Wednesday, 2018-10-03

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TuanVuHi Team09:20
TuanVuhave a nice day09:20
TuanVuI would like to have a question related to Live Migration09:20
alexchadinTuanVu: hi09:21
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openstackgerritTetiana Lashchova proposed openstack/watcher master: Do not pass www_authenticate_uri to RequestContext
TuanVuHi Alex, nice to see you :)09:22
alexchadinTuanVu: nice to see you too!09:22
TuanVuI have deployed Watcher with Devstack in multi-node environment: 1 controller (compute as well) & another compute node09:23
TuanVuI have created 1 VM, currently it's located on compute109:24
TuanVunow I want to live migrate it to compute209:24
TuanVuas far as I understand, I'll need to create a new audit template first09:25
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TuanVuthe goal is: Hardware Maintenance, right?09:25
alexchadinTuanVu: wait a sec09:38
TuanVusure, no problem, Alex :)09:39
alexchadinTuanVu: you will need cluster_maintaining goal09:40
TuanVuthanks, let me test it right now09:41
TuanVuwhat about strategy?09:42
TuanVuhost maintainance, right?09:42
alexchadinTuanVu: Host Maintenance strategy09:42
alexchadinTuanVu: yep, right09:42
TuanVuand is that enough?09:43
TuanVudo I need anything for the scope?09:43
alexchadinTuanVu: you may specify your two nodes in the scope09:45
alexchadinTuanVu: just to make sure that this strategy won't affect other resources09:46
TuanVudon't worry, I have only 2 nodes and it's test environment :)09:46
alexchadinTuanVu: get back soon, going to lunch09:46
TuanVuplease enjoy your lunch :)09:46
TuanVuthanks for your great help, Alex09:46
alexchadinTuanVu: thanks a lot!09:46
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alexchadinTuanVu: so what's up with your tests?10:09
TuanVuoh, that's so quick10:12
TuanVuhave you finished your lunch yet?10:12
TuanVuthat's great :D10:14
TuanVubtw, I've just followed this10:14
TuanVusomehow, watcher-decision-engine.service raised error:10:15
TuanVuComputeNodeNotFound: The compute node compute could not be found10:15
TuanVuI've already made sure that its name (compute) is correct10:15
TuanVu$openstack compute service list10:15
TuanVunova-compute     | devstack | nova     | enabled | up10:16
TuanVunova-compute     | compute  | nova     | enabled | up10:16
TuanVuhere's my command:10:16
TuanVu$ openstack optimize audit create   -g cluster_maintaining -s host_maintenance   -p maintenance_node=devstack   -p backup_node=compute   --auto-trigger10:16
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alexchadinTuanVu: could you please send me your log of decision engine?10:21
TuanVuHi Alex, sure10:22
TuanVuhere it is10:23
alexchadinTuanVu: just tried this strategy in my env, it worked10:32
alexchadinlet's see10:32
TuanVuthanks for your confirmation10:33
alexchadinTuanVu: what is your ModelRoot?10:33
TuanVusorry, could you please explain more?10:33
alexchadinTuanVu: could you please provide 100-200 lines of decision engine log?10:33
alexchadin100-200 last lines10:33
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TuanVuHi Alex, here's the 200 last lines10:40
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alexchadinTuanVu: look at 157-160 lines10:58
alexchadinTuanVu: there is only one compute node10:59
TuanVuthanks for your analysis, Alex11:23
TuanVudo I need to enable Watcher on Compute Node?11:24
TuanVuas far as I understand, we only need Watcher on Controller, right?11:24
alexchadinTuanVu: that's right, only on controller11:27
TuanVuit's kind of strange that Watcher only recognize 1 compute node while "openstack compute service list" is showing 2 nova-compute properly11:28
alexchadinlet me think11:29
alexchadinTuanVu: what nova api do you have?11:31
TuanVuI've just restarted watcher*.service and result is still the same11:32
TuanVuServiceService Endpoint11:32
TuanVuthis is what you mean, right?11:32
alexchadinTuanVu: curl -g -i -X GET -H "User-Agent: python-novaclient" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: your_token_here"11:37
alexchadinTuanVu: you can get token by "openstack token issue"11:37
TuanVuby "openstack token issue" I got id of the token11:43
TuanVuhere it is11:43
TuanVuthen I apply it to your "curl" command11:43
TuanVubut it does not return anything11:43
TuanVuit looks like problem with network, I've just replace the IP by
TuanVuand it returns result11:44
TuanVulet me try to fix this11:44
TuanVuthanks a lot :)11:45
alexchadinTuanVu: you should see something like {"versions": [{"status": "SUPPORTED", "updated": "2011-01-21T11:33:21Z", "links": [{"href": "http://controller:8774/v2/", "rel": "self"}], "min_version": "", "version": "", "id": "v2.0"}, {"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2013-07-23T11:33:21Z", "links": [{"href": "http://controller:8774/v2.1/", "rel": "self"}], "min_version": "2.1", "version": "2.53", "id": "v2.1"}]}11:52
TuanVuyes, I got it :)11:52
alexchadinI have 2.53 version11:52
TuanVuthere's some problem with network proxy in my local environment11:52
alexchadinwhat version do you have?11:52
TuanVuI'm fixing it :)11:52
TuanVuI got 2.6611:52
TuanVuthank you very much :D11:52
alexchadinTuanVu: try to add section [nova_client] in Watcher config file with option api_version = 2.6611:57
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