Monday, 2017-01-30

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maestropandyHi All, I am new to watcher, but have interest in learning watcher and do contribution, looking for mentor to guide and i will do best. Can i have someone to help me out05:38
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alexchadinvincentfrancoise: hi08:42
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: morning PTL :p08:43
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I've started to implement versioned notifications of action plan but then noticed that you have already uploaded your implementation.08:44
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: that was notification for "action" I talked to you wasn't it?08:45
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: let me see08:46
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: that's because I did the action plan part that I  proposed you the action one to finish with this08:46
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: oh I see08:47
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: look at I actually gave you the correct link :p08:48
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I had confused these two BPs:)08:48
vincentfrancoisethey are quite similar anyway08:48
vincentfrancoisethe spec was made very quickly and is not merged yet so you can change it if you want08:49
vincentfrancoiseI just wanted to start writing specs so people can more easily pick up some BPs08:49
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: It is very clear BP so I'd prefer to implement it first and then to make some corrections to the spec08:51
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: yeah the only thing that you shouldn't really be too concerned about is the content of the payloads09:17
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: Overall it should be close to being all good but I may have made some mistakes here and there09:17
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: Is it necessary to get goal and strategy payloads to every object type? It looks good for audit, but would it be good for action?09:21
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: sure09:22
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: overall what should be in each notification is the action fields + the directly related objects so action_plan in this case09:23
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: then the action_plan field should not contain its related objects, only the UUIDs09:24
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: IMHO that should be more than enough09:24
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: I've copy/pasted the action plan BP so that's why I was telling you to not take into account the payloads too much09:25
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: then there shouldn't be goal and strategy since they are not directly related to action09:26
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: exactly09:26
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: unless you think it's really needed09:27
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: +109:27
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Add fixes to planner-storage-action-plan spec
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chrisspencervincentfrancoise: coming back to my bug after getting pulled off for a couple of days and I have some further Qs for you15:31
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: hi15:32
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: go ahead15:32
chrisspenceryou had mentioned just running the tempest tests to verify the logging done in the nova notifications.  I was able to run the latest fixes you had merged, but wasn't seeing any of the notification logging on console or at  logs/watcher-decision-engine (or watcher-api, watcher-applier)15:33
chrisspencerDid I need to try all of that out on a multinode setup?  right now I just have an all in one with watcher installed15:34
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-specs: Add fixes to planner-storage-action-plan spec
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: an all-in-one should suffice: if you create/update/delete an instance that should be enough15:35
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: hmm.  Maybe I'm doing something else wrong.  It should be getting logged in the watcher-decision-engine log right?15:37
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: yes, although you need to setup the log level down to DEBUG15:38
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: otherwise you won't be able to see it15:38
chrisspencerah, maybe that is what I'm missing15:38
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: the lovel level is INFO by default15:39
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: where is that conf file located?15:39
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: /etc/watcher/watcher.conf then in [DEFAULT] debug = True15:40
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: looks like already set to true for me15:41
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: that's the first param you can see
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: does it need to be first?15:41
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: nope, just has to be in the right section15:41
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: do you see any other DEBUG level logs BTW?15:42
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: yes, I just didn't see any being written by watcher.decision_engine.model.notification or more specifically any of the strings we print in that file15:44
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: did you try with the master branch or your version when you say that?15:46
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: because if you look at the multinode logs  for
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: I can defnitely see the logs15:47
chrisspencerlet me just double check that.  Is there a quicker way to restart just the watcher component without having to unstack/stack all over again?15:48
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: just quit the screen and rerun it15:49
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: to rerun the screen you can run:  "screen -c ~/devstack/stack-screen"15:50
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: to quit a screen, that's "ctrl+a \"15:50
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: give me a shout if you still struggle ;)15:54
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: thanks. I only want to quit the watcher screen?15:55
chrisspencerdecision-engine *15:55
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: it's easier to quit it all, but to only restart the watcher services you have to jump to each watcher-* tab and "ctrl +c" to interrupt the process and run the last command15:57
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: ack. So once I've quit the screen, I just restart it the screen -c ~/devstack/stack-screen again? then it should be running my modified code?16:00
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: yes it should reload the code it has at hand in /opt/stack/watcher16:01
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: ahh, I think that is my problem.  I probably missed reinstalling my changes to watcher.  I'm making the changes in the git repo.  I'll trying making the changes in opt/stack.  Thanks16:03
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: that's why I explicited the path in case you didn't do that :p16:03
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: I personally use rsync to get my local code into my devstack VMs16:04
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: "rsync -a <WATCHER_DIR>/watcher stack@<IP_ADDRESS>:/opt/stack/watcher/watcher"16:05
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: I want to say I remember a way to install and use the local code. `python develop` or something like that16:05
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: what do you mean by local as opposed to the /opt/stack/watcher code?16:07
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: as in, where is it located?16:07
openstackgerritAntoine Cabot proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Remove voluptuous and Use JSONSchema as our only JSON validation tool
openstackgerritAntoine Cabot proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Remove voluptuous and Use JSONSchema as our only JSON validation tool
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: ah, actually it looks like my code is in /opt/stack/watcher so no need for any of the special workarounds16:10
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Added action_plan.create|update|delete notifs
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Added action_plan.execution.* actions
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: does it work now?16:33
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: unfortunately not. the only logs I notice are:  but nothing in the notification path16:47
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: did you try reverting back to the master branch code and see if there was something coming out?16:48
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: that last comment was a little misleading.  There are other items in the log. but I was searching for matching string decision_engine.model16:48
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: will try that16:48
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: oh, one sec16:48
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer:  if you filter via the "Event" key, do you get something16:49
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: I'm using vim and doing string search.  I see a bunch of items:  2017-01-27 05:55:41.943 DEBUG watcher.common.service [^[[00;36m-] ^[[01;35moslo_reports.file_event_handler = None^[[00m ^[[00;33mfrom (pid=34506) log_opt_values /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_config/^[[00m16:51
chrisspencerit's catching the file_event_handler16:51
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: you should see logs like
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: this is what we currently have on master16:53
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: what is running in that gate to cause those logs?  Right now I'm just doing: ./ --config watcher-cloud/etc/tempest.conf -N -- watcher16:56
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: wow, this is a question to which I'd rather answer MAGIC16:58
chrisspencermaybe I'll just push my changes to the review and let the gate magic tell me if it is working16:59
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: overall, it should be close to what you do though16:59
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: yeah push your code to see what happens16:59
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: also, can you send me a full copy/paste of the logs you have without any search17:00
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: so I can see what's here and what isn't17:00
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: will send you my logs17:01
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: I'll leave the office soon btw so I'll have time going through them today17:05
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: this file is large and is on a remote VM, do you know of an easy way to get it?17:08
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: no need to send me too much, just a subset that should have contained the logs17:10
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: it just has to be without any filtering17:10
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: I need more logs to get past the initial log settings printing17:15
chrisspencersorry just noticed that too17:15
chrisspencerone sec17:16
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: looks normal to me so push the code and we'll see what happens17:20
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: I have to go too so see you tomorrow ;)17:20
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: thanks for all your help17:21
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: you're welcome17:21
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openstackgerritChris Spencer proposed openstack/watcher: Adding additional details to notification logs
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