Wednesday, 2016-08-10

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openstackgerritTomasz Kaczynski proposed openstack/watcher: Add Scoring Module implementation
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sballe_When will we know what talks will be accepted?06:31
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acabotsballe_ : August 25th07:17
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sballe_Ok thx08:06
sballe_I will be home by then 😀08:07
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openstackgerritAntoine Cabot proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Add ocata folders and template for specs
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alexchadinjed56: hi10:02
jed56alexchadin: hi10:05
jed56how are you ?10:05
alexchadinI'm great, especially after the vacation:)10:05
alexchadinhow are you?10:06
jed56very well, especially because my holidays are coming soon10:06
alexchadinjed56: great:)10:07
alexchadinjed56: could we discuss audit scope before or after the meeting?10:07
jed56after the meeting this is good for me10:07
alexchadinI'm leaving my work place right10:07
alexchadinok, cool10:07
alexchadinsee you later:)10:07
jed56perfect, enjoy your meal10:08
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openstackgerritTomasz Kaczynski proposed openstack/watcher: Add Scoring Module implementation
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jitekahello :)11:40
jitekaahah odyssey4me I got my answer11:41
jitekaodyssey4me: was about to ask you if you heard about watcher and if you already added it in OSA11:41
jitekahey bauzas_off :)11:53
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alexchadinvincentfrancoise: ping12:13
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: hello12:21
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: how are you?12:22
vincentfrancoisegood, you?12:22
alexchadinMay I ask you about cluster data collecting?12:22
vincentfrancoiseyeah go for it12:23
vincentfrancoisewhich part of it BTW ?12:23
alexchadinAs I understand, we now have decision scheduler, that calls collectors to gather data12:24
alexchadinand when audit launch itself to create action plan, it copies last data from collectors, right?12:25
alexchadinto gain ability to use cluster data12:25
vincentfrancoiseand also because they may alter the cluster data model12:26
vincentfrancoiseso it should not affect the main cluster data model12:27
alexchadinyeah, I got it12:27
alexchadinI think about audit scope architecture12:27
alexchadinthat's why I started to investigate this mechanism12:28
alexchadinI think we should create subset of AZ and HA when audit is launched12:29
alexchadinNot to store it in memory12:30
jitekaI've got a question too12:30
jitekabut I can wait :D12:30
alexchadinhi jiteka12:30
vincentfrancoisehi jiteka12:30
alexchadinfeel free to ask:)12:30
vincentfrancoise+1 ^12:31
jitekathx so I heard about watcher and I would like to try, do you have some demo cluster where people can play a bit with it ?12:31
alexchadinI could always try it in devstack12:31
jitekanext step will be to setup a small Openstack cluster upstream via Openstack Ansible (I want to try it too)12:32
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: when you say you want to create a subset, do you mean creating another copy and apply some AZ and HA filtering on it?12:32
jitekawell I'm more interested to try it on a small cluster than on a all in one box12:32
jitekaI'm more on the Operation/Fleet management side12:32
vincentfrancoisejiteka: no, we do not have a live cluster12:32
jitekathan dev side :)12:32
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I mean to make a new copy and change it according with subset12:32
vincentfrancoisejiteka: what we do have is a devstack plugin that would allow you de deploy watcher fairly easily12:33
vincentfrancoisejiteka: and also some puppet recipes as well12:33
alexchadinjiteka: you can also try RDO12:34
vincentfrancoisejiteka: oh, is it craton related?12:34
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: offtop: will we have demo cluster on Summit?12:35
vincentfrancoisejiteka: so if that's what you want, I would recommend you deploy Watcher using the Devstack instructions
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: good question, I guess it's not decided yet, but we probably will have one yes12:37
jitekavincentfrancoise: only puppet modules ? no ansible role yet ?12:37
jitekavincentfrancoise: do you know if someone close to OSA project is working to integrate watcher in it ?12:37
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I will have a couple of vms with openstack onboard12:38
vincentfrancoisejiteka: there's no ansible playbook yet12:41
vincentfrancoisein you have some outdated attempt to provide ansible playbooks12:42
vincentfrancoiseso I clearly don't know if it's worth using it12:43
jitekaI will take a look12:43
jitekavincentfrancoise: b-com is one of the 8 IRT in france right ?12:44
jitekavincentfrancoise: that's nice to see one of them involved in Opensource and cloud projects :)12:44
vincentfrancoisejiteka: yup you got it12:46
jitekavincentfrancoise: are you in contact with some INRIA research team in Lyon (France) ?12:47
jed56hi jiteka12:47
jitekahi jed5612:47
jed56We are working with some peoples from INRIA ;-)12:48
jitekamaybe I know some of them12:48
vincentfrancoisejiteka: it's a small world :)12:49
jed56are you working for INRIA ?12:49
jitekaI was12:49
jiteka2 years ago12:49
jitekaand I was working in CompatibleOne project and XLCloud project12:50
jitekaboth on Energy efficiency applied in cloud environment12:50
jitekaI'm curious to know if some of the works made in watcher is close to what we designed/tested in those project :)12:51
jitekadid you heard about KWapi ?12:51
jed56yes !12:51
jitekaso it's somehow related12:51
jed56if you have any ideas which can improve Watcher don't hesitate ;)12:53
jitekaI want to try it first :)12:53
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jitekaI'm want to continue my "research" on that topic12:53
jitekaat scale :)12:53
jitekaback in time I was playing with a really small cluster in INRIA12:54
jitekaOpenstack folsom with 2 controller and 6 compute node12:54
jitekagot more to play with now12:54
jitekanice I see that energy based scheduling is using affinity/anti-affinity custom filters12:56
jitekadid you know if nova-scheduler is still part of nova project or if it was splitted since liberty ?12:56
alexchadinjiteka: still part of12:57
jitekaI lost track about it since12:57
jitekado you have somewhere the list of devices/driver currently available to gather power consumption metrics ?12:58
jitekaalexchadin: thx12:59
openstackgerritAntoine Cabot proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Move Mitaka specs to Newton cycle
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vincentfrancoisejiteka: all metrics are the one available in the Ceilometer project, so you can always refer to their documentation13:00
alexchadinjiteka: take a look at Ceilometer IPMI13:00
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jitekaoh ok so watcher is not responsible to gather metrics but rely on Ceilometer13:00
vincentfrancoisejiteka: lately, we are thinking about relying on another project called Monasca to gather metrics since the queries are faster13:01
jitekafew years ago I also heard about gnocchi that was supposed to address ceilometer performance issue13:02
jitekabut I don't know if it overtake ceilometer, if both coexist, or if someone else replaced them13:02
vincentfrancoiseceilometer is still not quite there yet13:02
vincentfrancoisebut monasca seems to be a better replacement13:02
jitekait was one of the first question I asked when I joined Rackspace13:02
jitekato know if ceilometer was in production13:03
jitekaI will check monasca then, I never heard about it13:03
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jitekamany thanks guys :)13:05
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vincentfrancoisejiteka: if you have any feedback to share on watcher, please do share it with us13:06
jitekavincentfrancoise: yes I will13:06
jitekavincentfrancoise: do you have a list of user/tester already ?13:07
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jitekahey grumpycatt13:07
grumpycatthi guys13:07
jitekagrumpycatt: stay calm plz13:07
grumpycattI'm always13:08
jitekagrumpycatt: ok good13:08
jitekagrumpycatt: I have a good news for you13:08
jitekagrumpycatt: if you want to try watcher, you will be able to rely on ceilometer metrics13:09
jitekagrumpycatt: and because you have at disposale an awesome ceilometer cluster, it shouldn't be an issue :)13:09
grumpycatt*sight* ceilometer13:10
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vincentfrancoisegrumpycatt: hence we're trying to also provide monasca support13:11
jiteka-awayit's time to stop flooding official projects room now13:11
grumpycattjiteka just told me about Watcher, I'm discovering the service with interest13:12
vincentfrancoisegrumpycatt: good :)13:13
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acabotmichaelgugino : hi Michael, it seems you are 1h late ;-)14:59
michaelguginohehe, I know.  In another meeting :)15:00
hvprashhe he15:00
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hvprashmichaelgugino dtradivel, if you both want to sync on the ansible scripts15:01
alexchadinjed56: I have some questions and propositions regarding audit scope15:01
acabotmichaelgugino : dtardivel will be back from vacancies next tuesday15:02
alexchadinjed56: If we use only AZ and HA to specify scope, there is no need to use Heat naming15:03
alexchadinnext: what if our AZ contains vm1-vm5 and we want to exclude vm3 from that list? I think, we can add "Exclude" field, where we can list some resources that will be ignored15:05
alexchadinexclude field to the json or yaml audit scope file when we create audit template15:06
jed56so just before to clone the cluster state you will remove the excluded Vms15:06
jed56just after15:06
jed56this is a good way to do it. let me think, if I have another idea15:07
alexchadinno problem:)15:07
jed56I don't another idea for now :p15:10
jed56you think that you will probably apply the same logic for the hosts15:10
alexchadinnext: if we have "exclude" section, where we can list vms, then it would be good to include vms to "include" section too15:11
alexchadinso we can operate 3 types of resources: hosts, AZ, HA15:11
jed56I don't understand why we need "include"15:12
alexchadinmaybe it is wrong naming15:12
jed56IMHO, we have the cluster state and which we apply the filters based on the "exlcude"15:12
alexchadinok, sorry:D15:13
alexchadinyou are right, we just can exclude ones we don't need15:13
alexchadinone question is left15:15
alexchadinDo we need scope class?15:15
alexchadinI'm not sure about it15:16
alexchadin281 line15:16
jed56we don't need that15:17
jed56we need just a class that can filtred_cluster_state = apply(current_cluster_state)15:17
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: BTW we need to be able to access both the scoped CDM and the global CDM15:17
alexchadincool, will think about it15:18
alexchadinwell, I suppose that all I wanted to discuss:)15:19
alexchadinthank you, jed56 and vincentfrancoise!15:20
jed56alexchadin: just to clarify don't take into account the last sentence of vincentfrancoise :)15:25
vincentfrancoise+1 ^15:25
jed56alexchadin: thanks you15:25
alexchadinI'm out, have a nice evening:)15:25
vincentfrancoisewe keep it simple and only provide the CDM after applying the scope filters15:26
vincentfrancoisesee you :)15:26
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jitekahey guys, I've got another question on top of my mind about watcher15:32
jitekain a context of heterogeneous fleet of hypervisor/compute nodes with different kind of hardware type and capabilities, did watcher can be used to audit the whole fleet periodically and run some "silent" benchmark and apply a score on each that can be use to compare hosts efficiency at the scheduling step (new build or migration)15:34
jitekaI will maybe need to read a little bit more the documentation as I probably ask really dumb question right now15:35
vincentfrancoisejiteka: watcher can has continuous audits which can produce action plans with some actions and some efficacy indicators15:36
vincentfrancoiseso score computations are usually done within the execution of a strategy15:37
vincentfrancoiseso the idea here would be to add a new efficacy indicator that would contain the computed scores15:38
jitekaso the only limits of those indicators15:39
vincentfrancoisebut it's not exposed straight out-of-the-box since a score is relative to a given strategy15:39
jitekaare the metrics you get from ceilometer ?15:39
vincentfrancoisedid I answer your question?15:40
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jitekayes you did16:01
jitekabut you're not here to see it16:01
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