Wednesday, 2016-02-24

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vincentfrancoiseHi seanmurphy13:35
seanmurphyhi vincentfrancoise13:35
vincentfrancoiseI just had a look at the work you guys did and it looks good :)13:36
seanmurphygreat - thanks13:36
seanmurphyi see you’re putting some comments on some commits13:36
vincentfrancoiseI made some quick comments13:37
vincentfrancoisenot really on the strategy itself though13:37
seanmurphyour modus is to work on our own github for now13:38
seanmurphyand we will submit a version for review soon13:38
seanmurphyend of this week or early next week13:38
seanmurphybut if you would prefer an alternative process, we can do that too13:39
seanmurphywe just don’t want to spam the system with code which is not ready yet13:39
vincentfrancoiseThe only thing you have to think about doing it this way is the size of the patchset when you'll have to switch onto gerrit13:39
vincentfrancoiseso it doesn't get to big, but I don't think it will13:40
seanmurphyok - no it will not be so big i think13:48
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acabot__weekly meeting will start on #openstack-meeting-413:59
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openstackgerritdaniel.pawlik proposed openstack/watcher: Added support for live migration on non-shared storage
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pav0Hello, I have made small patch for watcher applier that support instances which are not on shared storage:  . If you can, pls review my code
openstackLaunchpad bug 1549307 in watcher "Live migration of instances on non-shared storage is not supported" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to daniel.pawlik (daniel-pawlik)16:02
vincentfrancoiseHi pav016:08
vincentfrancoisethanks for contributing16:08
vincentfrancoiseI'll have a look at it16:09
pav0ok :)16:09
vincentfrancoiseOk so for what I can see16:13
vincentfrancoiseyou are doing some work to support the block_migration option in live migrations16:14
vincentfrancoiseFollowing the comments you made the other day on this channel we had some discussion on the issue16:14
vincentfrancoiseand I believe there is a blueprint that is about to be made on the subject to address the problem of configurable actions16:16
vincentfrancoiseBasically, we need to provide a way to configure an action regarding at the platform level16:17
vincentfrancoiseso we can set the migration action with a parameter like16:17
vincentfrancoisemigration_type=live at the strategy level with block_migration=True/False in the watcher.conf file16:18
pav0But I think, sometime block migration is not important16:19
pav0Better way will be add in watcher.conf file new parameter: for example: only_block_migrate = True/False16:20
pav0or something like this16:20
vincentfrancoiseyeah that could be it16:20
vincentfrancoisethe exact specs still have to be written down16:20
vincentfrancoisebut in the meantime we can do it the way you did16:21
vincentfrancoiseIt's just that this will only be a temporary solution16:21
pav0I understand16:22
pav0It will be much easier, if nova knows if instance is on shared storage or not and send some information. But nova didn't know it, only compute host knows.16:23
pav0So should I make new parameter in watcher.conf etc. or leave this solution and make some unit tests?16:25
vincentfrancoiseWell, I guess you can leave it like this and write the tests. The config params mechanism we need to add will have to be generic so if you want to do it, you would have to write a full BP+specs to make sure everyone agree16:28
vincentfrancoisewe'll see in the review if someone else has a different view on the matter anyway16:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Useless return statement in validate_sort_dir
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