Wednesday, 2017-03-29

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-watcher master: Update test-requirements.txt
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openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Fix for remove verbose option
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openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in workload_balance strategy
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-dashboard master: Using enable_plugin instend of enable_service
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openstackgerritZhong Luyao proposed openstack/watcher master: LLC Noisy neighbor strategy
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in outlet_temp_control strategy
openstackgerritZhong Luyao proposed openstack/watcher master: LLC Noisy neighbor strategy
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pksinghvincentfrancois: Hello08:40
pksinghvincentfrancois1: Hi08:42
vincentfrancois1pksingh: hi08:43
pksinghvincentfrancois1: could you please help me in understanding audit scope?08:43
vincentfrancois1pksingh: ok08:44
vincentfrancois1pksingh: the audit scope is a way to filter out elements of a CDM to make sure they are not affected/taken into account by a strategy08:45
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pksinghvincentfrancois1: so too filter out some resources?08:46
vincentfrancois1pksingh: yeah08:46
vincentfrancois1pksingh: then the reason why you want to filter out can vary08:46
pksinghvincentfrancois1: its not for only auditing the resources which are in audit scope?08:46
vincentfrancois1pksingh: yes it is, which is why we filter them out08:47
pksinghvincentfrancois1: 'do not audit resources X' or 'audit only resources X'?08:48
vincentfrancois1pksingh: but the audit scope is the set of rules used to perform the filtering08:48
vincentfrancois1pksingh: it's mainly a blacklisting-like kind of filtering08:49
pksinghvincentfrancois1: OK got it08:50
vincentfrancois1pksingh: but if needed, I reckon itt could support both08:50
pksinghvincentfrancois1: so if i dont want to migrate instances from host-aggregates then i can set the scope?08:50
vincentfrancois1pksingh: exactly08:50
vincentfrancois1pksingh: using the "host_aggregates" filter of the audit scope08:51
pksinghvincentfrancois1: ok got it,08:51
vincentfrancois1pksingh: however, the audit scope has a big limitation, which is that it only works for the main compute CDM provided in Watcher08:52
vincentfrancois1pksingh: if you decide to implement a custom CDM (or even for the future ironic and cinder CDMs), then we need to make it more generic to handle them08:52
pksinghvincentfrancois1: 'main compute CDM provided in Watcher'?08:52
vincentfrancois1pksingh: as in the only CDM you have in Watcher08:53
vincentfrancois1pksingh: which maps Nova/compute resources08:53
vincentfrancois1pksingh: but CDMs are plugins08:53
pksinghvincentfrancois1: ok got it,08:54
pksinghvincentfrancois1: for that case i think we need to add more CDMs and scopes?08:54
vincentfrancois1pksingh: but only the official compute (see
pksinghvincentfrancois1: ok08:55
vincentfrancois1pksingh: yes, I discussed this with alexchadin the other but didn't have time to formalize it08:55
pksinghvincentfrancois1: i was thinking for filtering VMs based on metadata, can we have some scope, other than doing it in individual strategy?08:56
vincentfrancois1pksingh: yes, that was one option discussed at the PTG08:57
pksinghvincentfrancois1: OK, so any specific reason why didn't we go that way, for saving time from checking each instance during CDM generation?08:58
vincentfrancois1pksingh: can't remember the details but it was part of the discussion with prashanth but I was over hangout so it was difficult to follow all the discussions09:00
pksinghvincentfrancois1: i will discuss it with Prashanth, thanks09:00
pksinghthanks for answering all my questions :)09:01
vincentfrancois1pksingh: you're welcome09:02
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alexchadinvincentfrancois1: hi09:26
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vincentfrancois1alexchadin: hi09:39
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: I haven't returned to IRC yesterday, have you thought about background-jobs?09:39
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: ah yeah but I can't remember right now, let me just gather my last thoughts on it09:41
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: feel free to gather :D09:41
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: I was writing this BP from our older discussion09:43
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: it's not well written but it gives the main ideas09:43
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vincentfrancois1alexchadin: ok so the dependencies were too many to fully break down all of it09:45
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: first I made a new comment on your spec09:46
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: yeah I saw it09:46
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: hm, how is it related to background-jobs?09:47
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: so if we implement the tagging, we can change the implementation of ContinuousAuditHandler09:47
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vincentfrancois1alexchadin: so that it doesn't have the attribute09:47
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: it would directly query with a filter the _get_jobs() of the scheduler09:48
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: by doing so _is_audit_inactive() can become a classmethod09:48
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: we can then remove _start() that is called in __init__() since we would reuse the commong DESchedulerService09:50
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: context_show_deleted can be instantiated on demand or can be a static attribute09:51
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: *self.context_show_deleted09:51
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: ok, I'm filling agenda right now, I'll read your messages a little bit later09:51
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: ok09:52
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: then what's left is self.execute09:52
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: and I was wondering wether if writing it like lambda this, audit: ContinuousAuditHandler.execute(this, audit) would work since we'd use the unbound method09:55
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: self.strategy_context, self.planner_manager and self.planner can be written in a way that would make them lazy loaded09:59
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: and self.messaging seems to be unused so we could get rid of it completely10:01
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: it'll probably be unclear to you as of where I'm trying to go10:05
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: it would be great if you *visualize* your suggests somehow10:05
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vincentfrancois1alexchadin: but basically, what AuditHandler does can be done without instantiating it10:06
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: I agree10:06
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openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in uniform_airflow strategy
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openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in outlet_temp_control strategy
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Fix for remove verbose option
vincentfrancois1sballe_: hi12:03
sballe_what channel are we on? and is the IRC meetng now?12:03
sballe_vincentfrancois1: hi :)12:03
vincentfrancois1sballe_: it's in 2 hours I think12:03
vincentfrancois1sballe_: not sure with the time change though :p12:03
sballe_lol ok thx12:04
sballe_I knew about the time change just not how it would affect me.I thougt outlook would change things automatically12:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Use HostAddressOpt for opts that accept IP and hostnames
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in uniform_airflow strategy
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in workload_balance strategy
vincentfrancois1sballe_: no because outlook registers relatively to the country/state's timezone12:12
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in VM-Workload-Consolidation strategy
vincentfrancois1sballe_: because usually you don't set appointments/meetings in absolute UTC time :p12:12
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in outlet_temp_control strategy
sballe_vincentfrancois1: YEAH MAKE SENSE12:12
sballe_sorr for the caps12:12
vincentfrancois1sballe_: np12:13
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alexchadinMeeting will be in half an hour!12:29
alexchadinsballe_ ^12:30
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: can you go to ?12:30
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: I have a lunch :)12:31
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: to discuss the continuous audit ha12:31
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: ok :p12:32
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: Let's discuss it a little bit later, sorry12:32
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sballe_alexchadin: I have a conflict today due to the time change but chrisspencer and pshedimb should be there. I will read the minutes/irc logs.12:33
alexchadinsballe_: no worries12:33
vincentfrancois1sballe_: ok, have a good day then :)12:33
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/watcher master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient master: Remove log translations
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chrisspenceralexchadin: vincentfrancois1 hi, is this week and even week or odd week?  I thought last week was 14:00 UTC, so wouldn't this week be 13:00?13:07
vincentfrancois1chrisspencer: it's right now on #openstack-meeting-alt13:08
alexchadinchrisspencer: it is odd week13:08
chrisspencerthanks, AZ doesn't change time in spring/fall so I wanted to make sure my times weren't messed up as well :)13:09
vincentfrancois1chrisspencer: time change is such a pain, I hope it was the same everywhere in europe...13:10
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vincentfrancois1ostroverkhov: I just left you a comment on your BP13:28
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openstackgerritVincent Fran├žoise proposed openstack/watcher master: Added tempest test for workload_stabilization
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vincentfrancois1alexchadin: since we tend to not finish on time I guess that we should switch the open discussions befire the reviews every 2 weeks14:00
alexchadinvincentfrancois1: good idea, we have couple of things to discuss14:01
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hidekazualexchadin: vincentfrancois1: before is good, because after is too late for me.14:04
openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi support in VM-Workload-Consolidation strategy
alexchadinhidekazu: what time is in Japan?14:04
hidekazunow 23:04.14:04
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-dashboard master: Adding horizon time filters to format the time in detail page
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hidekazualexchadin: meeting in boston is like PTG? because i will have to negociate with my boss.14:08
alexchadinSummit itself is a place to chat and have new contacts14:09
alexchadinhidekazu ^14:09
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alexchadinhidekazu: we will have Forum, when we can chat to each other14:09
hidekazualexchadin: yes, i know.14:10
alexchadinhidekazu: and I propose to set the time when we can meet on Summit14:10
alexchadinhidekazu: just like it was in Barcelona14:10
vincentfrancois1alexchadin: +114:11
hidekazualexchadin: then we will talk about etherpad you created.14:11
alexchadinhidekazu: sballe_ suggested to have a dinner, I agree with her14:11
hidekazualexchadin: vincentfrancois1: we will meet developers who did not attend ptg..14:12
alexchadinhidekazu: exactly, like me :D14:12
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alexchadinhidekazu: of course we can talk with people about Watcher and invite them to get started contributing14:14
hidekazualexchadin: i will negociate with my boss.14:14
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sballe_alexchadin: can oyu point me to the etherpad for Boston?14:19
alexchadinsballe_: I will structure it tomorrow14:19
sballe_ok perfect :)14:20
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chrisspencerdtardivel: are you still around?15:01
vincentfrancois1chrisspencer: he's not at his desk but I can give him a shout if needed15:03
chrisspencervincentfrancois1: I was going to ask him a bit more about monasca :)  that's the last bit of my log when trying to stack.  I also noticed zookeeper and kafka services are in the failed state and  I was wondering if he ever ran into these issues15:06
vincentfrancois1chrisspencer: ok let me ask him :D15:09
vincentfrancois1chrisspencer: he's busy  :(15:10
pksinghchrisspencer: how did you resolved the monasca-thresh issue?15:11
chrisspencerpksingh:  was able to get things working last week, but came back yesterday and had some auth issues and couldn't do anything with cli or horizon now can't stack again15:18
pksinghchrisspencer: any specific step to resolve the issue, or you just retried?15:20
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chrisspencerI disabled thresh like you mentioned and I made sure my devstack was up to date,  whoever deployed our end was using newton branch15:22
pksinghchrisspencer: ok15:28
pksinghthanks, :)15:28
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openstackgerritSanthosh Fernandes proposed openstack/watcher master: Add gnocchi plugin support for devstack
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