Monday, 2016-02-01

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openstackgerritEdwin Zhai proposed openstack/watcher-specs: optimization threshold spec
dtardivelHi tpeoples14:46
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tpeoplesHey dtardivel.  I'm trying to do something like: in order to handle the 4.2.0 change, but I can't get it working due to DuplicateOptErrors in the UTs, but it seems to work fine in devstack.  The thing here, though, is that the project_domain_id and user_domain_id need to be defined in the conf file, which is what15:40
tpeopleskeystoneauth1.loading expects15:40
dtardivelYes I saw your message this week-end15:40
tpeoplesIt seems like keystoneauth1.loading is the way to go here, though15:41
dtardivelvincentfrancoise and I have found a way to get them. Can I push another patchset above yours ?15:41
tpeoplesi was banging my head on Friday trying to figure out what was needed :$15:41
vincentfrancoisehi tpeoples15:42
tpeopleshey vincentfrancoise15:42
vincentfrancoisewith dtardivel we were also struggling quite a bit figuring all this out...15:42
tpeoplesok so you're still manually creating the admin creds dictionary.  did you guys try playing with the keystoneauth1.loading library at all?15:44
dtardivelIt works on my testing env (containers distributed watcher). Not tested again on devstack15:44
tpeoplesdtardivel: i can test it on devstack. are you going to push it up? + my comment above^15:46
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dtardivelWe have errors on unit tests related to xxx_helpers() with this patchset. We working on them : )15:47
vincentfrancoiseside note: the thing didn't quite understand with all this is that I couldn't find any example on other projects using "load_auth_from_conf_options" or "register_conf_options"15:47
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tpeopleslol i know vincentfrancoise, the docs on this are awful. every project seems to do it differently15:53
tpeoplesthose were the only two examples of things using load_*_from_conf_options i could find15:57
vincentfrancoisegood catch! I was looking at magnum, ironic, nova, glance and swift (and zaqar because they made a ticket on launchpad)...15:58
tpeoplesvincentfrancoise: what i posted in the paste above works, but seems to cause issues with the UTs.  I'm not sure if something in our keystone middleware code is also implicitly registering those options16:01
vincentfrancoiseOverall I think we got to the same issue, the only thing I don't like much about using keystoneauth1 in your approach is that it looks like we are kind of breaking the "abstraction" keystoneclient provides16:04
vincentfrancoiseBut TBH, I think that if you get it working this way, I won't be picky...16:05
tpeoplesvincentfrancoise: just asked in #openstack-keystone but i doubt i'll get a reply :( lol16:12
vincentfrancoisewait and see I guess...16:28
tpeoplesvincentfrancoise: what do you think about having a CONF file that included this: ugly cause it's duplicated, but i think this might get around the duplicate opt errors16:31
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vincentfrancoisehahaha, with dtardivel we were thinking about doing it kind of like in were they have put in a 'service_credentials' group16:55
vincentfrancoiseso that would pretty much generate some dupes as well16:56
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tpeoplesi think that may be the easiest solution vincentfrancoise17:22
tpeoplesi am heading to lunch with jwcroppe in a few minutes but i will see if i can get something with that working17:23
vincentfrancoiseI'll be leaving soon too. Have a good day :)17:24
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vincentfrancoiseSo just before leaving, here are our conclusions17:41
vincentfrancoise1st option: we do it the DevStack way where we would have a single section with the old params (admin_tenant_name, ...)17:42
vincentfrancoise2nd option: We do it with 2 sections like in ceilometer but that would imply more code changes and further documentation, but we wouldn't have the deprecation warnings anymore17:43
vincentfrancoiseAs dtardivel points out, option 1 would only mean having to explain in the doc we need to add the auth_plugin parameters within the [keystone_authtoken] section17:44
vincentfrancoiseEither way, there seems to be no good solution ... Will leave you deciding or if you have some clues from the keystone guys17:45
vincentfrancoiseBut because Watcher does not work outside a DevStack anymore, I think we should find a solution fairly quickly event if it's not perfect17:46
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openstackgerritGábor Antal proposed openstack/watcher: Removed unused parameter in dt_deserializer()
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sballejwcroppe: ping22:11
sballeacabot: hi22:11
jwcroppesballe: hey - otp22:11
sballeCan you attend the cross projdct meeting tomorrow ? I am at a conference and cannot be there22:12
sballeI might see if I can attend on IRC while the session is on but no guarantee that I can22:12
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jwcroppeWhat time is it?  We have mid-cycle22:23
jwcroppedoubtful I can make tomorrow unless it's late at night22:23
jwcroppesballe: ^^22:37
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tpeoplesjwcroppe: i think it's at 3 CST (21 UTC)23:07
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