Friday, 2016-07-08

openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/watcher: Handle race condition of sync from multiple decision engines
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: [WIP]Add policies for API access control to watcher-dashboard project
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher: Optimize local.conf.controller file to enable watche-dashboard
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: [WIP]Add policies for API access control to watcher-dashboard project
openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: [WIP]Add policies for API access control to watcher-dashboard
openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Modify error message from 'action_plan' to 'audit'
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openstackgerritTomasz Kaczynski proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Add scoring engine commands
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acabotdanpawlik : Hi, I saw
danpawlikacabot: hello07:34
danpawlikacabot: should I add "missing" parameters or not ?07:35
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acabotdanpawlik : just to let you know that Watcher doc is now at
danpawlikacabot: oh, ok07:35
acabotdanpawlink : so please do not refer to link on (we will shut it down soon) ;-)07:35
danpawlikacabot: ok ok :)07:36
acabotdanpawlik : dtardivel will check "missing" parameters07:36
danpawlikacabot: ok, so I'm waiting for a response :)07:37
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acabotdanpawlik : by the way, how did you get this link ? ?07:39
acabotdanpawlik : I'm trying to check where we still have links on factory.b-com.com07:40
danpawlikacabot: some times ago someone paste it on #openstack-watcher07:40
acabotdanpawlik : ok cool :-) thx07:40
danpawlikacabot: second posision on google is URL to b-com: watcher conf sample07:41
danpawlikacabot: it will be hard to remove URL from google xD07:42
acabotsearch query ?07:42
danpawlikacabot: watcher conf sample07:42
acabotmy second link is
dtardivelhi danpawlik: did you read this documentation section:
acabotgoogle poland ?07:43
dtardivelwe explain how to configure [keystone_authtoken] section with domain parameter07:44
danpawlikacabot: I think google is "caching" my history07:45
acabotdanpawlik : thats weird, factory has a robots.txt file07:45
acabotdanpawlik : can you try with a "clean" browser ?07:45
danpawlikdtardivel: hmm, I modeled puppet-watcher module on watcher.conf.sample file.07:46
danpawlikacabot: sure07:47
danpawlikacabot: in private browsering mode, I don't see any URL from b-com :)07:48
danpawlikacabot: but on my account after clearing cache, one more time sign it on google accout -> and b-com is still second :D07:48
danpawlikgoogle <307:48
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alexchadinhi dtardivel08:13
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danpawlikdtardivel: in documentation you have user_domain_id, but it's deprecated :P08:21
alexchadinacabot: hi08:25
alexchadinabout resubmitting08:25
openstackgerritJinquan Ni proposed openstack/watcher: Make default Planner generic to handle new action
alexchadinit is going through git-review -d ?08:26
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alexchadinacabot: are you here?08:33
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openstackgerritAthlan-Guyot sofer proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Include openstacklib defaults manifest.
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: acabot's not at his desk right now08:55
openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: [WIP]Add policies for API access control to watcher-dashboard
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alexchadinvincentfrancoise: seems that define audit scope is in dependency with your CDMC patches08:57
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vincentfrancoiseif you think so then we should update the dependency graph on launchpad08:58
danpawlikdtardivel: I will add into puppet-module all keystonemiddleware parameters09:00
vincentfrancoisebut that doesn't suprise me since the audit scoping is directly linked to the cluster models09:00
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danpawlikdtardivel: do you agree :> ?09:47
vincentfrancoisedanpawlik: he's not at his desk09:47
vincentfrancoisewill probably get back after lunch break09:47
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: so I will push my PS09:48
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openstackgerritJinquan Ni proposed openstack/watcher: Make default Planner generic to handle new action
vincentfrancoiseI guess you can09:49
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: if we use keystonemiddleware lib but some parameters are missing in generated watcher sample file   (like check_revocations_for_cached, enforce_token_bind, etc)  these parameters should be "enabled" in watcher or ?09:52
vincentfrancoisehmm, the whole keystone subject is a massive headache (at least last time I checked...)09:52
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: i know xD09:52
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vincentfrancoiseI don't want to tell you something wrong, that's why I was waiting for dtardivel which knows more about these since he internally re-deployed watcher recently09:54
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openstackgerritDaniel Pawlik proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Fix authtoken options and adding the missing
vincentfrancoiseas far as I can see, all parameters in should be part of the generated config sample09:58
vincentfrancoiseand it includes enforce_token_bind and check_revocations_for_cached09:58
vincentfrancoiseso if you don't see it that's odd09:59
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vincentfrancoiseI just generated the sample file locally I can see check_revocations_for_cached and enforce_token_bind in it10:01
danpawlikyap, I see10:02
danpawlikI was looking at this config file from b-com10:02
danpawlikSo I should change commit message xD10:02
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vincentfrancoisethey should be enabled in watcher thanks to
danpawlikyeah, I see that they are included in watcher ;)10:03
vincentfrancoiseso I didn't test them but I fairly confident they are taken into account10:04
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: I will compare all puppet-watcher parameters  with new generated watcher config file and then I fixed it. For now I will push "all manifests"10:07
vincentfrancoisesounds good to me :)10:08
vincentfrancoiseoff for lunch see you later10:08
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: bon app├ętit10:11
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Update define-the-audit-scope spec
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: [WIP]Add policies for API access control to watcher-dashboard
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openstackgerritJinquan Ni proposed openstack/watcher: Make default Planner generic to handle new action
dtardiveldanpawlik: Some authtoken parameters are not referenced in the built watcher.conf.sample, because they are auth plugin parameters (it is a bizarrerie from keystone libs) . This is the reason why we added a dedicated configuration section in the Watcher doc explaining how to use authtoken middleware with the 'password' plugin and its related additional11:35
danpawlikdtardivel: ok, thx :)11:36
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tkaczynskihi. I'm trying to create a new audit with watcher CLI. it requires to provide "period", which is not documented in watcher user guide. what value should I use there?12:25
vincentfrancoisehi tkaczynski12:26
vincentfrancoiseare you on the master branch?12:26
tkaczynskikind of. I'm on my bp/scoring-engine branch, which is based on master, but possibly from few weeks back12:27
vincentfrancoisebecause period should have been renamed interval12:27
tkaczynskiwell, it's not then. but it doesn't matter I guess? the value should be the same?12:28
vincentfrancoisefor a couple of days we merged the CLI that set it as period although it was a mistake12:28
vincentfrancoiseand it was rolled back12:28
tkaczynskiso it won't work for me if I use period?12:29
vincentfrancoiseso if you rebase onto the latest version of master it should disappear I believe12:29
tkaczynskibut the interval will still be required?12:29
vincentfrancoiseit should have a default that makes it kind of optional I think12:30
tkaczynskiok. do I need to rebase watcher project as well? or just the CLI?12:31
vincentfrancoisethe the CLI12:31
tkaczynskiok. then I guess I should upload the new patchset for the review... ?12:31
tkaczynskiok, now it cries for audit type, which is also not documented ;)12:34
vincentfrancoisethen you need to rebase your watcher this time12:35
vincentfrancoiseand recreate the watcher DB12:35
tkaczynskiawesome ;)12:36
vincentfrancoisewe're merging lots of changesets these days so you'll have to rebase quite often12:37
sballe_acabot: I cannot call you it says the number is not in service12:37
sballe_Can you call me?12:37
tkaczynskithis is exactly I'm hoping to get my change merged too12:37
vincentfrancoiseI believe I +2'd your code12:38
tkaczynskibut ideally watcher should be working all the time, no?12:38
sballe_tkaczynski: yes in therory12:38
vincentfrancoisebut it won't get merged before we tag the n2 release12:38
tkaczynskivincentfrancoise: yes, you did. can't wait :)12:39
vincentfrancoiseyes the CLI merge was a mistake that wasn't vaught because we lack integration tests on the CLI12:39
vincentfrancoisecross repo failure12:39
tkaczynskiunderstand. will rebase and restack12:40
tkaczynskivincentfrancoise: as always, thanks for help :)12:40
vincentfrancoiseyou're welcome, as always :)12:42
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dtardiveltkaczynski: you issue has been fixed in the changeset
dtardivelit will be merged asap this afternoon12:47
tkaczynskidtardivel: thanks for the update :)12:48
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tkaczynskione more rebase then ;)12:48
dtardiveltkaczynski: thks to Vladimir ....12:48
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tkaczynskivincentfrancoise: any particular reason that I need to recreate watcher DB? is it not enough to re-stack / recreate tables?13:14
vincentfrancoisetkaczynski: it's just easier to drop the DB, recreate the DB ad play the watcher-db-manage create_schema on top of it13:15
vincentfrancoisebut if you have another way to do it that is faster, then feel free13:16
tkaczynskiI'm asking because after the rebase and unstack/stack (which is deleting all watcher tables and creating them again) the watcher has failed to start (causing the whole devstack to fail)13:17
vincentfrancoiseto me devstack is a wild beast that you shouldn't poke around unless you really have to13:21
vincentfrancoiseso I avoid using ./unstack as much as I can13:21
vincentfrancoiseif I want to update watcher to test it13:22
vincentfrancoisethen I kill ctrl+C the process in screen13:22
vincentfrancoiseand restart it after appying the changes in /opt/stack/watcher13:23
tkaczynskisure, I do the same. but for things like db-schema update I'm not so sure which process is responsible for DB schema creation etc. maybe even it's part of the devstack setup, not the particular service13:23
vincentfrancoiseoh there is none13:24
tkaczynskiso to be safe I usually do restack13:24
vincentfrancoiseI mean13:24
vincentfrancoiseI literally do13:24
vincentfrancoisemysql -uroot -pstackdb13:24
vincentfrancoiseDROP DATABASE watcher;13:24
vincentfrancoiseCREATE DATABASE watcher CHARACTER SET utf8;13:24
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vincentfrancoisewatcher-db-manage create_schema13:25
tkaczynskiso exactly this command has failed for me :(13:25
vincentfrancoisewhat's the failure then13:26
alexchadintkaczynski: have you tried to specify --config-file option?13:27
vincentfrancoiselook like a bug you found out here13:27
vincentfrancoisecoming from the policy BP13:27
tkaczynskithe --config-file option is specified as you see13:29
tkaczynskiso what's this bug then? looks I just lost my environment :(13:29
vincentfrancoisedoesn't change anything13:29
vincentfrancoiseby default --config-file looks for a /etc/watcher/watcher.conf anyway unless you override it13:29
vincentfrancoisetkaczynski: no if the bug gets fixed you should be good to go after a ./stack.sh13:30
tkaczynskisure, but who knows when the bug will be fixed. can I just remove this argument?13:31
tkaczynski(for the moment as a work-around)13:31
vincentfrancoiselet me give you my version of onto which I currently work13:31
vincentfrancoiseto see if it gets any better13:32
tkaczynskiso the watcher is currently broken on master, right?13:33
vincentfrancoisecan you update you watcher/common/ to with to see if it works?13:34
openstackgerritDaniel Pawlik proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Fix authtoken options and adding the missing
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tkaczynskiI will, hang on13:37
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: is better as pastebin :>13:37
vincentfrancoisedanpawlik: thanks!13:37
tkaczynskisame error, in different line though ;)13:40
vincentfrancoisecan you pastebin it as well?13:40
tkaczynskilooks like oslo.context.__init__ doesn't accept roles argument13:40
tkaczynskidependency issue?13:41
dtardivelalexchadin: hi, is Vladimir available today ?13:41
vincentfrancoiseroles is there...13:41
alexchadindtardivel: hi, he is13:42
vincentfrancoisetkaczynski: can you pastebin me the output of the 'pip list' command within your devstack please?13:43
tkaczynskiI did run the watcher-db-schema manually now, without running the whole stask.sh13:43
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tkaczynskioslo.context (2.1.0)13:44
dtardivelok, I have a request for him about watcher dashboard. It would be nice to add in audit table the audit-type column because we will have now ONE_SHOT and CONTINOUS audit.13:44
alexchadindtardivel: he is here now13:44
dtardivelCould he propose a new patchset on this changeset ?13:44
alexchadindtardivel: I think so13:45
alexchadinlet us discuss it13:45
tkaczynskivincentfrancoise: oslo.context master is on 2.5.0, I have 2.1.013:45
vincentfrancoisewatcher expects oslo.context>=2.4.013:45
vincentfrancoiseso that's the issue here13:46
vincentfrancoiseso master is not broken13:46
tkaczynskiso why I have old version then?13:46
vincentfrancoiserun a pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt from /opt/stack/watcher13:47
tkaczynskisure, but isn't supposed to do that anyway?13:47
vincentfrancoisetold you that devstack is a wild beast13:48
dtardivelalexchadin: ostroverkhov : solution ^^^^ :)13:50
tkaczynskibut we are humans. we have brain and should be able to defeat wild beasts :)13:50
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vincentfrancoisetrue but sometimes it'd be nice to stop the fightings13:52
tkaczynskiok, manual execution od watcher-db-manage tool worked. restarting devstack now13:53
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alexchadindtardivel: about continuous - it would be great to store our audit jobs13:54
alexchadindtardivel: I will integrate it in the second iteration13:54
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alexchadindtardivel: I think we can merge it as is13:56
*** danpawlik has joined #openstack-watcher13:56
alexchadindtardivel: and give more features in the future13:56
vincentfrancoisetkaczynski: good :)13:56
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I have bad feelings about devstack13:57
dtardivelalexchadin: OK. Is it ok with Edwin comenta ?13:57
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: that's why I spend 2 days to install openstack from the sources and configure it13:58
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vincentfrancoisealexchadin: who doesn't?13:58
tkaczynskialexchadin: long time ago I spent like 3 weeks or something to configure devstack. the last thing I want to do is to try that again13:59
alexchadindtardivel: yes, I answered him that his suggestions are looking good and I think of this in the future13:59
alexchadintkaczynski: oh...13:59
tkaczynskiit plays very badly with Intel corporate proxy14:00
dtardivelalexchadin: ok. I merge "continuous audit" (watcher + CLI) and wait for last patchser for Dashboard. Good Work Guys Thks a lot :)14:00
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alexchadinvincentfrancoise: we are using devstack only to take it to the students. Once tasks are done - devstack is unstacked ;D14:01
alexchadintkaczynski: it was hard to me to get how to install it14:02
vincentfrancoiseas for watcher, it's enough for most dev tasks if you manage to make it work14:02
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: absolutely agree14:02
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: and you always have latest code version14:03
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: yep14:03
tkaczynskialexchadin: it's hard for everyone I think. I managed to get some help with that process, but I don't think I could repeat it myself. so I babysit my devstack more than I do my real kids ;)14:04
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alexchadintkaczynski: wow :D14:04
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Fix watcher doc build error
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Add continuously optimization
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I will review some part of your code this weekend and waiting your review regarding audit scope spec :)14:08
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: tanks a lot! I appreciate the motivation ;)14:09
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Initializes EfficacyIndicator attributes
tkaczynskiok, so it seems that devstack is reverting oslo.context library back to 2.1.0 and I have the same problem again :(14:11
*** alexchadin has quit IRC14:13
vincentfrancoisemaybe you have an old version of devstack14:14
tkaczynskiI do. because I did freeze it (disabled RECLONE). it's because I wanted to have repeatable process14:14
vincentfrancoiseor you have forced a stable branch to , say, stable/liberty release which is expecting a oslo.context>=2.1.014:15
tkaczynskiapparently it became too old now14:15
vincentfrancoisecoffee break, see you in a bit ;)14:16
tkaczynskiweekend break, see you in a longer bit ;)14:16
openstackgerritVladimir Ostroverkhov proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Add support continuously-optimization
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dtardivelostrover_: Vladimir, something is missing in the Dashboard. This is no way to stop a continuous audit.14:37
ostrover_@dtardivel oh, It seems I forgot all about it, now I try to fix14:39
dtardiveland one question: Can we easily update the interval on a ongoing continuous audit ?14:40
*** acabot_ has joined #openstack-watcher14:41
*** alexchadin has joined #openstack-watcher14:41
alexchadindtardivel: about updating audit interval. Sometimes we have a discussion with vincentfrancoise and decided that we can delete audit and create new instead of modifying interval of existing one.14:45
dtardivelalexchadin: vincentfrancoise for a first iteration, it's ok for me.14:46
dtardivelI have the solution for deleting the audit into dashboard. Do you want it ?14:46
dtardivelostrover_: ^^14:48
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: I just read the changes you made to the audit-scope spec and I'm sure I understand your code sample14:49
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: what is self.clients here ?14:49
alexchadindtardivel: at that date audit object doesn't have parameters field. Now when audit is getting more and more heavy we can implement updating of interval, I think14:50
alexchadindtardivel: I plan to continue work on continuously-optimization14:50
ostrover_dtardivel: I can look at it , if you want I can add it to commit14:51
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: just calling python client api14:51
dtardivelostrover_: ^^14:52
dtardivelostrover_: tested in my devstack :)14:52
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: oh, seems that I was wrong with referencing14:52
dtardivelostrover_: please add it in your changeset if it's ok for you14:53
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: It was rally client call convention14:53
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: If I remember right, Watcher has something like self.osc.nova()14:53
ostrover_dtardivel: thank you, I'll look14:54
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: oh ok I see14:55
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-dashboard: Initializes EfficacyIndicator attributes
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: anyway, this way of implementation is more clean to me14:57
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: Something I would like to see in this spec is a decription/sequence diagram of how you intend to apply the JSON-like audit scope description to an in-memory model15:00
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: also, I believe that all cluster data models will have to respect a set of constraints in order for an audit scope to be applicable15:01
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alexchadincould you please give me more description about respecting of sets?15:03
*** acabot_ has joined #openstack-watcher15:04
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vincentfrancoisealexchadin: respecting of sets?15:05
alexchadinyour last message :)15:05
alexchadinrespecting constraints15:06
vincentfrancoiseok ok15:06
vincentfrancoisewell, I guess you will need to traverse the model tree of elements to know whether or not you have to keep or filter out any given element.15:07
vincentfrancoiseso that means you will need to know where to look within all these elements to find what you need to know isn't it?15:08
vincentfrancoiseif so, we need to define the contract the CDMC developer will have to follow in order for the audit scope to work on custom models15:09
vincentfrancoiseand that's this contract I'm referring to when I was talking about constraints15:09
alexchadinmaybe we should create cluster model based on json (which already have been validated)?15:10
vincentfrancoiseyou mean, we take in in-memory model and only extract the bits we need given the audit scope?15:12
vincentfrancoiseshould work I guess15:12
vincentfrancoisethen that's what I want to hear about in that spec in detail :)15:12
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: that's why I will review your BP this weekend :)15:13
vincentfrancoisethat's the thing15:13
vincentfrancoiseI didn't detail the structure of the in-memory model15:14
vincentfrancoiseand I was thinking about it this afternoon15:14
vincentfrancoiseand so because nothing is yet set in stone, I think we should find a model structure that can fit both our BP needs15:15
vincentfrancoisehere is an overview of the current model structure
alexchadingreat message!15:17
vincentfrancoiseI want to think about something easy to maintain because right now it's too complicated15:17
alexchadinI agree15:17
alexchadinI will let you know my suggestions on Monday15:18
alexchadinwill it suitable for you?15:18
vincentfrancoisebut this is something we also need to talk about with jed56 which coming back wednesday15:19
vincentfrancoiseyeah we can start discussing it together and expose something to him when he's back15:19
alexchadinwould be good15:20
vincentfrancoisebut keep in mind when designing the structure that we will have to explain how to implement one to a CDMC developer15:21
vincentfrancoisebecause right now the structure only fits to Nova15:21
vincentfrancoisewe need something more generic15:21
alexchadinI got you, I've seen your updated docs already15:22
vincentfrancoiseso there's many things to think about at the same time here...15:22
alexchadinwell, I'm leaving my workplace15:24
alexchadinthank you for assistance and have a nice weekend!15:24
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Revert "Initializes EfficacyIndicator attributes"
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openstackgerritVladimir Ostroverkhov proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Add support continuously-optimization
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Revert "Initializes EfficacyIndicator attributes"
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sballe_Can somebody remind me what tox command I am suppose to run before submitting a patch?15:59
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-dashboard: Revert "Initializes EfficacyIndicator attributes"
sballe_I mostly talking to check the style of the spec16:00
dtardivelsballe_: your patchset is related to which project ?16:00
sballe_I am updating a spec in watcher-spec16:01
dtardivelyou can just run 'tox'16:02
sballe_so just tox and not tox -e py2716:04
dtardiveltox will run all tox options16:07
dtardivelfor spec we have tox -edocs I think16:08
dtardivel.... and tox -pep8 as well16:08
sballe_ok thx16:09
sballe_are you sre it is tox -pep8? I get command not found16:11
ostrover_sballe_: maybe tox -e pep816:15
openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
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digaalexchadin : there ?16:52
digaacabot: what is the location where spec will get submitted ?17:00
digacorrect ?17:06
digaacabot: got it17:09
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openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
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openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
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openstackgerritDaniel Pawlik proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Fix authtoken options and adding the missing
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openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
openstackgerritSusanne Balle proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
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