Wednesday, 2018-12-19

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alexchadinlicanwei: hi!08:31
licanweialexchadin: hi08:38
alexchadinlicanwei: how are you? have you seen my message regarding shifting the meeting time?08:39
licanweialexchadin: maillist?08:40
licanweialexchadin: OK08:43
alexchadinI've seen hidekazu was here08:44
alexchadinlicanwei: will Yumeng join us?08:45
licanweialexchadin: yes08:45
licanweialexchadin: just a minute08:46
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alexchadinYumeng_: hi!08:49
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Yumeng_hi Alex!08:50
alexchadinhidekazu: hi!08:51
Yumeng_hi hidekazu08:51
alexchadinYumeng_: how are you?08:51
hidekazuwhich chennel is for the meeting?08:51
hidekazualexchadin: hi08:51
hidekazuYumeng_: hi08:51
licanweihidekazu: hi08:51
hidekazulicanwei: hi08:52
alexchadinwell, let's begin08:52
alexchadinour little agenda:
alexchadinMy responsibilities may be changed in the coming couple of months and I won't re-elect for Train release. I'm not leaving the project and will stay as core reviewer and contributor.08:53
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alexchadinso we need new PTL08:54
alexchadinI'd recommend licanwei to apply his candidacy if he wants, of course08:56
alexchadinsince he's one of the most active contributors to the Watcher08:57
hidekazu+1 if he wants08:58
Yumeng_alexchadin: agree, I would give my +108:58
licanweialexchadin: You do a very great job for Watcher!08:59
alexchadinlicanwei: I'll help you with any questions you have09:00
licanweialexchadin: If no one want, maybe I can try the new role :)09:00
licanweialexchadin: thanks!09:00
alexchadinwell, to the next topic :)09:01
alexchadinShould we remove inactive core reviewers?09:01
licanweialexchadin: +109:01
alexchadinI can start the thread in ML with this question09:02
alexchadinif I do it, I need your thoughts about it in answer09:02
hidekazuinactive over one year?09:02
licanweihidekazu: agree09:02
hidekazualexchadin: licanwei: over one year is reasonable for me.09:03
alexchadingreat! will do it soon09:03
alexchadinnext topic: To store datetime in UTC is a good practice. Relating user experience, should operator set audit start/end time in UTC or local time?09:03
licanweialexchadin: audit start/end time is in UTC now09:04
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alexchadinlicanwei: yes, but when operator types datetime, it takes in localtime and changing to UTC on Watcher API side09:05
licanweialexchadin: yes09:05
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licanweialexchadin: you want audit show in local time?09:06
alexchadinit may be a oddly, since operator may want to start audit at 12:00, but Watcher sets it to 09:00 UTC09:06
alexchadindoes Watcher start audit on UTC or localtime?09:07
licanweialexchadin: UTC09:07
licanweialexchadin: all time in DB is UTC09:08
alexchadinlicanwei: it's good to keep it in DB as UTC, I understand09:09
licanweialexchadin: then changing to local when showing?09:09
alexchadinlicanwei: but if operator lives in different timezone in compare with Watcher server, it may be oddly for him/her09:10
alexchadinlicanwei: maybe we should mention in doc that operator should input localtime, but watcher will start audit in UTC time09:11
licanweialexchadin: agree09:12
hidekazuyou are thinking two oerators in different time zone may be a problem?09:12
licanweihidekazu: yes09:14
alexchadinhidekazu: I think that it doesn't make sense for operator when he set start/end time (being in +3 TZ) on 12:00 am, but Watcher begins to execute it on 09:00 am09:14
hidekazuset it as local time and execute it as local time, no problem. if he/she knows he/she set it as local time.09:17
Yumeng_alexchadin: emmm... why that doesn't make sense ?09:17
Yumeng_if one in +3 TZ, then 12:00 am equals 09:00am UTC, right?09:18
alexchadinYumeng_: right09:18
alexchadinYumeng_: that's why we probably should add a special remind about it in documentation09:19
alexchadinhidekazu: so far we set it as local time and execute it as UTC09:19
alexchadinso which way would be better?09:19
hidekazualexchadin: I agree to remind it in documentation09:20
licanweihidekazu: +109:21
Yumeng_OK.  I think local time maybe more user friendly.09:21
hidekazualexchadin: most operator wants to set as local time.09:21
alexchadinhidekazu: I agree09:21
alexchadinbut when should watcher execute it?09:22
alexchadinwell, we can add a reminder about it for now09:24
licanweialexchadin: If user set in local 12:00, he should want Watcher to run at this time, it's no problem09:25
alexchadinlicanwei: at local 12:00?09:25
licanweialexchadin: yes, local 12:00 , equal 9:00 UTC09:25
alexchadinthen watcher should decide to start audit at UTC time + appropriate timezone09:26
alexchadinah, I'm wrong :)09:27
licanweialexchadin: :)09:27
alexchadinwell, let's just make a reminder in doc and add "in UTC" to name of Start/End time columns in CLI09:28
alexchadinand the last thing I'd propose to add is summary messages to ML once per month09:29
alexchadinthey would aggregate our work during last month and all discussion topics09:30
licanweialexchadin: +109:30
alexchadinthat would show community that project is alive and would attract more developers09:30
hidekazulike senlin newsletter?09:30
alexchadinhidekazu: yes09:31
alexchadinI may start it since January09:31
hidekazualexchadin: good!09:31
alexchadinlet's try it :)09:32
alexchadinadisky: hi!09:32
adiskyalexchadin: hi09:32
alexchadinadisky: I've missed the moment you connected :)09:32
adiskyalexchadin: no problem, i didn't want to interrupt :)09:33
hidekazualexchadin: she was bihind you.09:33
alexchadinwell, I suppose that's enough for today and I'm going for dinner :)09:34
alexchadinthank you for coming!09:34
licanweialexchadin: bye09:34
Yumeng_have a good dinner :)09:34
hidekazuthanks, bye.09:34
adiskybye all09:34
Yumeng_see you guys09:34
alexchadinsee you!09:34
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: Remove unused modules
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job
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openstackgerrityatin proposed openstack/puppet-watcher master: Use python3 wsgi script in Fedora and RedHat > 7
openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job
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