Monday, 2016-06-20

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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Follow-up on purge patch
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zoli|wfhgood morning07:44
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Refactor manifest execution
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Create Gnocchi legacy resources
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rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Wait indefinitely for neutron-server service
rdogerritMerged openstack/glance-distgit: Increase nofile and nproc limits for the api server
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Refactor manifest execution
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*** ChanServ changes topic to "RDO: An OpenStack Distribution for CentOS/Fedora/RHEL | RDO Doc day, June 16, 17 - | Community meeting is held here every Wednesday at 15:00UTC | Please read our IRC community guidelines: | Logged at"10:40
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: is back up. If you have POST_FAILURE and are missing logs from your CI jobs, please leave a 'recheck'.10:40
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jpenaapevec number80: could you build in CBS? It's needed by openstack-watcher ( bug 1347193 in Package Review "Openstack Watcher service" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to jpena10:46
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apevecjpena, "Watcher is an Infrastructure Optimization service." - what does it do?10:57
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apevecdescription is pure marketing :)10:57
dmelladoapevec: for watcher there are a few intro slides10:58
jpenaapevec: from what I've read, it reads metrics and proposes optimizations (and should also be able to apply them). But danpawlik should know much more :)10:59
jpenait reminds me of vmware DRS somehow11:00
apevecjpena, that python-sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme is just for docs styling?11:00
jpenaapevec: yes, it seems to be needed to build docs11:00
apevecI vaguely remember it might have appeared in some other project, where we patched it out11:01
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apevecjpena, ah yes
jpenaok, then we can fix that one as well11:05
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apevecand probably few more,
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apevecjpena, direct rebuild failed, please add BR setuptools
jpenaapevec: ack11:16
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Refactor manifest execution
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number80apevec: you're ok with merging ?11:28
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number80if people want an unified CLI for DLRN, well, could be in an another review ...11:29
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jpenaapevec: I've uploaded a new build for sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme with python-setuptools as BR11:29
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: cloudkitty-ui: set the tags
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number80fbo, mhu: looks like when we create a new distgit repo in RPM Factory, it still creates a master branch11:33
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apevecnumber80, yep, +W11:35
rdogerritBen Kero created config: jjb: add static ref for puppet-ceph in puppet integration jobs
rdogerritMerged config: jjb: add static ref for puppet-ceph in puppet integration jobs
jpenabtw apevec, I've requested commit ACLs on python-rfc3986. I'd like to add the python3 subpackage, so I can unbreak python-oslo-config in rawhide11:37
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apevecuhm, I own that :)11:38
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number80reminds me to check aodhclient and stuff11:45
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: Follow-up on purge patch
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: jjb: fix module name from puppet-ceph to ceph for puppet int jobs
rdogerritMerged config: jjb: fix module name from puppet-ceph to ceph for puppet int jobs
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mhunumber80, how did you create the repo ?11:53
number80mhu: w/ the scripts from rdo_gating_scripts repo11:54
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mhunumber80, okay looking11:59
tristanCbkero: it seems like puppet-integration jobs are now failing with "Couldn't find git ref for project: certmonger"11:59
bkerotristanC: Yes, I'm actively working on those. :/12:00
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bkerotristanC: The replicated repositories are missing many branches12:00
bkeroand last time I tried adding the missing branches to rdoinfo, people told me to revert it because it would mess with DLRN.12:01
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bkeroSo any advice on how to do that would be appreciated. :)12:01
rdogerritBen Kero created config: jjb: remove certmonger module from puppet integration tests
mhunumber80, that's strange, I see the explicit 'git branch -D master' call in the distgit creation path12:03
mhudid it complete ?12:03
* bkero really should replace the cloning with packages12:03
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number80mhu: yes, I had the issue w/ cloudkitty-dashboard and it used to work12:04
mhunumber80, you didn't get an error message ?12:04
rdogerritMerged config: jjb: remove certmonger module from puppet integration tests
apevecbkero, tristanC - wasn't certmonger removed ?12:05
apevecwhere is that error showing up?12:05
bkeroapevec: yes12:05
bkeroapevec: It's in the puppet integration tests12:05
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/aodh-distgit: Cleanup i18n
bkeroI'm fixing the job definition for it right now12:06
apevecso it was not removed everywhere?12:06
bkeroThe job definition has a list of modules. It was not removed from there.12:07
bkeroThat's what the previous change was doing ^12:07
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-db-distgit: Cleanup i18n
apevecbkero, oh wait, it was not removed but source changed
bkeroapevec: okay12:08
bkeroapevec: The integration tests are using the versions for each release listed upstream. You'll notice certmonger is not on this list:
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apevecoh that's mitaka12:09
apevecin mitaka old fat OPM is used12:10
bkeroYes. You'll notice if you 's|stable/mitaka|master' it is absent there too12:10
apevecso that job should not run on mitaka12:10
number80mhu: nope12:10
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-log-distgit: Cleanup i18n
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bkeroapevec: yes, thank you for your advice12:11
apevecI've left comment in "testing CI" review for posterity :)12:12
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apevecactually we shouldn't even have stable/* branches in puppet/puppet-*  yet12:12
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apevecEmilienM, jayg ^ for your review later :)12:13
*** furlongm has joined #rdo12:13
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-middleware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
bkeroIt would depend on if you actually want to mirror the repos into SF12:13
*** hynekm_ has joined #rdo12:13
bkeroWhen I assume 'mirror' I think 'mirror entire repo' instead of munging branches.12:13
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jaygapevec: agree, doesn't make sense to have those branches in new puppet-distgit repos12:15
apevecbkero, IIRC SF mirroring is configurable per branch12:15
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number80apevec, jschlueter, jjoyce, tvignaud_afk: next batch for RDO stable/mitaka promotion (they passed all weirdo jobs) <- comments?12:15
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apevecfbo, tristanC ^ where/how is upstream mirroring defined in SF ?12:16
bkeroapevec: That configuration is apparently constrained on delorean though12:16
*** ccamacho|lunch has quit IRC12:16
bkeroIIRC upstream mirroring is defined/configured in rdoinfo's yml file12:16
apevecnumber80, paste still loading...12:16
*** itamarl has quit IRC12:16
*** itamarl_ is now known as itamarl12:16
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*** rodrigods has joined #rdo12:17
* tvignaud_afk 'll look12:17
apevecbkero, rdoinfo drives DLRN, but SF is separatetly configured12:17
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:17
apevecnumber80, can you move it to paste.o.o ?12:17
*** albertom has quit IRC12:17
apevecpaste.fpo timed out12:17
number80apevec: sure12:18
*** wfoster_afk is now known as wfoster12:18
*** jdob has joined #rdo12:18
mhunumber80, you had the pb with cloudkitty-dashboard ? Gerrit doesn't show a master branch though;a=summary12:18
fboapevec, it's based on last master of rdoinfo12:18
apevecfbo, is it kept in sync?12:19
number80mhu: I cleaned it up manually as we had a contributor sending a review to the wrong branch12:19
fboapevec, let me check12:19
*** zerick has joined #rdo12:19
mhunumber80, oh ok makes sense now12:19
*** pradk has joined #rdo12:19
*** ryansb has quit IRC12:20
* number80 wants RDO to be the best shelter for cloudkitty cc gpocentek ;-)12:20
*** ryansb has joined #rdo12:20
*** ryansb has joined #rdo12:20
fboapevec, ah it fails since the 17 of June, I'm checking12:20
mhunumber80, did you create other projects since then, and did the problem occur as well ?12:20
*** julim has quit IRC12:20
apevecnumber80, hmm, paste.o.o  hangs too, isitjustme?12:21
number80mhu: let me create a dummy one right now12:21
number80apevec: likely the latter, I access both pastebin serves w/o issues12:21
*** livelace has joined #rdo12:21
mhunumber80, just checked osc-lib-distgit, there's a master there too (created on 06/16)12:21
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo12:22
number80mhu: yeah12:22
*** jaosorior has quit IRC12:22
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo12:22
number80could it be a timeout issue that goes silently?12:23
mhunumber80, I think it would be caught by the exception handler wrapping this code, but clearly it's not working - I'll look more into it12:24
*** albertom has joined #rdo12:24
*** ashw has quit IRC12:25
fboapevec, it fails because swift3 is defined in rdo.yaml but not created on review.rdo12:25
*** bswartz has quit IRC12:26
fboThe log can be find here
*** fultonj has joined #rdo12:26
*** links has joined #rdo12:26
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*** eliska is now known as eliska-mtg12:29
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*** leifmadsen has joined #rdo12:35
jschlueternumber80: looks sane to me, I'll have to make sure get those pulled in after promotion12:37
number80jschlueter: ack12:38
*** xb_ has joined #rdo12:39
*** mengxd_ has joined #rdo12:39
number80still manual process but I can get stable builds promoted faster enough for weekly promotion now12:39
jschlueternumber80: nice!12:40
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:40
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bkeroDo we have a way of defining which puppet modules get rolled into each release besides rdoinfo/rdo.yml?12:42
mhunumber80, fbo and I can't reproduce, we've tried to create a cloudkitty-dashboard project on our preprod instance and the distgit branches were correctly set12:43
number80mhu: well, maybe it's an issue on my end12:43
*** imcleod has joined #rdo12:43
number80I'll be careful next time I import a project12:44
mhunumber80, sorry we can't be of more help, if it happens again try to keep the actions log12:44
*** trozet has quit IRC12:44
rdogerritBen Kero created config: jjb: refactor puppet int job to use rdoinfo for module list
*** jaosorior has quit IRC12:45
bkero^ Replaces the use of upstream's Puppetfile for module versions for the versions mirrored in RDO12:45
EmilienMamoralej|lunch: have you seen ?12:45
number80mhu: well, thanks to you guys, we have a consistent platform, so no complaints :)12:45
*** vimal has quit IRC12:45
number80perfect is the enemy of good12:46
rdogerritMerged config: jjb: refactor puppet int job to use rdoinfo for module list
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: Fix zuul-cloner project path for puppet integration tests
rdogerritMerged config: Fix zuul-cloner project path for puppet integration tests
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*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena13:03
number80apevec, imcsk8: do you have bugzilla scripts to retrieve a list of bugs that has a specific flag?13:04
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:06
*** mvk has joined #rdo13:11
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:12
rdogerritUser danpawlik created rdoinfo: Add package for Openstack Watcher
*** rook has joined #rdo13:12
*** ignatenkobrain has joined #rdo13:13
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Create Gnocchi legacy resources
trownhmm looks like there is some issue with stable/mitaka neutron... anyone looking into it?13:17
trownseems all mitaka promotes have been failing since friday
*** dbrandon has quit IRC13:18
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej13:18
*** tshefi has joined #rdo13:19
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo13:19
amoralejEmilienM, yes, i left a message in #openstack-sdks, authentication with admin_token is working fine, but using user/password/project is failing
amoralejdid you test it?13:19
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo13:19
*** vaneldik has quit IRC13:20
*** aortega has quit IRC13:20
trownapevec: number80, I think neutron started failing on stable/mitaka after
EmilienMamoralej: not yet13:21
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo13:21
trownapevec: number80, it is either that, or investigating13:21
number80trown: ack13:22
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk13:22
*** aortega has joined #rdo13:23
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*** bswartz has joined #rdo13:26
*** osp has joined #rdo13:27
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-privsep-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** julim has joined #rdo13:29
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-utils-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** julim has quit IRC13:29
*** vaneldik has quit IRC13:30
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-versionedobjects-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** belmoreira has joined #rdo13:30
*** permalac__ has joined #rdo13:30
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rdogerritUser danpawlik proposed rdoinfo: Add package for Openstack Watcher
*** jeckersb is now known as jeckersb_gone13:31
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-vmware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Cleanup i18n
number80mhu: finally got this error with watcher13:32
number80apparently gerrit has still master as its default branch set at this moment13:32
number80so it can't be deleted13:32
apevecnumber80, you can change default branch and delete it in gerrit adminui13:33
*** rdogerrit has quit IRC13:33
*** rdogerrit has joined #rdo13:33
number80apevec: yes, and then also remove it on github13:34
*** iberezovskiy_ is now known as iberezovskiy13:34
apevecright, branch deletion is not replicated13:34
number80well, not a high priority bug, but something we need to check when creating projects13:34
apevecwe'd better debug that script13:34
number80I'm adding this to the README until then13:35
rascapradk, hi, I just opened this and since this seems to be problem about the requirements of the package I just want to hear from you if it sounds fine13:35 bug 1348222 in openstack-ceilometer "Unable to start ceilometer-central and gnocchi since redis module is missing on controller" [High,New] - Assigned to augol13:35
*** shaunm has quit IRC13:35
apevectrown, designate dns driver is unlikely root cause, do you have log w/ actual failure?13:36
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb13:36
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:36
rdogerrithguemar created config: Import watcher
*** eliska-mtg is now known as eliska13:37
apevec^ let's use "add-PROJECT" topic for reviews  during project import13:37
*** flepied has quit IRC13:38
*** trozet has quit IRC13:38
*** enikher has joined #rdo13:38
trownapevec: just got a reproducer up, CI logs did not have much because neutron-server is insta-failing so the log doesnt even get created13:38
number80apevec: wfm13:39
*** aortega has quit IRC13:39
dmsimardhello #rdo13:39
EmilienMamoralej: I'm investigating a zuul layout issue now13:39
number80dmsimard: o/13:39
EmilienMamoralej: xenial jobs should not be run on stable/mitaka13:39
EmilienMdmsimard: yo13:39
amoralejok EmilienM13:39
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|afk13:40
amoralejshould i abandon the review already?13:40
*** jschwarz has quit IRC13:40
trownapevec: not really much in the way of logs, neutron-server insta-fails with but when I remove that line and reload  the systemd unit file, neutron-server starts fine13:41
*** raissa_ is now known as raissa13:42
trownapevec: a bit odd it does not happen on liberty with the same patch though13:42
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC13:42
dmsimardtristanC: So trystack doesn't have nested virtualization enabled, jobs are taking forever there when nested virt is involved. What do you think would be the best approach to send virt jobs to rcip ?13:43
dmsimardI think ideally we would "prefer" non-virt jobs on trystack and "prefer" virt jobs on rcipà13:43
*** rbowen has joined #rdo13:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen13:43
dmsimardthey will enable nested virtualization once they upgrade to mitaka13:44
trownapevec: is all I get wrt logs13:44
dmsimardsoon (tm)13:44
trownit is like infinity is tranlating to 013:44
jlibosvatrown: does it mean it fails immediately?13:44
trownjlibosva: ya13:44
tristanCdmsimard: using nodelabel?13:44
dmsimardtristanC: I'm not super familiar with advanced nodepool usage so I hoped you could provide some guidance :)13:45
rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/aodh-distgit: openstack-aodh: failed to build 2c2b3f3
trownoh I see the liberty cherry-pick just merged a few hours ago, I expect the next liberty promote will fail the same way13:45
*** enriquetaso has joined #rdo13:46
tristanCdmsimard: i'll submit an example change on config-repo13:46
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo13:48
tristanCdmsimard: ho well, if virt job are attached to the "rdo-centos7-liberty" image label, then just remove that label from trystack provider, then nested virt job won't spawn there13:48
*** yolanda has quit IRC13:49
dmsimardtristanC: so you'd take an image-based approach ?13:49
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:49
dmsimardthat's what I would've done but I figured there would've been a better way13:50
tristanCdmsimard: well label, jobs are associated to label, and nodepool spawn required label to custom list of provider13:50
tristanCdmsimard: this should fix your issue:
*** ppowell has joined #rdo13:50
*** DV_ has joined #rdo13:50
dmsimardtristanC: actually weirdo jobs are set to use the bare centos7 image13:50
*** eggmaster has joined #rdo13:51
jlibosvatrown: it must be failing in master too but master will keep restarting13:51
dmsimardI don't know of actual jobs that use that liberty image, that's what you guys tried setting up with packstack and stuff13:51
jlibosvatrown: the infinity word must be in apostrophes13:51
EmilienMamoralej: do we have a way to pin openstack client and the lib until we sort things out upstream?13:51
EmilienMamoralej: it's really blocking now13:51
jlibosvaapevec: trown I'm gonna send patches soon13:52
tristanCdmsimard: it seems like you should use a special label for nested-virt, if you don't use rdo-centos7 label then they should be removed to reduce the load on cloud providers13:52
*** abehl has quit IRC13:52
trownjlibosva: awesome thanks!13:52
tristanCdmsimard: how about a "libvirt-centos-7" label for weirdo ?13:52
amoralejapevec, ^^ do we have a way to pin openstack client and the lib until we sort things out upstream?, is there any trick we can do?13:53
dmsimardtristanC: *I* don't use the liberty image, I don't really know if it's used anywhere13:53
*** anshul has joined #rdo13:53
dmsimardI believe it may be used in the puppet and packstack jobs for the projects (non distgit)13:54
rdogerritJakub Libosvar created openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
amoralejto have a known-good commit in current and consistent links13:54
*** anshul is now known as Guest5259513:54
*** richm has joined #rdo13:54
trownjlibosva: I just confirmed in my env, that TimeoutStartSec='infinity'  does indeed fix the issue13:54
dmsimardEmilienM: did you test dtroyer's fix ?13:54
dmsimardfor osc keystone ?13:54
EmilienMdmsimard: no, but amoralej did13:55
tristanCdmsimard: hum, then the nodepool label usage could be refactored to consolidate those uses-case.13:55
jlibosvatrown: I learned a lesson today13:55
dmsimardwhat's the verdict13:55
*** trozet has joined #rdo13:55
*** chandankumar has quit IRC13:55
amoralejdmsimard, i tested and it fixed the admin_token authentication but broke the user/password/tenant13:55
dmsimardhaha omg13:55
trownjlibosva: that is a bit weird given nothing else in the unit file needs quotes, but I guess it is because that var takes an integer usually13:55
EmilienMalmost 10 days...13:55
EmilienM10 days without promotion13:56
trownEmilienM: ya still issues with OSC13:56
amoralejbut EmilienM, feel free to re-test it just in case13:56
*** jhershbe has quit IRC13:56
dmsimardtristanC: so what I have in mind is to replace those custom packstack and puppet jobs by weirdo entirely and put relevant scenarios on relevant projects (i.e, test scenarios involving cinder on cinder-distgit, etc.)13:56
rdogerritJakub Libosvar created openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
dmsimardtristanC: but to do that we need to chat about distgit dlrn repos in zuul and stuff13:57
*** tosky has quit IRC13:57
amoralejone think we may do is to clone the repo in a desired commit into another github and change rdoinfo repo, but... i don't like it very much13:57
rdogerritJakub Libosvar created openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
*** jlibosva has quit IRC13:57
tristanCdmsimard: understood, note that there is fine line to draw in the sand between having specialized image, or using a generic bare image and install packages for each job13:57
EmilienMamoralej: I'm testing it today13:57
amoralejok, can i see the logs of the jobs?, to verify you get the same result13:58
number80trown: latest neutron review ^13:58
trownnumber80: yep, +213:58
dmsimardtristanC: ack, optimized images are good but for example weirdo runs newton and mitaka jobs (and eventually ocata as well) so we need to keep that in mind13:58
tristanCdmsimard: though, i hihgly recommend to pre-install pip thing like ansible, or 50+ dependencies thing like libvirtd or puppet. assuming that's not something you test in rdo ci.13:59
number80then, I'll issue a new neutron build13:59
trownnumber80: oh that made it to a CBS build?13:59
*** oshvartz has quit IRC13:59
dmsimardtristanC: yeah I actually added some packages last week to our "bare" image13:59
tristanCdmsimard: and you could have label suffix to cap requirements, e.g. libvirt-centos-mitaka14:00
number80trown: not sure, yet14:00
number80(all I can say is current testing was passing weirdo generic jobs + packstack deployments were running fine)14:00
bkerofbo: Could I get you to give me access to a failing test node?14:01
bkerotristanC: ^ perhaps you could help?14:01
*** yolanda has joined #rdo14:01
trownnumber80: k... if weirdo jobs passed with that packaging change... they are not testing that packaging change14:02
trownit is 100% broken, and very obviously so14:02
tristanCdmsimard: should we start a rdo-list thread to propose some convenient label and job re-assignment ?14:02
tristanCbkero: yep, let me grab a running slave id14:02
rdogerritBen Kero created config: Manually manage puppet package for puppet integration tests
rdogerritMerged config: Manually manage puppet package for puppet integration tests
*** tosky has joined #rdo14:03
bkerotristanC: can I grab the slave from ?14:03
dmsimardtristanC: I'll recover the list of non-openstack packages that are installed from CentOS base OS (not from RDO repos) and make sure they're installed14:04
number80I have a script launching weirdo jobs w/ updates pending + testing, so no excuses to promote untested builds14:04
dmsimardnumber80: awesome :)14:04
*** mengxd_ has quit IRC14:04
*** eharney has joined #rdo14:04
dmsimardnumber80: are you using ci.centos ?14:04
tristanCbkero: #45 is on hold, can you pv your public key ?14:04
*** akrivoka has quit IRC14:05
number80dmsimard: yes, it's few lines using python-jenkins to tell to run them for me14:05
number80I could run it locally but I prefer publicly viewable results14:05
*** milan has joined #rdo14:05
bkerotristanC: PM'd14:05
jpenatrown dmsimard EmilienM: about the DLRN instance migration, we now have current and consistent symlinks in the new infra. Should we migrate the DNS now or wait until the openstackclient issues are solved (to avoid adding noise)?14:05
dmsimardnumber80: yeah that's fine14:05
EmilienMjpena: ok for me to migrate14:06
dmsimardjpena: if we move to the new dlrn we'll have the fix faster cause there's less lag, something to consider14:06
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo14:06
dmsimardhowever I might need to manually resync the current-passed-ci and tripleo symlinks14:07
number80dmsimard: goal is to have a more complete script, if all jobs pass => automated tagging14:07
tristanCdmsimard: so let's keep bare with just zuul-cloner pre-installed, and let's create a new label for weirdo requirements14:07
dmsimardnumber80: could this run from an actual job ?14:07
*** myoung|afk is now known as myoung14:07
number80dmsimard: at some point, yes, in RPMFactory. But workflow will be slightly different14:08
number80as I'm doing it between other tasks, it's slowly moving but steadily14:08
*** trozet has quit IRC14:08
*** eliska has quit IRC14:09
*** enikher has quit IRC14:09
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo14:09
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_brb14:09
*** trown is now known as trown|brb14:09
number80first, make sure that we don't forget to package newer upstream releases, then, reduce stable promotions lead time, and then use the freed time to have a more robust workflow14:09
number80we can't stop the production line, so it has to be incremental changes14:10
*** zoli|afk is now known as zoli|wfh14:11
*** itxaka|out is now known as itxaka14:13
*** Amita has quit IRC14:13
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo14:14
*** Poornima has quit IRC14:14
*** pilasguru has quit IRC14:14
*** danpawlik has quit IRC14:15
rdogerritpkilambi created openstack/aodh-distgit: Added aodh-data-migration to openstack-aodh-common
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo14:15
trown|brbdmsimard: I disabled master promote... no point until we have OSC issue resolved14:18
*** trown|brb is now known as trown14:18
*** enikher has joined #rdo14:18
*** brandor5 has joined #rdo14:19
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC14:20
*** jrist has joined #rdo14:20
*** aortega has joined #rdo14:21
*** jrist has quit IRC14:22
*** jrist has joined #rdo14:22
dmsimardtrown: ack14:22
*** enriquetaso has left #rdo14:23
*** scorcoran_brb is now known as scorcoran14:24
*** egallen has quit IRC14:25
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes14:25
rdogerritUser danpawlik proposed rdoinfo: Add package for Openstack Watcher
*** ohamada_ has quit IRC14:28
*** brandor5 has left #rdo14:30
apevectrown, amoralej - ok, please give me last known good osc commit, I'll push it to a temp branch on redhat-openstack/python-openstackclient14:32
amoraleji'm preparing it14:32
apevecthen we temp switch rdoinfo to it14:32
*** edannon has quit IRC14:32
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
*** ohamada has joined #rdo14:32
*** Liuqing has quit IRC14:34
*** julim has joined #rdo14:34
apevectrown, amoralej, thinking more of it, I think we should just push latest release tag14:35
apevecthat's what upstream CI is testing right?14:35
trownapevec: +114:35
amoralejok apevec14:35
amoralejcommit a84a90592bb680a63ecfc0b0957e6066b161f375 should be ok14:36
*** pnavarro has joined #rdo14:36
amoralejbut, probably latest release tag is safer14:36
apeveclast release is 2.6.0 ?14:36
amoralejthey have been doing lot of tests14:36
amoralejlot of changes, i meant14:36
apevecwhen was osc-lib dep introduced?14:37
*** abregman has quit IRC14:37
amoralejafter 2.6.014:37
apevecyep, 2.6.1.dev1614:37
mhunumber80, fbo ok so after further testing the likely culprit is an incorrect gerrit password in your command14:38
mhuto generate a password, go to the dashboard on the GUI and click the little lock14:39
number80mhu: this is the admin password, though14:39
mhunumber80, there are 2 passwords: the admin password, and the gerrit API password14:39
number80yeah, I just remembered, Ok,i'll regenerate a new one14:40
*** gkadam has quit IRC14:40
*** enikher has quit IRC14:41
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Fix TimeoutStartSec not having apostrophes
apevectrown, amoralej, what's the OSC LP#, I'll put it in a comment in rdoinfo14:42
apevec ?14:43
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593664 in python-openstackclient "openstackclient fails with --os-token and --os-url" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dean Troyer (dtroyer)14:43
amoralejthat's it apevec14:43
*** enikher has joined #rdo14:43
*** enikher has left #rdo14:43
amoralejand it's the proposed fix14:44
amoralejbut not ready yet14:44
rdogerritAlan Pevec created rdoinfo: TEMP pin openstackclient 2.6.0
apevecamoralej, trown ^ untested rdoinfo change14:44
EmilienMamoralej: I'm currently testing the patch14:45
*** paramite has joined #rdo14:45
apevecamoralej, ok, proposed fix is linked in LP14:45
*** belmoreira has quit IRC14:46
*** belmoreira has joined #rdo14:47
*** ayoung has quit IRC14:48
*** vaneldik has quit IRC14:48
*** shaunm has joined #rdo14:49
*** rdas has quit IRC14:50
EmilienMapevec: are we sure project do not need oslib?14:52
EmilienMif we pin os-client, do we need os-lib?14:52
*** egallen has joined #rdo14:53
amoralejwe don't need it14:53
rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Added aodh-data-migration to openstack-aodh-common
amoralejfor the pinned version14:53
*** yolanda has quit IRC14:54
EmilienMamoralej: but projects? (nova, etc)14:55
apevecEmilienM, osc-lib stays14:56
apevecit will be just unused14:56
EmilienMwe'll see14:56
apevecthis is only a temporary pin to unblock us until upstream fix is done14:56
*** pgadiya has quit IRC14:59
dmsimardapevec: meeting14:59
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Add package for Openstack Watcher
number80amoralej, trown: pinned version for osc-lib in rdoinfo is approved14:59
apevecosc, not osc-lib15:00
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo: TEMP pin openstackclient 2.6.0
apevec(rebase for fast-fwd)15:01
number80apevec: yep, I have osc-lib in another tab15:01
*** rpioso has joined #rdo15:02
apevechmm, which one is osc-lib?15:02
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: TEMP pin openstackclient 2.6.0
rdogerrithguemar proposed config: Import watcher
dmsimardtrown: meeting15:02
*** satya4ever has quit IRC15:03
amoraleji think we have to remove the directory in trunk.r.o for the url change, i'll wait until the current run of dlrn is finished15:03
jpenaamoralej: yes. That should be fixed with a dlrn change, but it's not in the old server for sure15:04
amoralejyes, i just checked15:05
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch15:05
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown|mtg15:05
*** myoung is now known as myoung|mtg15:06
number80apevec, flepied: interesting discussion on #centos-devel15:07
number80basically, we're looking how to integrate jenkins w/ CBS and make it easier to automate builds15:07
amoralejjpena, it's not in the new server, can i update it for centos-master and test it ?15:07
number80please look forward next mail from bstinson on the centos-devel list15:07
jpenaamoralej: yes, it shouldn't break anything (and we tested it)15:08
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo15:08
number80(basically, it would be something based upon w/ a dedicated user for
number80whoever is interested in watcher =>
number80(sorry, I can't map name to the irc nick)15:11
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:11
*** dprince has quit IRC15:13
rdogerritMerged config: Import watcher
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:16
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo15:17
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo15:17
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-vmware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
number80amoralej: important thing => when you require lang subpackage, please use '=' instead of '>='15:20
number80I likely missed that in other reviews15:20
amoraleji did that on purpose15:20
number80so I'll recheck them15:20
amoralejto be able to have different versions of py2 and py3 in the same machine15:20
number80both can require the same package15:21
number80Requires:       python-%{pkg_name}-lang = %{version}-%{release}15:21
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:22
amoralejhaving >= you could have python2-oslo-test-1.0.0 and python3-oslo-test-1.0.115:22
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:22
amoralejhaving -lang-1.0.115:22
number80yes, but that could break if l10n changes15:22
number80we don't support having py2 and py3 subpackages from a different sources versions15:23
amoralejbut l10n translations search are always "lazy", shouldn't break15:24
number80I'd rather not rely on upstream not to change strings15:24
amoralejbut if we don't support having different version-release of py2 and py3 subpackages15:24
number80what i mean by break, is that the string would be displayed untranslated because, someone changed punctuation and gettext can't map it15:24
amoralejyeap, sure, that could happen15:25
*** aortega has quit IRC15:26
*** Tenhi_ has joined #rdo15:27
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC15:27
*** ade_b has quit IRC15:28
*** ohamada has quit IRC15:28
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:28
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*** enikher1 has joined #rdo15:30
*** enikher1 has left #rdo15:30
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:30
*** spr1 has joined #rdo15:32
*** ohamada has joined #rdo15:32
rdogerritMerged openstack/nova-distgit: Add missing dependency to python-crypto
*** Marquis42 has joined #rdo15:33
*** Tenhi_ has quit IRC15:34
dmsimardtrown|mtg: I like your shirt :p15:35
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-versionedobjects-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-vmware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
dmsimardapevec, weshay, trown|mtg, etc: Have to drop out of meeting, picking up kid.15:37
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-utils-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-privsep-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-middleware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
number80apevec: after you meeting, could you explain the difference between rdo-release and centos-release-openstack ?15:41
number80(it seems that centos-release-openstack is lagging especially liberty one)15:41
*** alexismonville has quit IRC15:42
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo15:42
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-log-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** itamarl has quit IRC15:43
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-db-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** pcaruana has quit IRC15:45
amoralejjpena, your url-change patch works fine15:46
jpenaamoralej: I knew it :P15:46
amoraleji'll update all workers in new server15:47
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo15:48
*** devvesa has quit IRC15:49
EmilienMamoralej: Debug: Puppet::Provider::Openstack: Non-fatal error: 'Execution of '/bin/openstack project list --quiet --format csv --long' returned 1: 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'url''. Retrying for 60 more seconds15:49
EmilienMwith the patch15:49
EmilienMyou, same?15:49
*** yfried has quit IRC15:49
*** trozet has joined #rdo15:49
amoralejnop, different error15:50
amoralejcan i see the log?15:50
EmilienMamoralej: it's on my machine, let me continue debug15:51
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo15:52
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: Change dependency for -lang from '>=' to '='
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:55
*** Guest52595 has quit IRC15:57
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:57
*** jaosorior has quit IRC15:58
*** xinwu has joined #rdo16:00
*** rbradfor_ is now known as rbradfor16:01
apevecamoralej, was osc 2.6.0 built?16:01
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo16:01
*** trozet has quit IRC16:02
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Refactor manifest execution
amoralejnot yet, but i'm monitoring16:02
amoralejthe old run is still ongoing16:02
apevecjpena, do we have your fix for changed git url in prod DLRN ?16:03
jpenaapevec: only in the new server, amoralej was checking it16:03
*** brig-man has quit IRC16:03
amoralejapevec, in the old one, i'll remove the directory after the current run finishes16:04
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: Change dependency for -lang from '>=' to '='
*** nehar has joined #rdo16:10
*** tumble has quit IRC16:11
pkovarjpena: hi, i'm trying to clean up outdated docs on -- could you help me verify that these two docs are safe to be removed?16:11
*** mlammon is now known as mlammon_food16:11
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-vmware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-utils-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** alexismonville has quit IRC16:12
pkovarnot really sure to what degree it duplicates upstream docs, jpena16:12
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-versionedobjects-distgit: Cleanup i18n
*** ushkalim has quit IRC16:13
*** racedo has joined #rdo16:13
*** xinwu has quit IRC16:15
*** garrett has quit IRC16:15
jpenapkovar: I think they could be removed, they're quite outdated. We could point readers to the upstream HA guide and the doc produced by beekhof and myself at
*** derekh has quit IRC16:17
*** dbrandon has joined #rdo16:18
*** toanju has quit IRC16:18
pkovarjpena: thanks. pointing to that upstream doc sounds like a good idea16:18
*** jlibosva has quit IRC16:19
imcsk8jpena: still around?16:22
chandankumarrbowen, ping pm?16:22
jpenaimcsk8: yep16:23
imcsk8we're supossed to have sprint planning but i'm not sure if we have enough quorum16:23
imcsk8the important topic is the refactor16:24
jpenaimcsk8: yes, I've checked the new bugs and we only have 2. Let's focus on getting the refactor done, then we can fix the remaining topics on top of that16:25
imcsk8jpena: yup16:26
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|away16:26
imcsk8i've noticed that people is using it multinode16:27
jpenaeven with unsupported options :)16:27
imcsk8yeah, like the storage host16:27
jpenathat's something to discuss, actually. The refactor assumes that storage host == controller host16:27
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:28
jpenait would take some effort to extract the storage part out, to a dedicated storage manifest16:28
*** dprince has joined #rdo16:28
imcsk8it seems that packstack is being used in mode ways than the ones it's being focused on16:28
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo16:29
jpenawell, that's expected, people always find different ways to use software16:29
jpenaI'm only wondering if it would make sense for us to support that use case16:29
*** snecklifter has quit IRC16:29
imcsk8jpena: i'm not shure, i think it's useful16:30
*** ibravo has joined #rdo16:30
imcsk8but not it's not oriented towards packstack's intended goal16:30
amoralejthe question is if it's useful for the packstack PoC use case16:31
imcsk8the problem is that peple are not using packstack for PoC16:31
*** ppowell has quit IRC16:31
amoralejyeap, but that's what the goal should be, right?16:32
imcsk8yeah but if we remove features from packstack with the PoC argument (there can be multinode PoC BTW) we're gonna leave people with no tool for their work16:32
imcsk8people that are on the field16:33
*** mvk has quit IRC16:33
*** yolanda has joined #rdo16:33
imcsk8i know that packstack is planned to be taken out of the picture, but there's nothing to fill the gap16:34
amoralejthe way should be a smooth transition to tripleo for that people16:34
imcsk8the big problem here is: do they want/need to transition?16:35
*** nehar has quit IRC16:35
*** julim has quit IRC16:35
imcsk8same happened with the staypuft thingy16:35
imcsk8my concert here is: why is people using packstack in the field even if they know it's PoC tool and there are other options recommended for production16:36
* number80 will be off for few hours16:37
*** ohamada has quit IRC16:37
amoralejwell, i think the big problem is the people that can't transition because tripleo doesn't cover their requirements16:38
*** julim has joined #rdo16:38
jschlueterpackstack scales down to test env on a run of the mill laptop, tripleo you really need virthost with 16GB of ram just to test it16:38
*** ayoung has joined #rdo16:38
jschlueterfor me it would be hardware requirements for even doing install testing16:38
*** jpich has quit IRC16:39
*** trozet has joined #rdo16:39
imcsk8i would add the undercloud overcloud concepts introudction16:39
amoralejyes, but the case of separate storage servers is not the one for people being short of hardware, which i think it's a good use case for packstack16:40
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:41
*** mcornea has joined #rdo16:41
amoraleji understand that separate storage servers is usefull for users with multiple hardware servers16:41
amoralejthat want to scale out16:41
amoraleji'm not sure if it's something to cover with packstack16:42
jpenait's a narrow use case: people who want to use Packstack for a production-like deployment, without HA requirements16:42
imcsk8that's valid if we where designing pacsktack, we're talking about removing a working (but usupported) feature16:42
tristanCbkero: oh, puppet integration is now failing because of a selinux error when beam write its tls certificate :)16:42
amoralejthe bad point is that, afaik, it's something that can't be done with tripleo neither16:42
*** itxaka has quit IRC16:42
bkerotristanC: I don't believe that's the actual error. That is a problem, but selinux is set to permissive.16:42
bkeroI think the actual problem is earlier: Command timeout exceeded doing neutron stuff.16:42
bkeroError: /Stage[main]/Neutron::Db::Sync/Exec[neutron-db-sync]: Failed to call refresh: Command exceeded timeout16:43
bkeroEmilienM: Ever see that before? ^16:43
jpenaimcsk8 amoralej: TBH, I'd love to support that, but I understand it should fall under the "best effort" case, and be reintroduced only if/when someone has enough time for itr16:43
tristanCbkero: oh right, puppet apply failed before too16:43
*** dtrainor has quit IRC16:43
imcsk8jpena: i can add it to your patch on a sepparate review16:43
EmilienMbkero: a resource is failing for sure. What are you deploying? Can I see the manifest? and the whole puppet catalog log with --debug option16:43
* EmilienM afk lunch now16:44
bkeronova-db-sync and neutron-db-sync are failing16:44
*** ihrachys has quit IRC16:44
bkeroIt's just running scenario00116:44
amoralejjpena, imcsk8, +1 to add a review for that later, i wouldn't block current refactoring for the storage-node issue16:44
bkeroagainst master (hopefully newton)16:44
imcsk8i have the code fresh from my previuous effort and from checking your patch16:44
imcsk8amoralej: +116:45
bkeroEmilienM: job definition is here:;a=blob;f=jobs/puppet.yaml;h=dd81f7b80e435343a8b8880b4b3e8a129fae3368;hb=HEAD#l9116:45
EmilienMbkero: can I see logs?16:45
EmilienMbkero: job logs (/var/log/*)16:46
bkeroEmilienM: I'll need to run it again and need tristanC's help to keep the slave alive to get logs.16:46
imcsk8amoralej, jpena  i'll work on that in parallel to the refactor patch16:46
EmilienMbkero: yeah, need syslog/messages16:46
bkerotristanC: can I get logs for ?16:46
tristanCbkero: yep, i'll add the swift publisher for puppet job16:46
bkeroMore build log artifacts would be fantastic :)16:47
bkerotristanC: or rather, add my key for that job and I can publish logs manually until it's implemented16:47
tristanCbkero: well the publisher will upload the "artifacts" directory, we'll also need to copy /var/log/* before running the publisher16:47
* bkero nods16:47
bkeroEmilienM: also in the last build log there's a beam selinux violation at the end16:48
bkeroI wonder if we need to update policy definitions16:48
EmilienMbkero: see the script
EmilienMfor copying logs16:48
EmilienMbkero: yes, look this for selinxu
bkeroOk, cool. That will be useful.16:49
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:49
EmilienMok /me really afk now, bbl16:49
* bkero waves16:49
bkeroThanks for the info.16:49
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo16:50
*** iberezovskiy is now known as iberezovskiy|off16:51
*** rcernin has joined #rdo16:53
*** abregman has joined #rdo16:53
bkerotristanC: is there a log publisher pattern that we follow for r.r.o?16:57
bkeroor are you working on sometihng?16:57
*** richm has quit IRC16:59
*** mcornea has quit IRC17:00
bkerotristanC: we should run the script that EmilienM posted, which is located in ${WORKSPACE}/puppet-openstack-integration17:01
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo17:03
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo17:03
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:03
bkerocommented on the issue17:03
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk17:03
*** paragan has quit IRC17:04
*** myoung|mtg is now known as myoung17:04
*** jaosorior has quit IRC17:05
*** karimb has quit IRC17:09
*** dgurtner has quit IRC17:11
*** spr1 has quit IRC17:13
*** spr1 has joined #rdo17:13
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:17
*** spr1 has quit IRC17:18
*** rcernin has quit IRC17:18
apevec - swift3 is not created?17:19
apevecit should be created first then rdoinfo merged17:20
*** akshai has joined #rdo17:21
*** pilasguru has quit IRC17:21
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo17:21
*** gszasz has quit IRC17:25
bkerotristanC: w00t, thanks17:27
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_afk17:29
*** akshai_ has joined #rdo17:30
*** trown|mtg is now known as trown17:32
*** akshai has quit IRC17:33
tristanCbkero: how is 1471 patchset 5 looking to you ?17:33
*** abregman is now known as abregman|afk17:33
*** jlabocki has joined #rdo17:33
*** racedo has quit IRC17:34
*** dprince has quit IRC17:35
bkerotristanC: lgtm17:35
bkeroIdeally we have a generic one for the -spec and -lint jobs17:35
*** dprince has joined #rdo17:35
*** xinwu has joined #rdo17:36
*** mlammon_food is now known as mlammon17:36
tristanClet's check if this one work before adding more publisher. ideally the job could also be adapted so that they store full output in artifacts directory17:36
*** mvk has joined #rdo17:38
tristanCbkero: something like "puppet --debug 2>&1 | tee artifacts/puppet.log | grep '\(Info:\|Warning:\|Error:\)'"17:38
*** scorcoran_afk is now known as scorcoran17:39
bkerotristanC: There are a lot of puppet calls that are running from upstream scripts17:40
EmilienMyou should run puppet with : --detailed-exitcodes --color=false --test --trace17:40
bkeroWe can add arguments to it, but teeing it is tricky17:40
EmilienMand keep all logs from ^17:40
bkeroEmilienM: We are doing that17:40
EmilienMdo not try to grep it17:40
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg17:40
EmilienMall infos are really useful when debugging17:40
bkeroYeah, we're dealing with ruby backtraces in this case17:41
*** ibravo has quit IRC17:41
*** ibravo has joined #rdo17:42
bkeroThe puppet run is being collected in the jenkins build log, is it also necessary to put it in the build artifacts? If so, how do we do that?17:42
tristanCEmilienM: well the idea is to keep console log simple but publish the verbose output to swift in case a failure needs deeper investigation17:42
bkeroI think the console log is okay for length. It's really not that long.17:43
* bkero grabs a meal17:43
*** ccamacho|away is now known as ccamacho17:44
*** itamarl has joined #rdo17:46
*** ppowell has joined #rdo17:48
*** mvk_ has joined #rdo17:50
*** rcernin has joined #rdo17:52
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:53
*** mvk has quit IRC17:53
*** mvk has joined #rdo17:54
*** tosky has quit IRC17:55
*** mkrcmari__ has joined #rdo17:55
*** mvk_ has quit IRC17:57
*** mvk has quit IRC17:57
*** jrgnmonk has joined #rdo17:57
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*** ibravo has joined #rdo18:02
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*** ifarkas has joined #rdo18:02
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*** ibravo has joined #rdo18:04
*** fragatina has quit IRC18:05
*** myoung is now known as myoung|lunch18:06
*** mkrcmari__ has joined #rdo18:07
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*** lkuchlan has joined #rdo18:08
*** jtomasek has quit IRC18:09
*** xinwu has quit IRC18:12
*** jrgnmonk has quit IRC18:15
EmilienMapevec: are supposed to have python-openstackclient 2.6.0 ?18:18
EmilienMI still see 2.6.1 in recent builds
apevecEmilienM, rdoinfo change was merged, amoralej was watching DLRN build18:24
apevecit was still running previous cycle last I checked?18:24
EmilienMah ok18:24
amoralejI'm on it EmilienM, it should be built on this run18:24
amoralejbut it's slow18:24
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo18:25
apevecit is still old DLRN ?18:25
apevecwas it built already on DLRN in ci.centos?18:26
*** shivrao has left #rdo18:26
amoralejnot, they are at the same point18:27
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller18:28
apevecamoralej, ehh, it will also require messing with db, commit 7dc2e1dc08b0692a3accb343c62451fb3d83f4cd (tag 2.6.0) was already built :(18:29
amoralejyes, but with a different distgit commit hash18:29
amoralejthere has been a commit in distgit since it was built18:29
amoralejso i expect it will see it as a different one, am i wrong?18:30
amoralejif not i'll remove from db and execute with --package-name18:30
apevecamoralej, you're right!18:30
apevecit was built with 40131b9c930c86297d6bc9438d4c5c1e4b69b13318:30
*** dprince has quit IRC18:31
apevecwhich is now HEAD~118:31
*** karimb has joined #rdo18:31
apevecso it will get rebuilt with
*** dprince has joined #rdo18:32
*** hewbrocca-afk is now known as hewbrocca18:33
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC18:34
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo18:36
*** sbezverk_ has quit IRC18:36
*** rbowen has quit IRC18:38
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:38
*** danpawlik has joined #rdo18:39
*** scorcoran has quit IRC18:40
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk18:43
*** alexismonville has quit IRC18:47
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo18:48
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo18:48
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo18:50
*** chandankumar has quit IRC18:53
cpghi, i’m seeing failed snapshots .. here is what i think is the error:
cpgany insights?18:55
*** dpeacock has quit IRC18:56
*** zaneb has quit IRC18:56
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo18:56
*** dprince has quit IRC19:02
*** ihrachys has quit IRC19:02
amoralejapevec, it's not working as expected, it didn't build the package19:07
*** fragatina has joined #rdo19:07
*** myoung|lunch is now known as myoung19:07
*** ppowell has quit IRC19:12
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC19:13
*** itamarl has quit IRC19:16
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo19:17
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*** ifarkas has quit IRC19:26
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|brb19:33
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo19:38
*** jlabocki has quit IRC19:39
*** pilasguru has quit IRC19:40
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru19:40
*** akshai_ has quit IRC19:43
apevecamoralej|brb, hmm, then we have a bug in dlrn?19:43
jschlueternumber80: python-pysocks ... can someone look about updating now that a number of the issues opened against upstream project have been closed ...19:46
jschlueterpython-pysocks has TODO entries left and right in the packaging19:46
*** alexismonville has quit IRC19:47
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo19:49
*** akshai has joined #rdo19:51
trowndid we get pinned OSC on master yet? I don't see any builds of it on
trownoh... ignore me, read up19:52
trownI wonder if it is not buiding because it is not newer19:52
*** richm has joined #rdo19:54
*** jayg is now known as jayg|g0n319:58
*** akshai has quit IRC19:59
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*** akshai has joined #rdo20:00
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*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo20:02
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*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru20:29
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*** flepied has joined #rdo20:32
amoralejyes trown, that's what it looks like20:32
*** gfidente is now known as gfidente|afk20:33
*** sbezverk has joined #rdo20:34
*** komputes_ has quit IRC20:37
*** tumble has joined #rdo20:38
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*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb20:40
imcsk8apevec: are you around?20:43
*** rbowen has joined #rdo20:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen20:43
cpghi, i have lost the ability to run snapshots in instances20:43
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww20:43
cpgtrying to sort out why and looking for advice/tips20:43
apevecamoralej, but still, I consider that dlrn bug, it should take dist hash into account20:44
apevecimcsk8, yeah, for a little bit20:44
*** ibravo2 has joined #rdo20:44
amoralejit's not picked even if i use --package-name20:44
amoralejand delete the old build for the same commit from db20:44
apevecamoralej, I'll remove that commit from commits.db, disabling it in cron to be safe20:45
amoraleji've remove it yet20:45
imcsk8apevec: this is no veroy important, i was thinking on bumping packstack version so it's the same as OSP version20:45
amoralejbut not disable cron20:45
amoralejonly in the new server, that i'm trying to figure out how to fix it20:45
apevecamoralej, db is not written all the time so it should be fine20:46
apevecso you removed that commit and still didn't build?20:46
amoraleji disabled the cron to remove it and then re-enable it20:46
*** jcoufal has quit IRC20:47
amoraleji removed it and still is not rebuilt20:47
amoraleji'm reading DLRN20:47
*** ihrachys has quit IRC20:47
apevecamoralej, ah you need to also remove all newer commits20:47
apevecfrom db20:47
amoralejthat's my guess20:47
amoralejor set them as RETRY or something like that20:47
amoralejthere is a getLastProcessedCommit20:48
apevecno, just remove them20:48
apevecmake db copy first of course20:49
*** ibravo2 has quit IRC20:49
apevecyeah, it's order by dt_commit desc20:50
*** ibravo has joined #rdo20:50
amoralejyeap, now it's building20:51
*** yolanda has quit IRC20:52
*** akshai has quit IRC20:53
*** imcsk8 has quit IRC20:55
*** imcsk8 has joined #rdo20:56
*** Anticime1 is now known as Anticimex20:57
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*** mburned is now known as mburned_out21:01
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*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo21:03
amoralejtrown, EmilienM, it's ready21:03
amoralej has the good openstackclient21:04
amoralejand it's consistent21:04
*** shaunm has quit IRC21:04
*** ohochman has quit IRC21:05
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off21:05
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number80jschlueter: ack21:40
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC21:41
*** dtrainor has quit IRC21:43
*** Egyptian[Home] has joined #rdo21:43
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*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo22:06
*** DV_ has quit IRC22:06
dmsimardOh wow22:06
dmsimardThe Barcelona summit is right next to a huge beach22:06
*** cpg is now known as cpg|away22:07
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC22:07
*** DV_ has joined #rdo22:07
EmilienMamoralej|off: ack, thx22:07
*** amuller has joined #rdo22:08
apevecdmsimard, also end of Oct :)22:09
dmsimardapevec: oh crap22:09
dmsimard13 celsius around october22:10
dmsimarddoesn't sound like a good swim22:10
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC22:10
EmilienMdmsimard: I've been in Barcelona in November and it was 25 deg22:10
EmilienMdon't worry at all for weather22:11
dmsimardoh, yeah, I was looking at the wrong place22:11
dmsimard says up to 29 degrees22:11
dmsimardapevec: you almost scared me :p22:12
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rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: Change dependency for -lang from '>=' to '='
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-privsep-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-middleware-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-log-distgit: Cleanup i18n
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-db-distgit: Cleanup i18n
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