Wednesday, 2016-07-06

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openstackgerritDigambar proposed openstack/watcher: Fix field type to audit_type
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openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/watcher: Fix watcher doc build error
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Remove duplicate unittest
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openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Add installation from Debian packages section
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher: Add policies for API access control to watcher project.
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openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/watcher: Documentation for strategy parameters
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/watcher: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritRong Han proposed openstack/watcher: Add policies for API access control to watcher project.
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danpawlikvincentfrancoise, acabot, dtardivel: on when you predict new tag version for watcherclient :> ?09:37
vincentfrancoisedanpawlik: I believe it will be within 2 weeks for newton-209:38
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: ok, so for now, at home I will fix bugs for rpm package ( and then when new version comes I add License file ;P09:39 bug 1350974 in Package Review "Openstack python-watcherclient" [Unspecified,Assigned] - Assigned to karlthered09:39
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: watcher rpm package is passing puppet-watcher functional tests \o/09:40
danpawlikzigo: do you know when watcher ubuntu package will be added into ubuntu repositories ?09:41
danpawlikdebian package*09:41
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danpawlikvincentfrancoise: when I finish puppet module, I try to help you guys with bugs/blueprints ;)09:45
vincentfrancoisesounds great !09:47
vincentfrancoisewe are discussing puppet btw09:47
vincentfrancoiseI told them what you told me the other day09:47
vincentfrancoiseabout creating a bug on puppet-watcher whenever we need to add/update/remove a configuration option on puppet-watcher09:48
vincentfrancoiseplus indicate new options on the specs as much as possible09:48
danpawlikhow many changes you have made :> ?09:56
vincentfrancoisethare are quite a few coming in although I didn't make the list of them yet09:57
vincentfrancoisewell not so much actually09:58
danpawlikdo not rush :)09:58
danpawlikBTW: watcher_planner options are using by decision_engine yes ?09:59
danpawlikand nothing else :>09:59
vincentfrancoisethe planner is part of the decision engine09:59
danpawlikI know that dtardivel told me about this but I forgot09:59
alexchadinjwcroppe: hi :)10:00
vincentfrancoiseno problem :)10:00
digaacabot: information is not in english -
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alexchadinjwcroppe: could we continue our discuss here?10:00
acabotdiga tkaczinsky : wrong link sorry10:00
digaacabot: ohh :)10:01
acabotdiga tkaczinsky :
alexchadinjwcroppe: take a look
digaacabot: ok10:01
alexchadinjwcroppe: Line 29210:01
acabottkaczynski : the correct link is
tkaczynskiok, I started adding stuff to the french one ;)10:02
acabotalexchadin : we need to resubmit this spec for newton-3, I will ask vincentmahe to do it10:02
digaacabot: I did the registration already10:02
jwcroppeSo I think we'd just have something in Watcher that understands certain types10:02
acabotdiga : eventbrite ?10:03
jwcroppeYeah, L292 - I guess I'd say that'd be a phase 2 thing10:03
digaacabot: can you check once10:03
alexchadinacabot: I started to work on code today and meet some misunderstanding10:03
jwcroppeinitially we could just do something simple that understands a few of the resource types - e.g., servers, aggregates, etc.10:03
alexchadinacabot: I've left some comments already10:03
acabotdiga : ok cool, sballe is dealing with the eventbrite; did you tell that you will be in remote ?10:03
jwcroppeaggregates, hypervisor/host and VM - those 3 initially?10:04
jinquanacabot:  hi, hanrong add she as speaker in the second topic after discuss10:04
alexchadinjwcroppe: Cinder also10:04
alexchadinjwcroppe: some network part10:04
digaacabot: yes, I mailed him yesterday10:04
digaacabot: didn't receive reply yet from him, waiting for his reply10:04
acabotjinquan : great thx !10:04
jwcroppealexchadin: agree - I'd say focus initially on the resources we optimize10:04
alexchadinjwcroppe: I think we can start support for our current client for the first time10:04
digaacabot: vincentfrancoise : can we merge this change now -
diganeed your votes10:05
acabotdiga : ok please look at the agenda and mention that you want to be part of a specific discussion (we will probably use hangout)10:05
jinquanacabot: no thks, :)10:05
jwcroppeacabot: if I appear on camera, the lens will break10:06
digaacabot: sure10:06
vincentfrancoisediga: will review and maybe merge this afternoon10:06
alexchadinjwcroppe: we support keystone, nova, glance, cinder, ceilometer, neutron clients - so, we can just write something like get_live_resource_data to check if specified vm (by id) is alive10:06
digavincentfrancoise: great!10:06
dtardivelgiga: I need yo test again your changeset on my devstack10:06
tkaczynskiacabot: added my availability10:06
jwcroppemaybe we should discuss this more at the mid-cycle ?10:07
jwcroppee.g., one of the use cases we wanted with audit scope was 'I only want to optimize resources belonging to host aggregate (nova) foobar'10:08
acabotjwcroppe : I dont think alexchadin has registered but maybe he can join as remore ?10:08
alexchadinacabot: I will join you remote10:08
alexchadinacabot: I will be on Summit personally10:08
acabotok please mention your availability in the agenda10:08
alexchadinI would be glad to meet you there, guys :)10:09
alexchadincould you please give me a link?10:09
alexchadinacabot: thx10:10
jwcroppealexchadin: my previous comment make sense?10:11
acabotalexchadin tkaczynski diga : dont forget that we will be in Portland (UTC-7), if you want to discuss topics during business hours, please let me know I can still update timings10:11
jwcroppealexchadin: stepping away for 10 mins10:11
alexchadinjwcroppe: I'm ready to discuss it at the mid-cycle10:12
alexchadinacabot: wow10:12
jwcroppealexchadin: oh, I was referring to the use case :)10:12
alexchadinjwcroppe: yeap:)10:13
alexchadinjwcroppe: It could be use case10:13
digaacabot: ohh... it is exactly opposite to my timezone10:13
digaacabot: but I can attend till 12 noon my time10:13
alexchadinacabot: when will you discuss defining audit scope?10:14
alexchadinacabot: at mid-cycle10:14
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openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Make default Planner generic
tkaczynskiacabot: I already added one point to discuss. would be nice if you could make it before lunch or something10:57
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openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should respect the Nova policies
openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher-specs: WiP Watcher should enforce the Nova policies
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher: Add continuously optimization
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openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/watcher: Documentation for strategy parameters
openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Enable strategy parameter
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alexchadinhi sballe_14:11
sballe_I didn;t make the 5am meeting this morning14:11
sballe_I will look at the minutes14:11
sballe_jwcroppe: are you there?14:12
sballe_Have you updated the abstracts?14:12
digaalexchadin: vincentfrancoise : dtardivel  : Hi14:13
digacan you guys please review my patchset & as discussed merge it14:13
alexchadindiga: hi14:14
alexchadindiga: ok, will review it right now14:14
digaalexchadin: ok14:15
alexchadindiga: have you checked all the types?14:16
digaalexchadin: yes14:16
alexchadindiga: ok14:16
digaalexchadin: All test are passing successfully at my end14:16
alexchadindiga: I see :)14:16
digaalexchadin: I dont know why it gets failing at gate, I did run py27, py34, pep814:17
alexchadindiga: which one gate you mean?14:18
digaalexchadin: gate-watcher-dsvm-multinode-nv, gate-watcher-python35-nv14:18
alexchadindiga: gate-watcher-python35-nv seems not to be working today14:19
digaalexchadin: okay14:19
alexchadindiga: failed status for gate-watcher-dsvm-multinode-nv is normal for now14:20
digaalexchadin: can I get +1  +2 for this & get it merged14:20
alexchadindiga: This gates should be fixed soon14:20
digaalexchadin: I couldn't start work on another bug & bp till we get merged this14:20
alexchadindiga: I can't +2 you14:25
alexchadindiga: I'm not core :)14:25
digaalexchadin: :) understand14:26
digaalexchadin: thank you14:27
alexchadindiga: you are welcome!14:27
sballe_please put your full name and email next to the abstracts so that the person submitting the abstracts knows your prefered email.14:42
dtardiveldiga: I tested your changeset. I does not work without a fix on python-watcherclient and on watcher-dasboard.14:46
dtardivelSO we can not merge it for now.14:46
dtardiveldiga: Did you plan to work on a changset for python-watcherclient and on watcher-dashboard ?14:47
diga dtardivel : but those are dependancies14:47
digaI can work on python-watcherclient change, will push it but that will be seperate project14:47
alexchadindiga: We can merge it in one time14:47
digaalexchadin: okay14:48
openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher: Add continuously optimization
digaalexchadin: I will submit the change for watcherclient but I dont know about ui work14:48
alexchadindiga: about watcher-dashboard?14:49
alexchadindiga: let me see14:49
dtardivelthe 3 changesets will be merged at the same time . And don't forget to include “Depends-On: <gerrit-change-id>” in the footer of your commit message14:50
dtardiveldiga: I can check for watcher-dashboard14:51
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Fix link error in base-setup.rst
digadtardivel: sure14:51
digadtardivel: alexchadin : I will push the watcherclient change in sometime14:51
alexchadindtardivel: I'm checking it right now:)14:52
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Add new documentation section for Watcher policies rules
dtardivelalexchadin: What are you checking ?14:55
alexchadindtardivel: watcher-dashboard14:55
dtardivelalexchadin: ok thks :)14:56
alexchadindtardivel: could you review... :)14:56
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vincentfrancoisealexchadin: hi15:31
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: hello15:31
vincentfrancoiseI just saw your comment on the 'if' statement but I don't understand what you want15:32
alexchadinfor statement15:32
alexchadinof course15:32
vincentfrancoiseah that makes much more sense then :p15:32
alexchadinI'm really sorry, I thought about other things :)15:33
vincentfrancoiseno problem :p15:33
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I thought about audit scope, don't really want to bind Watcher with Heat15:36
vincentfrancoisebtw I've the the spec link on the audit scope BP since it was missing15:38
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I think, we can purpose something like {"nova": {"servers": [ids...]}} that will be turn into something like self.clients("nova").servers.get(vm.uuid) using getattr15:38
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: hm?15:39
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: on launchpad I mean15:39
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Update executor to eventlet
vincentfrancoiseI agree we should probably stick to a restricted set of service dependencies15:41
vincentfrancoisealthough the best thing would be to ask the author of the spec15:41
vincentfrancoiseHe'll be there tomorrow I think15:41
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Add new documentation section for Watcher policies rules
vincentfrancoiseso I'll try not to forget about asking him about it15:42
alexchadinok, I'll be in IRC15:43
alexchadinlet me know if you have some conclusions15:43
alexchadinI think I will start to implement this spec with my corrections tomorrow. BTW I will adapt it after we know his opinion.15:46
alexchadinOpenStack B-Day is soon15:46
vincentfrancoiseoh yeah15:48
vincentfrancoise6 years old15:48
alexchadinIn Russia it will take a place in some cities. Our company is involved in organization of this event in Moscow. I'm going to make big presentation about Watcher for our guests.15:48
vincentfrancoisewow great !15:49
alexchadinvincentfrancoise: we are looking for new contribs across the universities15:49
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alexchadinIf Watcher team won't mind, I'd like to use some of your presentations as base for mine15:51
jed56alexchadin: you are part of the watcher team ;)15:52
alexchadinjed56: anyway, I consider it necessary to ask :)15:52
openstackgerritDavid TARDIVEL proposed openstack/watcher: Add installation from Debian packages section
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Add policies for API access control to watcher project.
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openstackgerritAlex Schultz proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Fix authtoken options
openstackgerritAlex Schultz proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: Implement watcher-db-manage commands
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