Friday, 2018-01-05

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adisky_Yumeng: hi06:54
Yumengadisky_: can you pls check my reply?
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adisky_Yumeng: sure07:44
adisky_Yumeng: do you know about watcher PTG??07:44
adisky_what is the status, we are holding it or not?07:45
Yumengadisky_: I will go PTG07:45
Yumengbut I didn't get any news from Alex07:45
adisky_adisky_: it means watcher is holding PTG this time??07:45
adisky_Yumeng: yea, same here ok lets discuss in next meeting07:45
Yumengadisky_: I am not sure.. maybe we can ask Alex if he has any plan.07:46
Yumengadisky_: my company has approved my trip to PTG07:46
Yumengadisky_: will you go there?07:47
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adisky_Yumeng: yea, i will try to come this time08:53
Yumengadisky_: that would be great09:16
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Fix watcher actionplan list command
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