Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/watcher master: [WIP] Add audit scoper for baremetal data model
openstackgerritlicanwei proposed openstack/watcher master: Remove warning log in common.context
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hidekazumeeting will be held about six hours later?08:14
alexchadinhidekazu: hi08:41
hidekazualexchadin: hi08:45
alexchadinhidekazu: we're preparing for PTG and I'm not sure that we need to hold meeting today08:46
alexchadinhidekazu: during last meeting, we've agreed that our PTG session should be hold in async mode08:46
hidekazui do not know when we have ptg online.08:47
hidekazuwhat is async?08:47
alexchadinhidekazu: it's hard to gather people from USA and China/Japan at the same time online08:47
hidekazualexchdin: yes08:48
hidekazui know async architecture.08:48
alexchadinhidekazu: so, we will have discussion topics (as always) and each one should leave his mention under appropriate topic08:48
hidekazualexchadin: it's indeed offline.08:49
alexchadinhidekazu: yeap08:49
hidekazualexchadin: got it.08:49
alexchadinhidekazu: I'll going to this PTG since I need to have additional conversations with other projects08:50
hidekazualexchadin: cross project conversation is important08:51
alexchadinhidekazu: that's right08:51
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kevko_homeHello guys , could someone advice me with watcher-dashboard09:42
kevko_homei have a problem with helpers in watcher-dashboard ->
kevko_homeparse_isotime already solved and will be fixing in upstream ...but hell i don't know how to fix chart_helpers ...from which package/project/code is it ? how can i fix it ? is it possible that it is absolete code ? or how to deal with it ?09:45
kevko_homethere is aslo bug created on launchpad
openstackLaunchpad bug 1746486 in kolla-ansible "Horizon container failed to load 'chart_helpers' if watcher is enabled" [Undecided,New]09:46
phuongnhalexchadin:  I would like to join PTG meeting and discuss about config migrator, can I add to etherpad? please review and correct me if there is anything wrong.09:57
alexchadinphuongnh: sure!09:58
alexchadinkevko_home: hi09:58
kevko_homealexchadin: hi :)09:58
kevko_homealexchadin: can you advice me :) ?09:58
alexchadinlet me see09:58
phuongnhalexchadin: Thanks09:59
alexchadinkevko_home: there is commit:
alexchadinkevko_home: maybe we should get rid of it10:03
phuongnh alexchadin:  I would like to join PTG meeting and discuss about n+1 redundancy, sorry for the typo10:03
phuongnhalexchadin: it is best if you can specify a time slot for me10:04
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alexchadinphuongnh: write on etherpad your preferable time. I'll answer there10:05
phuongnhthank you a lot10:05
alexchadinphuongnh: :)10:06
alexchadinkevko_home: I'll get back in half an hour10:06
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kevko_homealexchadin: parse_isotime is not problem .. i've solved it already by importing helpers from horizon.utils import filters10:58
kevko_homealexchadin: as someone done in sahara dashboard10:58
alexchadinkevko_home: ah, I see, the question is about chart_helpers10:59
alexchadinkevko_home: I have no idea :)11:01
alexchadinkevko_home: have you tried to remove _top_5_chart.html file?11:02
kevko_homealexchadin: yes, i have no idea from where someone got this filter11:02
kevko_homealexchadin: i like do things good , and i'm not core developer of dashboard ..just trying to find the truth and fix it with your help guys :)11:03
kevko_homealexchadin: so i don't want to just remove SOME file ..11:03
alexchadinkevko_home: Vincent Francoise added this one when I haven't been in this project yet11:04
alexchadinkevko_home: maybe it was added for some debug purposes11:04
kevko_homealexchadin: hmm, maybe i should contact him11:04
kevko_homealexchadin: going to try checkout all dashboard to grep this shit :D11:05
alexchadinkevko_home: his email11:06
kevko_homealexchadin: thank you very much11:06
kevko_homealexchadin: do you know that guy ? is he responding to emails ? :)11:07
alexchadinkevko_home: yeah, he was very active openstack contributor11:07
alexchadinkevko_home: usually he answers pretty quick :)11:07
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