Wednesday, 2017-12-27

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alexchadinYumeng: ping09:09
alexchadinYumeng: I'd like to discuss this blueprint
alexchadinYumeng: I think it's already done09:17
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Yumengalexchadin:aha ~ do you mean done by this one ?
alexchadinYumeng: wait a sec09:20
alexchadinYumeng: you can use "watcher strategy list --detail" to see Parameters spec09:21
alexchadinYumeng: what do you think?09:37
Yumengalexchadin:I just tried "watcher strategy list --detail".  looks like it has all the information09:38
Yumengtoo much info09:38
alexchadinYumeng: you propose just to list name of properties in not detailed mode?09:39
Yumengalexchadin: I just checked "watcher strategy show". I think with "watcher strategy show", there is no need to do
Yumeng"watcher strategy show" lists the parameters in a better way09:52
Yumengwe can use "watcher strategy show" to check parameters09:52
alexchadinI agree09:52
alexchadinBTW, I don't like this output: watcher strategy show workload_stabilization09:53
alexchadindescription value is too big and gets out of boundaries09:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Updated from global requirements
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suzhengweialexchadin: hi11:05
alexchadinhi suzhengwei11:05
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suzhengwei the unit test make me confused.11:09
alexchadinsuzhengwei: there are one test (with two scenarios) that should be fixed:
suzhengweiyes, the one failed test, sometimes it pass, sometime it fail in my env.11:11
suzhengweiI doubt if there are random factor in the algorithm, which make this happened.11:14
alexchadinsuzhengwei: let me see...11:16
alexchadinsuzhengwei: yes11:18
alexchadinsuzhengwei: there is random factor :)11:18
alexchadinsuzhengwei: look at 400 line11:19
suzhengweihow to fix the test?11:21
alexchadinsuzhengwei: let me see...11:22
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: use current weighted sd as min_sd when starting to simulate migrations
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