Friday, 2018-12-07

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-watcher master: Deprecate ZeroMQ
openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-watcher master: Dont include logging in init class by default
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Increase the unit test coverage of
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: Deprecate Ceilometer Datasource
alexchadinadisky___: licanwei Yumeng_ ping08:01
adisky___alexchadin: hi08:01
licanweialexchadin: hi~08:01
alexchadinhidekazu should come too08:02
alexchadinI'm happy that we've gathered again!08:02
licanweialexchadin: me too :)08:02
alexchadinI have some topics and news to discuss08:02
alexchadinCERN uses Watcher to allocate preemptible instances #link
alexchadinthey've implemented their own plugins for some parts of Watcher and are going to share them with us08:03
adisky___alexchadin: its good news for watcher08:05
alexchadinBTW, overall contribution in OpenStack reduced by more than twice08:06
alexchadinit because of changing companies' focus on other technologies like OpenShift, k8s, edge computing08:07
licanweialexchadin: agree~08:08
alexchadinthat's why some old major projects like glance, keystone are lacking of contributors08:09
alexchadinWatcher is still alive, mostly because we started to get feedbacks from users08:09
alexchadinso, many thanks for your code reviews!08:10
licanweialexchadin: ZTE uses Watcher in produce08:10
alexchadinlicanwei: do you have some general stats regarding it?08:11
licanweialexchadin: still no real , just for test :(08:14
adisky___alexchadin: you are right, companies focus is changed!08:14
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chenke_hello, i am very happy to join this conference08:15
alexchadinadisky___: doesn't your company work at all on openstack? have you completed changed your focus?08:15
licanweialexchadin: chenke_ is a ZTEer~08:16
alexchadinchenke_: hi you're welcome!08:16
adisky___alexchadin: Not completely, we are still contributing to Openstack08:17
adisky___I asked hidekazu to join meeting, he can give you better idea on that08:17
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adisky___hidekazu: ^^08:18
hidekazuhi, i heard we having a meeting now.08:18
alexchadinhidekazu: hi!08:19
hidekazuadisky__: hi08:19
licanweihidekazu: hi~08:19
hidekazualexchadin: licanwei: hi08:19
alexchadinhidekazu: we were talking of NEC's contribution to OpenStack08:19
hidekazuNEC's contribution to OpenStack?08:20
hidekazuhow great it is? :)08:20
adisky___hidekazu: for you , you missed the starting discussion08:20
adisky___1:32 PM CERN uses Watcher to allocate preemptible instances #link
adisky___1:33 PM they've implemented their own plugins for some parts of Watcher and are going to share them with us08:20
Yumeng_alexchadin: sorry to missed your message yestereday. I will still make some time for watcher~~08:20
adisky___Yumeng_: hi08:21
Yumeng_adisky___:hihi :)08:21
alexchadinhidekazu: Aditi said that NEC is still contributing to OpenStack08:23
hidekazualexchadin: yes08:23
alexchadinYumeng_: that's cool!08:25
alexchadinhidekazu: your're still on different project?08:26
hidekazunot different, managing contribution team in our company.08:29
hidekazusometimes contributing by myself.08:29
hidekazuadisky__: wath is 1:32 PM?08:30
Yumeng_alexchadin:  for this topic "Allow Watcher to execute more than one action plan at the same time" do you have any cases where we need to allow more than one action plan? I have a question how should we handle the situation if action plans affect each other08:31
adisky___hidekazu: Its the local time here08:31
alexchadinYumeng_: yeah, let's go to discussion topics08:32
alexchadinI'm working on Grenade tests that would allow to get us upgrade tag.08:33
alexchadinit'd be cool to get some project assertion tags08:33
alexchadinhere's the PS:
licanweialexchadin: great08:34
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alexchadinwould be great if you review it when it's done08:34
alexchadinCeilometer Datasource is proposed to be deprecated. #link
alexchadinTime has come :)08:34
alexchadinwe can't get rid of support in Stein release since it should be n+2 release, not the next08:35
alexchadinAllow Watcher to execute more than one action plan at the same time.08:37
alexchadinYumeng_: answering your question: yes, when audits works with different resources08:37
alexchadinmaybe we should add optional --force attribute that would allow audit to run action plan in parallel with other08:38
licanweialexchadin: --force attribute save in database?08:40
licanweialexchadin: how to do for continuous audit?08:41
alexchadinlicanwei: yes, with saving to DB. what problem could be for continuous?08:43
licanweialexchadin: If saving DB, it's OK08:43
alexchadinlicanwei: if user would like to remove this option for continuous audit, he can just update audit and one-actionplan limitation will be checked again before action plan execute08:45
licanweialexchadin: got it ,thanks08:47
alexchadinYumeng_ hidekazu adisky___: are you agree?08:47
adisky___alexchadin: +108:48
Yumeng_alexchadin: sounds goood!08:49
alexchadingreat :)08:49
alexchadinand the last discussion08:49
alexchadinSome of Nova Scheduler filters are pretty difficult to implement.08:49
hidekazuare you trying all filters?08:50
Yumeng_nova always difficult :(08:50
alexchadinhidekazu: only default for now08:51
alexchadinmany filters use internal objects which aren't available for public API08:51
hidekazueven if you use placement api?08:52
alexchadinhidekazu: what placement API can bring to us?08:52
hidekazui am not sure but nova-scheduler relies on placement api.08:54
licanweialexchadin: Nova gets select destinations from placement08:54
alexchadinI got into placement details recently, need to investigate it again08:55
chenke_licanwei: good08:55
alexchadinwell, that's all I wanted to discuss so far :)08:57
alexchadinlet's resume our meetings08:57
alexchadinmaybe on Wednesday on odd weeks?08:58
hidekazuWednesday is ok to me.08:58
licanweialexchadin: for migration, we can just select VM and let nova scheduler select destination host08:58
alexchadinlicanwei: nah, we can't08:59
alexchadinlicanwei: since nova scheduler doesn't expose API08:59
licanweialexchadin: I mean Watcher send migration without destination ,just vm name09:01
licanweialexchadin: Let nova select destination host09:01
licanweialexchadin: Wednesday and the same time for meeting?09:03
alexchadinlicanwei: maybe it will work for some cases, but for strategies that relies on real cpu or memory values it doesn't fit09:03
alexchadinlicanwei: yeap, 8:00 UTC09:03
licanweialexchadin: It's OK for me ,thanks09:04
alexchadinwell, thank you for coming :)09:05
alexchadinI'm leaving for lunch09:05
alexchadinlicanwei: I'll return ;)09:06
licanweialexchadin: We will get off work :)09:07
alexchadinchenke_: licanwei ah, bye then :)09:07
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Fix obsolete version of osc
openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [DNM] Add grenade job

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