Tuesday, 2017-02-14

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openstackgerritaditi sharma proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: specs for blueprint cancel action plan  https://review.openstack.org/43226406:32
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pksinghacabot: hello06:35
openstackgerritaditi sharma proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: specs for blueprint cancel action plan  https://review.openstack.org/43226406:43
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vincentfrancoisepksingh: hi08:32
pksinghvincentfrancoise: hello08:32
vincentfrancoisepksingh: acabot is here today but he's not at his desk, will ping you when I see him if you still need it08:32
pksinghvincentfrancoise: i was on leave for past two weeks, so could not work on assigned tasks08:33
pksinghvincentfrancoise: i had a question related to monasca support08:33
vincentfrancoisepksingh: ah in that case I can help since I worked on it08:33
pksinghvincentfrancoise: currently monasca datasource is supported only for basic consolidation?08:34
vincentfrancoisepksingh: yes08:35
vincentfrancoisepksingh:what was done is a simple helper to consume monasca metrics08:35
pksinghvincentfrancoise: any limitation in other strategies or its future work?08:35
vincentfrancoisevincentfrancoise: future work that is meant to be done by people that want to do it I'd say08:36
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok, other strategies can also consume monasca if there is such use case, there is no any limitation from monasca or watcher side?08:37
vincentfrancoisepksingh: the only limitation would be the absence of the needed metrics08:38
vincentfrancoisepksingh: which might be the case for IPMI metrics for example08:38
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok08:38
vincentfrancoisepksingh: but that's part of the future work to figure that out08:39
vincentfrancoisepksingh: FYI, there is also another BP that I wrote on this matter https://blueprints.launchpad.net/watcher/+spec/watcher-multi-datasource08:39
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok, good08:39
vincentfrancoisepksingh: it's my proposition for a metrics datasource abstraction so that strategies can become datasource agnostic08:40
vincentfrancoisepksingh: but that's a lot of work08:40
pksinghvincentfrancoise: any plan to support gnochhi?08:40
vincentfrancoisepksingh: there is a BP on this08:41
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok08:41
vincentfrancoiseand it's already assigned although I don't know the status on this one08:41
pksinghvincentfrancoise: santhosh is my collegue, but its not approved yet08:42
vincentfrancoisepksingh: ah I'll tell acabot to approve it but he can start working on it08:42
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok sure, i will communicate it to him08:43
vincentfrancoisepksingh: alexchadin the new PTL is also okay to do this I believe08:43
pksinghvincentfrancoise: ok, thanks08:44
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openstackgerritaditi sharma proposed openstack/watcher-specs master: specs for blueprint cancel action plan  https://review.openstack.org/43226409:29
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acabot pksingh : hello09:59
pksinghacabot: Hello,10:00
pksinghacabot: i had some queries, vincentfrancoise answered them10:00
pksinghacabot: thanks :)10:00
acabotpksingh : ok cool, FYI I have approved https://blueprints.launchpad.net/watcher/+spec/gnocchi-watcher10:00
pksinghacabot: do we need a spec for that, or we can directly start with the code10:01
acabotpksingh : a spec is needed10:02
pksinghacabot: ok sure10:02
acabotpksingh : thx10:02
pksinghacabot: np :)10:02
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher master: Remove support for py34  https://review.openstack.org/43055210:28
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adisky_hi, is there any reason for not having action create/update/delete in python-watcher client??11:31
alexchadinhi adisky_11:34
alexchadinadisky_: actions are being created by action plan only11:34
alexchadinadisky_: you can't modify them since they are binded to each other and comes as logic result of decision engine's running11:35
adisky_alexchadin: Then why we have exposed them to REST API??11:35
adisky_POST /v1/actions11:37
alexchadinadisky_: good question:) I think it comes from first iteration of watcher architecture11:38
alexchadinadisky_: you can see that there are FIXME section11:38
alexchadinadisky_: https://github.com/openstack/watcher/blob/master/watcher/api/controllers/v1/action.py#L33711:38
adisky_alexchadin: ok11:39
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vincentfrancoiseadisky_: alexchadin is right, it was originally exposed but we disabled it, we thought we would find a way to re-enable it soon after but I guess that other priorities came along the way13:04
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openstackgerritChris Spencer proposed openstack/python-watcherclient master: Remove RST files located in doc/source/api.  https://review.openstack.org/43379517:06
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: Just looked at bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-watcherclient/+bug/1622490  and it looks like the fix was implemented.  I made a comment on the bug.18:07
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622490 in python-watcherclient "Improve API version parsing" [Medium,Triaged]18:07
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