Tuesday, 2016-09-06

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openstackgerritDigambar proposed openstack/watcher-specs: automatic triggering audit  https://review.openstack.org/34247300:44
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openstackgerritCao Xuan Hoang proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Clean imports in code  https://review.openstack.org/36584604:00
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digaacabot: Hi, Please go through the updated patch on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/342473/04:08
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acabotdiga : will do thx07:08
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Modify use of assertTrue(A in B)  https://review.openstack.org/36462907:11
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digaacabot: sure07:46
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digaacabot: Hi, did you get a time to go through the latest patch08:10
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digaalexchadin: Hi09:23
digaalexchadin: we have a meeting now right ?09:23
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alexchadindiga: hi09:41
digaalexchadin: I thought we have meeting today09:42
alexchadindiga: we will have meeting tomorrow, 7 september09:42
digayes, got it09:42
digaalexchadin: I have uploaded new for automatic triggering - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/342473/09:43
alexchadindiga: I've started to read it few moments ago09:43
digaalexchadin: Nice! Let me know09:44
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Implemented GMR plugin to show CDM structures  https://review.openstack.org/36603210:18
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gzhaiacabot: hi10:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Fix incorrect strings and formatting  https://review.openstack.org/36442710:58
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alexchadindiga: ping11:23
alexchadindiga: I've reviewed your spec, this is good but still need some work11:25
alexchadindiga: the main note is that you need to adapt your spec to the current audit architecture11:28
alexchadindiga: so your main logic will be implemented at something like watcher/decision_engine/audit/auto.py which will contain AutoAuditHandler class. You will instance this class in AuditEndpoint class.11:29
digaalexchadin: thanks11:37
digaalexchadin: okay11:37
alexchadindiga: if you want to discuss something, do not hesitate to ask:)11:38
digaalexchadin: I will update the spec according to your comments11:38
digaalexchadin: Sure :)11:38
acabotgzhai : hi12:20
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acabotgzhai1 : how are you ?12:42
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gzhai1acabot: the test machine should be ready soon with basic OS installed.12:47
acabotok did you manage to deploy Monasca ?12:47
gzhai1acabot: no.12:48
gzhai1acabot: I'm not sure if monasca would be installed by test team12:48
acabotok when will you know it ?12:48
gzhai1any specific requirements of monasca we need?12:49
gzhai1david send out one ansible-monasca.12:49
acabotyes dtardivel tested Monasca playbook on Monasca and they dont work12:50
gzhai1I'll check it tomorrow if machine are ready12:50
gzhai1I tested it with devstack and failed when install12:50
acabotso he has updated monasca playbook for Mitaka12:50
acabotwhat did you test ?12:51
gzhai1upstream monasca devstack12:51
acabotok we know that it doesn't work ;-)12:52
acabotthats why we proposed Monasca playbooks12:52
gzhai1so b-com version of monasca and ceilosca come from upstream with fixes, right?12:53
acabotbut please check with the test team if they can deploy it12:53
acabotgzhai1 : yes exactly its a fork from HPE repo12:53
gzhai1got it.12:54
acabothttps://github.com/b-com/ansible-monasca-api is a fork of https://github.com/hpcloud-mon/ansible-monasca-api12:54
acabotwith a couple of fixes12:54
acabotwhat about PKB ?12:55
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acabotdid you try to run the container ?12:55
gzhai1acabot: pbk container works on my local machine.12:55
acabotok and did you try to run keystone auth on a local OpenStack cluster ?12:56
gzhai1so we just need deploy ansible-monasca-api, which install ansible-monasca automatically.12:56
dtardivelgzhai1: hi12:58
acabotI will let dtardivel answer your questions regarding Monasca install12:58
gzhai1dtardivel: hi12:58
gzhai1dtardivel: One step by step should be useful12:59
dtardivelgzhai1: our project https://github.com/b-com/ansible-monasca is the beginning point to install a complete Monasca solution12:59
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gzhai1run it on control node, right.13:00
gzhai1then ansible-monasca-api?13:00
dtardivelgzhai1: no13:01
dtardivelit is included in ansible-monaca13:01
dtardivelyou have to upload this project on your favorite PC, and follow the README instructions13:02
gzhai1I will install OS by ansible and try it.13:03
gzhai1If the test machine ready, I'll try it on them.13:03
gzhai1what else needed for monasca?13:04
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sballe_gzhai1: I thought Leong's team was installign Ceilosca. Did I misunderstang?13:10
gzhai1sballe_: I'm not sure. I remember you send the ceilosca repo to him.13:13
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Fixed flaky test due to notification issues  https://review.openstack.org/36612013:14
acabotsballe_ gzhai1 : can you tell us if Monasca will be deployed by your test team ?13:14
acabotor if you need to do it by yourself13:14
acabotit would be a lot easier if they do it13:14
sballe_I am assuming he is following this: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/watcher-test-environment-specifications which says Ceilosca13:14
gzhai1acabot: we list it as requirement13:14
acabotto use Ceilosca, we need Monasca13:15
gzhai1sballe_: monasca is the most difficult part.13:15
sballe_acabot: I am 95% sure the test team will do it. We asked for it to be deployed on a separate server from the rest of the control plane13:15
sballe_actually I am 100% sure that the test team will do it13:16
acabotok in this case, you just have to deploy ceilosca on top of monasca13:16
sballe_We talked to Leong about hte setup we wanted last week and he has Ceilosca down13:16
sballe_I believe he might deploy Ceilosca for us as well13:16
acabotok and do you have a status for it ? we should have the infra ready today13:17
sballe_What he isn't deploying is the test scripts for PBK and Rally and for now Rally has neot been poited out as needed13:17
sballe_acabot: I sent you the email I got from Leong on Saturday13:17
acabotsballe_ : I saw it but there is no mention to Monasca or Ceilosca13:18
sballe_Today at some point but due to the holiday yesterday it is taking a little longer than expected13:18
sballe_At this point I am expecting the cluster to be setup with our requirements13:19
acabotok I'm fine with that but I have the impression that gzhai1 is testing useless conf of Monasca  instead of focusing on Watcher bench13:19
openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-watcher: Change authtoken to class  https://review.openstack.org/35679213:19
acabotI confirm that we dont need rally13:19
sballe_acabot: I agree13:20
sballe_gzhai1: can you focus on the Watcher bench until we know for sure that we need to setup some services. I eleiev Leong has it under control13:20
acabotgzhai1 : did you try to run PKB ? (I mean running a scenario that starts VMs)13:20
sballe_s/believe Leong has it under control13:21
gzhai1acabot: I play with monasca to become familiar with it.13:21
sballe_acabot: When does prasanth come back from vacation13:21
sballe_gzhai1: can you try to run the PBK stuff?13:22
acabotsballe_ : must be back tomorrow I think13:22
acabotgzhai1 : we dont really care about Monasca, its just a tool to collect our metrics13:22
gzhai1acabot: I agree, if it works13:23
acabotgzhai1 : I saw in Leong's email that you may have PDU on your servers13:23
acabotgzhai1 : do you plan to collect energy metrics using Monasca as well ?13:23
gzhai1acabot: what kind of energy?13:24
acabotgzhai1 : I think it would allow us to present a talk (vBrownBag) about energy consumption reduction with Watcher13:24
gzhai1our goal is running basic workload balance strategy, right?13:24
sballe_gzhai1: yes13:24
acabotgzhai1 : basic_consolidation13:24
sballe_acabot: Let's not add stuff to it/ for now let's continue with our initial plan. When we are done we can add to the plan13:25
sballe_At this point I am just happy if we can do scalability tests13:26
acabotsballe_ : ok13:26
gzhai1acabot: PKB is running on my local machine. Without simple VM image, I see commands runs well.13:28
acabotgzhai1 : can you copy paste the output ?13:30
gzhai1the environment is gone now. I can check with David tomorrow.13:32
acabotgzhai1 : ok, to be clear, I just want to be sure that you are able to run PKB which will start 100 VMs on your infra13:33
acabotas a very basic test13:33
acabotwe also need to discuss how you will share results with us13:34
acabotgzhai1 : how do you plan to give us Watcher outputs ?13:35
acabotwe wrote down ideas here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/watcher-test-environment-specifications13:35
acabotBenchmark run section13:35
acabotgzhai1 : please tell us what would be possible for you in the options13:36
acabotvincentfrancoise just built a way to extract the cluster data model from the decision engine13:37
acabotthis is something we could use if it makes sense to you13:38
acabotgzhai1 : do you want me to write a slide with the workflow ?13:39
gzhai1it should be helpful.13:39
acabotok I will do it13:39
gzhai1I'll check with David for PBK running tomorrow.13:40
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hvprashback from vacation and catching up13:53
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sballe_hvprash: hey welcome back!14:06
hvprashthanks sballe_14:06
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acabota quick overview of what we wants to achieve in scalability tests https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1I6OPqUXDfB2BbcI3Zr0625mb92N-UaPY8YNhgmjkLts/edit?usp=sharing15:16
acabotcomments more than welcome ;-)15:16
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher: Use parameters instead of config for workload stabilization  https://review.openstack.org/36621915:41
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openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Fixed flaky test due to notification issues  https://review.openstack.org/36612016:32
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