Tuesday, 2016-03-22

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Remove true/false return from action.execute()  https://review.openstack.org/28454101:13
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apoorvwatcher is trying to use same ports as nova06:05
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jed56hello apporv08:22
jed56What is the port ?08:23
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jed56you can the port in the watcher.conf file08:25
jed56you will also need to update the watcher keystone endpoints08:25
jed56this is the port 9322 that is causing a problem ?08:26
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apoorvhi vincent: can you give me simple steps to install watcher on a devstack08:44
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vincentfrancoisehi apoorv09:04
vincentfrancoiseto set up Watcher in DevStack09:05
vincentfrancoiseyou can follow this piece of doc: https://forge.b-com.com/www/indeed-ccl/doc/watcher/dev/devstack.html09:05
jed569:22 AM <jed56> hello apporv09:05
jed569:23 AM <jed56> What is the port ?09:05
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jed569:25 AM <jed56> you can the port in the watcher.conf file09:05
jed569:25 AM <jed56> you will also need to update the watcher keystone endpoints09:05
jed569:26 AM <jed56> this is the port 9322 that is causing a problem ?09:05
apoorvjed56:the ports defined in watcher/docker-compose.yml are conflicting with nova services09:18
apoorvvincent : it is redirecting to https://b-com.com/09:21
vincentfrancoiseI don't know the reason yet09:25
vincentfrancoisebut it the meantime, you can generate the doc offline if you whish09:25
vincentfrancoisefrom the root folder of the watcher git repo09:26
vincentfrancoiseissue this command: "tox -e docs"09:26
vincentfrancoisethen you will get the whole doc in doc/build/09:26
vincentfrancoiseok I gave you the wrong link...09:32
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sballe_ok so let's start the discussion around nova live migration and its integration with watcher13:32
sballe_acabot: do we need to start a meeting to have it logged?13:32
acaboteverything is logged on this channel13:33
sballe_pkoniszewski: please go ahead13:33
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pkoniszewskiso during mitaka cycle we implemented a new rest api in nova to expose live migration progress13:34
pkoniszewskii'm thinking about adding another way to expose these details - through, e.g., notificiation13:35
pkoniszewskithat might be something that watcher can consume and act in a better way if live migration is stuck or progress is really slow13:35
pkoniszewskiquestion is if it will be useful for watcher at all13:36
jed56IMHO, it is a interesting for  our "applier module"13:37
pkoniszewskii haven't talked with nova folks yet, i need some input to start talking with them, probably on the summit13:37
pkoniszewskibut, if u think that rest api is good enough, then we don't need to work on it at all13:38
sballe_jed56: this would assume we get the actice mode working13:38
acabotwhen we apply a new optimization strategy on a cluster, we need to get details about whats going on. So if it allows us to follow actions in more detail, it could be great for us13:38
pkoniszewskiyeah, this would require active monitoring13:39
acabotI dont think it requires the active mode13:39
jed56we could easily subscribe to a topic on listen the events13:39
acabotits something we could use in the applier13:39
acabotto check that the migration is still in progress (or not) and then update the action plan13:40
acabotpkoniszewski: did you already started a spec (or kind of) to define the type of event we could get ?13:41
tkaczynskibut I guess the question is: do we need "real-time" updates or the pull model (rest api) is good enough13:41
pkoniszewskiacabot: no, not yet, i'm trying to organize all the work in LM in Newton before I actually start to write specs13:42
acabotits always better to rely on notifications than pulling the API I guess ;-)13:43
pkoniszewskiyeah, i think so, in this case data is very dynami13:43
pkoniszewskiacabot: what do you mean by 'the type of event'?13:43
jed56IMHO, it is always better to receive events compared to pull an API13:44
acabotfor now, I would say that the applier implementation is to basic to say that we need this feature, but as the implementation will evolve (I hope in the Newton cycle), we will definitely need it13:44
acabotpkoniszewski: I mean, would it be just "20% of the live migration" is done or do you plan more advanced events ?13:45
tkaczynski"never say never". I'm not saying that pull model is great, just saying that there are different scenarios and usually there are pros and cons in what we are doing13:45
sballe_acabot: so we'll add a piece that will monitor the events in the applier which will then it turn keeps track of the lifecycle of an action.13:46
acabottkaczynski: what are the cons about the notifications ?13:46
pkoniszewskiacabot: ah okay, so it's very hard to say that 20% of the live migraiton is done, due to dirty pages in each cycle13:46
pkoniszewskiacabot: right now the data that we can expose is memory total, transferred and remaining, same for disks in case of block migration13:47
jed56tkaczynski: I agree :)13:47
pkoniszewskiblock live migration i mean13:47
tkaczynskiacabot: for example when you don't have the infrastructure for consuming the notifications. this needs to be built, stored, maintained. and if the scenario doesn't require real-time data this might be an overkill13:48
tkaczynskiI'm just being pragmatic, not religious :)13:48
acabottkaczynski : but if you use existing messaging system in OpenStack ?13:49
acabotpkoniszewski: you plan to use oslo messaging right ?13:49
tkaczynski... and since everybody likes the idea about notification (I like it too!), I'll put myself into the devil's advocate shoes, so at least we will consider all the cases13:50
pkoniszewskinotifications are already implemented in nova and yes, it uses oslo messaging in background13:50
acabotI would say that it's not a big priority for us but it would be a great improvement for our applier in the future13:51
pkoniszewskido you have some kind of a roadmap defined for the next two cycles?13:54
acabotpkoniszewski: of course if you need reviews on specs and open discussion at the summit, do not hesitate to ping me13:54
pkoniszewskithanks, if i propose this for Newton I will let you know13:55
jed56pkoniszewski: could please tell me, why did you need this feature ?13:55
acabotpkoniszewski: we are currently building the roadmap for the Newton cycle, I will let you know about it before the summit13:57
jed56did you need to change the qemu configuration to achieve that ?13:57
pkoniszewskijed56: basically because starting live migration is not enough in many cases, especially if you want to move busy instance, in such case if you don't monitor the process you will end up with never-ending live migration13:58
pkoniszewskiacabot: cool, thanks!13:59
pkoniszewskijed56: and we don't need to change qemu13:59
pkoniszewskijed56: LM process can be reconfigured on-the-fly13:59
sballe_acabot: Are you still here?13:59
pkoniszewskilike increase maximum tolerable downtime, increase cpu throtling etc.14:00
sballe_acabot: how do you want to move forward with he presentation changes? should I take a second stab?14:00
pkoniszewskiand the next thing is that soon there will be LM compression enabled in libvirt, but this will require constant monitoring as compression is a cpu-intensive workload14:00
jed56acabot just left to an another meeting14:01
pkoniszewskiso i'm thinking that watcher could take care of, e.g., how many threads are used for compression or compression ratio basing on platform utilization14:01
sballe_jed56: ok thx14:02
jed56koniszewski: yes definitely14:02
pkoniszewskii need to drop too as i have nother meeting offline14:02
pkoniszewskiin case you have questions you can always ping me on IRC14:02
pkoniszewskithanks for the discussion14:02
jed56thanks a lot have a nice day14:03
jed56tkaczynski: i will take a look to your comments today or tomorrow morning14:04
tkaczynskijed56: thanks. I'm updating the spec anyway and will publish it soon. there will be some drawings and boxes :)14:04
jed56awesome !  :)14:05
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher-specs: New options add into purge command tool  https://review.openstack.org/29072714:07
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acabotsballe_: i'm back15:06
sballe_now I am on a call ;-)15:06
acabotsballe_: did you manage to update the slides ?15:07
sballe_yes I ca edit them but haven't updated yet15:07
acabotok so you can take a second stab15:08
sballe_ok will do15:08
acabotI will add a couple of things in the newton roadmap but I'm clear with the "mission" slides15:09
acabotsballe_: could you please review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/291214/ as jwcroppe already did it and I would have it implemented for mitaka15:10
sballe_will do right after this meeting15:11
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Updated action-plugin doc to refer to Voluptuous  https://review.openstack.org/29519515:17
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acabotsballe_: and if you can also +1 this fix to add doc8 to watcher-specs https://review.openstack.org/#/c/294051/ ;-)15:54
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