Monday, 2016-06-13

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Add reno for release notes management
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/watcher: Updated from global requirements
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danpawlikhello :)08:35
acabotzigo : can you tell us which files ?08:45
zigoacabot: Just do a grep !08:45
zigoLoads of them.08:45
acabotzigo : we have a b<>com copyright but Apache license just after08:45
zigoacabot: Copyright holders have nothing to do with licensing.08:46
zigoThese are 2 different things.08:46
acabotok so what do you need for copyright ?08:46
zigoI'm well aware we're using Apache-2.0, never the less, I must list copyright holders properly in debian/copyright.08:46
zigogrep -r 'b<>com' *08:47
zigoacabot: Is this a real company called b<>com ?08:47
zigoOr just some leftovers ?08:47
acabotzigo : yes its a company08:47
zigoacabot: Why not calling a company 'DELETE * FROM users then? :)08:48
acabotzigo : you can use b-com or bcom is <> is problematic08:48
acabotzigo : you should probably ask my CEO ;-)08:48
zigoacabot: Is this ? :)08:48
acabotyes it is08:48
jed56MEGA LOL08:49
jed56marketing things08:49
jed56hello zigo08:49
zigoHi !08:49
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jinquanjed56: hello?09:39
jed56Hello jinquan09:39
jinquanDo you have a plan about the spec of
jed56I'm working on it09:40
jed56at the end of the week, I will share a spec09:40
jinquanSo, Should i  wait for you? or continue work on your comment in my patch set?09:41
acabotjinquan : hi09:46
jinquan acabot: hi09:47
acabotwe had a discussion with jed56 regarding the select_destinations implementation09:47
jinquanacabot: yeah, do you have a result?09:47
acabotafter looking at what Nova is doing more precisely, we should probably adjust the spec regarding select_destinations09:48
jed56yes, I going to propose a new approach for the respect the nova policies09:48
acabotjinquan : so I would suggest that you stop working on it and start another BP if you like09:48
acabotjinquan : and we will resubmit the spec after dicussions with Nova09:49
jed56In my proposition, i argue that this is not the best approach to call select_destinations in the strategies09:49
jinquanacabot: ok, get it! i will wait the new specs merged,and i also review it at first time!09:49
acabotjinquan : just to be clear, its not related to your code at all, its because the assumptions we made in january are wrong09:49
acabotjinquan : we will keep your code in gerrit and put it up when the spec will be improved09:50
acabotjinquan : does it make sense ?09:51
jinquanacabot: : ) get it, ok, no proplem!09:51
acabotjinquan : thx, do you want to work on ?09:52
jinquanacabot: I will assign another buleprint09:52
acabotjinquan : ok let me know which one you choose09:52
jinquanacabot: of course,09:52
jinquanacabot: Hi,  what's the situation of
jinquanwe have discuss about it09:55
jinquanbut we did not get a final result09:56
jinquanjed56: thank you for your work about the new spec. :)09:57
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tkaczynskihi guys. sooner or later ;) I will have some code for scoring-module blueprint to commit / review. I would like to split changes into smaller batches, so it will be easier for reviewers to understand and for me to get feedback and fix issues early :)11:23
tkaczynskimy question is: what's the best approach to achieve that? I've created a branch bp/scoring on top of recent watcher code. what's next? do commits and send each commit for review? or have different branch for each review?11:24
tkaczynskiit's possible that I will have some work in parallel, so applying feedback from one code review might get tricky if there will be some other code commits already11:26
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acabottkaczynski : hi11:54
acabotall your code must be hosted under the same branch which will be bp/scoring-module in your case11:55
acabotbut of course you need to split your contribution in multiple commits11:56
jed56hello tkaczynski11:59
tkaczynskithis is clear. but how to apply feedback from code review to specific commits without affecting the other commits? rebasing will change all subsequent commits11:59
jed56There is not rules to explain how to split your code because it can be very specific11:59
jed56however, the size of the patchset have to be under 600 lines12:00
jed56you should try to link your patchset in way that we can understand gradually your work12:00
edleafetkaczynski: you can't :(12:01
tkaczynskiso the question is not how to split the code - this I can do myself :) the question is how to review the multiple commits in parallel12:01
edleafetkaczynski: that's simply how rebasing works with Gerrit12:01
jed56hello edleafe12:01
jed56edleafe: +112:02
tkaczynskiso ideal scenario is: make commit, start review, ask people to hurry ;), apply feedback, merge and then only create a new commit and open new review12:03
edleafetkaczynski: each commit should be able to stand on its own. Not only passing tests, but logically a single step12:03
edleafetkaczynski: it's not a bad thing to have to go through that dance a few times. That's simply what happens with large changes12:04
tkaczynskiof course, that is clear to me and this is my intention. I just expect that the review process might take a while (bad assumption?), so I could work on the next steps in parallel12:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-watcherclient: Add support continuously-optimization
edleafetkaczynski: sure, that's expected, too12:05
edleafethe reviews will take a while, and some patches will have to be reviewed several times.12:05
tkaczynskiok, thanks guys for help12:07
jed56welcome, don't hesitate if you have any questions :)12:07
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danpawliksmall question: is all watcher services require parameters to rabbit/amqp/zmq or only api and applier?12:20
jed56hello danpawlik12:20
danpawliksecond question: the same question but about redis_* parameters12:21
danpawlikjed56: hi :)12:21
danpawlikjed56: I have some question in my puppet-watcher review. maybe you can answer?
jed56yes, for your first question, every services  need of rabbitmq12:23
jed56danpawlik: yes i will12:24
jed56which service require them? All? => this is only the applier module and the decision engine12:24
danpawlikjed56: thanks a lot12:24
jed56FYI, for the current version of watcher we only need ceilometer and nova12:25
danpawlikI know, that parameters like nova_client_api_version (and another parameters *_api_version) are required by watcher-api.12:26
jed56I don't think we need that in the watcher-api12:26
danpawlikjed56: version available in master or in version 0.27.0 ?12:27
jed56danpawlik: yes 0.27.012:27
danpawlikjed56: hmm, but it exist in config file example xD If you can, please answer EmiliemM :)12:28
jed56you can you give me this config file12:28
danpawlikjed56: sure,
jed56okay, this is part of the API section but we only use it in the decision engine and the applier12:30
danpawlikjed56: ok, so *_api_version I will move ;)12:33
danpawlikjed56: or you are talking about rabbit ?12:33
jed56jed56: hmm, but it exist in config file example xD If you can, please answer EmiliemM : => done12:36
danpawlikok :)12:36
danpawlikjed56: thx12:38
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openstackgerritDaniel Pawlik proposed openstack/puppet-watcher: This commit adds the initial project files.
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sballe_jed56: have you tried to run in your enviroment15:14
acabotsballe_ : hi15:15
sballe_acabot: hi :)15:15
acabotsballe_ : not yet, we are currently updating our infra to Mitaka15:15
acabotdtardivel is working on it15:15
acabotwe hope to have it ready by EOW15:15
acabotand then start working on Monasca15:16
sballe_ok. Once you run could maybe have access to the telemtry data/traces from the runs?15:16
jed56sballe_: hello15:16
sballe_I am not sure how big it is so maybe it is not possible15:16
acabotsballe_ : I think we will be able to dump the DB but we will probably do it with Monasca15:17
jed56sballe_: I didn't have the time to test it yet15:17
sballe_ok thx15:18
sballe_acabot: Is there an output mode where I can get it in cvs files?15:18
acabotsballe_ : I don't know15:19
sballe_ok np15:19
acabotthe best would be probably to give an access to DropWizard15:20
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jed56sballe_ IMHO, you call the Monasca API and export easily the measurements to a csv file15:21
sballe_ok the reason I was asking is that I do not have mosnaca15:22
jed56: )15:22
jed56what do you have ?15:22
sballe_I just wanted the data on a CVS file so our data scientist can look at t15:22
jed56ah : )15:22
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jed56you should extract the data from a cloud infrastructure in production15:23
jed56if you have an Openstack deployement with Ceilometer. you can also call his API15:24
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sballe_yeah I could do it with Ceilomter15:34
jed56okay you can maybe reuse
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