Wednesday, 2018-06-27

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alexchadinadisky__: hi06:54
adisky__alexchadin: hi06:54
alexchadinadisky__: how are you? :)06:54
adisky__alexchadin: I am good :), what about you??06:55
alexchadinadisky__: I'm fine!06:55
alexchadinadisky__: could you please review some patches?06:55
adisky__alexchadin: sure06:55
adisky__which one?06:56
adisky__alexchadin: ok will review that06:58
adisky__also please check the comments here
alexchadinadisky__: thank you! BTW, what about removing wsme?06:59
adisky__alexchadin: Its about that only, please check the comments in api validation patch06:59
alexchadinadisky__: let me see...06:59
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alexchadinadisky__: ping07:43
adisky__alexchadin: yes07:47
alexchadinadisky__: Watcher already use WSME for some sort of validation needs. If I understand you right, you propose to extend API validation to take into account additional details07:49
adisky__adisky__: yes, it seems moving to json will be a bigtask07:50
adisky__so the problems we are facing due to watcher api validation, we first try to improve it using wsme validation07:51
alexchadinadisky__: what kind of validation you want to take into account?07:56
adisky__alexchadin: The same which are missing in wsme validation07:58
adisky__like the audit type validation missing, as mentioned in specs08:00
alexchadinadisky__: I suppose it would be great to leave WSME and try to implement validation using it08:16
adisky__alexchadin: you mean to leave wsme as it is right??08:17
adisky__alexchadin: ok08:18
adisky__alexchadin: please leave your comments at the patch, so that we can abandon this one08:19
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-tempest-plugin master: Remove volume v1 API service client usage
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melen_Hello! Recently I faced a problem when creating new audit based on vm_workload_consolidation strategy... I have both gnocchi and ceilometer, and I already collect all needed metrics for audit, but creation always failed with the following error: 'watcher.decision engine.audit.base attributeerror: data sources'  I've tried to change datasources in config file: enable only gnocchi, enable only ceilometer, enable both of them,11:43
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: [WiP] Add HA support
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