Wednesday, 2016-11-02

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openstackgerritzhongshengping proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Add requirements in metadata.json file
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openstackgerritCarl proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Add exception handling code
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hidekazuhi, i am trying to use workload_stabilization, but still not work.  anyone can help me?09:59
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: hi10:00
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: hi.10:00
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: i found 'No hardware.cpu.util metric for w012 found.' in decision-engine.log.10:01
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: there is a doc that is being written about this strategy that is under review10:01
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: see
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: but i can see hardware.cpu.util sample.10:01
vincentfrancoiseI'm not the one maintaining this strategy so I don't know enough about it to help you out much10:03
vincentfrancoisealexchadin is the one you want to talk to10:04
vincentfrancoisebut he's not online at the moment10:04
vincentfrancoiseif I'm not mistaken10:04
vincentfrancoiseyou can disable this metric via the its parameters10:04
vincentfrancoiseso you can make it work10:04
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: I found hardware.cpu.util sample, so i think this metric is valid.10:06
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: after a bit of thinking, I think what happens is something I was talking with alexchadin10:07
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: Did you create some VMs just before running the strategy? Or did you run it on an existing set of VMs?10:07
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: yes, i created 3 vms before running strategy.10:08
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: 3 vms are on single compute node. another compute node has no vms.10:10
vincentfrancoiseok so the problem I think is that you ran the audit too quickly although this clearly should be handled10:11
vincentfrancoisebasically, ceilometer is collecting metrics every 10mns or so10:11
vincentfrancoisebut because Ceilometer didn't have time to collect metrics for 1 or more VMs10:11
hidekazuvms created yesterday..10:12
vincentfrancoisewhat happens is that the strategy didn't know how to compute a score for it to know whether or not it shall move it10:12
hidekazui setted up compute node to get hardware.cpu.util sample too.10:14
vincentfrancoiseok so that's yet a different problem then10:14
vincentfrancoisecould you please then me your logs so I can have a look?10:15
hidekazuyes,of course.10:15
hidekazuwhich log do you need? i will paste.10:16
vincentfrancoisehm, can you give stacktrace first please10:17
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vincentfrancoisehidekazu: thanks, let me have a look10:26
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: i reached data model from stacktrace, but could not go into further.10:27
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: ok so I see 2 problems but I would need to test them out10:32
openstackgerritAtul Pandey proposed openstack/watcher: Use Enum value instead of String Value Fixing Gating Issue.
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: give me 30mn and I'll come back to you to tell if it worked ;)10:34
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: thanks so much.10:35
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: these kind of problems come from the fact that we do not have any automatic integration tests on strategies except from basic_consolidation10:36
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: I will try to make some time to add one so we can test this out within the gate jobs10:37
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hidekazuvincentfrancoise: you will add test only 30mn?10:38
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: no just test manually in : I don't code that quickly yet :)10:39
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vincentfrancoisehidekazu: BTW it's probably quite late for you already so maybe we can discuss this tomorrow10:47
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: thanks, but still about 20:00(JST). i will work further.10:49
vincentfrancoisehidekazu: fair enough :)10:49
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: how about you? lunch time?10:49
vincentfrancoiseyes in about 20mn :)10:51
hidekazuvincentfrancoise: sorry take your lunch time. i go home and you have lunch is good for us.10:52
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hidekazuvincentfrancoise: so see you tommorrow.11:04
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vincentfrancoisesballe_: hi13:53
sballe_vincentfrancoise: Hi I am assuming you had a safe trip back13:54
sballe_vincentfrancoise: I am suppose to "add doc for Intel strategies" where is the how-to documented for this?13:54
sballe_I will work on it soon13:54
vincentfrancoiseok so it's in the doc source within the watcher repo14:04
vincentfrancoisesballe_: have a look at to get a concrete example of it if you want14:05
sballe_cool! that will be helpful14:06
atulyHi, Do we have weekly IRC meeting today ?14:07
vincentfrancoiseatuly: good question. acabot, the PTL, is not here14:08
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atulyvincentfrancoise:ok thanks.14:09
vincentfrancoiseatuly: so I guess we can do a quick run through what was acted at the summit although we won't have a structured meeting14:09
sballe_I have the meeting in one hour14:10
vincentfrancoisesballe_: yes, I guess Antoine is in parental leave14:10
atulyBeing new to this group i am still trying to catch up with ongoing activities.But would like to get involved in the same.14:11
sballe_oh yeah! Will dtardivel or you run it14:11
vincentfrancoisesballe_: so no agenda was prepared for today14:11
vincentfrancoiseatuly: that is good :)14:11
vincentfrancoiseatuly: feel free to ask as many questions as you need for you to get up to speed ;)14:12
atulyvincentfrancoise:Yeah sure.thanks for the support.14:12
vincentfrancoiseatuly: BTW, your changeset is not passing because there is a bug in a dependency of the project since yesterday14:13
atulyyes i also felt the same so thought of rebasing it.14:13
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atulyOnce minor observation regarding the pep8 issue in existing just wanted to check with you guys..if i should start working on it14:14
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vincentfrancoiseatuly: see
openstackLaunchpad bug 1638323 in Ceilometer "gate fails reporting 'No module named vine.five'" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Hanxi Liu (hanxi-liu)14:14
atulyvincentfrancoise:thanks for the info.14:15
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vincentfrancoiseok so that was an epic fail...15:04
sballe_ok what happened? I have the watcher meeting in calendat starting now15:04
sballe_vincentfrancoise: lol15:04
vincentfrancoisesballe_: we are in winter time now15:04
vincentfrancoisesballe_: so the meeting should have taken place 1 hour ago...15:04
sballe_oh well!15:08
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