Thursday, 2017-01-05

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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Add page title for some panel table
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-dashboard: Add reno for release notes management
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chrisspencersballe_: we are all setup on the systems16:00
sballe_chrisspencer: this is very cool! incluign collectd?16:01
sballe_can you check we are getting the right metrics like ll3_misses etc16:01
chrisspencerunfortunately we are blocked on that right now.  I have the request out to get access to the repo.16:01
chrisspencerI'll send an email to those guys to try and expedite the request16:02
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vincentfrancoisehi sballe_16:49
vincentfrancoisedid you receive my bug suggestion last time?16:50
sballe_yes chrisspencer decided he wanted to work on it16:50
sballe_thx a lot for the suggesttion16:50
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: I just started looking into it16:50
vincentfrancoiseso just as an FYI16:51
vincentfrancoisethere's someone else that talked about this bug with me yesterday (let me find out who it was :p)16:51
chrisspencervincentfrancoise: ack.  is that someone else working on it now?16:56
vincentfrancoiseI don't know, did you assign it to yourself on launchpad?16:57
vincentfrancoise(can't find outwho it was)16:58
chrisspencernot yet, still unassigned16:58
chrisspencernow it is :)16:58
vincentfrancoisecan you send me the link pls?16:58
openstackLaunchpad bug 1642623 in watcher "Add resource ID in nova notification logs " [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to Chris Spencer (christopher-m-spencer)16:58
vincentfrancoisethere you go that was atuly that was talking with me about it16:59
vincentfrancoisehe wrote a comment on the bug BTW16:59
vincentfrancoisechrisspencer: do you understand what has to be done?17:02
vincentfrancoiseI'm about to leave so that would be the perfect moment to ask :)17:02
chrisspenceryes, I saw that comment.  Is his comment the fix? from the description it seemed like we wanted a more generic solution at a higher level. like for all NotificationEndpoints?17:02
vincentfrancoiseat the moment, we already have logs for the notifications17:02
vincentfrancoisebut since we receive the notifications concurrently17:03
chrisspenceralso notification IDs and messageIDs, in the code are the the publisher ID and instance ID?17:03
vincentfrancoisethe logs are unreadable because we don't know from which initial event/notification each line of log we see comes from17:03
chrisspencermakes sense17:04
vincentfrancoiseso when you see this log
vincentfrancoiseyou have the metadata and you can track the initial event17:05
vincentfrancoisehowever when we handle the notification and get to
vincentfrancoisewe can't tell the initial message ID anymore17:06
vincentfrancoiseso the logger should be somehow aware of the message ID it references17:06
vincentfrancoiseand when I say generic17:07
vincentfrancoisethe idea is to make it the least intrusive we can17:07
vincentfrancoisebecause if it's well made, we may as well reuse the mechanism to do the logging of all event handlers17:08
chrisspencer+1  will start working on that17:09
chrisspencerthanks vincentfrancoise17:09
vincentfrancoiseis that ok for you? It's not the easiest starting point, but at least you don't really add a new feature so can be sure you won't break anything and you probably won't need to write unit tests17:10
chrisspenceryup that works, sounds like a good way to dig in!17:11
vincentfrancoiseemail/ping me if needed ;)17:11
vincentfrancoisebye all :)17:11
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