Friday, 2016-05-13

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dmsimardopenstack bot is back !13:55
* dmsimard will try not to ban him again13:55
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dmsimardlarsks: ah, there's a slight mismatch for the result list/show command13:58
dmsimardthe way I had put it was result list didn't show the actual json result but result show did13:59
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dmsimardbut I wasn't necessarily happy with the result show either13:59
dmsimardbecause I hadn't (quickly) got it to show the json pretty-printed13:59
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larsksdmsimard: I'll take a look.14:00
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larsksdmsimard: fixed that.14:14
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mflobomrunge, could you please tell where can I check the tests errors for mistral-ui?14:35
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: [WIP] Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin
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dmsimardlarsks: yup, saw the PR just now, looking.14:37
dmsimardlarsks: wdyt about ?14:37
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jschlueterapevec: I think the changelog for python-tripleoclient is missing an entry for 2.0.0 build14:38
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jschlueterthat commit is missing the changelog entry14:40
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dmsimardlarsks: commented your pr14:42
dmsimardok.. getting on css stuff now.14:42
larsksdmsimard: ditto.14:43
dmsimardlarsks: so, moving log back to init and you're good ?14:44
larsksdmsimard: I think so, yeah.14:45
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zoli|gonehave a good weekend14:54
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Fix notifications for services
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dmsimardlarsks: So I definitely don't want to get involved in LESS stuff for the css (would've been otherwise nice to "include" bootstrap classes into our own). I'll limit myself to using classes (our own and bootstrap). No inline style overrides.15:30
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: [WIP] Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Make package info retrieval be plugin-based
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: [WIP] Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin
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rdogerritLee Yarwood created rdopkg: actions: Do not reset branch if local_patches is set
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jpenaimcsk8|afk: ping me when you're around, I have a crazy idea about
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Use pip install for
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Don't assume pip is installed in
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Fix notifications for services
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Add sudo to easy_install pip
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larsksmatbu: around?  I have a question for you about the network isolation stuff in the quickstart.17:29
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imcsk8EmilienM: nova v2 API is deprecated but the defaults in the puppet module are set to it, does it make sense to change this defaults to v2.1?
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imcsk8jpena1off: are you around?18:28
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EmilienMimcsk8: yeah, we might need to confirm with nova folks18:51
EmilienMI'm going to ask on #openstack-nova18:51
imcsk8EmilienM: i've already asked them18:51
imcsk8v2 is deprecated18:51
imcsk8was deprecated in mitaka18:51
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EmilienMdmsimard: hey! I would like to switch our CI to use tested repo from promotions, wdyt?18:53
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EmilienMimcsk8: see #openstack-nova18:53
dmsimardmaybe next week18:53
dmsimardmaybe trown'll be back and we can be more on top of things18:53
imcsk8EmilienM: i have a little patch for puppet-nova18:54
imcsk8testing it right now18:54
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EmilienMdmsimard: why do I need to wait?18:58
dmsimardEmilienM: we haven't promoted in 2 days18:59
EmilienMwell, I haven't updated repo in 1 week :)18:59
dmsimardeverything is actually broken, in fact18:59
dmsimardI should look at that.18:59
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imcsk8EmilienM: i'm gonna assign to OPM19:22 bug 1333750 in openstack-packstack "Nova endpoint v2 deployed instead of v2.1" [High,Assigned] - Assigned to ichavero19:22
dmsimardlarsks: a first pass, reviewing some more but looks okay:
EmilienMimcsk8: it's an upstream bug I don't understand why we use bugzilla19:25
* larsks looks19:25
EmilienMbut yeah, assign it to me19:25
EmilienMI'm fixing it anyway..19:25
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dmsimardlarsks: oh, one thing I wanted to add but forgot.. timestamp links19:29
larsksdmsimard: what should they link to?19:29
dmsimardalso: status for tasks list in playbook19:29
dmsimardlarsks: they should link to themselves19:30
dmsimardlike master branch (inspired from
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larsksokay.  and what is the status of a task if one host has failed, one changed, and is ok?19:30
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dmsimardlarsks: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh19:31
dmsimardok :)19:31
dmsimardindeed, the status is one level lower19:31
larsksYeah :)19:31
larsksI'm also not convinced of the usefulness of timestamp links, but I guess I don't see a problem, either :)19:31
dmsimardYou have any objections to truncating the timestamps to [:-3] ?19:31
dmsimardmore than that is sort of just wasting space19:32
larsksI'm not following that question.  Right now, our timestamps look like "2016-05-12 08:36:27" (there isn't a fractional part)19:32
dmsimardI'm seeing 2016-05-12 09:38:17.58711419:32
dmsimard(everywhere, actually)19:33
larsksWhere?  I'm looking at /host/<hostname> right now and I don't see that.19:33
dmsimardgotta brb, I'll give you a screenshot once I'm back19:34
larsksdmsimard: this is what I see:
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larsksdmsimard: I like the ui changes so far!19:48
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dmsimardlarsks: that's weird, maybe I'm carrying an artifact of an older db schema or something, here's what I'm seeing:
larsksdmsimard: OOoooooooo, hold on sec.19:53
larsksWhich database are you using right now?19:53
* dmsimard shrugs19:53
larsksI mean sqlite vs mysql...19:53
larsksAh.  I'll bet that mysql doesn't store fractional sections in the native datetime type :)19:53
larsksWhich is what I am using locally.19:54
larsksAnyway, I think we should not display fractional seconds in any case.19:54
dmsimardAh, it'd truncate down to the second ?19:54
larsksI don't think that's useful information at this level.19:54
larsksJust %Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S19:54
larsksAnd just seconds for duration.19:54
larsksWell, H:M:S19:54
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/keystone-distgit: Cleanup i18n
dmsimardwell, past the 1/1000th of a second there's definitely no interest :p19:55
dmsimardI had aligned with 3 digits past the second to be similar to logs.o.o19:56
dmsimardI see that for you, some durations are shown as 0:00:0019:56
dmsimardwhile in reality it'd be something like 0.45619:56
dmsimardI have no strong opinions on this but I'll use a formatter to ensure it's consistent across db engines19:57
larsksI don't think we should necessarily be looking at logs.o.o as a model, because the information displayed there is substantially different.  I'm just not sure that I care if an ansible task takes 1 second or 1.4 seconds...19:57
dmsimardlarsks: agreed: like I said, let's just make sure it's consistent19:58
larsksI did leave you one comments on the PR on a part that looked odd...19:58
dmsimardlarsks: yeah, was getting back to you on that19:59
dmsimardfilter is a kwarg19:59
dmsimarda variable kwarg19:59
dmsimardI haven't found another way of putting a variable kwarg ?19:59
dmsimardfilter is a var to the function20:00
dmsimardfilter could be either "playbook_id" or "host_id", though, really.20:00
larsksOh, you know, I was missing the function definition on line 159.  I was starting at 170 and trying to figure out where filter came from :).20:01
larsksBecause 'filter' is a python built-in function I would not use it as a parameter name, because that's confusing at first glance.20:01
dmsimardlarsks: ah, I can change the parameter name. Otherwise does that function make sense ? This is the one I thought you might have a different opinion on.20:02
dmsimardFor the host summary I was able to do this:
dmsimardor host details, rather20:02
dmsimardbut for the host summary and playbook summary I haven't found a way to conveniently aggregate the stats for them20:03
dmsimardThere's a sum() method from sqlalchemy.sql.func but I wasn't able to get it to work the way I wanted to.. I was trying to essentially re-create "select count(ok) from stats where group by playbook_id"20:04
larsksSure.  Let me poke at that for a minute.20:05
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dmsimardalso, I'm going to decouple sql echo from debug.. that thing is way too verbose.20:13
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larsksdmsimard: that's why I called it ARA_SQL_DEBUG :)20:16
larsksdmsimard: Anyway, I'm feeling friday stupid, so I don't have a better idea right now for the summary data stuff.  Just merge it!20:18
dmsimardlarsks: wfm, we can revisit later20:19
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jschlueterquestion I'm not seeing python-neutron-lib on here should it be?20:39
jschlueterreason I'm following up on this is that it is still listed in versions.csv as coming from  git://
jschlueterapevec: ^^20:41
dmsimardjschlueter: it would be if there has been any commits recently20:41
dmsimardthat page provides a view on what was built by dlrn recently20:41
dmsimardlast commit was 3 days ago so probably beyond treshold
dmsimardjschlueter: you can check the last reported status for all packages here:
dmsimardI personally use or when I want to know if we have a package for something (quickly)20:43
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jschlueterdmsimard: is there any way to trigger a dlrn rebuild of that package?20:53
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jschlueterdmsimard: or where to check which dist-git it is using in the configs?20:54
dmsimardjschlueter: I can do it only if the last build failed, otherwise it requires some database manipulations I'm not comfortable with. apevec or jpena could be good candidates for that. Why ?20:54
jschlueterit's the only one still pointing at openstack-packages20:54
dmsimardIt would probably use this: .. but according to rdoinfo you're right:
dmsimardso maybe there's a mistake.20:55
jschlueterinstead of review.rdoproject.org20:55
dmsimardyeah.. rdoinfo should probably be fixed20:56
jschlueterthat would look like the culprit20:56
jschlueterdmsimard: I'm out of here ... but will look more on monday if not fixed by then20:56
dmsimardI'll open an issue and raise a flag, never touched rdoinfo before so not going to touch it for my first time on a friday :)20:57
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jschlueterdmsimard: thanks21:02
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rdogerritAlan Pevec created rdoinfo: Complete migration to
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo: Complete migration to
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dmsimardlarsks: I got something for status filtering21:43
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dmsimardthe templating is a bit lazy but I just wanna "ship the damn thing already" and merge stuff back to master21:44
dmsimardbut I didn't want to merge back into master until we were at feature parity21:44
larsksAwesome.  Stick it in a PR and I'll look at it this evening?  Gotta run kids to soccer right now...21:44
dmsimardI'm sure you'll have an idea for the templating bit.21:44
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imcsk8EmilienM: i've changed this bug: to OPM22:00 bug 1333750 in openstack-puppet-modules "Nova endpoint v2 deployed instead of v2.1" [High,Assigned] - Assigned to emacchi22:00
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openstackgerritIvan Chavero proposed openstack/packstack: -WIP- Packstack manifest unification
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