Wednesday, 2016-04-20

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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Airflow event based migration strategy spec
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apoorvwhere does watcher actually decide which metric to use07:21
jed56apoorv: in the strategy07:23
jed56it is up to the strategy developer07:23
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jed56alexchadin: hello07:40
alexchadinhow do we use continuous type of audit?07:41
alexchadinwhat does it mean in context of audit?07:41
jed56this is not available for the moment07:42
jed56I'm going to check if we have a blueprint07:42
jed56alexchadin: this is the blueprint
jed56this is an "essential" feature.07:44
alexchadinI had a project which runs different types of algorithms (strategy in watcher) regulary07:44
jed56alexchadin: great!07:44
alexchadinin example once every 10 minutes07:45
jed56acabot: we need to prioritize this blueprint  continuously-optimization07:45
alexchadindon't you think to integrate something like this?07:45
jed56we plan to have07:46
jed56    React to a customer / admin request (can be periodic as well )07:46
jed56    React to a critical situations and changes in system (how is this different than periodic? react to a threshold and if we compare to periodic it take a look to system  - could potentially be implemented by periodic optimizations, but preferably would be more async than periodic)07:46
jed56Proactive( data processing):07:46
jed56    Predict system evolution (workload, resource utilization) to avoid critical situations07:46
alexchadini may take care of this07:46
alexchadindo we need spec for this?07:47
jed56alexchadin: awesome07:47
jed56alexchadin: yes definitely07:47
jed56alexchadin: I will add this blueprint to the agenda of the  today meeting07:48
alexchadinyes, great07:48
alexchadinand could someone please review my very old spec?;)07:48
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: I already +1'd it07:49
vincentfrancoisewaiting for other people to review it07:49
alexchadini've seen it, thank you!07:50
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alexchadinvincentfrancoise: I added a question of uuid field to agenda09:44
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: ah nice!09:46
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apoorvhow does watcher get metric values from ceilometer11:47
vincentfrancoisehi apoorv11:55
vincentfrancoiseSo in your strategy11:57
vincentfrancoisethere is a ceilometer property (CeilometerClusterHistory instance) that helps you query any metric you need to write your strategy11:58
apoorvbut in strategy file there is no difference in its parameter for different categories...i mean where is the meter name specified12:02
vincentfrancoiseOh, the metric names are the same as the ones you have on Ceilometer. Not sure I understand what you meant by category though.12:04
apoorvby category i meant strategies12:05
apoorvbut in strategy file where is the metric specified12:05
vincentfrancoiseIf I take the example of, the metrics names are specified as constants (see
vincentfrancoisebut that's actually up to the strategy developer to look out on ceilometer the metric names to use.12:07
apoorvokay so if create a new metric in ceilometer i would specify its name here in my new strategy12:08
vincentfrancoiseyes exactly12:08
apoorvok thanks a lot12:09
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openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Documentation update for get-goal-from-strategy
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Add Goal in BaseStrategy + Goal API reads from DB
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Remove [watcher_goals] config section
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Remove watcher_goals section from devstack plugin
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added .pot file
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Add strategy_id & goal_id fields in audit template
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added Strategy model
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Syncer now syncs stale audit templates
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added /strategies endpoint in Watcher API
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: DB sync for Strategies
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Updated purge to now include goals and strategies
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Refactored Strategy selector to select from DB
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acabotsballe_ jwcroppe : we talk about the presentation ?14:58
acabotme too :-)15:02
acabotsballe_ is with Intel's kids15:02
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jwcroppeOk, so I think we need to divvy up the slides15:03
acabotXavier will not talk15:03
acabotso the best would be to divide it in 315:03
jwcroppeok, let me pull up the deck15:04
acabotI can start with the intro (mission, contributors and interaction with other components)15:05
acabotslide 1 to 515:05
jwcroppeis .5 the latest?15:05
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jwcroppeok, opening15:06
jwcroppehmm, I noticed b-com is different on the intro15:06
jwcroppeyou want to make the same for you and Xavier?15:06
acabotI will remove Xavier in the 1st slide15:07
sballe_acabot: jwcroppe I can meet a little later today or tomorrow morning15:08
jwcroppeI have a few other nit updates I'm making and will send out new version without Xavier15:09
acabotin 1h ?15:09
acabotjwcroppe : ok15:09
sballe_ok yeah I should be available in 1 hr15:09
jwcroppewhat is 'maturity level' on slide 6?15:10
acabotok lets be back in 1h then15:10
sballe_those are Openstack metrics15:10
acabotjwcroppe : I took the scale from
acabotlevel of maturity from 1 to 915:11
acabotwith color code15:11
jwcroppeunfortunately I can't make 1h ... hosting another call during that slot.    acabot: ahh ok - cool15:11
sballe_tomorrow I am vailable all day even early in the morning15:12
jwcroppeI can do slides 5-9 ?15:13
sballe_let me check before I agree15:13
acabotyes and sballe_ can do 10-14 with Mitaka achievements and Newton priorities15:13
jwcroppeproposal:  acabot: slides 1-4, jwcroppe: 5-9, sballe: 10-finish  ?15:14
acabotI agree :-)15:14
sballe_ok I am fine with that15:14
sballe_I guess that was easy15:14
acabotperfect, we will refine the speech next week ;-)15:15
jwcroppeI'll send my nit updates in a few mins15:15
sballe_ok we can meet Mon Tues to discuss.15:15
jwcroppecan someone throw a meeting on our calendar for monday ?15:15
sballe_I am coming on Sun and will go and see bats in the evening15:15
sballe_I am bringing my whole family15:16
jwcroppesballe_: cool, and yikes.  :)15:16
acabotok I can send you a meeting request at lunch time on monday15:17
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jwcroppeacabot, sballe_: sent updated slides16:23
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Support for refactored /audit_templates endpoint
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Added Strategy support in Watcher CLI
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Updated CLI for new /goals API
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sballe_jwcroppe: thx They look good22:03
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