsk8, jpena - looks like BJ is from Martin in the invite?16:01
apevecand he's not online16:01
jpenaapevec: let's use a different one16:02
imcsk8apevec: oh yeah16:02
apevecimcsk8, ok, re-create invite with your BJ#16:02
*** athomas has quit IRC16:03
*** egallen has joined #rdo16:03
*** rcernin has quit IRC16:03
*** arif-ali has joined #rdo16:03
openstackgerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/packstack: Add service_providers to neutron server
*** migi is now known as migi_not_here16:05
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:05
rdogerritMerged DLRN: Trim spec files after %changelog when building
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:07
*** ade_b has quit IRC16:07
*** dgurtner has quit IRC16:08
*** Guest78169 is now known as beagles16:09
*** imcsk8 has quit IRC16:10
*** toanju has quit IRC16:10
*** livelace has joined #rdo16:11
*** ushkalim has quit IRC16:11
*** hewbrocca-afk is now known as hewbrocca16:12
*** yfried has quit IRC16:13
*** egallen has quit IRC16:13
jpenaapevec: do we have a meeting url?16:13
*** imcsk8 has joined #rdo16:15
imcsk8apevec, jpena sorry i had to reboot16:15
*** athomas has joined #rdo16:16
apevecimcsk8, ok, please update invite so jpena and I can join16:16
dmsimardwhat meeting is that ?16:16
*** athomas has quit IRC16:17
*** egallen has joined #rdo16:18
apevecsync on OSP packstack bugs16:18
apevecso we shouldn't talk about it here :)16:18
*** pgadiya has quit IRC16:19
dmsimardok, was just making sure I didn't miss an invite16:19
dmsimardhave fun :P16:19
*** number80 has quit IRC16:20
imcsk8apevec, jpena
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo16:21
*** number80 has joined #rdo16:22
dmsimardtristanC: two software factory questions16:22
dmsimardtristanC: 1) did you guys ever consider another login provider than github for software factory (i.e, Fedora uses ipsilon )16:23
dmsimardtristanC: 2) is it possible to have the swift URL from the artifact upload available directly in the review like upstream ?16:23
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:24
*** jtomasek_ has joined #rdo16:29
*** rbowen has joined #rdo16:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen16:33
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:34
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo16:35
*** nehar has quit IRC16:36
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*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas|afk16:39
*** manous has joined #rdo16:41
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*** livelace has joined #rdo16:52
*** jtomasek_ has quit IRC16:55
AbluHi, I deployed a test environment using packstack.16:56
AbluI am now trying to get floating ips to work and follow
AbluI now did the steps listed at "with neutron" and can select the floating ip in order to assign it16:57
Abluhowever It also asks me to select a "port"16:57
Abluand I have nothing to select there...16:57
AbluI tried to create such a port manually, but it then tells me that the the external network is not reachable from subnet blablabla16:59
Abluso what are the next steps I need to do to get this to work?16:59
*** pgadiya has joined #rdo17:00
*** egallen has quit IRC17:01
*** pgadiya has quit IRC17:01
AbluThough... Generally I am not sure wether I really need this floating ips. Generally I only want a way to connect to the vms started by nova17:01
AbluI can ping the ip of the neutron router, but not the ips of the nova instances17:01
*** egallen has joined #rdo17:04
*** egallen has quit IRC17:04
rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/ansible-role-weirdo-common: Don't really need to install tcpdump
*** paragan has quit IRC17:05
*** egallen has joined #rdo17:05
*** karimb has quit IRC17:06
dmsimardtrown: I'm sure you're celebrating the day of freedom but there's no outtypewpewewpewpew in your nick so, fyi:
*** rcernin has joined #rdo17:08
*** tesseract- has quit IRC17:09
*** egallen has quit IRC17:10
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo17:11
*** garrett has quit IRC17:12
*** abregman has joined #rdo17:13
*** garrett has joined #rdo17:14
*** chandankumar has quit IRC17:16
*** rbowen has joined #rdo17:17
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen17:17
tristanCdmsimard: 1) authentication is managed by a project called cauth that supports openid. should probably works out of the box17:18
*** Goneri has quit IRC17:20
tristanC2) it should be possible, but I'd like to first work on "Resolves rhbz: XXXX" commit message link17:20
dmsimardtristanC: when you mention "authentication is managed", is that gerrit authentication or software factory as is ?17:21
dmsimardtristanC: ack for 2, want me to file a ticket in redmine? :p17:21
*** Goneri has joined #rdo17:22
tristanCdmsimard: software factory manages (sso) authentication with cauth, it's an apache plugin that check cookie at proxy level and then service are configured to authenticated with the REMOTE_USER header17:23
*** itxaka has quit IRC17:23
abregmanpabelanger: hey. any idea if there is a good documentation around zuul? ( deploying, configuring...) the main page is more  about the different configuration options...17:23
dmsimardtristanC: thanks17:23
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg17:25
*** pilasguru has quit IRC17:28
dmsimardtristanC: I'll proxy back the answers to fungi, he was curious how software factory did it - as I understand they want to move away from launchpad login to their own openid instance17:28
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo17:28
*** vaneldik has left #rdo17:31
*** rbowen has quit IRC17:33
tristanCdmsimard: it reminds me a discussion, have a look at
*** pcaruana has quit IRC17:34
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:36
dmsimardtristanC: ah, yes, this was after17:36
dmsimardglad you saw my ping :)17:36
*** number80 has quit IRC17:37
dmsimardoh, it looks like his question revolved more around the relationship between communities vs github17:38
*** edannon has joined #rdo17:38
tristanCdmsimard: thing is, openid may works slightly differently accros provider. for example github needs an application id while launchpad doesn't17:39
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:40
tristanCdmsimard: thus it's probably not much to add fedora id provider, it's just a matter of testing the oauth hook/callback17:40
imcsk8going to fisiotheraphy17:41
*** imcsk8 is now known as imcsk8|doctor17:41
*** number80 has joined #rdo17:41
*** jprovazn has quit IRC17:41
apevectristanC, I'd actually prefer openstack id provider, if that's available17:43
apevecI hope they'll move from launchpad id17:44
tristanCapevec: or openstack id, the good news is cauth/managesf should handle the change smoothly (by merging account based on mail addr)17:44
dmsimardapevec: you mean ?17:45
*** flepied has joined #rdo17:46
apevecdmsimard, yeah, but is it used anywhere yet?17:46
dmsimardsome stuff around openstack foundation17:46
apevecreview.o.o still goes to launchpad17:46
dmsimardlike setting up CLA, speaker bio, summit registration17:46
dmsimardthey want to move from launchpad to iiuc17:47
dmsimardpart of the move from launchpad to storyboard eventually I guess17:47
*** rbowen has joined #rdo17:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen17:48
tristanCapevec: is still under development/integration afaik17:48
tristanCdmsimard: it's likely unrelated to storyboard, but more of having an unified experiences for * users17:49
dmsimardtristanC: unrelated to storyboard but related to moving everything off of launchpad :p17:49
dmsimardEmilienM: the os_win patch fixed some failures17:51
dmsimardEmilienM: but now tempest is failing on heat17:51
pabelangerabregman: we mostly recommend using puppet-openstackci for new users to zuul. That is the main puppet manifest used by openstack-infra to deploy.17:51
dmsimard2016-07-04 18:13:50.971 10220 ERROR heat.engine.clients.keystoneclient [req-60056687-035a-4013-a5de-e890b04d590d 972195ee21464874978bd55e46d67f1f 927a4f4c0d484f9f9238d5cd43a1ed57 - - -] Domain admin client authentication failed17:52
pabelangerabregman: there is also but it is a little outdated17:52
pabelangerabregman: for the most part, best to dive head first into the process17:52
*** edannon has quit IRC17:52
pabelangerabregman: however, software factory might be a good resource too. I know tristanC and the rest of the SF team has done a good job with documentation17:53
pabelangerabregman: The downside with puppet-openstackci is the lack of Red Hat OS support, so keep that in mind17:54
pabelangerabregman: I've started on ansible roles, and mostly working in the gate ATM:
abregmanpabelanger: I see..I think I'll keep working on
abregmanoh..there is already such project, lol17:54
dmsimardEmilienM: got two failures on Error: /Stage[main]/Tempest/Exec[install-pip]/returns: change from notrun to 0 failed: easy_install pip returned 1 instead of one of [0] .. weird17:55
abregmanpabelanger: why it's under openstack?17:55
dmsimardabregman: zuul is an OpenStack project17:56
abregmandmsimard: not infra?17:56
dmsimardOh, you meant the role - I don't know17:56
pabelangerabregman: Ya, right now ansible-role-zuul is driven by Which is basically a functional tester for the roles I am building.  I haven't done work in the last few weeks because we've been working on dropping jenkins for ansible17:56
pabelangerabregman: openstack is the default namespace for project. openstack-infra is for project we run our services17:57
tristanCabregman: fbo_ wrote this fine piece of documentation that may help you better understand zuul,
abregmanpabelanger: k, so I'll try to use ansible-role-zuul to deploy Zuul in our environment17:59
abregmantristanC: looks good! thanks!17:59
pabelangerabregman: give it a try, likely some issues.  I'm working on adding ansible-launcher support18:00
pabelangerand zuulv3 once it lands18:00
*** garrett has quit IRC18:01
abregmanpabelanger: k cool, if I'll bump into some issues, I'll send a patch.18:02
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo18:02
EmilienMwe're promoting on trunk now18:07
EmilienMshould be merged in a few18:07
dmsimardEmilienM: cool, thanks18:08
*** yolanda has quit IRC18:08
*** jhershbe has quit IRC18:13
*** jubapa has quit IRC18:16
*** yolanda has joined #rdo18:17
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*** shivrao has quit IRC18:21
*** shivrao_ is now known as shivrao18:21
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*** ohochman has joined #rdo18:28
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*** anilvenkata has quit IRC18:42
danpawlikI have one problem with functional tests for watcher service and the problem is:  . Do you know how should I manage /var/cache/watcher  ? It should be like in murano: or otherwise ?18:42
danpawlikups, line 191.18:44
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: No longer clone Kolla for WeIRDO jobs
EmilienMdanpawlik: it looks like it could be like in Murano18:50
EmilienMneeds to be confirmed with number80 / apevec probably18:51
*** jargonmonk is now known as jmnk18:51
*** egallen has joined #rdo18:53
*** egallen has quit IRC18:54
number80EmilienM: I'm looking18:54
number80ok found why18:54
number80we need here %{_localstatedir}/cache/watcher/18:55
number80it needs to be created too18:56
number80we need to be more careful during reviews18:56
number801. install packages18:56
number802. run services even badly configured to catch such mistakes18:56
number80but puppet CI++18:57
number80(for helping to catch such issues)18:57
EmilienMyou're welcome18:57
number80well, at least one has to admit that's an useful feedback ;)18:57
AbluHm. Ok. Based on reading a couple of question I managed to figure some more useful information to the issue I mentioned above. This is my "ip netns" output: it seems to list a router. Running "ip netns exec  qrouter-eaceeff0-8231-4876-a1a7-01f87549ea49 ifconfig" gives me: Pinging works. Now I also got two virtual machine instances which are got assigned19:02
Abluthe ip addresses ending with 228 and 229: pinging one of those however gives me: "Destination Host Unreachable". The "ip a" output on the controller gives me:
AbluSo does anyone have an idea why I cannot ping the two vms?19:02
danpawlikEmilienM, number80: thanks.
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:02
Ablus/are got/got/19:03
danpawliknumber80: When I have some time, I try to fix example files (
*** TSCHAK has joined #rdo19:05
*** toanju has joined #rdo19:08
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/weirdo: Refresh WeIRDO's documentation
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/weirdo: Remove Kolla playbooks from WeIRDO
rdogerritMerged config: No longer clone Kolla for WeIRDO jobs
*** livelace has quit IRC19:15
*** yfried has joined #rdo19:16
*** shivrao_ has joined #rdo19:20
rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/weirdo: Remove Kolla playbooks from WeIRDO
number80danpawlik: ack19:21
*** shivrao has quit IRC19:23
*** shivrao_ is now known as shivrao19:23
*** imcsk8|doctor is now known as imcsk819:24
*** rlandy has joined #rdo19:28
*** arif-ali has quit IRC19:31
*** toanju has quit IRC19:31
Ablufrom within the VMs i do not seem to have any network either... the vm does not know the ip it got assigned19:40
apevecdmsimard, mitaka weirdos passed
dmsimardapevec: yeah, master is failing though19:41
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo19:43
Abluok. I ticked the DHCP option for the subnet and now the host is getting the ip it got assigned to. But neither the controller, nor the router can ping to it19:47
*** yfried has quit IRC19:48
Ablunor can the host ping to the router/controller19:48
Abluhm. but different vm instances can ping each other at least19:50
*** arif-ali has joined #rdo19:50
apevecyou need to ping from namespace19:51
dmsimardAblu: it's a namespaced network, you won't be able to ping it directly19:51
apevecthere's too much details in
dmsimardapevec: so much quantum in that page19:52
Abluwell I pinged with "ip netns exec  qrouter-eaceeff0-8231-4876-a1a7-01f87549ea49 ping"19:52
Ablubut thanks for the link. I will work trhough it19:52
dmsimardsc`: are you on freedom day ? :)19:53
*** shaunm has joined #rdo19:54
*** rbowen has joined #rdo19:57
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen19:57
*** karimb has joined #rdo20:01
AbluHm... On that page the router has two adapters. It says one is for the gateway and the other one for the integration bridge. I ( only have a single adapter (aside from lo). This looks wrong then, right?20:02
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo20:06
*** danielbruno has quit IRC20:06
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo20:06
*** dtrainor has quit IRC20:09
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo20:10
Abluovs-vsctl show shows that adapter as port of br-ex: So it looks to me like the connection between br-int and br-ex ist not established20:11
Ablujust... how do I get the router to do this?20:12
Abluapevec: thanks a lot for that link. That clarified a lot for me. Having a steep learning curve here :)20:14
*** akrivoka has quit IRC20:15
*** flepied1 has joined #rdo20:17
*** flepied has quit IRC20:17
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC20:22
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo20:23
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*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo20:27
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC20:27
*** flepied1 has quit IRC20:27
*** rbowen has quit IRC20:28
*** jmnk has quit IRC20:29
apevecdmsimard, EmilienM - one more review
apevecdmsimard, what are failures on master?20:30
apevecand btw, overcloud deploy failed on mitaka, but I don't see where to debug further :(20:31
EmilienMdmsimard: on puppet jobs master?20:31
EmilienMapevec: ^20:31
sc`dmsimard: i'm around, about to go out and about again20:31
dmsimardapevec: there was something with heat that should be fixed when is built20:31
apevecEmilienM, packstack and puppet20:32
dmsimardthere was an odd issue with easy_install pip from puppet-tempest, I'll wait and see if it reproduces20:32
EmilienMit should be green now20:32
dmsimardsc`: hey, no problem - can wait until tomorrow. Was curious how you were doing with integration test.20:32
*** shardy has quit IRC20:33
apevecFailed to provision instance a090b44e-8822-4733-aa05-a9f55ce110c9: Timeout reached20:34
apevecdmsimard, ^20:34
*** apetrich has joined #rdo20:34
dmsimardyeah I have little advice to give for tripleo things, I need to be trained in tripleo :)20:35
sc`dmsimard: where things are post-mitaka is three cinder tests fail for c7, but ubuntu 14.04 passes. i'm currently working on style/lint packages, then identity v3 and openstackclient20:35
dmsimardsc`: cool, so you'll be gating against it soon ?20:35
sc`the cookbook is still too immature to be able to disable certain tests, so i may need to just disable cinder for the time being20:36
sc`dmsimard: that's the plan, but we're leaving them non-voting for a little bit longer20:36
sc`the context switch is strong in me today. i thought patches and typed packages. today is not a habitat day :)20:37
dmsimardapevec: I'm not OK with that watcher patch changing the log directory permissions20:37
dmsimardit should be two commits20:38
dmsimardtotally unrelated changes20:38
apevecI see commit message now :)20:38
dmsimardgoing to -120:38
apevecdanpawlik, sorry ^20:38
dmsimardonce the permission change is taken out, it's +2 from me20:39
AbluHm. Well I g2g to bed. I tried to create multiple subnets and add those interfaces to the router. They show up in "ip a" as run by the router, but no matter what I try the router and vm instance are not able to ping each other even though the vm instance is running in the subnet connected to the router20:40
apevecyeah, and 0750 %{service} root needs to be applied in our example spec20:40
AbluI will continue tomorrow, but if anyone has any hints for me just ping me and I will look at them tomorrow20:40
AbluGood night and thanks again for the help. The page about networking was really useful.20:40
dmsimardI guess I have to look at what watcher is20:43
dmsimardseeing it everywhere recently20:43
dmsimardOh, yeah, I've seen that before. I guess it's become a thing now.20:43
apevecback to 3o mitaka, I see ironic errors
apevecbut it's just timeout, still no root cause20:45
apevecthere aren't logs from virthost?20:47
dmsimard2016-07-04 19:34:45.935 18625 WARNING nova.compute.manager [req-54a087bc-7f85-4979-b197-6bc11477747f 0405dabbfd984ac2aec5af488a9f46da 73c9b1e4562643bf994f2ec59ac7f755 - - -] Could not clean up failed build, not rescheduling. Error: No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver pxe_ssh. (HTTP 404)20:48
dmsimardno idea if that's relevant20:48
EmilienMyes this is relevant20:49
EmilienMit means ironic conductor is not well configured20:49
dmsimardfrom ironic conductor20:50
dmsimard2016-07-04 19:39:58.223 18895 ERROR paramiko.transport [-] SSHException: Error reading SSH protocol banner20:50
dmsimard2016-07-04 19:39:58.225 18895 DEBUG ironic.common.utils [req-9f7a599b-3fd7-41c4-8a75-857913d41ebf admin - - - -] SSH connect failed: Error reading SSH protocol banner ssh_connect /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ironic/common/
dmsimard2016-07-04 19:39:58.228 18895 WARNING ironic.conductor.manager [req-9f7a599b-3fd7-41c4-8a75-857913d41ebf admin - - - -] During sync_power_state, could not get power state for node 45b90077-9a8a-4b68-a172-34c227b58132, attempt 1 of 3. Error: Failed to establish SSH connection to host
*** pilasguru has quit IRC20:50
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo20:51
apevecthat's attempting to ssh to virthost20:51
apevecand we don't have logs from virthost afaict ?20:51
apevecalright we need trown!20:51
dmsimardtrown is on freedom day :p20:52
EmilienMparamiko was updated from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 12 days ago
EmilienMwhat are you running?20:52
EmilienMtripleo trunk?20:52
dmsimardEmilienM: I guess that is tripleo trunk yeah20:52
dmsimardapevec: btw I'll try to go to the Montreal office this week or next week to chat with tristanC about weirdo and software factory20:53
EmilienMoh but mitakka20:53
dmsimardtrunk mitaka20:53
EmilienMdmsimard: why dont you come in quebec to chat with me?20:53
EmilienMI'm jalous now20:53
EmilienMI leave, good luck20:53
dmsimardEmilienM: I actually stopped briefly at the aquarium on my way back20:53
dmsimardthe kids were awful so we didn't stay long20:53
number80kids were just kids20:54
EmilienMapevec: trying to bisect, when was last successful run?20:54
*** danielbruno has quit IRC20:54
apevecuhm, on mitaka long ago :)20:54
EmilienMapevec: when?20:54
EmilienM10d ?20:54
apevecJun 2420:54
EmilienM10d ok20:55
apevecwhen stars alligned20:55
EmilienMok let me dig20:55
dmsimardEmilienM: if you come to montreal during the summer let me know :)20:56
EmilienMyeah I'm super busy this summer :P20:56
dmsimardyou can be super busy in montreal too20:56
EmilienMbut I can come indeed20:56
number80EmilienM: if you have time, we may split a new swift subpackage20:56
number80python-swift (which will be required by all services)20:57
danpawlikdmsimard: now should be ok :)20:57
EmilienMnumber80: any impact on puppet swift?20:57
number80danpawlik: it is20:57
number80EmilienM: not really, it'll be a dependency of existing packages20:57
dmsimardnumber80: the permissions for that repo are weird20:57
dmsimardnumber80: I have +2 but not +W20:58
EmilienMnumber80: cool so?20:58
apevecon master, undercloud install fails with ImportError: No module named tackerclient.v1_0 in mistralclient20:58
apevecthis is getting annoying20:58
apevecnumber80, we don't have tackerclient packaged yet?20:58
*** RedRat has quit IRC20:58
number80apevec: nope20:58
dmsimardapevec: welcome to the life of trown and I ?20:58
number80EmilienM: if you say so :)20:58
number80apevec: there is a tackerclient package here20:59
EmilienMnumber80: go ahead man20:59
apevecnumber80, but that sucks in mistralclient21:00
EmilienMI can't investtigate21:00
apevecoptional as hard deps!21:00
EmilienMlogs are not here anymore :(21:00
apevecdmsimard, ^ who ate our logs!21:01
EmilienMnumber80: same for puppet-tacker, btw. he's using a fork :(21:01
dmsimardnumber80: see my comment re: watcher gerrit permissions ?21:01
number80dmsimard: I'm looking config and it looks ok21:01
number80I have +W21:01
dmsimardok /me shrugs, I don't21:01
dmsimardI have -W but not +W lol21:02
number80dmsimard: did you try with a clean cache?21:02
dmsimardlet me try ..21:02
EmilienMtry IE21:02
number80EmilienM: I have IE521:02
EmilienMgreat, you're on the edge.21:02
dmsimardnumber80: nope ...
number80It's secure, it runs in a container!21:03
dmsimardhaha, I remember running some shitty version of IE on OS X21:03
dmsimardEmilienM, apevec: checking for logs ..21:04
number80well, I'm impressed by people who have run IE on Unix21:04
dmsimardapevec, EmilienM:
dmsimardapevec, EmilienM: the job build itself was deleted but the logs are still there21:04
EmilienMyou save my life21:04
apevecnumber80, container and secure in the same line?21:04
EmilienMok let me dig now21:04
number80apevec: we won some security awards for that back in 2010!21:05
EmilienM tripleo-quickstart-promote-mitaka-delorean-ha seems super unstable21:06
*** fragatina has joined #rdo21:06
number80apevec: in a previous life, in a previous company21:06
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo21:06
dmsimardEmilienM: there is a thread somewhere about that21:07
apevecEmilienM, that was before timeout increase21:07
dmsimardhang on let me find it21:07
EmilienMcan we use ARA or something pretty?21:07
apevecdmsimard, number80 - rdo-provenpackagers was missing in,members21:07
EmilienMi hate reading logs21:07
apevecis that not in project create srcript21:07
dmsimardapevec, EmilienM: re: ha job stability
apevecdmsimard, yeah, but in the meantime timeout increase seems to have stabilized job outcomes21:08
apevecand then python2-* has hit21:08
number80seems that I have to add this point in the project post-creation checklist21:08
apevecdmsimard, I've added provenpackagers, check if you have +w now21:08
*** jargmonk has joined #rdo21:09
dmsimardapevec: yeah that fixed it21:09
dmsimardI +W'd21:09
dmsimardnumber80: also watcher isn't in gerritbot21:10
*** pilasguru has quit IRC21:10
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo21:11
dmsimardupstream gate is awful today :/21:11
number80dmsimard: is there specific configuration steps?21:12
dmsimardnumber80: just add the repo in /etc/gerritbot/channels.yaml and git commit/systemctl restart gerritbot21:12
dmsimardchannels.yaml is coming up to the config repo with software factory upgrade21:12
number80ack, I need to spend time to hack on createproject.sh21:12
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC21:12
dmsimardwe need a fancy way of making sure gerritbot and replication.config are in-sync21:13
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru21:13
dmsimard(or not-so-fancy way)21:13
number80dmsimard: generate them21:13
number80I'm waiting new SF platform before doing anything, but I'm moving some logic server-side21:14
dmsimarddebatable, gerritbot config can become complex21:14
dmsimardlike filtering by branch and stuff21:14
dmsimardor maybe we want/don't want certain events21:15
number80well, could be smart, if it's in config file, don't add it21:15
dmsimardonce the sf upgrade is done I want to move the replication.config to a github user21:15
dmsimardso we can get rid of all the ssh key madness21:15
number80well, time to finish my book and go to sleep, g'nite!21:17
*** fragatina has quit IRC21:17
dmsimardsee ya21:17
*** pilasguru has quit IRC21:18
EmilienMdmsimard: what?21:22
dmsimardcan you reconsider your -121:22
EmilienMdmsimard: bah, it's merged :P21:22
EmilienMdmsimard: did you swim in Saint Laurent?21:23
dmsimardfurther up it's the sea :)21:23
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo21:23
EmilienMdmsimard: did you swim in the sea?21:24
dmsimardI did !21:24
dmsimardand I scared the kids away with a live crab I picked up.21:24
dmsimardEmilienM: from Rimouski (marée basse) and from next to my Mom's house:
EmilienMI hate you21:26
EmilienMdmsimard: I go in Rimouski in 3 weeks21:27
EmilienMat Parc de Bic21:27
EmilienMonly 3h drive21:27
dmsimardI stayed at Hotel Rimouski, they have a spa, sauna, swimming pool and water slide :p21:27
EmilienMwhile we were fixing OpenStack21:28
EmilienMthanks for saying all of that21:28
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC21:28
EmilienMdude, can you stop?21:29
dmsimardit makes me want to go back to vacation haha :)21:29
dmsimardI would say you are the lucky one, being only 3 hours away21:29
EmilienMno vacations this summer :(21:30
EmilienMyou'll have to support me allllll summer21:30
EmilienMok /me afk, laters21:32
danpawlikdmsimard: nexus 6p -> good choice !21:33
* dmsimard nods21:33
apevecso what failed in this job ??21:35
apevecapt-get ?!21:35
apevecand scenario1 failed with from=' returned 1: 400 Bad Request: The HTTP URL is invalid: ('Connection aborted.',21:36
apevecrecheck and be happy?21:37
dmsimardapevec: there's a bunch of network problems with nodes provided by rax21:37
dmsimardalso, pep8 and py27 jobs are run on ubuntu boxes21:37
dmsimardrecheck and be happy.21:37
apevecroll dice21:37
*** DV has quit IRC21:39
*** abregman has quit IRC21:41
dmsimardapevec: so I'm looking at adding designate to puppet-openstack-integration for coverage21:41
dmsimardapevec: the services are named "designate-something" rather than "openstack-designate-something"21:42
dmsimardI guess it's too late to change it ?21:42
dmsimardpuppet-designate is failing because it's expecting the service files to be openstack-designate-something21:42
apevecyeah, not worth it, I guess it was copied from neutron21:42
apevecwhy is puppet-designate expecting that, is there some openstacklib templace?21:43
dmsimardoh ?21:43
apevecI mean, how did it pass CI ?21:43
dmsimardapevec: it never passed CI because there was no CI :)21:43
dmsimardapevec: that's where it's defined21:43
dmsimardI'm trying to re-enable CI through
dmsimardI *can* patch puppet-designate to use the service names according to RDO packaging21:44
*** fragatina has joined #rdo21:44
dmsimardinconsistency irritates me that's all ;p21:44
dmsimardit just means puppet-designate never worked with rdo21:45
apevecsomehow original neutron packager didn't like openstack- prefix in neutron, so looks like it's copied over to other networking related packages21:45
*** rlandy has quit IRC21:45
dmsimardapevec: fine, so we patch puppet-designate ?21:46
apevecso yeah, change it in puppet-designate21:46
*** dciabrin has quit IRC21:46
apevechmm "Tacker is an official OpenStack project..." but I don't see it in openstack/governance21:47 != "official OpenStack project"21:48
tristanCapevec: "official OpenStack project" == "bigtent project" ?21:48
apevectristanC, that's not even bigtent21:49
apevecafaik bigtent means you're in governance21:49
apevecbeing is openstack namespace is like stackforge before21:49
tristanCaccording to, official openstack project imply it's referenced in the governance projects.yaml21:51
tristanCthen how to call a project in the openstack/ namespace but not in the governance... :)21:51
apevecopenstack hosted project?21:51
dmsimardyeah I wouldn't call ARA "an official OpenStack project" .. it's bad usage of the brand21:52
*** danpawlik has quit IRC21:52
number80tackerclient is now g-r for few days21:53
*** fragatina has quit IRC21:54
rdogerritAlan Pevec created openstack/mistral-distgit: TEMP drop unconditional tackerclient import
apevecnumber80, ^ this is evil workaround21:56
apevecplease vote :)21:56
apevecI have even put it under intentionally mis-leading topic
apevecso we don't forget to remove it when new packages is added21:57
dmsimardand what is tackerclient used for anyway ?&21:57
dmsimardI mean, you're just removing the import, but it will stack trace when attempting to use it ?21:58
apevecyes, if you try to use that action21:58
apevecwhich we don't use21:58
apevecso it won't stack trace21:58
apevecthere's work to make actions pluggable in mistral, but that's not there yet21:59
dmsimardapevec: commented21:59
apevecwhat would .patch bring?21:59
apevecit should stay only for a day or so22:00
dmsimardeasier to find and not forget than a TODO hidden in the spec22:00
* dmsimard shrugs22:00
dmsimarddon't have a strong opinion22:00
tristanCapevec: according to governance references, it seems like "hosted" or perhaps "incubated", is the correct term for non-bigtent project hosted on openstack namespace22:00
apevec will make it visible :)22:00
dmsimardapevec: that's for master or mitaka ?22:00
*** DV has joined #rdo22:01
apevectristanC, yep, "hosted" sounds proper22:01
number80apevec: it's documented, so slightly less evil22:02
apevecdmsimard, ah yes, problem with patch is that it might need rebases22:02
dmsimardI guess22:03
*** jubapa has joined #rdo22:03
dmsimarddo what you gotta do, I'm not a fan of hacks like these22:03
apevecDLRN doesn't know or handle -patches branches and I'd like we avoid it22:03
dmsimardI've seen hacks like these forgotten too much :(22:03
dmsimard is still around22:04
apevecso I guess we need tech-dept report score, for all projects, counting  unresolved TODO and FIXME :)22:05
apevectech debt*22:05
apevecthis gnocchi fixme is interesting :)22:05
* apevec git blames22:06
apevecnumber80! :)22:06
number80I blame Jack Daniels for that one :)22:06
apevecbut gnocchi still has that pre-hook, so nothing we can do about it yet?22:07
apevecexcept s/FIXME// ? :)22:08
*** karimb has quit IRC22:08
number80we coul try remove it but unlikely to happen22:09
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC22:09
number80another way would be having package hooks22:09
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/mistral-distgit: TEMP drop unconditional tackerclient import
*** gfidente has quit IRC22:14
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo22:15
*** rcernin has quit IRC22:15
*** tvignaud has quit IRC22:16
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created openstack/designate-distgit: Move designate-manage binary from central to common package
*** fragatina has joined #rdo22:21
*** apevec has quit IRC22:24
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo22:24
*** fragatina has quit IRC22:26
*** tvignaud has joined #rdo22:27
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC22:29
*** pnavarro has quit IRC22:33
*** pilasguru has quit IRC22:37
*** jubapa has quit IRC22:40
*** p01nt3r75 has joined #rdo22:45
*** iranzo has quit IRC22:45
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Add service_providers to neutron server
rdogerritMerged openstack/mistral-distgit: TEMP drop unconditional tackerclient import
dmsimardpuppet-designate and designate in general so broken in RDO :(22:47
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created openstack/designate-distgit: Add python-oslo-reports as a runtime dependency
*** egallen has joined #rdo22:59
*** kaminohana has joined #rdo23:01
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax23:19
*** yfried has joined #rdo23:22
*** fragatina has joined #rdo23:22
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo23:25
*** fragatina has quit IRC23:27
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*** chlong has joined #rdo23:40

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