Tuesday, 2016-05-03

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openstackgerritEdward Balduf proposed openstack/packstack: Added options for SolidFire as backend for Cinder.  https://review.openstack.org/31192002:46
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openstackgerritEdward Balduf proposed openstack/packstack: Added options for SolidFire as backend for Cinder.  https://review.openstack.org/31192002:59
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openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Make tempest use smaller flavors to reduce the resource usage  https://review.openstack.org/31192403:17
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gchamoulbkero: I will, but I need to change it a little bit because the spec file generation is based on the metadata.json file AND the puppetfile information from OPM (redhat-openstack/opm)07:07
bkerogchamoul: thanks, there's a trello card about it too07:11
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gchamoulbkero: yes saw it07:11
bkerocool ok07:11
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bkeroand an etherpad, im trying to figure out all the steps07:12
bkerosome want to automate the repo creation, population, and dep injection into modules07:12
bkeroso if you have thoughts or techniques on that I'd certainly like to hear them :)07:13
gchamoulbkero: but yes, the initial bunch of scripts were doing these spec generation, distgit cloning, rpm-master branch creation, first commit including the spec file and the 'git review rpm-master'07:14
bkerothose are most of the steps07:15
gchamouland is able to manage the update of current review07:15
bkerosomeone added to the etherpad that it would be best to add that as a hook to the rdoinfo repo07:16
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bkeroim not sure if thats the best place for it, but do you see that being useful to run from there?07:16
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gchamoulbkero: well from the puppetfile I need the upstream source url because we cannot trust in the metadata.json07:18
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bkerook, i figured thats how you got the info07:20
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bkerodoes it present a problem?07:20
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gchamoulwell the rdoinfo should contain the right upstream url07:21
gchamoulso from that url we are able to contruct the source url in the spec file07:22
bkeroThat sounds to reason07:22
gchamoulok so I will modify the scripts07:23
bkeroand im sure if we tried we could programmatically find the changes in lists of upstream projects to automatically open reviews to add the lines to rdoinfo.07:23
gchamoulto be able to be hooked by the rdoinfo repo07:23
bkerofor some enterprising person who feels like writing a scraper07:24
bkerogchamoul: thanks07:24
bkeroi need to sleep, 0025 and i have 3 meetings at the same time in 7.5 hours.07:25
gchamoulbkero: yes! go!07:25
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zoliXXLgood morning07:55
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Take build_opm_wrapper.sh logic into shell.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/102908:25
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*** ChanServ changes topic to "RDO: An OpenStack Distribution for CentOS/Fedora/RHEL | Community meeting is held here every Wednesday at 15:00UTC | Please read our IRC community guidelines: http://rdoproject.org/IRC_etiquette | Logged at http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23rdo/"08:26
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Take build_opm_wrapper.sh logic into shell.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/102908:32
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Filesystem on docs-draft.openstack.org is broken, we are on the process of repairing it. Please stop checking jobs using this filesystem until further notice08:36
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chandankumarjpena, number80 mrunge flepied \o/08:56
chandankumarjpena, can we use urllib2 instead of requests here? https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1029/5/dlrn/shell.py08:57
chandankumarjust a thought08:57
chandankumarit is added an additonal dependency08:57
jpenachandankumar: I guess we could, it looked a bit more cumbersome to me. I'll have another look at it08:57
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chandankumarjpena, sure08:58
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Anticimexthe RDO project on the bugzilla.redhat.com site is missing a "mitaka" entry in the version list09:04
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Docs-draft filesystem has been restored. Please check your affected jobs again09:24
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openstackgerritzhangguoqing proposed openstack/packstack: [trivial] delete redundant blank space  https://review.openstack.org/31200209:33
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Take build_opm_wrapper.sh logic into shell.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/102909:34
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lennybHello, I am trying to install undercloud and I am getting a strange error #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/495940/ .09:38
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rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Simplify config file handling  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105309:44
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Simplify config file handling  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105309:44
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rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Remove build_rpm_opm.sh  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105410:07
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amoralejI need to go to the doctor with my wife, i'll be back in about 1.5h or so11:15
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Change way of cloning OPM from source  https://review.openstack.org/30835711:20
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dmsimardjpena|lunch: good job on those DLRN patches.. maybe one day the code will be simple enough for me to contribute to it :p13:37
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trowndmsimard: tripleo jobs are passing on master... anything I can help with to get puppet/packstack jobs passing?13:42
dmsimardtrown: haven't looked yet today, last I checked yesterday everything failed13:42
dmsimardwill look in 513:43
dmsimardwe might have to expedite a packstack patch if the same issue as yesterday is there..13:43
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dmsimardflepied: your email in review.rdo is jane@doe.org :)13:46
EmilienMwhat is the status of cradox now?13:48
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: Drop dependency on puppet-qpid  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105213:49
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dmsimardEmilienM: one of three things13:51
dmsimardEmilienM: either status quo, either we priorize ceph jewel repo in the storage SIG (so no need for cradox anymore), either we go with apevec's suggestion from yesterday13:52
dmsimard17:57<apevec>EmilienM, dmsimard - re. gnocchi/ceph dep - we could add a openstack-gnocchi-ceph subpackage which adds all extra deps for ceph backend: https://github.com/openstack/packstack/commit/2548b37a1bb17297305a81f832a6dfffb66fb8fc13:52
EmilienMI'm going to propose to drop old versions of Puppet testing13:52
dmsimardhe meant the link https://github.com/openstack/gnocchi/blob/master/setup.cfg#L41-L4813:52
dmsimardEmilienM: I'm guessing there'll have to be at least one cycle of deprecation so removal in O..13:53
chandankumarEmilienM, cinder patch is about to merge https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311715/ got +213:53
EmilienMchandankumar: CI is not passing13:53
chandankumarEmilienM, then it doesnot need any changes in spec file.13:53
chandankumarEmilienM, added a recheck13:53
EmilienMchandankumar: are you sure recheck is useful?13:53
EmilienMchandankumar: what says logs?13:54
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena13:54
EmilienMchandankumar: can we fix it in cinder package in the meantime? I'm really stuck13:54
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK13:54
trowndmsimard: do you know of any way to implement recheck within multijob? I just ran some numbers on our mitaka job and we are only succeding about 15% of the time, and failures are actually pretty evenly split between tripleo and weirdo because there are so many more weirdo jobs13:54
*** pradk has quit IRC13:55
dmsimardI know it can be done with actual pipelines, Red Hat is the first time I've seen multijobs used13:55
dmsimardyour guess is as good as mine13:55
trownweirdo jobs have about 40% combined success rate, and tripleo jobs have 37% combined success rate13:55
trownweirdo jobs fail much less often individually, but because there are more, the combined probability goes down13:56
trownhmm... 1/7 failures for the promote job is not good...13:57
*** spr has joined #rdo13:57
trownwhen all 7 could have passed13:57
trowndmsimard: another way we could increase the success rate is fewer jobs13:58
dmsimardEmilienM: this failure looks legit, scenario003 http://paste.fedoraproject.org/362127/14622839/raw/13:59
dmsimardlogs: https://ci.centos.org/artifacts/rdo/weirdo-master-promote-puppet-openstack-scenario003/61/13:59
EmilienMwe have the same13:59
EmilienMin upstream CI13:59
EmilienMI asked flaper87 to look, 10 days ago, I filed a bug. But Glance team did not help me so far13:59
EmilienMvkmc: do you have an update for trove?14:00
EmilienMI also have trove issues in Newton14:00
*** toure is now known as toure_14:01
jpenadmsimard: can I help with the packstack jobs?14:01
dmsimardjpena: probably, gimme a sec14:02
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo14:02
dmsimardtrown: My goal is not to succeed often (although I'd like that), my goal is to have good coverage that'll make us confident that a promotion won't break users. Putting less jobs in the promote job to succeed more often is sort of counter productive if we start promoting stuff that hasn't been tested as well. If there are flapping jobs, we need to address that. I've fixed a few of those already for packstack14:03
dmsimardupstream (especially in upstream gate)14:03
*** Amita has quit IRC14:03
chandankumarjpena, i have some suggestion regarding https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/930/514:03
dmsimardtrown: now, what could become problematic is that we rely on installers to promote14:03
dmsimardand installers may not fix issues as fast as we'd like14:03
jpenachandankumar: sure, go ahead14:03
dmsimardthis is true for weirdo but for tripleo as well14:04
chandankumarcan we modify the command like dlrn purge --config-file CONFIG_FILE --older-than OLDER_THAN [-y instead of dlrn-purge?14:04
chandankumarlike command followed by subcommand14:04
trowndmsimard: in tripleo meeting, will discuss later14:04
chandankumarit will keep the consistency in the dlrn cli14:04
dmsimardjpena: yeah, so, all packstack jobs are failing due to the same issue14:05
dmsimardjpena: let me pull up logs14:05
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax14:05
jpenachandankumar: but in that case, to be consistent, we should have a "dlrn build" command or similar, shoulnd't we?14:06
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC14:06
chandankumarjpena, yes14:06
dmsimardjpena: tl;dr packstack expands (apparently for no reason?) every package it wants into it's dependencies to put them all in the yum install/update and there's a bug in that implementation14:06
chandankumarjpena, or i will clean after this followup purge patch get merged.14:06
chandankumarto make consistency14:06
dmsimardjpena: http://paste.openstack.org/show/495911/ https://github.com/openstack/packstack/commit/2548b37a1bb17297305a81f832a6dfffb66fb8fc14:06
dmsimardjpena: imcsk8 submitted https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311861/ but I'm not really happy with that, I'd rather get rid of all that dependency resolution mess because it doesn't make sense to me14:07
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:07
dmsimardEmilienM: so are you tracking known failures somewhere ?14:08
jpenachandankumar: I guess it would make more sense as a followup patch. Since the initial purge patch was merged, we have the binary inside anyhow14:09
*** ade_b has joined #rdo14:10
jpenadmsimard: I'm not really sure why we are trying to figure out the dependencies for the opm rpm :?14:10
dmsimardjpena: not just the opm rpm, every package it wants to install are resolved14:10
*** links has quit IRC14:10
dmsimardjpena: that's why I just want to remove all of that processing14:11
dmsimardand just let yum do it's work14:11
jpenadmsimard: yes, I think it makes more sense. Let me dig a bit more into that patch to understand it14:11
EmilienMdmsimard: mostly in gerrit: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/305886/14:11
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-post-offic14:11
EmilienM    https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/157701614:12
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577016 in Cinder "Could not load 'cinder_tests': No module named tempest_tests.plugin" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to chandan kumar (chkumar246)14:12
EmilienM    https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/157701914:12
EmilienM    https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/157701714:12
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577019 in Glance "BasicOperationsImagesTest tempest tests fail" [Undecided,New]14:12
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577017 in OpenStack DBaaS (Trove) "Resource 1 cannot be found (flavor_id)" [Undecided,New]14:12
dmsimardEmilienM: but this all worked in devstack14:12
dmsimardcan you please fix your puppet things14:13
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: Drop dependency on puppet-qpid  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105214:14
dmsimardjpena: so, sudo -e ?14:14
dmsimarder, -E14:15
jpenadmsimard: will it override the configuration in /etc/sudoers?14:15
jpenawe can try14:15
flaper87EmilienM: I'm back on-line now after the summit. I'll try to get that issue sorted14:17
EmilienMflaper87: it is really blocking us, Puppet OpenStack CI, RDO, etc...14:17
EmilienMotherwise, I'll disable Glance testing14:17
dmsimardflaper87: appreciate it, please let us know if we can help14:17
*** itamarl has joined #rdo14:18
*** itamarl has quit IRC14:18
dmsimardEmilienM: is it just me or trove isn't in devstack ?14:19
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_afk14:19
dmsimardoh nevermind, it's in-tree14:20
number80trove doesn't use devstack14:20
number80it doesn't mix with low-class services :)14:20
dmsimardnumber80: https://github.com/openstack/trove/tree/master/devstack14:21
jpenadmsimard: I think I know what the Packstack patch is trying to do. Quite convoluted btw, but it makes sense14:21
dmsimardjpena: fwiw the linked bugzilla is completely unrelated14:22
dmsimardjpena: so please do explain :p14:22
*** [1]cdearborn has joined #rdo14:22
*** pkovar has quit IRC14:22
jpenadmsimard: so let's assume a multi-node environment. In those cases, we first yum install packstack/opm in the controller node, then execute packstack14:22
*** abregman has quit IRC14:23
number80dmsimard: they prefer using redstack => https://github.com/openstack/trove-integration/blob/master/scripts/redstack14:23
dmsimardnumber80: wtf is redstack14:23
jpenafor the rest of the nodes, we connect there and install puppet/hiera/etc + any package that can be required by the OPM rpm (for mitaka, it's just rubygem-json)14:23
jpena*but* we don't install the OPM rpm, because we copy the puppet modules from the controller node14:24
number80dmsimard: their own layer on top of devstack14:24
jpenathat's why we go and find the OPM dependencies, to install them while not installing the package14:24
dmsimardjpena: ugh14:24
chandankumarnumber80, \o/14:25
dmsimardso now it would install all the puppet modules from binaries14:25
dmsimardeven though it may have been installed from source14:25
jpenadmsimard: correct. I'd rather just add rubygems-json to the list of packages we need to install anyhow, and remove all the dep resolution logic14:25
dmsimard+2, too14:26
jpenait's not too clean, but it simplifies the situation14:26
jpenaif we ever add a dependency to OPM that's not a Puppet module, we need to make sure it's included in packstack14:26
dmsimardeh, jobs will start failing and we can fix it14:27
jpenaok, I'll prepare the patch14:27
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli|wfh14:27
*** READ10 has quit IRC14:28
number80chandankumar: o/14:28
dmsimardjpena: my saviour!14:29
dmsimardjpena: fwiw apevec and I yesterday mentioned how we'd like to rebrand/market packstack into a single node PoC/dev platform (not unlike devstack) but on EL with RDO14:30
dmsimardmultinode is making packstack so much more complicated than it needs to be14:30
*** scorcoran_afk has quit IRC14:30
*** nmagnezi_ has joined #rdo14:31
dmsimardWe don't test multinode anywhere right now, it could pretty much be broken without us knowing14:31
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC14:31
jpenadmsimard: I think this is not the first time someone tries to turn packstack into a single-node installer. I'm not sure about the history, but it was dismissed before (some people still like/use it as a small env installer)14:31
dmsimardyeah realistically it's probably not feasible without a fork and then it'd be YAOI (yet another openstack installer)14:32
*** cdearborn has joined #rdo14:32
*** jhershbe has quit IRC14:33
dmsimardotherwise we're essentially cutting a feature14:33
*** sehro has joined #rdo14:34
*** dustins has joined #rdo14:35
*** richm has quit IRC14:37
*** aortega has quit IRC14:37
*** pradk_ is now known as pradk14:37
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:37
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:38
toskydmsimard: a simple multinode for a 3 node topology (1 master, 2 compute) would be useful though, even for a PoC14:39
dmsimardEmilienM: so for Trove, just out of curiosity, what if you created a flavor with id 1 ?14:39
EmilienMdmsimard: not tested14:39
EmilienMIMHO trove should take care of that14:40
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:40
dmsimardEmilienM: it looks as if perhaps it is still expecting the default nova flavors to be there but in p-o-i we only create the two tempest flavors14:40
EmilienMi'll look how devstack works lol14:40
dmsimardyeah, I know, just saying it could provide possible insight14:40
EmilienMcan we do something for cradox? we really need to make progress on newton testing14:40
EmilienMI don't think https://review.openstack.org/311746 is the best thing I did14:40
dmsimardtosky: I would've done multinode differently in packstack, probably leveraging a puppetmaster instead of SSH'ing everywhere14:40
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo14:41
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:41
dmsimardEmilienM: if we don't choose the status quo, the other two solutions will take a while14:42
dmsimardimplement it like that and refactor later if necessary ?14:42
EmilienMour CI still deploy Hammer (ceph-0.94)14:42
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:42
dmsimardjewel isn't going to be out today (or tomorrow)14:42
dmsimardand if we need to package the gnocchi ceph dependencies separately (in subpackage like apevec suggested) it's not going to happen today either14:43
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:43
*** decause is now known as decausebot14:43
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK14:43
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:43
dmsimardapevec isn't around right now, we can ask him when he's back but otherwise there's no one working on anything right now14:44
*** richm has joined #rdo14:44
EmilienMdmsimard: ok, see https://review.openstack.org/31174614:45
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:45
number80dmsimard: what's the deal w/ gnocchi ceph?14:45
number80it's optional according requirements14:45
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:46
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Remove OPM dependency resolution in prescript  https://review.openstack.org/31210614:46
*** [1]cdearborn has quit IRC14:46
EmilienMdmsimard: I don't see anything in devstack/trove for flavors14:46
dmsimardnumber80: tl;dr EmilienM has to support puppet versions that do not yet have allow_virtual_packages and we're trying to see what's the best compromise14:47
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:47
*** READ10 has joined #rdo14:47
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC14:47
* number80 wants to say switch to ansible :)14:48
*** decausebot is now known as decause14:48
number80are we speaking about puppet older than 3.7?14:48
EmilienMnumber80: puppet supports virtual packages, since 3.514:48
*** dslevin has quit IRC14:48
EmilienManyway, my patch should work14:48
tosky(ansible, which unfortunately it's not solution for everything)14:48
*** cdearborn has quit IRC14:48
number80except having dummy packages, I don't see any easy solution14:48
*** dgurtner has quit IRC14:49
number80tosky: well, to be fair, some ansible built-in modules are very fragile14:49
toskynumber80: I know14:49
toskyor not "complete"14:49
*** flepied has quit IRC14:49
* number80 won't speak about ansible docker module14:49
*** dslevin has joined #rdo14:50
miscit is being refactored :)14:50
number80I hope rewritten too, it was unusable14:50
miscEmilienM: virtl package for rpm got finally merged ?14:50
*** olap has joined #rdo14:50
EmilienMmisc: in 201414:51
number80If it had chances to get accepted, I can live-patch puppet to support virtual packages in our puppet modules14:52
miscindeed, it only took 3 year to merge the one line patch i wrote for that: https://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/545614:52
miscoh, forgot that mattymo was also commenting14:52
*** vimal has quit IRC14:53
*** tosky has quit IRC14:58
*** tosky has joined #rdo14:59
*** nmagnezi_ has quit IRC14:59
*** fragatina has quit IRC15:00
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC15:03
*** absubram has joined #rdo15:03
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Simplify config file handling  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105315:04
*** mgould has quit IRC15:06
dmsimardtrown: so all the weirdo issues are from upstream installers and are known15:06
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo15:07
dmsimardtrown: I'll make sure they are tracked in the etherpad15:07
*** sgotliv has quit IRC15:07
trowndmsimard: thanks!15:07
*** sbulage_ has quit IRC15:09
*** NachoDuck has joined #rdo15:11
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC15:12
*** tesseract- has quit IRC15:12
*** ade_b has quit IRC15:12
*** gordc has joined #rdo15:14
*** mgould has joined #rdo15:15
*** absubram has quit IRC15:15
tristanCdmsimard: number80: sf is about to change the default landing page to gerrit, to log-in or access the dashboard you'll have to click login button on upper right15:15
tristanCdmsimard: number80: i could cherry-pick on review.rdoproject.org and next httpd restart will pick up the change, can I do this now ?15:16
number80tristanC: ack15:16
dmsimardtristanC: what was the landing page before ?15:16
dmsimardtristanC: (I use mostly bookmarks I guess)15:16
number80dmsimard: a page listed all projects15:16
dmsimardso the dashboard ?15:16
tristanCthe legacy dashboard15:16
dmsimardlegacy ?15:16
tristanCit's being revamped15:16
tristanC(the one with not so useful graph at the top)15:17
dmsimardthe ones that don't work? :P15:17
dmsimardyeah, go ahead15:17
number80"not so useful graph" is a nice way to put it up :)15:17
*** links has joined #rdo15:19
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:19
tristanCalright, no worry it's a fairly non intrusive change (actually 3 characters in gateway.common), now waiting for a httpd restart to pick it up15:20
number80I have no fear15:20
dmsimardEmilienM: the first link in https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1577019 is broken15:20
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577019 in Glance "BasicOperationsImagesTest tempest tests fail" [Undecided,New]15:20
EmilienMdmsimard: :(15:21
*** aortega has joined #rdo15:22
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:23
*** abehl has quit IRC15:23
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Simplify config file handling  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105315:23
dmsimardvkmc: any chance you could give us a hand with https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/1577017 ?15:24
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577017 in OpenStack DBaaS (Trove) "Resource 1 cannot be found (flavor_id)" [Undecided,New]15:24
dmsimardtrown: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/delorean_master_current_issues updated 9, added 15 through 1815:25
vkmcdmsimard, sure, let me check15:26
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo15:26
vkmcdmsimard, I was already on that btw :)15:26
dmsimardoh T_T15:26
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:26
dmsimardsorry, I was trying to look into it but hadn't seen any update on the bug yet.15:26
vkmcno probs15:27
dmsimardvkmc: I kind of wanted to try and see if we could reproduce the error if we created a flavor with id 1, would that be relevant ?15:27
dmsimardright now these tests only create two flavors, of which none have id "1"15:27
dmsimardI guess there's something in trove that's expecting the default flavors nova provided or something like that15:28
dmsimardOh, interesting: https://github.com/openstack/tempest/commit/19a29d80bf7302295de53d5e30c1ebca0980209015:28
*** nehar has joined #rdo15:28
*** sdake has quit IRC15:28
openstackLaunchpad bug 1567134 in tempest "Trove api flavor tests fail comparing nova flavors to trove" [High,Confirmed]15:29
EmilienMoh nice15:29
dmsimardtosky was already all over that one15:29
EmilienMbut we run smoke15:29
EmilienMso the test that fails is in smoke tests15:29
dmsimardEmilienM: that test has @test.attr(type='smoke')15:30
dmsimardmaybe there is another test that should be skipped ?15:30
EmilienMlet me check15:31
dmsimardit's test_get_db_flavor15:31
dmsimardthat one isn't skipped https://github.com/openstack/tempest/blob/19a29d80bf7302295de53d5e30c1ebca09802090/tempest/api/database/flavors/test_flavors.py#L3015:31
*** ade_b has joined #rdo15:32
*** julim has quit IRC15:32
*** ade_b has quit IRC15:32
*** ade_b has joined #rdo15:32
*** edannon has quit IRC15:33
*** raissa has joined #rdo15:33
dmsimardEmilienM: I added a comment in your bug with these findings15:33
*** julim has joined #rdo15:33
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:34
dmsimardwonder why mtreinish didn't run into the other two failings15:35
EmilienMtest_get_db_flavor and test_list_db_flavors fail15:36
EmilienMI'm sending a patch to tempest15:36
dmsimardsure, I think you can put the two related bugs15:36
dmsimardthey're not exactly duplicates15:36
dmsimardunless we want to consolidate in the original bug, which could work too.15:37
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo15:37
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Take build_opm_wrapper.sh logic into shell.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/102915:39
toskydmsimard, EmilienM: yes, sorry, those tests are fragile but I had no time to fix them (and it was not urgent - yet)15:40
*** oshvartz has quit IRC15:40
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Remove build_rpm_opm.sh  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105415:41
*** hrw has quit IRC15:41
*** lucas-post-offic is now known as lucasagomes15:41
toskydmsimard: about the "why", doesn't devstack, still create some basic flavors (more than 2)?15:41
*** hrw has joined #rdo15:46
*** cdearborn has joined #rdo15:47
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Take build_opm_wrapper.sh logic into shell.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/102915:48
*** pradk has quit IRC15:49
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Simplify config file handling  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/105315:50
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:52
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo15:52
*** pradk has joined #rdo15:55
number80looks like DLRN changes are ready15:56
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:56
chandankumardmsimard, can you look at dlrn readthedocs site it doesnot get updated because jpena contributing.rst changes is not reflected.15:57
number80chandankumar: did we change the repo url there?15:57
number80hq not15:58
*** nstrug has quit IRC15:59
chandankumarnumber80, i think no16:00
chandankumardmsimard, have the access to the page i think?16:01
*** fragatina has joined #rdo16:01
number80yes, he's listed as owner of the project16:01
*** gordc has quit IRC16:05
EmilienMchandankumar: did we fix cinder?16:09
chandankumarEmilienM, pep8 issue is failing the review16:10
chandankumarit is not coming in my system16:11
EmilienMchandankumar: in packaging I mean16:11
EmilienMin the meantime you got fixed upstream16:11
EmilienMI thought we were fixing it in packaging16:12
chandankumarEmilienM, the fix i had proposed will fix the issue16:12
*** komputes has quit IRC16:12
chandankumarEmilienM, https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1037/16:12
chandankumarit has already +216:12
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:13
chandankumarif my upstream get merged, it will again going to break16:13
EmilienMdmsimard: can we get it please? ^16:13
number80chandankumar: has it been renamed upstream?16:13
number80EmilienM: no16:13
number80this is conflict-prone16:13
*** fragatin_ has joined #rdo16:13
*** Amita has joined #rdo16:13
chandankumarnumber80, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311715/16:13
dmsimardEmilienM: I'm not really qualified to approve that patch16:13
number80chandankumar: yeah, we should wait to have this approved16:14
*** adahms has quit IRC16:16
number80CI gate fails due to an unrelated git access failure16:16
*** absubram has joined #rdo16:16
*** abregman has joined #rdo16:16
number80the non-voting gates are broken so no need to pay attention to them16:17
*** fragatina has quit IRC16:17
*** abregman has quit IRC16:17
*** abregman has joined #rdo16:17
number80chandankumar: anyway, if it gets urgent to get it fixed, I want a big fat FIXME before it16:17
*** ade_b has quit IRC16:18
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo16:19
number80workarounds are ok, but I like them to be identified clearly and hunted down16:19
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/cinder-distgit: Copy tempest_tests to %{python2-sitelib}  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/103716:22
flaper87dmsimard: EmilienM: hey, so, I'm looking into that issue16:24
flaper87I'm a bit confused16:24
flaper87but that's normal16:24
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577019 in Glance "BasicOperationsImagesTest tempest tests fail" [Undecided,New]16:24
dmsimardGood, we're confused too :P16:24
flaper87That bug links to http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/logs/glance/api.txt.gz#_2016-04-28_18_09_14_26016:24
dmsimardHow can we help ?16:25
EmilienMwhat is confusing?16:25
flaper87which is a 404 from the api node on an image16:25
trownnumber80: I think it is urgent to fix... we have not had a promote on master yet, and tripleo jobs are passing16:25
flaper87but that image was deleted here: http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/logs/glance/api.txt.gz#_2016-04-28_18_09_14_18416:25
dmsimardtrown: it's weird that tripleo jobs are passing and puppet-openstack are failing on glance and cinder16:25
trownnumber80: historically I do not expect the tripleo jobs to stay passing16:25
flaper87so that 404 is expected, I think16:25
trowndmsimard: they are failing on tempest16:25
dmsimardtrown: aye16:26
flaper87mmh, probably the logs in the bug are pointing to the wrong line16:26
dmsimardbut you run tempest as well, no ?16:26
* flaper87 digs deeper16:26
trownI dont have tempest enabled in the dlrn jobs atm, because tripleo is not running it16:26
dmsimardtrown: er, so you're just testing installation ?16:26
trowndmsimard: no there is a ping test from tripleo-ci used to validate16:27
EmilienMflaper87: let me dig if we ran this test before Newton16:27
number80trown: then, a big fat FIXME: is required so I merge it16:27
trown(which actually validates heat in a functional way, which tempest does not)16:27
number80we can't have packages owning the same directory or it will break badly later16:28
number80really really badly16:28
EmilienMflaper87: so it used to pass on Mitaka http://logs.openstack.org/86/311786/4/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario001-tempest-centos-7/16e5dd9/console.html#_2016-05-03_14_06_37_05216:28
trownnumber80: ah I see... that is not great...16:28
dmsimardtrown: ok.. well I think we'll make good progress today.. they're all in the process of being fixed, the only one remaining is glance16:28
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|away16:29
number80chandankumar, trown: just thinking, can't we move it directly to %{python2_sitelib}/cinder/tests/tempest_tests ?16:29
trownI like that better ^16:29
number80tempest will still pick it up, am I right?16:29
flaper87EmilienM: yup, I understand that. Just saying that logs don't seem to match.16:29
* flaper87 keeps digging16:29
number80trown: jetlag is pretty much lowering my cognitive abilities, I should have noticed that sooner :)16:30
dmsimardjpena: so I kind of want to +2+A https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312106/ but I have no easy means of testing multi node... do you have one ?16:30
*** mbound has quit IRC16:30
number80chandankumar: ^ I still want my FIXME as it should be fixed upstream but it will be less evil change :)16:31
*** severion has quit IRC16:31
* number80 should be called FIXME8016:31
flaper87so, according to http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/console.html.gz#_2016-04-28_18_14_01_984 it's something related to ssl16:31
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo16:31
number80King of all Nitpickers and kitkat eaters16:31
dmsimardnumber80: I still remember that gnocchi hack right in dlrn to delete a line from setup.cfg16:31
number80dmsimard: that's due to old setuptools in EL716:31
flaper87unless I'm missing something, which I likely am16:32
number80that should be fixed, but we can't update it yet :(16:32
dmsimardnumber80: https://github.com/openstack-packages/DLRN/blob/aa471126ff5b07c49d9da7cce1e3c2cefc7794dc/scripts/common-functions#L44 is a glorious hack lol16:32
number80I still have nightmares  about it16:32
EmilienMflaper87: do you test SSL deployments in glance CI ?16:32
number80ah that one16:32
* flaper87 has an idea of what could have gone wrong16:32
number80dmsimard: I don't bicker w/ insight folks, they are dangerous16:32
flaper87EmilienM: we don't even test Glance... pffffff16:33
flaper87EmilienM: jokes apart, I think we do. yes16:33
flaper87I'll double check, though16:33
flaper872 seconds16:33
number80(I'm joking btw)16:33
EmilienMthis OpenSSL.SSL.WantReadError tempest error only appears on Newton codebase, not on Mitaka16:34
EmilienMso something in Glance, that deals with test_register_upload_get_image_file actions changed recently?16:34
dmsimardEmilienM: https://github.com/openstack/glance/commit/513d717d283e511f1a569a760addbbb1bac3970b#diff-0a4648868bd36b9c44488a142a205c5a ?16:34
number80(for your patience)16:34
EmilienMdmsimard: is it mitaka or newton?16:35
EmilienMdmsimard: man you're fast16:35
dmsimardEmilienM: march 18th16:35
dmsimardEmilienM: dude I've gotten so good at hunting broken things16:35
dmsimardEmilienM: I'm not saying that specific commit is it, but that's the only related thing I could see regarding ssl16:36
chandankumaranyone used behave or cucumber for BDD?16:36
jpenadmsimard: I can test that one with a couple VMs locally.16:36
EmilienMMar 18 is Mitaka, IIRC16:36
dmsimardEmilienM: that commit is not in stable/mitaka16:37
EmilienMyou're right16:37
dmsimardEmilienM: at least according to https://github.com/openstack/glance/commits/stable/mitaka/glance/tests vs https://github.com/openstack/glance/commits/master/glance/tests16:37
number80chandankumar: I used too16:37
number80I prefer rspec16:37
*** apetrich has quit IRC16:37
dmsimardEmilienM: don't get excited, it's just a possibility :P16:37
EmilienMso the enabled option is set to False16:37
EmilienMwithout any release note16:38
EmilienMgood job Glance!16:38
EmilienMflaper87: so 1) you don't test SSL 2) https://github.com/openstack/glance/commit/513d717d283e511f1a569a760addbbb1bac3970b is not backward compatible16:38
EmilienMoh and 3) there is no release note16:39
EmilienMlook the comment from Daniel: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/206479/2/nova/wsgi.py16:41
EmilienMhe's right16:41
EmilienMwe should not have the parameter in Glance, it should work out of the box16:41
flaper87EmilienM: that's the change I was looking for16:41
*** jokke_ has joined #rdo16:41
EmilienMflaper87: in short words: SSL is broken in Glance16:41
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Change name for Red Hat OpenStack when using rhsm  https://review.openstack.org/31216716:42
flaper87EmilienM: sure, no need to put it that way, though ;)16:42
flaper87I'll comment on the bug, unless you want to do it16:42
EmilienMflaper87: should we change the default?16:42
*** nyechiel has quit IRC16:42
number80damnit, need to add a reminder for stable branch meeting :(16:42
dmsimardflaper87: more interested in knowing what's the fix16:42
dmsimardand an ETA16:42
dmsimard(selfish, I know)16:42
EmilienMsame ^16:43
EmilienMimho, we should set a default for secure_proxy_ssl_header16:43
chandankumarnumber80, will take a look.16:43
jokke_so I'm joining bit late. What were your findings16:43
flaper87sure, changing the default sounds good16:43
flaper87jokke_: https://github.com/openstack/glance/commit/513d717d283e511f1a569a760addbbb1bac3970b16:43
flaper87that broke downstream tests16:43
dmsimardEmilienM: so temporarily I guess we can set that config in puppet ?16:43
dmsimardEmilienM: at least to test that it's really that16:43
* EmilienM working on it16:43
EmilienMflaper87: on my side, I'll work on testing that setting the param actually fix our issue. But I will let you handle the Glance thing, I'm not sure what is best16:44
flaper87EmilienM: sure thing, I'll ping Stuart and change the default16:45
EmilienMflaper87: ++ thx man16:45
jokke_flaper87: So what on that actually broke and what? :P16:45
EmilienMflaper87: should it be configured on both registry & api?16:45
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk16:45
EmilienMit sounds api only16:46
flaper87EmilienM: just the API16:46
flaper87erm, glance-api16:46
flaper87EmilienM: what did you do in Nova's case?16:48
EmilienMflaper87: nothing, nova works fine. Not sure it's related, but we run Apache wsgi16:49
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo16:50
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo16:50
flaper87EmilienM: and you don't for Glance, I assume because well...16:50
EmilienMflaper87: right, could we? (dumb question sorry)16:50
flaper87The patch in Nova seems to be pretty much the same as in Glance16:50
flaper87EmilienM: There was some work to make it work as wsgi app... I'll ping the guy that did the tests here and let you know16:51
flaper87if you run Nova outside apache, I'm sure it'll be broken as well16:52
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo16:52
imcsk8dmsimard, i've abandoned my depdendcy patch in favor of jpena's patch16:52
flaper87as the patches are the same16:52
EmilienMflaper87: right16:52
EmilienMflaper87: let me test the thing now16:52
flaper87EmilienM: so, go bitch to Nova too... while I figure out a sane default for this16:52
flaper87I need to randomly pick between True/False... that's hard stuff16:53
* flaper87 stops his bad jokes16:53
*** enriquetaso has joined #rdo16:53
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC16:54
EmilienMflaper87: why nova / glance share same options, isn't it an alarm to use Oslo somehow?16:54
*** garrett has quit IRC16:54
jokke_EmilienM: no16:54
*** nehar has quit IRC16:55
flaper87EmilienM: let me know if setting a value there works because I've some doubts about that specific patch being the issue16:56
flaper87the default value is None which means it'd be a no-op16:56
EmilienMflaper87: ok, I'm currently testing it16:56
jokke_I'm pretty sure that patch is not the issue16:57
flaper87EmilienM: it's entirely possible that your lovely enumerated list of crappy things Glance did on that specific change are all going to come back to you16:57
flaper87jokke_: right16:57
*** akshai has quit IRC16:57
flaper87there must be something else16:57
*** karimb has quit IRC16:57
flaper87jokke_: reading tempests test to understand things better16:57
EmilienMjokke_: how can you tell? does Glance run SSL in upstream gate?16:57
*** imcsk8 is now known as imcsk8|afk16:58
jokke_EmilienM: Yes16:58
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC16:59
flaper87also, if that was the issue, all tests should've failed16:59
flaper87since SSL is not enabled *just* for those 216:59
*** akshai has joined #rdo16:59
jokke_EmilienM: also as flaper87 said it's noop when it's not set. What I did notice 'though was that those tempest tests were labeled to be running with registry, but the glance API logs clearly indicates that it was not using registry for v217:00
EmilienMhum http://logs.openstack.org/80/270980/10/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-full/122e591/logs/screen-g-api.txt.gz#_2016-04-22_16_32_48_73817:00
EmilienMwsgi starting up on
EmilienMjokke_: can you link me logs where I can see how you deploy SSL please?17:01
EmilienMsame for registry: http://logs.openstack.org/80/270980/10/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-full/122e591/logs/screen-g-reg.txt.gz#_2016-04-22_16_32_48_14717:01
EmilienMwsgi starting up on
jokke_EmilienM: the bind_host here defines that http://logs.openstack.org/80/270980/10/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-full/122e591/logs/screen-g-api.txt.gz#_2016-04-22_16_32_48_59617:02
EmilienMnope, bind_host defines the hostname/ip where you bind the wsgi app17:02
EmilienMif you want SSL, you need to set ca_file, cert_file at least17:02
flaper87EmilienM: which are not set there17:03
EmilienMso you don't test SSL.17:03
flaper87now, can we go back to the issue?17:03
flaper87we've established we don't test SSL *twice* in the last 20 mins17:03
EmilienMI'm still deploying to test the patch17:03
flaper87I'll keep looking since I think that patch is not the issue17:04
flaper87it's a no-op17:04
*** jistr has quit IRC17:04
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC17:06
EmilienMflaper87: ok, I sent https://review.openstack.org/305886 so we can have results online17:06
pabelangerkbsingh: ohai, was curious if you had a moment to send along the commands again after an rsync to validate the RPM mirror17:07
*** cwolferh has quit IRC17:07
flaper87EmilienM: roger17:07
EmilienMflaper87: I'll tell you how it works when job finish, in ~25 min17:08
*** komputes has joined #rdo17:08
*** mvk has quit IRC17:08
EmilienMflaper87: sorry on which bug did you comment?17:10
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:10
flaper87EmilienM: I didn't, I was going to but then we said we'd double check this before I did17:10
EmilienMif we found out it was this patch, i'll file a bug in nova17:11
* EmilienM brb lunch17:11
flaper87I hardly doubt so, though17:11
*** dsneddon has joined #rdo17:13
EmilienMflaper87: what is your guess then?17:13
jokke_can we replicate this out of CI?17:15
flaper87EmilienM: wish I had one17:15
jokke_I'd like to see the logs from the environment where this is happening as there seems to be something weird going17:15
EmilienMjokke_: yes, we run https://github.com/openstack/puppet-openstack-integration and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/305886/17:15
EmilienMjokke_: I can find you logs17:16
EmilienMjokke_: http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/logs/glance/17:16
* EmilienM afk17:16
flaper87jokke_: EmilienM I don't see any logs of a `/file` call for a24b0c29-0b46-47ce-908c-eb8198606723 which is annoying17:17
flaper87but then I see a DELETE for a24b0c29-0b46-47ce-908c-eb819860672317:17
flaper87and then a GET, which obviously fails17:17
EmilienMalso all config is here: http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/logs/etc/glance/17:18
EmilienMmaybe we do something wrong in config?17:18
*** aludwar1 has quit IRC17:19
jokke_flaper87: have we actually ever tested IPv6 working?17:19
*** aludwar has joined #rdo17:19
jokke_sorry, my bad ... wrong failure17:19
*** ohamada has quit IRC17:20
flaper87jokke_: not on devstack, AFAIK. But I know some downstream projects do test this17:20
flaper87(like rdo)17:20
jokke_nope we do it with glance as well http://logs.openstack.org/86/305886/16/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-3-scenario003-tempest-centos-7/32f1afb/console.html.gz#_2016-04-28_18_14_01_98617:20
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli_gone-proxy17:20
flaper87jokke_: that link is for the puppet gate, though17:20
EmilienMyeah, puppet gate is testing both ipv6 + SSL together17:21
*** cdearborn has quit IRC17:21
EmilienMis used to work in Mitaka17:21
EmilienMand looks broken in Newton17:21
jpenadmsimard: I've tested 312106 in a two-node setup, it works fine for me17:21
EmilienMI checked devstack, and yeah, you're testing ipv4 + http. Hopefully we can sort this out :-)17:21
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:21
EmilienMflaper87: I was not sure about glance/ssl testing, sorry if I repeated it twice17:22
*** abregman has quit IRC17:22
flaper87EmilienM: no worries, buddy! All good.17:22
flaper87I noticed tempest does a `raw_request` for the `/file` call17:23
flaper87which apparently overrides the headers17:23
EmilienMit's just we have a lot of troubles since Mitaka release17:23
flaper87but again, this seems to work on v117:23
EmilienMwe have so much failures, so we try to make progress on that17:23
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo17:23
EmilienMok I'm afk for real now, otherwise I'll burn my place by trying to cook / irc in same time lol17:23
flaper87actually, this might actually be an issue17:24
* flaper87 keeps digging17:24
*** weshay has quit IRC17:25
*** jlibosva has quit IRC17:26
flaper87scratch that, it doesn't seem to be relevant17:26
*** weshay has joined #rdo17:26
jokke_so tracing the failure on the EmilienM's last example, there is something missing from the logs17:27
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner17:27
jokke_a24b0c29-0b46-47ce-908c-eb8198606723 doesn't show to be created at any point17:27
flaper87jokke_: there's a POST call to `/v2/images17:28
flaper87that's the create call17:28
flaper87but it doesn't show the `/file` call17:28
flaper87which is the one it's failing on17:28
jokke_flaper87: my point17:28
flaper87And then it shows a DELETE call17:28
jokke_does not show17:28
flaper87and then a GET17:28
flaper87and then my mind exploded17:28
flaper87I'd assume the DELETE+GET are part of a cleanup ?17:29
jokke_so that call to the <id>/file never reaches glance17:29
flaper87I'm going through the tempest client code as we speak17:30
chandankumarnumber80, Please explain the john comment to me https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311715/17:30
number80chandankumar: that's a positive -1 :)17:31
*** DV has quit IRC17:31
*** Amita has quit IRC17:31
flaper87I'm starting to think this is all store_image_file's fault: https://github.com/openstack/tempest/blob/master/tempest/services/image/v2/json/images_client.py#L11917:32
flaper87It does a raw_request17:32
chandankumarnumber80, it should be +1, first time seeing positive -117:32
flaper87which likely goes out of the "normal" path17:32
flaper87and both failures seem to happen just for the `/file` endpoint17:32
number80chandankumar: no, it means he's considering to move this review forward17:34
*** Pintomatic has quit IRC17:34
number80-1 often means "I care about your review"17:34
* chandankumar notes.17:34
*** kun_huang has quit IRC17:35
flaper87EmilienM: jokke_ brb, lunch17:35
*** Pharaoh_Atem has quit IRC17:35
*** Pharaoh_Atem has joined #rdo17:36
*** dgurtner has quit IRC17:37
*** Pintomatic has joined #rdo17:38
number80chandankumar: you should just drop the intermediary tests directory as requested, it's unneeded17:39
number80this -1 will likely be transformed to a +2 :)17:39
*** akshai has quit IRC17:39
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off17:40
*** kun_huang has joined #rdo17:41
chandankumarnumber80, yes this can be done17:41
chandankumarlet me work on it17:41
*** akshai has joined #rdo17:41
*** mgould has quit IRC17:42
*** sileht has quit IRC17:42
*** imcsk8|afk is now known as imcsk817:43
*** jprovazn has quit IRC17:43
*** pnavarro has quit IRC17:44
*** apevec has joined #rdo17:46
*** apevec has quit IRC17:46
*** apevec has joined #rdo17:46
*** dslevin has left #rdo17:46
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo17:47
*** sileht has joined #rdo17:48
*** mbound has joined #rdo17:48
*** paragan has quit IRC17:48
*** scorcoran has quit IRC17:54
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo17:56
*** oshvartz has joined #rdo17:56
chandankumarnumber80, apevec updated the patch as suggested by john https://review.openstack.org/311715 tests are running fine in devstack17:58
*** akshai has quit IRC17:58
*** DV has joined #rdo17:59
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:59
apevecinteresting, cinder was breaking " Cisco Ironic third party CI system" ??17:59
chandankumarapevec, are they using RDO packages.17:59
*** jhershbe has quit IRC17:59
chandankumarin their ci18:00
*** pkovar has joined #rdo18:00
number80Cisco maintains a RDO derivative18:01
*** sshnaidm has joined #rdo18:01
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:01
apevecchandankumar, what is PS 8..9 change ?18:02
apevecah removed tempest/tests/ ?18:02
chandankumarapevec, yes18:02
chandankumarapevec, we have moved api and scenarios under tempest folder18:03
apevecso tempest plugin guidelines are actually what confuses folks...18:03
chandankumarwe need to fix upstream tempest plugin guidelines or poke QE guys.18:04
chandankumarotherwise more tempest troubles are coming...18:04
EmilienMflaper87, jokke_: setting secure_proxy_ssl_header didn't help :(18:05
*** nyechiel has quit IRC18:05
EmilienMsame error18:06
apevecchandankumar, afaict they're actively encourage separate project18:06
apevecbut while it is in the project's tree, $PROJECT/tests/tempest/ is the most logical place18:06
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Remove OPM dependency resolution in prescript  https://review.openstack.org/31210618:06
*** tosky has quit IRC18:07
*** gszasz has quit IRC18:08
*** cdearborn has joined #rdo18:09
*** fzdarsky has joined #rdo18:09
chandankumarnumber80, ping pm?18:13
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:15
*** shivrao has quit IRC18:17
*** shivrao has joined #rdo18:17
*** sgotliv has joined #rdo18:21
*** Goneri has quit IRC18:23
*** Goneri has joined #rdo18:24
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller18:26
chandankumarapevec, number80 dmsimard EmilienM Good Night, see you tomorrow :-)18:29
flaper87EmilienM: ;)18:30
EmilienMchandankumar: o/18:30
EmilienMflaper87: damn :(18:30
*** chandankumar has quit IRC18:32
*** dustins has quit IRC18:36
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC18:37
*** oshvartz has quit IRC18:38
*** fragatina has joined #rdo18:38
*** paragan has joined #rdo18:39
*** paragan has joined #rdo18:39
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo18:41
*** marcusvrn_ has quit IRC18:43
*** dustins has joined #rdo18:47
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo18:47
*** cliles_ has quit IRC18:48
*** cliles has joined #rdo18:48
*** dciabrin has quit IRC18:53
*** dprince has quit IRC18:53
flaper87EmilienM: I've narrowed it down to being an issue with the `/file` endpoint18:55
flaper87as both services fail on that call18:55
EmilienMflaper87: is it related to the store backend? I reproduced the issue with rbd/swift/file18:56
flaper87EmilienM: not necessarily... I'm wondering if it's a tempest issue instead of glance18:56
flaper87The calls to `/file` seem to  follow a different path18:56
EmilienMflaper87: do you want me to try without SSL / ipv6?18:57
*** kgiusti has quit IRC18:57
EmilienMso maybe we can isolate the issue18:57
flaper87EmilienM: if you can do that easily, that'd be great18:57
flaper87to some definition of easily18:57
EmilienMflaper87: yeah, it's a param ssl => true to ssl => false18:58
* EmilienM doing it now18:58
*** links has quit IRC18:58
EmilienMdoing without ipv6 also18:59
EmilienMor maybe keeping ipv6 on third scenario18:59
EmilienMso we can isolate even better18:59
flaper87EmilienM: ++18:59
*** dciabrin has joined #rdo19:00
EmilienMlet's try again https://review.openstack.org/30588619:00
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo19:01
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo19:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Stop configuring neutron to enforce DHCP MTU option  https://review.openstack.org/31126219:01
*** mbound has quit IRC19:02
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo19:02
*** julim has quit IRC19:04
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:05
*** sasha2 has quit IRC19:05
*** sasha2 has joined #rdo19:07
*** xb_ has quit IRC19:07
*** julim has joined #rdo19:07
*** apetrich has joined #rdo19:08
*** ibravo has joined #rdo19:08
vkmcEmilienM, for the tempest tests, we should fix how Trove is handling ids for flavors (use uuid instead of int) or change the tests19:13
vkmcEmilienM, you necessarily need to skip those tests for now?19:13
vkmcEmilienM, those tempest tests are in master?19:13
EmilienMvkmc: tempest tests are in master, mtreinish (ex PTL) tried to move them in-tree but it's not merged AFIK19:14
EmilienMvkmc: I need to make progress on testing Newton19:14
EmilienMso either we fix the tempest tests or trove or skip tests19:14
EmilienMbut it breaks our CI19:14
EmilienMso i'll vote for the quickest solution, that would allow us to continue testing19:14
vkmcI'll check how we can fix trove so we can add those tests again19:16
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EmilienMflaper87: good news19:50
flaper87EmilienM: oh oh oh!19:50
flaper87give them to me19:50
*** llaporte has joined #rdo19:50
EmilienMflaper87: it works fine without SSL/ipv619:50
EmilienMlet me check if it works on ipv619:50
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EmilienMdamn, I don't know because tempest failed earlier for cinder bugs19:51
EmilienMlet me try again with ipv619:51
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flaper87EmilienM: ok, lemme know19:58
EmilienMbut I'm quite sure it's in SSL19:58
flaper87I'd assume it's an ssl issue only19:58
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: restarting apache on review.openstack.org to pick up security patches. Gerrit web ui may disappear for a short time.20:28
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EmilienMflaper87: ok it's SSL, not IPv620:32
*** mcornea has quit IRC20:32
flaper87EmilienM: now, need to figure out what exactly and why... It seems specific to the `/file` endpoint as those to calls failed there20:33
flaper87I wonder if it's something tempest is doing differently for that call20:33
EmilienMoh wait20:34
EmilienMdon't wait20:34
* flaper87 paused for a second and kept going20:34
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EmilienMflaper87: maybe we can ask mtreinish on qa channel?20:38
EmilienMvkmc: here is the patch in trove for tempest tests: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/302472/20:39
flaper87EmilienM: good idea20:39
EmilienMflaper87: can you go for it? you know the bug better20:39
vkmcEmilienM, thx20:39
flaper87EmilienM: I'm on it already ;)20:39
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flaper87EmilienM: when did it start failing?20:53
EmilienMflaper87: when I started to test newton20:54
EmilienMbefore summit20:54
*** lucas-dinner has quit IRC20:54
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EmilienMflaper87: it was right after mitaka release20:56
EmilienMflaper87: I can reproduce the bug in a VM if you want20:56
EmilienMand give you access20:56
flaper87EmilienM: ok, trying to figure out if some of the libraries we're using changed or something20:56
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo20:56
flaper87EmilienM: that'd be great20:56
EmilienMok, let me some time maybe 15 min20:57
flaper87it's literally failing at doing the SSL handshake on those calls20:57
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trozetnumber80: hi21:05
*** amuller has quit IRC21:06
flaper87EmilienM: how long can you keep that VM up and running?21:06
EmilienMit's trystack21:06
EmilienMso pretty random21:06
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww21:06
flaper87dammit... ok21:06
EmilienMflaper87: we can continue tomorrow maybe21:06
EmilienMfirst hour21:06
flaper87EmilienM: yeah, that'd be better as I now need to focus on something else21:07
flaper87and it doesn't involve alcohol, unfortunately21:07
EmilienMflaper87: sure, you already helped a lot, thanks for that21:07
flaper87EmilienM: awesome stuff! I'm always happy to help21:08
*** cdearborn has quit IRC21:08
EmilienMflaper87: first time I can challenge you outside a bar21:08
EmilienMI'm so happy21:08
flaper87EmilienM: hahahaha :D21:09
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Change name for Red Hat OpenStack when using rhsm  https://review.openstack.org/31216721:17
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number80trozet: hi22:03
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