Wednesday, 2016-06-08

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openstackgerritBruno Grazioli proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Changed test for strategy list
openstackgerritBruno Grazioli proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Fix strategy list parameter
openstackgerritAntoine Cabot proposed openstack/watcher: Fix broken link in doc
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alexchadinjed56: hello!07:37
jed56alexchadin: hello07:37
jed56how are you ?07:37
alexchadini'm fine07:37
alexchadinhow are you?07:37
jed56good :)07:37
alexchadinjed56: it would be good to rename uuid in API to id07:39
alexchadinjed56: what do you think?07:39
jed56Where and Why ?07:40
alexchadinjed56: cause rally use "return obj_from_name(resource_config, resources, typename).id" to get uuid from any openstack object07:41
alexchadinsuch projects as nova, neutron, glance are now using id instead of uuid07:41
jed56IMHO, id is an internal identifier.07:43
alexchadinjed56: I agree with you07:43
jed56I'm not sure that this is a good idea to expose it07:43
jed56I believe that the only reason that we have this is is for nova.db07:43
alexchadinjed56: We don't need to expose real id07:44
jed56what do you mean ?07:44
alexchadinit would be good to return uuid named as id07:45
alexchadinline 12707:47
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jed56I see your point07:48
jed56but I'm not fan this solution, it can be error prone07:48
alexchadinI'm afraid rally team won't take changes if I use "if statement"07:50
alexchadinthey're trying to unify all07:50
jed56can you show me in nova where they are doing that ?08:11
alexchadinline 27908:13
alexchadinfor example, that's what i get when request http://controller:8774/v2/f6b90a79e4c94026b97357c16d8b9cd7/servers/1185cb87-7b70-4227-ac75-2e3bf74b251a08:15
alexchadin"id": "1185cb87-7b70-4227-ac75-2e3bf74b251a"08:15
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Fix broken link in doc
brunograzHi all08:34
brunograzI would like to add a small feature to the dashboard08:34
brunograzshould I create a blueprint or a wishlist bug?08:35
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jed56hello brunograz08:58
jed56What is the feature ?08:59
acabotmeeting starts on #openstack-meeting-408:59
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brunograzhi jed5609:03
brunograzI would like to list information of an action09:04
brunograzin the same way it works for audits/audit_templates et09:04
brunograzand also if possible add information of the previous and next action in a table09:06
vincentfrancoisebrunograz: I guess you can create a blueprint but no spec would be needed09:07
brunograzvincentfrancoise: will do it09:08
vincentfrancoiseJust put enough detail in the BP so we know what to expect09:08
jed56IMHO, you can create a blueprint or a wishlist bug09:17
jed56brunograz:  for your information we are currently in watcher meeting09:22
jed56on #openstack-meeting-409:23
brunograzjed56: I'm not able to attend today's meeting due other commitments09:24
jed56okay :)09:24
danpawlikhi, do we have watcher on or we have only watcherclient there :P ?09:27
vincentfrancoiseyes watcher is called python-watcher on pypi09:28
brunograzjed56: apologizes for that - we will attend the meeting next week09:32
brunograzin the afternoon is easier for us ;)09:32
danpawlikvincentfrancoise: oh, I have not noticed xD09:33
danpawlikacabot: are you there?09:33
acabotdanpawlik : weekly meeting right now09:34
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brunograzcreated the blueprint
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acabotbrunograz : thx bruno, its definitely a feature we need in the dashboard11:59
acabotbrunograz : I'm still looking for a JS/Angular contributor for Watcher ;-)11:59
brunograzacabot: we changed the current implementation of the dashboard in order to display this info12:10
brunograzit only display plain text info from the database12:11
brunograzstill v basic changes but after fixing bugs and implementing this blueprint12:12
brunograzwe are quite happy with the status of watcher-dashboard12:13
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openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added EfficacyIndicator object
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added efficacy indicators to /action_plans
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added EfficacyIndicator model in DB
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added efficacy specification to /goals
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: [WIP] Strategy selector select based on efficacy
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Documentation on goal and efficacy
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added pre/post execution methods to strategies
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Decoupled Goal from Strategy
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: [WIP] Cancel out related audits and action plans
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openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Updated CLI to display efficacy related fields
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hvprashacabot: sorry i missed todays meeting. failed again to wake up early13:23
hvprash  : need some discussions13:24
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openstackgerritVladimir Ostroverkhov proposed openstack/watcher-dashboard: Add support continuously-optimization
acabothvprash : yes thats what I said during our meeting :-)13:41
acabothvprash : we have 2 options here and I don't see your preference in your last PS13:42
openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Fix StrategyContext to use the strategy_id in the Audit Template
sballe_Sorry for missign the meeting this morning. I overslepet13:54
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acabotsballe_ : no pb ;-) good morning13:57
sballe_hvprash: You are not alone ;-)13:57
acabotsballe_ hvprash :
sballe_acabot: I have reserved a Video Conference room between Poland and Hillsboro for Tues and Wed so tkaczynski can join "live".13:59
acabotwe have a new contributor from ZTE !13:59
sballe_He will not be there for dinenrs and luches but otherwise we will see him just as clearly as the peopel in the room13:59
acabotsballe_ : cool13:59
sballe_acabot: Cool! on the new contributor from ZTE14:00
acabotany registration from chinese people ?14:00
acabotfor the mid-cycle14:00
tkaczynskisballe_ +1 !14:00
sballe_I haven't seen any new registrations since I sent out the email14:00
acabotany opportunity to sync with Nova during the mid-cycle ?14:01
sballe_for now it is b-com 2, IBM 2, Intel 2 (Thijs will join as well, Nishi is a maybe because of the summer) and IBM Poland 1 via conf room14:01
sballe_acabot: yes plenty14:01
sballe_acabot: Oh sorry forgot hvprash who also signed up14:02
sballe_hvprash: Sorry about that ;-(14:02
acabotI dont think there is an agenda yet but maybe we should ask mriedem14:02
sballe_We will be in the same buildings for 3 days so we can just walk over  to them14:03
acabotok 4 companies for now, not so bad ;-)14:03
sballe_b-com 2, IBM 2, Intel 3-4, Walmart 114:03
acabotI discussed with sbauza and it looks like it will be hard to find time in their agenda14:03
sballe_I had a typo on IBM Poland I meant Intel Poland14:04
acabotwe should probably have our next mid-cycle in China to see Edwin & Jinquan ;-)14:05
hvprashseeing all these mesg now. was away from desk.14:28
hvprashsballe_ trying to see if mike can also join for the mid-cycle if the travel gets approved14:29
hvprashvincentfancoise edleafe jwcroppe_: Thx for the persistent audit review. IMHO,  I think we should have the strategy_id and goal_id in audit table for strategy selection and efficacy indicators.  We should maintain the audit_tempate reference in audit table for other details and make it immutable if there is an active audit using that template.14:47
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hvprashthat way we can avoid keep copying the fields14:48
michaelguginohello all14:50
vincentfrancoisehi hvprash14:54
hvprashhi vincentfrancoise14:54
jed56hi hvprash14:54
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vincentfrancoiseI didn't post any review on this yet14:54
vincentfrancoisebut I would rather have the fields copied over because the audit template is only a convenience in order to create an audit14:55
jed56IMHO, we didn't need to make to audit-template immutable14:55
vincentfrancoiseThe raison d'etre of the template is just to keep the operator from having to type over and over again the same parameters14:56
jed56but, I have to read the comments to make sure that I have understand well the point of view of jwcroppe_ and edleafe14:56
jed56yes, i agree with vincentfrancoise14:56
jed56if the administrator wants to update a parameter14:57
jed56we could just update the audit-template14:57
hvprashas per jwcroppe_ and edleafe there might be other details in audit_template which the audit can refer to. like aggregates etc ?14:57
hvprashcurrently the aggregate is stored in audit_template ?14:58
vincentfrancoisehvprash: if so, then maybe we should also copy over these fields14:58
jed56hvprash: yes we can refer to aggregates hosts and in the next versions of watcher to the audit-scope (
jed56We didn't need to keep the history changes of the audit-template14:59
jed56By default, the audit template can provide some defaults parameters15:00
jed56if we want to instantiate an audit15:00
hvprashjed56, thx for that link. So is it the plan to maintain different aggregates for audits vs create aggregates in template ?15:01
jed56The plan is to use the audit-template has a convenient way to instantiate an audit with the default parameters.15:02
jed56but you can change these parameters and they will be stored in the audit15:02
hvprashso in future any schema changes in audit template we should think if those would require changes in audit too15:04
jed56in the template we could specify the aggregate used by default15:04
jed56hvprash: yes15:05
jed56if we add a new field the the audit-template we have to modify the audit db schema15:05
hvprashyes agree15:05
jed56you can see the audit-template has a "factory" of audit15:06
hvprashthx, understood15:07
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vincentfrancoiseI agree with jed56 ;)15:07
hvprashok so the understanding is we will copy the strategy_id, goal_id and aggregate to audit in the current scope. Am I misssing anything ?15:08
jed56vincentfrancoise: I like when you are agree with me :)15:08
hvprashhe he15:08
jed56what do you mean by current scope ?15:09
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jed56hi vmahe15:10
hvprashjed56, i meant in the current newton-2 scope for this spec15:10
vincentfrancoiseyes that's the idea15:12
jed56I think we are on same page!15:12
hvprashcool, will make the changes and one more round of review15:14
jed56hvprash: thanks a lot for your contribution15:15
hvprashpleasure working on this project :)15:16
hvprashwe see lot of potential on this15:16
jed56me too : )15:17
hvprashanyone have the link to mid-cycle agenda etherpad15:17
jed56but I'm a bit biased because I was one of the first contributors of watcher :)15:18
hvprashgreat !15:18
hvprashsballe_ do you have the link to mid-cycle agenda etherpad15:20
hvprashnm, found it
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rickyhai11Hi Watcher Team15:27
rickyhai11Just have a quick question related to watcher15:28
rickyhai11Does Watcher support hyper-visor like Docker ?15:28
rickyhai11monitoring container...15:29
vincentfrancoisehi rickyhai1115:30
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vincentfrancoiseAs of now, the main priority for Watcher is to optimize VMs via Nova15:31
vincentfrancoiseHowever, the way we design Watcher should allow anyone to create plugins to tackle containers optimization15:31
zarkonehello all! I'm struggling with getting info about `continious` audit types.. How to create them, to set time? or does it repeat automatically after last iteration? Please, point me out to some place at docs or code. Thanks!15:32
vincentfrancoisebut we do not provide any helpers that communicates with Magnum to retrieve contraints for example15:32
vincentfrancoiseHi zarkone15:33
zarkonehi vincentfrancoise =)15:33
zarkonenice to see you again15:33
jed56hi zarkone15:33
vincentfrancoisecontinuous audits are currently under develpment15:33
zarkonejed56: hello!!15:33
vincentfrancoisereviews are ongoing on gerrit15:33
zarkoneah, ok15:33
vincentfrancoiseso it should be available by n2 I believe15:33
jed56zarkone: you can take look15:34
rickyhai11ok i got it thank Vincentfrancoise15:34
vincentfrancoiserickyhai11: if you have any use case using containers, I'd be glad to hear about it though15:35
zarkonejed56: yes, thanks a lot... In watcher 0.22 we created kind-of audits auto-creator, but it doesn't work nice15:35
zarkoneso decided to ask about state of this continious15:35
jed56zarkone: IMHO, you can try the patchset of Alexander15:36
zarkonejed56: but you see, I have to use 0.22 right now, so..15:37
rickyhai11vincentfrancoise : at this point I am thinking about docker and resource optimization for container, will  post my use case when completely finishing15:37
zarkonevincentfrancoise: jed56: anyway, thanks for the info. Thanks again for your answers, guys!15:38
jed56zarkone: welcome15:38
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jwcroppe_hvprath: correct, other details could be in the template as well17:18
jwcroppe_hvprash: ^17:18
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