Thursday, 2017-07-06

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Fixed wrap from taking negative values
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Fix for README.rst of tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Add post_test_hook
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-watcherclient master: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Replace default neutron endpoint type
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openstackgerritHidekazu Nakamura proposed openstack/watcher master: Add volume migrate action
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hidekazuYumeng: hi06:50
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adisky__hidekazu: hi06:57
hidekazuadisky__: h06:58
adisky__hidekazu:  I am not getting, what you want to say by "could you show me status transition during live migration"06:59
hidekazuadisky__: did you tested and find status is moving active -> migrating -> active?07:00
adisky__hidekazu:  yes I have tested07:02
adisky__for live migration, when nova replies it set status to "MIGRATING"07:02
hidekazuadisky_: yes i checked :)07:02
hidekazuadisky__: but i do not know only migrating :(07:03
hidekazuadisky__: i know state transition
adisky__hidekazu:  there is no migration in that doc07:04
Yumenghidekazu: hi07:05
adisky__hidekazu: as far as i know and checked the source code,  if nova accepts the request of migration, it sets instance status to "MIGRATING"07:05
hidekazuadisky__: but i do not know status transition. api-ref says many status.,list-servers-detail07:05
adisky__hidekazu: ok, let  me check07:06
hidekazuYumeng: hi, you said you will propose volume workload balance in sydney.07:06
Yumenghidekazu: yes07:07
hidekazuYumeng: so if  you have plan to develop the strategy, i reassign bp
hidekazuadisky__: you already checked source code, IMHO that is enough. please reply for my comment in gerrit.07:09
adisky__hidekazu:  ok, i am replying to gerrit07:14
hidekazuadisky__: i wonder why you did not use another option(?): while source hostname remains same hostname.07:14
hidekazuadisky__: nec uses the option.
Yumenghidekazu: Aha~  I would be happy to do that bp. Our customer needs this feature, so we are developing now.07:17
adisky__hidekazu:  it was not failing because of host name are same07:18
adisky__hidekazu:  check line no. 450, i  have added in the new patch, it was failing because i was not getting  new instance object after requesting migration07:19
adisky__so instance status was active (as of old instance object)  so it is immediately coming out of loop, resulting in same new and old host07:21
hidekazuadisky__: gettiing instance at L456 in while loop07:22
hidekazuYumeng: very nice,07:22
adisky__hidekazu:   no before that L45007:22
adisky__hidekazu:  and I have not used condition suggested by you because, there are tasks in nova which occurs after change of hostname, like cleanup at source node07:24
hidekazuYumeng: i registered the bp, but after that  our customer does not say they want. please remember you can take the bp, if you want.07:24
hidekazuadisky__: yes, i suspect you said at developing. if status transition is true, checking status is best.07:26
adisky__hidekazu:  I found one more thing related to cold migration, may be you know, if nova unable to schedule host for cold migration then it sets instance to ERROR state.07:28
adisky__hidekazu:  for state transition, i am replying on gerrit07:29
hidekazuadisky__: ok,thanks.07:29
Yumenghidekazu: Thanks!  Then please help to reassign that to me.07:30
hidekazuYumeng: i reassigned Assignee.07:33
Yumenghidekazu: Great!07:33
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openstackgerritsuzhengwei proposed openstack/watcher master: add name for audit, changes for watcher api/db
hidekazuYumeng: alexchadin comes here.07:34
alexchadinhidekazu, Yumeng morning07:34
alexchadinwhat am I missed?07:35
hidekazualexchadin: morning07:35
hidekazualexchadin: i discussed with Yumeng and reassigned storage workload balance bp to Yumeng.07:35
hidekazualexchadin: just before you joined.07:36
Yumengalexchadin: morning!07:36
alexchadinhidekazu: nice!07:37
alexchadinhidekazu: I see there is no spec yet07:37
hidekazualexchadin: yes.07:38
Yumenghidekazu, alexchadin: Shall we put it into Queen?07:38
hidekazualexchadin: should reassign Drafter as well?07:38
hidekazualexchadin: sure, spec is not yet.07:40
alexchadinYumeng: will you write the spec for this one?07:40
Yumenghidekazu, alexchadin: yes, sure.07:40
Yumengbut also fine, if you want pike. specs can start at pike.07:40
alexchadinYumeng, hidekazu we don't have Queens milestones yet, I will assign once it is available07:41
alexchadinYumeng: we set milestone for the end of bp usually :)07:41
alexchadinYumeng: I gave you core permissions, please take a look07:42
hidekazuYumeng: i believe reviewing helps yourself ;)07:43
Yumengalexchadin:Hi Alex. I tried several times, but don't have +2 permission.  Can you regrant permission to this email address: ?07:57
Yumengalexchadin:This email was used to register the gerrit account which I use now. So I am sure you will only find one, if search
alexchadinYumeng: yup let me see...07:58
Yumengalexchadin: but if search, you may find three. I have abandoned the other two. :)07:59
alexchadinI've seen07:59
alexchadinYumeng: check out08:00
Yumengalexchadin:  great08:00
Yumengalexchadin: works now!08:01
alexchadinYumeng: you're welcome ;)08:01
Yumenghidekazu:  Yes, this will help me in developing baremetal data model.  I will take a look.08:02
hidekazuYumeng:  is volume migration action code :)08:04
Yumenghidekazu: I was also studying this one.
Yumenghidekazu: aha  I see. you mean related to volume workload balance08:06
hidekazuYumeng: ah, yes. baremetal data model is much simpler though.08:06
hidekazuYumeng: yes, volume workload balance strategy should use volume migration action.08:07
Yumenghidekazu: For this one, huge amount of codes in one commit.  2544 !!  Great work. haha08:10
hidekazuYumeng: yeah, but actually lots of copy and paste from nova cdm. i studied code structure.08:12
hidekazuYumeng: this code is forgotten in irc meeting yesterday :(08:13
alexchadinhidekazu: trust me, everyone in our team knows about this super-massive commit :)08:19
alexchadinhidekazu: it's great work, but it takes a lot of time to review it rapidly08:20
hidekazualexchadin: i am also sorry i could not try new cron type ps last week.08:23
alexchadinhidekazu: no worries08:23
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hidekazunow we can see watcher doc.09:03
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alexchadinplease, take a look at this patch
alexchadinhidekazu: ^10:13
hidekazualexchadin: i did w+110:15
alexchadinhidekazu: great!10:16
hidekazualexchadin: do you know when this is reflected?10:16
alexchadinhidekazu: it should be instantly reflected10:17
alexchadinhidekazu: I will contact to openstack-doc team to add our api references and install docs to appropriate sections10:17
hidekazualexchadin: i am in trouble creating db schema. can we discuss?10:19
alexchadinhidekazu: unfortunately, I should go10:19
hidekazualexchadin: ok, nop.10:20
alexchadinhidekazu: write your problem on ML, I will answer asap10:20
hidekazualexchadin: i will investigate.10:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Adapt watcher documentation for new standards
hidekazualexchadin: i will write to ml :)10:24
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: Specs for Saving Energy Strategy
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: move doc/source/webapi content to doc/source/api
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: move doc/source/webapi content to doc/source/api
openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher master: move doc/source/webapi content to doc/source/api
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openstackgerritAkihito INOH proposed openstack/watcher master: Replace voluptuous with JSONSchema to validate change_node_power_state
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openstackgerritBin Zhou proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: [WIP] Spec for multi-datasource support
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openstackgerritBin Zhou proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: [WIP] Spec for multi-datasource support
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