Thursday, 2018-02-08

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openstackgerritgaofei proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard master: Update unreachable link in installation doc
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openstackgerritbaiwenteng proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: Fix typos in watcher-specs
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alexchadinlicanwei: hi08:28
alexchadinlicanwei: how are you?08:30
licanweialexchadin: fine,thanks08:32
licanweialexchadin: Sorry for not coming08:33
alexchadinlicanwei: no worries08:33
alexchadinlicanwei: I'd like to discuss your recently registered blueprints08:34
alexchadinlicanwei: I'll return in 5 minutes, sorry08:34
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licanweialexchadin: ok08:34
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alexchadinlicanwei: I'm back08:40
licanweialexchadin: hi08:41
alexchadinlicanwei: let's discuss
licanweialexchadin: ok08:42
alexchadinhow do you see it on user's side?08:42
licanweialexchadin: We need a time period for conitnuous audit08:43
licanweialexchadin: for example from 2018-2-1 to 2018-2-808:44
licanweialexchadin: We mainly use continuous audit08:45
licanweialexchadin: Currently continuous audit does not automatically stop08:46
alexchadinlicanwei: do we need new audit state like "STOPPED"?08:46
licanweialexchadin: I think 'SUSPEND' is OK08:47
licanweialexchadin: SUSPENDED08:48
licanweialexchadin: or 'SUCCESSED'08:48
licanweialexchadin: No need to add new status08:49
alexchadinlicanwei: I suppose SUSPENDED is better08:49
alexchadinlicanwei: how do you want to set start and end time?08:50
licanweialexchadin: We will provide users with a configuration interface08:50
licanweialexchadin: On the audit input parameters08:51
licanweialexchadin: In fact, apschdeduler has a start and end time setting08:53
licanweialexchadin: But we may have to do it ourselves in Watcher08:53
licanweialexchadin: I'm not sure yet08:54
alexchadinlicanwei: I don't think that input parameters is good idea08:54
licanweialexchadin: Do you have any suggestions?08:55
alexchadinwe have only period attribute to set continuous audits. it may look like --period start=01-01-2018T20:00;end=02-01-2018T20:02:0208:55
licanweialexchadin: I also think that input parameters have too many things08:55
licanweialexchadin: add a new --period?08:57
alexchadinlicanwei: --interval, excuse me08:58
alexchadinlicanwei: we already have interval08:58
licanweialexchadin: It's a good idea08:59
licanweialexchadin: The next two weeks are Chinese New Year09:01
licanweialexchadin: Then I will work for the bps09:01
alexchadinoh I were in Thailand in February 2016, it was the first time when I celebrate Chinese NY :)09:03
licanweialexchadin: Welcome Chinese New Year~09:04
licanweialexchadin: Other bps problems?09:07
alexchadinlicanwei: I didn't get this sentence: We need to decide whether the next action is executed based on the result of the previous action09:08
licanweialexchadin: Now the decider always returns true09:10
alexchadinlicanwei: and how would you like to extend it?09:12
licanweialexchadin: We want to determine whether the next action is run based on the result of the previous action09:12
alexchadinlicanwei: any examples?09:14
licanweialexchadin: for example if a vm has three destination hosts09:14
licanweialexchadin: Now we have to choose one09:15
licanweialexchadin: But the migration may fail09:16
licanweialexchadin: We wish to generate three migration actions09:17
licanweialexchadin: If either one succeeds, the others do not run09:18
alexchadinI see09:19
alexchadinI have no more questions09:19
licanweialexchadin: Thanks~09:20
licanweialexchadin: Any question?09:23
alexchadinno, thanks :)09:23
licanweialexchadin: thanks alex, I'll offline :)09:25
alexchadinlicanwei: you're welcome09:25
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: Add missing release notes
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