Thursday, 2016-04-07

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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher: Workload balance migration strategy implementation
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Remove unused logging import and LOG global var
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher: Fix for deleting audit template
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alexchadinmade minor change here:
alexchadincould you review it, pls?09:15
vincentfrancoiseyeah will do ;)09:16
alexchadinoh, and i want to discuss with you about this patch:
vincentfrancoiseah yes, did you have a look at the way i did it for audits?09:17
alexchadinyes, i did09:17
vincentfrancoisewhat do you think then?09:18
alexchadinas i see, in create_audit process we have 2 main part: writing to db and activate decision engine to run strategy09:18
alexchadini looked through it:
alexchadin"if audit.state != audit_objects.State.PENDING:" - here you have check of valid state09:21
alexchadinbut i think, at this part we already have audit has been written to db09:22
alexchadinIt seems that you validate the state after the audit is written to DB. I agree we should move all data validation logic outside of the post() method. Maybe, DB layer?09:23
alexchadinif i'm not right, correct me, pls09:24
vincentfrancoisethat's the point of me doing the validation using the AuditPostType (see
vincentfrancoiseThis is an actual intermediate object where the DB insert has not been done yet09:25
alexchadinokay, i got it09:26
alexchadinwhat does @wsme.validate(types.uuid, AuditPostType) do?09:26
vincentfrancoiseit takes the wsexpose() body09:27
vincentfrancoiseand runs the validate() method it implements09:27
vincentfrancoisewhich by default09:27
vincentfrancoisedoes a type verification09:27
vincentfrancoiseso for AuditPostType09:27
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vincentfrancoiseit will check that the UUID is correctly formatted ans so on09:29
vincentfrancoiseso that's why if you look at the comments on
openstackLaunchpad bug 1532843 in watcher "Can create Audit with invalid parameters" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Alexander Chadin (joker946)09:31
vincentfrancoiseI was already pointing at my PS when talking to Hristo (
alexchadini saw it, thx09:32
alexchadingood, i will think how my patch may be refactored09:32
vincentfrancoise1 more thing09:32
alexchadinthere is always one more thing...09:32
vincentfrancoiseif you decide you want to use my changeset as a basis09:33
vincentfrancoiseyou can actually re-assign it to you since I currently don't have much time to work on it09:33
alexchadinto kill two bug at once?09:34
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apoorv_getting this error on running
vincentfrancoiseapoorv_: are you installing on a VM or directly on bare metal?09:48
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apoorv_on a vm10:41
vincentfrancoiseapoorv_: which version of devstack are you using?10:51
apoorv_how do i check the version11:00
vincentfrancoiseinside the devstack/ folder, just do a "git status"11:02
vincentfrancoiseif you are on master then I would suggest you work with the stable/liberty or stable/mitaka branch11:03
apoorv_how can i prevent installing watcher-dashboard11:06
vincentfrancoiseapoorv_: watcher-dashboard is not enabled by default if I'm not mistaken11:09
vincentfrancoiseapoorv_: Sorry for not being not so helpful, I do not have any spare VM to re-install Watcher at the moment11:10
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vincentfrancoiseapoorv_: did you actually  to build your devstack?11:23
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apoorv_i dont know why its installing watcher-dashboard11:56
vincentfrancoisedon't know either12:02
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/watcher: Updated from global requirements
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