Thursday, 2017-04-13

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritlicanwei proposed openstack/watcher master: Add action description
openstackgerritlicanwei proposed openstack/watcher master: Add action description notification
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openstackgerritlicanwei proposed openstack/python-watcherclient master: Add the filed of description to shell command for action.
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openstackgerritlicanwei proposed openstack/watcher master: use instance data replace exception.NoDataFound
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hidekazuadisky_: sorry i missed your ping yesterda.07:34
hidekazuadisky_: y.07:34
adisky_hidekazu: no problem07:35
adisky_hidekazu: I  need some help on action plan cancel07:35
hidekazuadisky_: if i can help ;)07:39
adisky_hidekazu: actually there is no way to abort a task in taskflow, for ONGOING actions if action plan cancel is triggered then taskflow is waiting for the action to complete then it is calling the revert method.07:41
adisky_hidekazu: so if we need to stop ONGOING actions ie. abort, i think we need to keep poll the action plan state.07:43
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hidekazuadisky_: you mean we can not implement as spec?07:45
adisky_hidekazu: yes07:45
adisky_hidekazu: not completly but a little deviation07:46
hidekazuadisky_: i am not familiar with taskflow. but ok, i will investigate.07:47
adisky_hidekazu: i have seen taskflow blueprints there is one on abort but no one is working on it from long time, i have asked to taskflow team as well.07:48
adisky_meanwhile i wiill submit patch with polling approach07:49
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hidekazuadisky_: my colleague said taskflow activity is low these days.07:49
adisky_hidekazu: ok07:50
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pksinghalexchadin: Hello, Good Morning07:59
alexchadinpksingh: morning07:59
pksinghalexchadin: i have some queries regarding scope, can you please help me out understanding that07:59
alexchadinpksingh: yeap, what exactly do you want to know?08:00
pksinghalexchadin: i have some applications which are running on instances on some host aggregates08:00
pksinghalexchadin: i want to exclude the host aggregates from audit08:01
pksinghalexchadin: can this be done using scopes?08:01
alexchadinpksingh: yes!08:01
alexchadinwait a sec08:01
pksinghalexchadin: as per code we cant exclude host aggregates08:01
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alexchadinpksingh: for now, you may list all host aggregates you need in 'host_aggregates' array08:04
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pksinghalexchadin: but that will be for running audit on only those host aggregates?08:05
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alexchadinpksingh: you can't exclude host aggregate, but you may not to mention it in the host_aggregates array. scope sets the borders for resources of audit08:09
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pksinghalexchadin: what about adding host aggregates in 'exclude' field like 'instances' and 'compute_nodes'?08:11
alexchadinpksingh: it would be good case :)08:13
alexchadinpksingh: I think, it costs 10-20 lines of codes08:14
pksinghalexchadin: can independent 'host_aggregates' and 'host_aggregates' in exclude reside together in one scope?08:14
pksinghalexchadin: i was implementing, based on new patch set, i will add 'instance_metadata' and 'host_aggregates' in exclde field08:15
alexchadinpksingh: I see that you have already added 'instance_metadata'08:17
alexchadinpksingh: I didn't understand your previous question08:17
pksinghalexchadin: let me explain with example08:18
pksinghalexchadin: i have pasted a scope as example at
pksinghalexchadin: i think host_aggregate can be either in exclude field or include field,08:20
alexchadinpksingh: it makes sense08:21
pksinghalexchadin: earlier implementation of audit_tag was strategy based not scope based08:22
pksinghalexchadin: current patch set in spec suggests to move it to scope based08:22
alexchadinpksingh: I think, there should be checking for host_aggregates field in the scope08:22
pksinghalexchadin: at API layer iteself, right?08:23
alexchadinpksingh: can't it be implemented by json-schema in ?08:24
alexchadinline 3108:24
pksinghalexchadin: i am not sure if i can check host_aggregates coming twise in schema?08:25
pksinghalexchadin: using json schema validator08:26
alexchadinpksingh: I'm looking at specification of schema08:26
alexchadinpksingh: if it's impossible, I think it should be checked at API layer08:27
pksinghalexchadin: i will find a way,08:27
pksinghalexchadin: what is best approach to implement audit tag, using scope or filetering in strategy?08:28
pksinghalexchadin: i think scope is little bit cleaner approach08:29
alexchadinpksingh: I think, when we come in strategy, our resources should already be prepared08:30
alexchadinpksingh: I agree with you, scope would be better way for it08:31
pksinghalexchadin: ok, i will reimplement it using scope08:31
pksinghalexchadin: thanks for your time, i will come to you if i need any help :)08:31
alexchadinpksingh: you are welcome!08:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: exception when running 'watcher actionplan start XXX'
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sballe_alexhadin: all: I created a slide with the logos of all the companies who are participating in Watcher and want to make sure I picked the right logo for your companies. I updated it from the last OpenStack talk.
sballe_please take a look and send me the right logo if I didn't use the right one. like I said I updated the content based on our last slide and added companies based on
sballe_Also let me know if I forgot somebody and if I did I didn't do it on purpose18:33
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hidekazusballe_: NEC logo looks good, thanks.23:55
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