Tuesday, 2016-06-07

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dmsimardapevec: thanks, let's not do that again00:12
dmsimardrdoinfo should be the last step when everything else is in place00:12
apevecdmsimard, it's chicken-egg, I'm proposing new tag "under-review" for DLRN CI to work during initial review00:13
apevecbetter ideas welcome!00:13
dmsimardapevec: we could work with depends-on00:14
apeveceggmaster, I can't reproduce issue w/ zaqar entry point00:14
dmsimardthis is the stuff zuul is good at00:14
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apevecdmsimard, good idea00:15
apeveceggmaster, directly loading with stevedore.ExtensionManager works00:16
apevecso it must be config issue00:16
apeveceggmaster, where are you runnign that, on undercloud installed by 3o-quickstart?00:16
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Add weirdo projects for gate jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131900:18
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Add weirdo projects for gate jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131900:20
rdogerritMerged config: Add weirdo projects for gate jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131900:21
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Provision weirdo localhost inventory in gate jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132100:28
rdogerritMerged config: Provision weirdo localhost inventory in gate jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132100:29
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Ensure weirdo playbooks will run as root  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132200:39
rdogerritMerged config: Ensure weirdo playbooks will run as root  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132200:39
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dmsimardaw yeah, weirdo jobs running in the review.rdo gate! https://review.rdoproject.org/zuul/00:45
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Uniformize nodepool flavors, add trystack as a provider  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131301:26
rdogerritMerged config: Uniformize nodepool flavors, add trystack as a provider  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131301:26
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: No-op change to trigger nodepool update  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132301:31
rdogerritMerged config: No-op change to trigger nodepool update  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132301:32
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Revert "No-op change to trigger nodepool update"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132401:34
rdogerritMerged config: Revert "No-op change to trigger nodepool update"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132401:35
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Bump CentOS image to 1604  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132501:55
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Bump CentOS image to 1604  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132501:56
rdogerritMerged config: Bump CentOS image to 1604  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132501:56
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rdogerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/octavia-distgit: spec: add missing dependencies  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131702:13
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Roll back trystack addition to nodepool  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132602:16
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rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Roll back trystack addition to nodepool  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132602:19
rdogerritMerged config: Roll back trystack addition to nodepool  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132602:19
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EmilienMdmsimard: do you know the failure in https://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/DLRN-rpmbuild/739/consoleFull ?02:26
EmilienMpython-pyopenssl and python-pymysql unhappy02:27
dmsimardI don't see python-pyopenssl in newton deps02:27
dmsimardAccording to http://versiontracker.dmsimard.com/details/master-common-trunk it looks like the package name is actually pyOpenSSL02:28
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* dmsimard vomits a little02:28
dmsimardpython2-PyMySQL for the other02:28
dmsimardpython-PyMySQL probably works too.02:28
dmsimardI don't know octavia but is pymysql a hard dependency ?02:29
dmsimardThat sounds unusual, it's a driver package02:29
EmilienMdmsimard: it's in requirements.txt02:29
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dmsimardwell, fix your stuff02:29
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rdogerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/octavia-distgit: spec: add missing dependencies  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131702:32
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tristanCdmsimard: change 1313 looks correct, but did you add trystack to the nodepool provider section in sfconfig.yaml ?06:55
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zoliXXLgood morning07:16
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amoralejgood morning07:33
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mflobogood morning07:47
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110008:21
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amoralejhi mflobo, you have been handling a new package lastly, is new version of https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging/#how-to-add-a-new-package-to-rdo-trunk better ?08:30
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110008:35
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amoralejapevec, have we discussed with puppet-* team how to manage release tags?, i've seen some strange versions in puppet packages with dlrn08:47
amoralejso far is not big issue because we don't have puppet-* in mitaka, but in future could be an issue08:48
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mfloboamoralej, yes, sure, is much better :)08:56
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mflobonumber80, mrunge, could you please take a look this week to this review(openstack-magnum-ui)  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1318310 ? :)09:04
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1318310 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-magnum-ui - OpenStack Magnum UI Horizon plugin" [Medium,New] - Assigned to karlthered09:04
mfloboTahnk you very much in advance09:04
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number80mflobo: ack09:06
mflobonumber80, thank you very much for your reviews09:06
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mrungemflobo, dependency handling is duplicated in your spec file09:18
mrungemflobo, and you need to fix the versioning thing, like xxx for version/release09:19
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mrungeand master tarball for rpm-master version09:20
mrungebut that's a minor09:20
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rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created rdoinfo: Add package for designate-tempest-plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132709:25
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mflobomrunge, thanks, I'll take a look09:44
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mrungeis tripleo-quickstart currently supported?10:02
mrungeor better: even tested?10:02
mrungeI have an issue while setting up the undercloud. nova conductor stops, complains about component being too old.10:03
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apevecmrunge, it is part of promotion CI pipeline and included in RDO definition-of-done, so yeah supported whatever that means in an open source project10:08
apevecmrunge, which component is too old?10:08
mrungeapevec, nova-conductor10:08
mrungeat least, that's the error message10:09
mrungebuilt on June 5th10:09
apevecfull error log please :) in a pastebin or RDO bz if you suspect packaging issue10:09
apevecwhich instructions have you followed?10:10
mrungeI followed https://www.rdoproject.org/tripleo/10:11
mrungethat's quite easy10:11
mrungeand I used CentOS for that10:11
mrungeIt might be just me, this is why I was asking10:12
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apevecit is _at least_ you :)10:13
mfloboamoralej, in the guide https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging/#how-to-add-a-new-package-to-rdo-trunk, at second point "Send a review [...]", would be great if a link to some "commit example/template" could be added10:13
apevecmflobo, yeah, example specs have been moved to openstack-packages, so they're "official" now :)10:14
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amoraleji'm updating https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging-guidelines/ to reference the examples10:15
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amoralejand add some additional guidelines10:15
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apevecmflobo, BTW 2 things re. https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1306/2 - I've rebased it, there was .gitreview change since PS1 and default merge is "Fast Forward Only" so it was in merge conflict10:18
*** siroph has left #rdo10:18
apevecmflobo, 2. I've commented out release tags in rdoinfo so that DLRN does not pick it up until it's ready10:18
apevecactualy, more than 2 :)10:19
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apevec3. django-nose is now in testing repos so rpmbuild now works (see last CI run) but fails on %check10:19
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli_gone-proxy10:20
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apevecad 2. ) by luck (or bug) DLRN CI job ignores  tags: all together, so explicit support for "under-review" tag is not needed :)10:20
apevecmflobo, mrunge - any ideas about test failure in https://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/DLRN-rpmbuild/743/console ?10:21
*** rwsu has joined #rdo10:21
apevecAssertionError: An unmocked API call was made. in tearDown ?10:21
apevecdoes it work locally?10:22
mrungeapevec, yes, that's a known issue upstream10:22
mrungeit does not work10:22
apevecwhich upstream? :)10:22
mrungeI mean, mistral-ui upstream10:22
mrungegenerally, those -ui plugins are in a bad shape10:22
apevecoh, so how do they pass their own gate??10:22
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo10:22
mrungemuch copy/paste, no tests10:23
apevecmflobo, ok, then skip that failing test10:23
mrungeactually, that's not funny at all ;-)10:23
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC10:24
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apevecmrunge, yeah, there was sad-face missing after "lol"10:24
mrungeapevec, I remember looking into mistral briefly, proposing a few patches upstream.10:25
mrungeI had the same questions, and didn't really go good answers10:25
apevecmflobo, mrunge - tl;dr we can now iterate on that initial review, so when it passes CI and gets merged, rdoinfo entry can be updated10:26
mrungeapevec, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/315542/10:26
mrungementiones unmocked calls10:26
mrungeit even fails upstream on their gate10:26
apevecamoralej, jpena - that can be codified as a part of the new package process: initial rdoinfo entry with tags: under-review and initial spec in gerrit10:27
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|lunch10:28
jschlueternumber80: python-gabbi has a runtime Requires of pytest?10:29
* jschlueter needs to wake up10:30
amoralejapevec so, 1. user creates a review to rdoinfo with under-review tag (which means is not picked up by dlrn)10:30
amoralej2. RDO creates projects and zuul config and merge the review in rdoinfo10:31
*** rwsu has quit IRC10:31
amoralej3. user sends a review to the distgit project with the initial content10:31
*** rwsu has joined #rdo10:31
*** dtantsur|bbl is now known as dtantsur10:32
amoralejbut, this review wouldn't be tested in DLRN-rpmbuild because of the under-review tag10:32
amoralejunless we do some trick in the gate to build for tag under-review...10:33
amoralejthat would be ok10:33
apevecjschlueter, gabbi is testing thing itself iirc10:33
*** sgotliv has joined #rdo10:34
apevecamoralej, DLRN-rpmbuild job picks it up (probably a bug) see mistral-ui review10:34
apevecI did recheck today (after putting tags: under-review yesterday and it was running)10:34
*** paramite is now known as paramite|afk10:35
apevecso when we fix that bug, we need to make sure explicit "under-review" will work10:35
apevecfor now it can be tags: whatever :)10:35
* jschlueter nods apevec10:36
amoralejso, that bug it's an interesting feature :)10:37
jpenaI think the reason is that the CI instance uses "tags=" without any tag10:37
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apevecyeah and scripts/map-project-name doesn't know about tags10:38
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*** rhallisey has joined #rdo10:38
apevecso maybe we just keep it at that?10:39
*** julim has joined #rdo10:40
amoralejyes jpena, u just tested10:42
amoralejwhen change is in rpm-master it sets "tags="10:44
amoralejok, so when the review with the initial import is merged, the user must create a new change to the rdoinfo removing under-review and adding the right tags10:45
amoraleji'll write it10:45
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rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed rdoinfo: Add package for designate-tempest-plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132710:49
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apevecamoralej, jpena - other option that David suggested was to use Depends-on: since distgits and rdoinfo are all in the same zuul domain10:59
amoralejso, the review to remove the under-review would depend on the one with the distgit import11:01
jpenaapevec: but which one should depend on which? If we make the rdoinfo patch depend on the distgit patch, we have no test fot the distgit patch. If we do it the other way round, there's a small window where the rdoinfo patch will be merged before the distgit patch is11:01
amoralejand both could be created together11:01
jpenaand I'm not sure if we can make each depend on the other :?11:01
apevecjpena, aaah, good point11:02
*** paramite|afk is now known as paramite11:02
apevecyeah, not sure about cycle depends-on11:02
apevecamoralej, oh you got it right: initial review must be tags: under-review11:03
apevecthen flowup setting release tags: can use depends-on w/o cycle11:03
apevecjpena, ^ makes sense?11:04
jpenaapevec: that should work11:04
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*** coolsvap has joined #rdo11:46
dtantsurnumber80, hi! any progress with reviewing https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1312328 ?11:47
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1312328 in Package Review "New Package: openstack-ironic-staging-drivers" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to hguemar11:47
*** panda has joined #rdo11:47
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo11:47
*** anshul_behl has quit IRC11:50
mfloboapevec, ping about https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1269/ I'll push a new package for other *-ui project. Should I remove temporary release tags too meanwhile the SPEC is approved?11:55
apevecmflobo, I did that already11:56
*** thrash|g0ne is now known as thrash11:56
apevecthat was discussed early w/ amoralej and jpena11:56
apevec(see back-chat)11:57
amoralejmflobo, we have a new process version, :)11:57
mfloboapevec, I know, but I mean for other project (openstack-magnum-ui), new RPM11:57
apevecyes, I think amoralej has a docs update w/ new pkg process11:57
amoralejworking on it...11:57
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC11:58
mfloboapevec, ok11:58
apevecor was it on irc ?11:58
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:58
apevecamoralej, are you going to update https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website/pull/601 or we can merge that one as-is and have separate PR for new pkg process?11:59
rdogerritmarcosflobo created rdoinfo: Add magnum-ui project to RDO  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132811:59
*** dprince has joined #rdo11:59
*** dpeacock has joined #rdo12:00
amoralejapevec, you can merge 601 if it looks correct to you12:00
amoralejthat's for package guidelines doc12:00
amoralejnew package process is in a different doc12:00
amoralejpackaging guide12:01
amoralejin fact, we may even create a separate doc only for the new package process12:01
*** jbrooks has joined #rdo12:01
dmsimardtristanC: oh, it was sfconfig.yaml? That makes sense, I added it directly in nodepool.yaml :p12:02
*** paramite is now known as paramite|afk12:02
*** pkovar has quit IRC12:02
*** bdemers_ has quit IRC12:03
*** anshul_behl has joined #rdo12:05
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*** TSCHAK has joined #rdo12:11
*** rbowen has joined #rdo12:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen12:12
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dmsimardtristanC: Are you on PTO by the way? Or just working from France?12:14
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo12:14
tristanCdmsimard: i'm working from France12:15
dmsimardtristanC: ok, you'll be at the meeting for rpmfactory review later ?12:15
tristanCdmsimard: thing is, nodepool.yaml is generated by puppet which is applied by sfconfig.sf12:15
tristanCdmsimard: yes of course!12:15
dmsimardAwesome. TTYL then :)12:16
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo12:16
dmsimardI added some things on the etherpad last night.12:16
tristanCdmsimard: sure, and in the meantime, I'm curious to know if nodepool can use trystack afterall ?12:16
dmsimardCan't create images or snapshots, that's why I rolled it back.12:17
tristanCfrom the review.rdoproject.org instance, you can use the nova client to validate the openrc first12:17
dmsimardI validated through nodepool.yaml directly and looking at logs12:17
*** spr1 has joined #rdo12:18
*** steveg_afk has joined #rdo12:20
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo12:20
*** pkovar has joined #rdo12:20
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*** nehar has quit IRC12:23
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK12:24
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo12:27
EmilienMnumber80 or apevec : I'm confused about https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1317/ - can you please push over?12:27
*** rlandy has quit IRC12:28
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:28
number80EmilienM: python-glanceclient >= 1:2.0.012:28
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:28
number80w/o it, you can get an older glanceclient if it's available in repo12:28
*** paramite|afk is now known as paramite12:29
rdogerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/octavia-distgit: spec: add missing dependencies  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131712:30
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:30
amoralejapevec, jpena, new process https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website/pull/60212:34
*** dneary has joined #rdo12:34
amoralejwhen you have a chance12:34
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax12:35
amoralejjpena|lunch ^12:36
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch12:36
*** jdob has quit IRC12:36
*** jdob has joined #rdo12:37
*** zoli_gone-proxy is now known as zoliXXL12:37
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*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena12:44
* jpena looks12:44
*** gildub has joined #rdo12:44
trowndmsimard: packstack looks broken on master https://ci.centos.org/view/rdo/view/promotion-pipeline/12:46
dmsimardtrown: yeah I noticed last night, will look12:48
trownlooks cinder related12:48
*** paramite is now known as paramite|afk12:49
trowndmsimard: Error: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle:12:49
trown(Exec[losetup /dev/loop0 /var/lib/cinder/cinder-volumes] => Class[Cinder::Setup_test_volume] => File[/var/lib/cinder] => File[/var/lib/cinder/cinder-volumes] => Exec[losetup /dev/loop0 /var/lib/cinder/cinder-volumes])12:49
trownTry the '--graph' option and opening the resulting '.dot' file in OmniGraffle or GraphViz12:49
EmilienMdmsimard: can you get https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1317/ please?12:49
jpenatrown dmsimard: we need to get https://review.openstack.org/325933 merged12:49
jpenathat will fix the dependency cycle12:50
trownjpena: oh nice, and that is just waiting on zuul12:50
trownjpena: thanks!12:50
*** links has quit IRC12:51
jpenaoh, I just forgot. That review depends on https://review.openstack.org/325786 (change in puppet-swift) to merge12:51
dmsimardjpena: my question is how did that not hit the gate jobs12:51
dmsimardOh, wait, nevermind, upstream puppet-cinder I forgot12:52
*** links has joined #rdo12:52
trowndmsimard: do you have +A on packstack? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/325786/112:52
*** paramite|afk is now known as paramite12:55
*** morazi has joined #rdo12:55
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rdogerritMerged openstack/octavia-distgit: spec: add missing dependencies  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131713:14
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:15
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jpenadmsimard: I've finally created https://github.com/javierpena/packstack/tree/feature/manifest_refactor to test the Packstack refactor13:18
jpenait should pass all 3 scenarios, unless I missed something :)13:18
*** iranzo has joined #rdo13:18
*** iranzo has joined #rdo13:18
*** anshul_behl has joined #rdo13:18
*** ohochman has quit IRC13:21
apevecjpena++ cool!13:21
jpenathere's even a TODO file with the pending stuff13:22
jpenaalthough I have some doubts with the Redis HA stuff, do we really need it?13:22
apevecbtw this will make backports more interesting but that's the price of progress13:22
apevecHA? nope13:22
apevecexplictly out of scope for packstack13:22
*** amuller has joined #rdo13:23
jpenaapevec: yes, that was my thought :). But right now we support setting up Redis in HA, who knows why13:23
apevecprobably b/c it was easy13:23
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC13:23
apevecit's not "real" HA w/ pacemaker is it?13:23
jpenano, it's using Redis Sentinel13:24
*** toanju has quit IRC13:24
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:27
*** sgotliv has quit IRC13:27
*** sdake has joined #rdo13:27
*** sgotliv has joined #rdo13:29
apevecjpena, I'd even propose to remove multinode in packstack if we could replace it easily with an Ansible wrapper, which runs single node packstack on each host?13:29
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:30
trownapevec: mind merging https://review.openstack.org/#/c/325786/ ? needed for promotion13:30
*** richm has quit IRC13:30
*** abregman has quit IRC13:31
*** dyasny has joined #rdo13:31
apevecwat? openstack/puppet makes incompatible changes :)13:31
apevecEmilienM, ^13:32
*** hdaniel has quit IRC13:32
*** _milan_ has joined #rdo13:32
EmilienMapevec: we deprecated it, during one cycle, with a warning in the puppet catalog13:33
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:33
EmilienMapevec: and the old parameter is still working13:33
apevecwho reads logs :)13:33
apevecit was removed now13:33
*** milan has quit IRC13:33
EmilienMbut was deprecated during > 6 months13:34
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo13:34
*** oshvartz has quit IRC13:34
dmsimardjpena: okay I'll test it with weirdo today13:35
*** sdake has quit IRC13:36
*** ade_b has quit IRC13:36
jpenaapevec: it wouldn't help much to remove multinode, actually (I think)13:36
*** READ10 has joined #rdo13:38
*** READ10 has quit IRC13:38
*** READ10 has joined #rdo13:38
*** bdemers has joined #rdo13:40
dmsimardgood morning rdo13:42
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Use sudo when generating ara report for weirdo jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132913:42
*** pgadiya has quit IRC13:43
*** rdas has quit IRC13:45
*** chandankumar has quit IRC13:45
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Do not process the same commit twice if name changed  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/130013:47
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Follow-up on purge patch  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/93013:47
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej13:48
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:48
rdogerritMerged config: Use sudo when generating ara report for weirdo jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/132913:48
*** ohochman has joined #rdo13:48
*** ohochman has left #rdo13:50
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*** imcsk8_ has joined #rdo13:59
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/horizon-distgit: increase startup timeout  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/124313:59
*** nehar has joined #rdo14:00
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*** richm has joined #rdo14:02
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*** chandankumar has joined #rdo14:06
*** olap has joined #rdo14:06
jpenadamn, we need https://review.openstack.org/325786 and https://review.openstack.org/325933 to be merged at the same time. Can we make it depend on each other?14:08
*** imcsk8_ has quit IRC14:08
*** imcsk8 has joined #rdo14:09
*** bdemers has quit IRC14:09
rdogerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware-distgit: hardcode with_doc conditional  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/130714:10
*** unclemarc has quit IRC14:10
*** eliska is now known as eliska-BRB14:10
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*** bdemers has joined #rdo14:15
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number80mflobo: I've finished reviewing your package, just got sidetracked into an annoyance to fix for future reviews14:17
*** Goneri has joined #rdo14:17
*** Alex_Stef has quit IRC14:18
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo14:18
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo14:18
dmsimardjpena: just squash them14:19
dmsimardjpena: it's fine14:19
dmsimardyou can say in the commit message it's my fault :)14:20
jpenaok, I was hoping there was a different way, but hey :)14:21
*** imcsk8 has quit IRC14:21
dmsimard"this needs to be squashed because David requested that the patch must be reverted"14:22
dmsimardI totally take the blame :)14:23
*** anshul_behl has quit IRC14:23
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Fix cinder directory permissions"  https://review.openstack.org/32593314:23
*** imcsk8 has joined #rdo14:23
*** sshnaidm|afk has joined #rdo14:23
*** eliska-BRB is now known as eliska14:23
*** Goneri has quit IRC14:23
*** satya4ever_ has quit IRC14:24
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Fix cinder directory permissions"  https://review.openstack.org/32593314:24
*** ade_b has joined #rdo14:25
*** hynekm has joined #rdo14:25
*** eliska is now known as eliska-AFK14:26
rdogerritpkilambi proposed openstack/aodh-distgit: Include epoch in python-oslo-config requires  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131114:26
rdogerritpkilambi created openstack/aodh-distgit: Fix epoch in buildrequires for oslo-config  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133014:28
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC14:30
*** Egyptian[Home] has joined #rdo14:31
*** chlong has joined #rdo14:32
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mflobonumber80, thanks14:32
*** eliska-AFK is now known as eliska14:35
*** sdake_ has quit IRC14:36
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Fix cinder directory permissions" and fix swift manifest  https://review.openstack.org/32593314:36
*** Goneri has joined #rdo14:37
number80fedora-review -b <ticker> -m rdo-mitaka-el714:39
number80I'm building the package in a copr14:39
number80fedora config will come soon but needs some testing14:40
amoralejnumber80 thanks for your review14:40
amoralejon the guidelines doc14:40
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo14:41
number80amoralej: thanks for refreshing them ;)14:41
*** aortega has quit IRC14:42
amoralejbtw, number80 when you have a chance we still some pending i18n cleanup :)14:42
*** noslzzp has quit IRC14:42
number80ah yeah14:43
number80I'll take care of that after I finish importing new projects14:43
social__jpena: btw can you have a look at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1110891 ?14:44
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1110891 in openstack-packstack "[vmware] packstack doesn't support multiple vmware clusters and nova-computes correctly" [Medium,Verified] - Assigned to lbezdick14:44
*** aortega has joined #rdo14:44
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:44
*** ade_b has joined #rdo14:44
jpenasocial__ I see it is VERIFIED, is there anything else left to do?14:44
social__jpena: huh I got need info on it14:45
* social__ looks again14:45
*** rgogunskiy has quit IRC14:45
social__aaah I see, sorry :)14:46
amoralejapevec, i noticed we have some incorrect versions in puppet-* packages because of the way release tags are managed upstream14:47
amoralejit's not a big issue now because we don't have puppet- in mitaka, but may be an issue in future14:47
jpenasocial__ nm, it's better to have issues fixed without doing anything :)14:47
*** rdogerrit has quit IRC14:50
*** rdogerrit has joined #rdo14:50
*** rdogerrit has quit IRC14:52
*** rdogerrit has joined #rdo14:53
*** chandankumar has quit IRC14:54
*** spr1 has joined #rdo14:55
*** weshay has quit IRC14:56
number80mflobo: magnum-ui is imported14:58
mflobonumber80, great, thanks14:59
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk14:59
*** komputes has joined #rdo14:59
*** alexismonville has quit IRC15:00
*** mcornea has quit IRC15:01
dmsimardapevec, jpena and all15:01
number80apevec, jpena: ping15:01
dmsimardrpmfactory meeting15:01
jpenaon my way15:02
dmsimardtristanC: you too! :p15:02
*** absubram has quit IRC15:02
*** bdemers has quit IRC15:05
*** mcornea has joined #rdo15:05
rdogerrithguemar created config: Import magnum-ui  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133115:07
*** rbowen has joined #rdo15:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen15:07
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*** oshvartz has joined #rdo15:09
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*** dustins has joined #rdo15:15
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*** coolsvap has joined #rdo15:15
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:17
imcsk8jpena: i wont make it15:17
apevecah why did I think it's 17:3015:19
imcsk8can we do it tomorrow?15:21
apevecit's been overdue15:22
*** jschwarz has quit IRC15:23
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo15:25
*** alexismonville has quit IRC15:25
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*** coolsvap has joined #rdo15:30
*** dneary has quit IRC15:31
*** xinwu has joined #rdo15:31
mugsiehey - where would I file bugs about some of the packages in RDO ?15:33
*** spr1 has quit IRC15:33
*** dmsimard sets mode: +v rdogerrit15:34
dmsimardapevec: let's merge https://review.openstack.org/#/c/325933/15:35
apevecI did +W that15:36
apevecah rebase15:36
rbowenmugsie: bugzilla.redhat.com under RDO15:36
*** mgarciam has joined #rdo15:37
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:38
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:39
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo15:39
*** ppowell has quit IRC15:41
dmsimardapevec, tristanC, fbo: Have to drop to pick up kid at school15:41
tristanCdmsimard: thank you for the feedback, that's much appreciated15:41
fbodmsimard, alright thanks talk to you later15:45
*** hrww has joined #rdo15:46
*** abregman has joined #rdo15:47
*** hrw has quit IRC15:48
*** hrww is now known as hrw15:48
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*** rbrady_ has quit IRC15:53
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*** absubram has joined #rdo15:55
*** smalleni has joined #rdo15:55
rooktrown: who is around that can answer a TripleO question regarding how Neutron is configured?15:55
rooksai/ smalleni15:56
trownrook: umm... maybe better to ask in #tripleo?15:56
trownthere is nothing RDO specific there, and I might know, but also might not :)15:56
*** DV has joined #rdo15:56
rooktrown roger15:57
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:57
number80.whoowns python-jenkins15:58
zodbotnumber80: cottsay15:58
*** rbrady has joined #rdo15:58
*** manous has joined #rdo16:00
number80misc or Duck: one of you around?16:00
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:02
*** Jabadia has joined #rdo16:03
number80 I need to update python-jenkins if I want to interact w/ jenkins views :(16:07
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk16:07
*** xinwu has quit IRC16:09
*** Jabadia has quit IRC16:13
miscnumber80: mhh ?16:13
*** tesseract has quit IRC16:13
imcsk8apevec: i'm reading backlog, i saw your comment about removing mutinode from packstack. would it be too crazy to replace the ssh parts of packstack with ansible?16:13
Ducknumber80: quack16:14
number80Duck: misc was faster but domo arigatou :)16:15
*** zoli is now known as zoli|gone16:15
Duckthanks misc16:15
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo16:15
Duckdidn't know what it was about16:16
*** enriquetaso has joined #rdo16:16
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:16
*** dprince has quit IRC16:17
rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Fix epoch in buildrequires for oslo-config  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133016:18
rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Include epoch in python-oslo-config requires  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/131116:18
*** abregman is now known as abregman|nb16:20
*** karimb has joined #rdo16:20
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*** jaosorior has joined #rdo16:25
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*** spr1 has joined #rdo16:25
*** jaosorior has quit IRC16:26
number80Duck: dreadful topics like Mailman16:27
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Reduce the amount of weirdo gate jobs while issues are ironed out  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133216:27
*** chandankumar has quit IRC16:28
*** laron has joined #rdo16:28
rdogerritMerged config: Reduce the amount of weirdo gate jobs while issues are ironed out  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133216:29
*** xinwu has joined #rdo16:29
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*** oshvartz has joined #rdo16:32
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*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:33
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Reduce the amount of weirdo jobs in zuul layout while issues are ironed out  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133316:33
*** fragatina has joined #rdo16:34
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo16:34
dmsimardtristanC: oh, edeploy still exists ?16:34
*** fragatina has quit IRC16:35
rdogerritMerged config: Reduce the amount of weirdo jobs in zuul layout while issues are ironed out  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133316:35
*** fragatina has joined #rdo16:35
*** oshvartz has quit IRC16:36
dmsimarddamnit, another whitespace made it through the gate16:37
*** derekh has quit IRC16:40
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Remove hidden invalid whitespace character  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133416:40
dmsimardtristanC: that config-update failure hook should be a priority16:41
*** cwolferh has quit IRC16:41
rdogerritMerged config: Remove hidden invalid whitespace character  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133416:42
apevec^ French keyboard strikes again?16:42
trown-2 did not set topic to whoops16:43
dmsimardapevec: " " != " "16:44
dmsimardCan you tell the difference? :p16:44
trownalthough at this point you might need your own topic16:44
apevecimcsk8, yeah, that's what I had in mind, simplify packstack to be one-node tool then have an "inofficial" ansible wrapper for installing additional compute nodes16:44
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo16:44
trowngit review -t 'french-keyboard'16:44
apevecbut jpena comment was it would not simplify much16:44
dmsimardapevec: I think it would simplify a great deal16:44
dmsimardWe have a bunch of methods and wrappers and functions and classes and config and stuff around just python doing ssh things16:45
apevecdmsimard : jpena - fight!16:45
*** karimb has quit IRC16:45
apevectrown, https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/topic:whoops16:45
dmsimardprobably like 5k lines worth of python ssh things16:45
dmsimard(I'm exagerrating)16:45
dmsimardtrown: ikr, stupid french keyboard16:45
*** karimb has joined #rdo16:45
dmsimardit happens especially after pipes like | or ||16:45
trownapevec: oh sweet didnt know you could change topic post-merge16:45
dmsimardbecause for the pipe character I use alt + / and the invisible whitespace that screws up everything is alt + space16:46
jpenammm wait, when I said it wouldn't simplify I was thinking something else (like being able to install additional network nodes or anything)16:46
apevecyeah, it's that little notepad+pencil icon on the right :)16:46
dmsimardjpena: fwiw I'm in favor of taking everything ssh related in packstack and replacing it with ansible but I'm horribly biased I think16:47
jpenaif we strip everything out of packstack and go for an allinone installer... well, that's even greater refactor16:47
dmsimardone thing at a time, though :P16:47
jpenaplus broken backwards compatibility16:47
*** karimb has quit IRC16:48
dmsimardWe could even jinja the puppet/hiera stuff like I do for rdo monitoring but I'm not super happy about the way I implemented it16:48
Ducknumber80: also migrating to MM3? I'm working on it for oVirt16:48
Duckquack dmsimard16:48
dmsimardquack Duck-san16:49
*** ohochman has joined #rdo16:49
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC16:49
number80Duck: no, about deploying it :)16:49
apevecjpena, only *_HOST options but they could be handled by the wrapper ansible script16:49
Duckdmsimard: we should probably syncup a bit more, so that I discover more the infra and help you more16:49
Ducknumber80: we should share work then16:49
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller16:49
jpenaapevec: there's all the internals of copying puppet modules around, pre-install and stuff16:49
dmsimardDuck: aye, if you want to get involved that's fine16:50
apevecyeah, those are ugly stuff which should be in thos 5k lost :)16:50
dmsimardDuck: though be forewarned, I scared misc away I think :p16:50
dmsimardapevec: /me nods16:51
Duckyeah, seems some cleanup is needed :-)16:51
*** chandankumar has quit IRC16:51
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner16:52
dmsimardDuck: hey we have proper monitoring now, it's a good start16:52
Ducknumber80: https://gitlab.com/osas/ansible-role-mailman316:52
dmsimardDuck: why no hyperkitty? :)16:52
DuckI did not split the role in the MM parts, but it could be16:53
Duckjust discovered how it works16:53
apevecDuck, question was more if osas has a hosting space for mailman, where @lists.rdoproject.org would pile on ?16:53
*** dprince has joined #rdo16:53
number80apevec: I was too slow16:53
Duckapevec: not that I know of, but indeed we could share, but I don't know how admin teams would agree on this16:54
apevecwhere does lists.ovirt.org live?16:54
Duckmisc: ?16:54
DuckRDU2 I think, not sure of my memory16:55
apevecah it points to linode16:55
Duckwell, it's ovirt-only16:55
Duckho yes16:55
apevecok, so we'd have to find a place to host it16:55
apevechow much $/month is linode?16:56
Duckha, so the new one is mail.phx.ovirt.org, the linode server is meant to be stopped16:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Revert "Fix cinder directory permissions" and fix swift manifest  https://review.openstack.org/32593316:56
*** paramite is now known as paramite|afk16:57
Ducknumber80: using Ansible too?17:01
*** bdemers_ has joined #rdo17:02
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo17:02
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:02
*** nehar has quit IRC17:03
number80Duck: what else? I want to kill chef and I don't like puppet very much17:03
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk17:04
Ducknumber80: start point is in fact here: https://gitlab.com/duck-rh/ovirt-infra-ansible17:05
*** amuller has quit IRC17:05
DuckI'm reusing Misc's roles and adding some17:05
*** bdemers has quit IRC17:05
*** amuller has joined #rdo17:06
Duckthe missing postix part is coming17:06
Duckwell, time to sleep for me, but ping me by mail or so, send comments etc17:06
*** eharney has quit IRC17:07
number80Duck: good night but I'll take a look17:08
*** garrett has quit IRC17:09
*** komputes has quit IRC17:09
*** mvk has quit IRC17:11
*** ohamada has quit IRC17:13
rdogerrithguemar proposed config: Import magnum-ui  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133117:15
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo17:16
*** komputes has joined #rdo17:18
*** anshul_behl has joined #rdo17:18
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC17:19
*** chandankumar has quit IRC17:21
rboweneliska: Thanks for the awesome photos from the Budapest event.17:22
*** spr1 has quit IRC17:24
*** spr1 has joined #rdo17:24
rboweneliska: It looks like there was a good turnout.17:24
*** iberezovskiy is now known as iberezovskiy_afk17:25
*** spr1 has quit IRC17:29
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:30
*** anshul_behl has quit IRC17:33
*** mlammon has quit IRC17:33
*** mlammon has joined #rdo17:33
pradkEmilienM, regarding the puppet patches failing due to missing packages .. there is clearly something missing in the ci job then? The packages are in the centos common repo17:34
*** komputes has quit IRC17:38
*** cwolferh has quit IRC17:39
*** mcornea has quit IRC17:39
*** komputes has joined #rdo17:40
*** shardy has quit IRC17:41
*** komputes has quit IRC17:41
*** dgurtner has quit IRC17:43
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo17:46
EmilienMpradk: we're not using same repos between stable & master17:50
EmilienMin stable/mitaka, we just deploy http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/\$basearch/openstack-mitaka17:51
EmilienMand that's it (nothing else)17:51
*** priteau has joined #rdo17:52
*** flepied1 has quit IRC17:52
*** vimal has joined #rdo17:53
*** mvk has joined #rdo17:53
*** fragatina has quit IRC17:56
pradkEmilienM, hmm so how to get this working for mitaka .. we need that package right?17:56
pradkEmilienM, for master we use common too? so why the difference?17:57
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:58
*** eharney has joined #rdo17:58
*** cwolferh has quit IRC17:58
*** komputes has joined #rdo17:58
*** rwsu has quit IRC17:58
*** laron has quit IRC17:59
*** laron has joined #rdo18:00
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk18:05
*** ebalduf_ has joined #rdo18:06
EmilienMpradk: common repos should not be used for stable deploymements AFIK18:07
EmilienMapevec: can you confirm?18:07
number80EmilienM: what do you mean by common?18:08
apevecpradk, EmilienM - common is included in stable repos18:09
* apevec reads back more18:09
apevecpradk, which packages is missing?18:09
apevecEmilienM, pradk - difference is that master trunk use -testing repo vs -release for stable repos18:10
pradkpython-cardox for mitaka18:10
pradkits here http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1063618:10
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:10
pradkbut puppet ci fails as it cant find it18:10
apevecthat should be in -release18:10
pradkso not sure if the issue is repo or the ci job is not using the repo18:10
apevecpradk, link to failing ci job?18:10
pradkone sec18:11
apevecpradk, mitaka job?18:11
pradk https://review.openstack.org/#/c/325482/18:11
number80last time, I read logs, it was a dependency issue (but little hints on which one)18:11
number80"Dependency Package[python-cradox] has failures: true"18:12
pradkso we have two issues.. one is python-cardox as stated above . the second one is master ci job cant find python-aodhclient https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311762/18:12
apevecWed Jun  1 13:08:47 2016: python-cradox-1.1.8-1.el7 tagged into cloud7-openstack-common-release by hguemar18:12
apevecnumber80, ^ but it is not in http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/x86_64/openstack-mitaka/common/ yet?18:12
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo18:13
apevecsomething is stuck in sign/publish line?18:13
apevecit is in testing repo: http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/x86_64/openstack-mitaka/common/python2-cradox-1.1.8-1.el7.x86_64.rpm18:13
*** mvk_ has joined #rdo18:14
number80Yes, that's what I was thinking puppet CI is using testing, right?18:15
apevec yum install python-cradox works from testing repo18:15
apevecnumber80, master is using rdo trunk + delorean-deps(which points to -testing)18:15
apevecbut on stable branches puppet CI is using released repos18:15
number80for stable repo no new mash since May, 1718:15
apevecoops, kbsingh ^18:16
*** mvk has quit IRC18:17
number80I'm currently looking at running automating weirdo-generic jobs w/o running them by hands, so I'd be sure to run them before every stable push18:18
pradkapevec, so we have the same issue wrt python-aodhclient too? i see it tagged to mitaka, but master? http://cbs.centos.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=377518:18
*** READ10 has quit IRC18:18
pradkthe master job fails with package not found https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311762/18:19
number80pradk: same thing, no new repo mash since May, 17, it didn't get picked up18:19
pradknumber80, ah ok18:19
number80repo mash involves signing which is manual process18:19
number80testing repo are unsigned so they are fully automated18:19
*** ade_b has quit IRC18:20
*** fultonj has quit IRC18:21
*** fultonj has joined #rdo18:21
EmilienMnumber80: that's what I was telling you18:22
EmilienMour master deploy cbs repos + delorean18:22
number80I didn't see the part that you were using signed repos18:23
EmilienMbut our stable CI just deploy http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/18:23
kbsinghnumber80: apevec. are tou saying there are pending updates?18:25
kbsinghthere was nothing in the queue this morning. otoh i know a bunch of things went through on Thu night last week18:25
apevecthere are builds tagged -release which aren't on mirror.c.o afaict18:25
number80kbsingh: yes18:26
kbsinghcan you point me at one ?18:26
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off18:27
kbsinghok. let me check and get back18:27
apeveckbsingh, counter example: aodhclient was tagged -release also on Jun 1 and it is published http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/x86_64/openstack-mitaka/python2-aodhclient-0.3.0-1.el7.noarch.rpm18:28
apeveckbsingh, maybe common-release is not included in the check?18:28
apevecaodhclient is mitaka-release18:28
kbsinghit should be18:28
kbsinghi will need to check in a bit18:29
apevecpradk, ^ so aodhclient should be fine, where do you see it missing?18:29
apeveckbsingh, thanks!18:29
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Use sudo to copy weirdo logs to the artifacts dir  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133518:29
pradkapevec, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311762/18:29
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo18:31
apevechmm, looks like Provides: python-aodhclient is missing18:32
apevecnumber80, pradk - but it is there! https://github.com/rdo-packages/aodhclient-distgit/blob/mitaka-rdo/python-aodhclient.spec#L2618:35
rdogerritMerged config: Use sudo to copy weirdo logs to the artifacts dir  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133518:35
*** vimal has quit IRC18:37
dmsimardthere's a rdoinfo patch that's been queued forever in zuul https://review.rdoproject.org/zuul/18:37
dmsimardtrying to see if I can find something18:37
number80apevec: %library is undefined18:37
*** unclemarc has quit IRC18:38
apevecrpm -qp --provides ./python2-aodhclient-0.3.0-1.el7.noarch.rpm18:38
apevecpython-%{library} = 0.3.0-1.el718:38
apevecpython2-aodhclient = 0.3.0-1.el718:38
apevecpradk, ^ please fix :)18:38
number80I'm fixing it and CBS build in the same time18:38
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Switch rdoinfo and rdopkg jobs to bare-centos7  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133718:39
pradki think this probably ahppened when we imported the spec from fedora18:39
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo18:39
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax18:39
rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/oslo-policy-distgit: python-oslo-policy: failed to build 474c120  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133818:40
number80rdogerrit is slow18:40
number80I already submitted the review18:40
*** coolsvap has quit IRC18:41
*** ohochman has quit IRC18:42
*** ohochman has joined #rdo18:42
*** smalleni has quit IRC18:42
*** manous has quit IRC18:43
rdogerritMerged config: Switch rdoinfo and rdopkg jobs to bare-centos7  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133718:43
*** ppowell has joined #rdo18:44
rdobot[sensu] NEW: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-newton-current @ http://uchiwa.monitoring.rdoproject.org/#/client/rdo-monitoring/master.monitoring.rdoproject.org?check=check-delorean-newton-current |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: oslo.policy: http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-master/report.html18:45
*** xinwu has quit IRC18:45
rdogerrithguemar proposed config: Import magnum-ui  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133118:46
dmsimardnumber80: slow why ? where ?18:46
dmsimardmy reviews pop up immediately18:46
number80dmsimard: this one did not pop up => https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1336/18:46
dmsimardnumber80: hmmmm, I've been doing config updates recently18:47
dmsimardmaybe the review was caught between a reload of the services or something18:47
dmsimardnumber80: actually18:48
dmsimardnumber80: aodhclient is not in gerritbot channels.yaml18:48
rdogerritMerged config: Import magnum-ui  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133118:48
number80dmsimard: so we need to add new packages there too18:48
*** TSCHAK has quit IRC18:48
dmsimardyes, it's in the docs18:48
dmsimardwere you not wondering why I said there was too many operations over ssh ? :)18:48
dmsimardthankfully gerritbot and replication.config are moving up to the config repo18:49
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller18:49
number80I did not see this part18:50
number80well, I hope that we can generate them from common db18:50
number80same informations anyway18:50
*** komputes has quit IRC18:50
dmsimardI originally built it with some fancy grep sed based on zuul projects18:50
dmsimardbecause it was.. well.. empty18:50
dmsimardhopefully there's a better way18:51
*** xinwu has joined #rdo18:51
jruzickaa better way then mad sed-fu? ^^18:51
*** xinwu has quit IRC18:51
dmsimardgrep sed awk ftw18:51
*** mbound has quit IRC18:51
*** TSCHAK has joined #rdo18:52
number80Well, I once wrote an http server w/ GNU awk, I almost liked perl18:52
EmilienMnumber80, apevec: is there something we don't do well in Puppet OpenStack regarding repositories?18:52
dmsimardwasn't there bashttpd too18:52
jruzickanothing like debugging them nested string shell hells18:52
number80EmilienM: nope, I did not get which repo you were using actually in your CI that's all18:53
number80dmsimard: that's new stuff :)18:53
number80I was still student, a decade ago18:54
miscDuck: that's on linode, quaid has details (for lists.ovirt.org), for the mailman 218:55
miscfor mailman", taht's in phx218:55
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo18:56
*** dpeacock has quit IRC18:57
jruzickayeah, even few instances of a good shell code exist throughout the universe but the darkness...18:57
*** fragatina has joined #rdo18:58
number80less rare than good php code18:59
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo18:59
jruzickaa poor reference point, but yeah :)18:59
*** gszasz has quit IRC19:00
* number80 was remembering how a web agency shipped a whole WAMP archive with a drupal website in prod (and everything had 777 perms)19:01
number80it was a linux server but whatever19:01
jruzickaheh, unpacked from zip :-p19:02
*** iranzo has quit IRC19:03
*** laron has quit IRC19:03
*** laron has joined #rdo19:03
*** chandankumar has quit IRC19:05
*** bdemers_ has quit IRC19:14
*** ihrachys has quit IRC19:18
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo19:18
*** laron has quit IRC19:20
trowndmsimard: weirdo master promote jobs are pretty sad, did we just miss the packstack fix in that last run? and is the puppet fails a new problem?19:20
*** laron has joined #rdo19:20
dmsimardtrown: looking19:20
dmsimardwow lots of sadness19:20
trowntripleo-ha will pass (it is on validate), and tripleo-minimal was no valid host nonsense19:20
dmsimardtrown: packstack is cinder loop19:22
dmsimardpuppet looks like a tempest issue19:22
trowndmsimard: pinche! we got a ftbfs just before the packstack fix was built: https://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-master/report.html19:23
*** ihrachys has quit IRC19:28
rdogerrittrown proposed openstack/oslo-policy-distgit: Add new oslopolicy-sample-generator binary  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133819:28
*** vaneldik has quit IRC19:28
*** bdemers has joined #rdo19:28
trowndmsimard: when you are back ^ should fix the FTBFS and get packstack back green19:29
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo19:29
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC19:31
*** bdemers_ has joined #rdo19:31
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo19:31
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*** pkovar has joined #rdo19:37
*** anshul_behl has joined #rdo19:40
*** mkrcmari__ has joined #rdo19:44
eliskarbowen It was awesome place, really. And pretty many people :)19:44
*** bdemers has joined #rdo19:45
*** mvk_ has quit IRC19:47
*** bdemers_ has quit IRC19:48
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*** DV has quit IRC20:10
EmilienMbeagles: need your help on octavia20:10
EmilienMpackaging is still broken20:10
*** tshefi has quit IRC20:11
EmilienMreally, someone tested it?20:11
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo20:11
*** laron has joined #rdo20:15
*** ihrachys has quit IRC20:17
*** nyechiel has quit IRC20:18
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo20:19
dmsimardEmilienM: we don't have any octavia coverage20:20
EmilienMwell I'm working on it20:20
EmilienMI'm currently writting puppet-octavia20:20
EmilienMbut packaging is really broken20:21
EmilienMnobody tested it20:21
EmilienMeven not starting a service20:21
dmsimarddlrn builds the package, it doesn't start services :(20:22
dmsimardit's cool that we'll be able to cover it with your help20:22
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-policy-distgit: Add new oslopolicy-sample-generator binary  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/133820:24
*** ppowell has quit IRC20:26
*** ohochman has quit IRC20:26
*** DV has joined #rdo20:26
EmilienMyeah I think to get it before end of newton20:27
*** laron has quit IRC20:27
*** eharney has quit IRC20:33
*** dustins has quit IRC20:36
*** aufi has joined #rdo20:37
*** mlammon has quit IRC20:39
*** mlammon has joined #rdo20:39
*** xinwu has joined #rdo20:41
rdobot[sensu] NEW: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-newton-current @ http://uchiwa.monitoring.rdoproject.org/#/client/rdo-monitoring/master.monitoring.rdoproject.org?check=check-delorean-newton-current |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: oslo.policy: http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-master/report.html20:42
*** ayoung has quit IRC20:44
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kbsinghapevec: number80: I've done a forced sync, it looks like a package from atomic sig had issues ( it got signed ok, but didnt rpm -K verify - that caused the entire process to get aborted )21:43
kbsinghunfortunately, that isnt a condition I was monitoring for - have fixed that now, so if this happens again it will notify loud and clear21:43
kbsinghalso, I've changed a few bits and moved the sig iteration one step higher : ie, it will do the entire run for all components by SIG, rather than by component - so another SIG's artifacts breaking wont cause impact across to the others21:44
kbsinghno way to check this till we have new tag'd content in the -release tag, but we should have confirmation that this all working fine in the next day or two ( as SIG's release things )21:45
kbsinghin the mean time, all backlog on content should be now pushed for cloud sig in all the destinations and targets21:45
*** nyechiel has quit IRC21:46
*** rasca has quit IRC21:46
*** morazi has quit IRC21:46
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