Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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TuanVuHi Team, have a nice day03:14
TuanVuI'm just wondering if Watcher Team Meeting will be held as official agenda? (on Wednesday at 0800 UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt)03:16
TuanVuI ask this question because as I've checked IRC logs, there's no meeting recently03:17
TuanVuthe last one was from 2018-08-2903:17
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alexchadinTuanVu: ping08:44
TuanVuHi Alex, have a nice day :)08:45
alexchadinTuanVu: you too! that's right, we have two meetings, on even weeks at 1400 UTC, on odd weeks at 0800 UTC08:48
alexchadinthis is even week and I'm not sure that it's comfortably for people from Japan, China, Vietnam, etc08:49
TuanVuThanks for your confirmation, Alex08:52
TuanVuI'm fine with the schedule for both even and odd weeks :)08:52
TuanVuI'm making research and testing Watcher08:53
TuanVuso joining Team Meeting would help a lot, I think08:53
alexchadinTuanVu: have you installed Watcher? What feedback do you have? :)08:54
TuanVusince I'm a newbie, I really appreciate your help from both you and Watcher Team :D08:54
alexchadinTuanVu: I'm not sure that meeting will be held today, let's discuss it now08:54
TuanVuYes, I've installed it in my environment and testing live migration feature08:54
TuanVuthere's no question/feedback yet08:55
TuanVuthanks a lot for your kindness, Alex :)08:55
alexchadinTuanVu: you're welcome here!08:56
TuanVuthank you :D08:56
alexchadinadisky__: hi09:08
adisky__alexchadin: hi09:08
alexchadinadisky__: how are you? haven't seen you for a while!09:08
adisky__alexchadin: yes, got busy in other stuffs, I am good, how are you?09:09
adisky__how was watcher PTG??09:11
alexchadinadisky__: I'm fine! Watcher PTG was pretty good, we've met with people from Fujitsu and OpenStack Monasca to define some new collaboration features09:13
alexchadinadisky__: unfortunately, there wasn't Core Developers from Watcher and we had to discuss topics in etherpad09:16
alexchadinadisky__: I'd like to discuss API validation and API microversioning with you09:18
adisky__alexchadin: sure09:23
alexchadinadisky__: do you plan to work on API microversions during Stein cycle?09:24
adisky__alexchadin: sorry i wont be able to, but i can help if somebody wants to work09:26
alexchadinadisky__: I probably would like to take this BP :)09:27
adisky__alexchadin: Then obviously you dont't need any help :)09:28
alexchadinadisky__: and regarding validation: I've read Ghanshyam Mann's comment again here and suppose that some additional API validation can be added without JSON validation09:31
alexchadinadisky__: maybe even as part of API microversions blueprint09:32
kevko_homeHi guys ,  we're still struggling with watcher's unit test run hanging in Sid. Could someone from the team have a look, please ?09:32
alexchadinhi kevko_home09:32
kevko_homehi :)09:33
alexchadinkevko_home: sure, I'll try to help you09:33
alexchadinadisky__: will you be able to make some spec reviews in the near future? ;)09:33
adisky__alexchadin: yup, I am reviewing the data model api one09:34
openstackLaunchpad bug 1786326 in watcher "Py3.7 unit tests hang; possible deadlock" [Undecided,New]09:34
kevko_homealexchadin: I was trying to Swap out ThreadPoolExecutor with GreenThreadPoolExecutor , but didn't help :(09:35
alexchadinkevko_home: is it only for Py37?09:36
adisky__alexchadin: regarding API validation, we need to add more validations in the framework, that are mentioned in specs but missing in current watcher09:36
kevko_homealexchadin: yes09:36
alexchadinkevko_home: our py27 and py35 gates work fine09:36
kevko_homealexchadin: yes i know :) , also 3.6 is working good09:36
kevko_homealexchadin: but we are packaging openstack for next buster release now building in sid where is 3.7 already ..09:37
alexchadinkevko_home: let me try it on my own machine09:38
kevko_homealexchadin: ok, sure09:38
alexchadinkevko_home: yeap, met the same thing09:47
kevko_homealexchadin: do you know where can be a mistake ?09:48
alexchadinkevko_home: looking through now09:48
alexchadinkevko_home: we have eventlet inside09:52
alexchadinline 20609:53
kevko_homealexchadin: see09:54
alexchadinkevko_home: probably it's on eventlet side09:55
kevko_homealexchadin: did you read this ?
kevko_homealexchadin: from eventlet side they adviced us to use GreenThreadPoolExecutor , but didn't solve the issue .... ( in other projects it helped ..)09:57
alexchadinkevko_home: ping10:16
alexchadinkevko_home: if I replace self._work_queue = queue.SimpleQueue() with self._work_queue = queue.Queue() in it works :|10:17
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kevko_homealexchadin: and is it acceptable solution to merge ?11:07
alexchadinkevko_home: of course nope11:07
kevko_homeou, is py3.7 sorry11:07
alexchadinlooking for other options11:07
alexchadinkevko_home: but, is it really not a problem with Py3.7?11:08
kevko_homealexchadin: maybe .. i think i am not responsible to decide ...11:09
alexchadinkevko_home: the bug thread is pretty quiet since July11:09
alexchadinkevko_home: I'm about python bug tracker11:09
kevko_homealexchadin: before it was queue.Queue()  - because of this issue was changed to SimpleQueue11:24
alexchadinkevko_home: I've seen it already11:27
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openstackgerritTetiana Lashchova proposed openstack/watcher master: Provide region name while initialize clients
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