Tuesday, 2015-12-08

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tpeoplesjed56:  my comments regarding the imports and commit message titles apply to most of your reviews you have out right now relating to the glossary work07:31
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jed56ok :)08:13
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jed56tpeoples : regarding http://docs.openstack.org/developer/hacking/#imports09:29
jed56I take a look and this is not check by openstack hacking rules and I take a look on other Openstack projects  and they are not doing that09:32
jed56I think we need a unit test09:35
jed56to verify this rule09:36
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acabotGood morning13:58
junjiecrazy busy this week,  a lot of meetings14:01
junjieis Nishi here?14:01
sballeacabot: we are ready :-)14:01
acabotsballe: yes lets start14:01
sballeI was expected her to be here14:01
sballejunjie: should we start? or wait 3 mins14:01
junjieI don't know if she will join14:02
junjielet's start14:02
junjiei have received a lot of good suggestion for the outlet temperature spec14:03
junjiethanks a lot14:04
acabotI will add my comments today14:04
sballejunjie: how close are we or how far?14:05
sballeI meant to having somethign running?14:05
sballeeven if it is not perfect14:05
junjiei have 2 things to do,  coding and fix the spec issues14:05
junjiethe coding progress is about 50%14:06
junjiei will try to run it tomorrow14:06
sballejunjie: don;t worry about running it if it doesn't make sense14:07
sballeI was just curious when you would have somethign to demo fpr us14:07
acabotjunjie : any issue regarding the ceilometer part ?14:07
junjieI will talk with Zhenzan tomorrow, there's a problem with the nova metrics14:08
junjieceilometer part is ok for coding14:08
junjiebut may have performance issue if there's a lot of servers14:08
junjiei may have to call the Nova client wapper directly in order to get the vcpus_used14:09
jed56junjie How many servers do you have ?14:09
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jed56I think in the future we need to have a "cache" of nova14:09
junjiewe won't have too much servers for demo, here we have 314:10
jed56we will listen "rabbit_mq events and pull from nova14:10
junjiesounds good14:10
jed56I don't think you will have performance issue with 3 servers14:10
jed56What is the frequency ?14:10
junjieif only focus on the demo, i think the performance is ok14:11
jed56do you need to update the nova db very often ?14:11
junjiejust thinking for production14:11
jed56junjie : yes is production this solution don't scale :)14:12
junjiei don't update the nova db, just query for the vcpu_used14:12
junjiethem i have no concern about performance14:12
sballejunjie: production will be the next worry. For now we are just interested in fucntionality :)14:12
junjiegot it14:13
junjiei will try to upload a patch for review by the end of this week14:14
april_wangis the "cached" nova data stored in nova db or anywhere else?14:14
jed56the cached version not exist for the moment14:15
jed56but probably in  watcher db14:16
sballecan we make sure we captures next steps?14:17
jed56or in memory14:17
acabotjust to remind you that we have an etherpad ;-) https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/watcher-poc14:17
sballeyes :-)14:18
sballeWhat are the action items for today's meeting?14:18
sballejunjie:  can you give me a one linre on the patch or add it to the etherpad?14:20
junjieyou mean time line?14:21
sballeno just a quick description of what will be inthe patch14:21
junjiea new Strategy class i think14:22
sballeok so you will implement: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/252268/14:23
sballeI am trying ot figure out is it a new patch to the spec or new code14:23
junjiefor the code14:23
junjiei will fix the specs in next step, is it ok?14:24
sballeok with me14:24
sballeis bzhou here?14:25
sballejunjie: do you know what he has been working on?14:25
sballeceilomter and nova metrics ?14:26
junjiei didn't ping him today14:26
junjiei think he will help on the code review and help me run it14:27
sballejunjie: so do ouy have everything you need to get us an early demo of this soon?14:28
junjienothing,  but time14:28
junjieyou know, Stan is here14:28
junjiehave a lot of meetings14:28
sballeOh I remember now :) Say hi14:29
sballeAnything else? acabot ? junjie ?14:30
junjieZhenzan is my backup,  don't worry about the progress14:30
sballeOk thx :)14:30
acabotsballe: if you have any problem with the code, my team is still available for 2 weeks, so do not hesitate to ping them on IRC14:31
junjiethank you too for reviewing  spec14:31
jed56acabot +2 :)14:32
sballeok. thx. This is why I really want us to do as much as we can ahead of Christmas. We can always refine stuff later14:32
sballeacabot: and thx14:32
acaboton my side I have set the PoC target to mitaka-2 (january 21st)14:33
acabotI mean on launchpad14:33
sballeOk we need somethign we can show by end of year but that is intel internal stuff14:34
acabotsballe: yes of course, I mean everything must be reviewed by january 21st (community side ;-))14:35
sballeunderstood :-)14:35
acabotwe had 3 options last week about adding parameters to the algorithm14:37
acabotwhich one did you choose ?14:38
sballejunjie: ^^14:38
junjieZhenzan suggest we hard code first14:38
acabotok lets do it like this for now, we will improve it in january through code reviews14:39
jed56I think the parameters are related to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/watcher/+spec/optimization-threshold14:39
jed56but we need to add more information14:40
acabotwe need a spec for this BOP ;-)14:41
acabotI think that's it for today14:42
sballeI agree but just want to make sure Junjie agrees14:42
junjieno problem14:43
sballeI have updated the etherpad. feel free to  add to it too https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/watcher-poc14:43
junjiei think it should be easy to change the threshold when it get improved14:43
acabotok thx14:44
sballeacabot: do you remember how to change the headings in the channel.14:45
sballeI can do it now but need to look it up14:45
acabotacabot: I never did it...but lets try14:45
acabottry the hash tag topic14:46
sballeI figured it out :)14:46
*** ChanServ changes topic to "OpenStack watcher Project https://launchpad.net/watcher https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Watcher"14:46
sballeacabot: done14:47
acabotsballe: it's much better :-D14:47
acabotsballe: thx14:47
acabotso have a good day/night guys14:48
junjiehave a good day14:49
junjiebye everyone14:49
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acabotjunjie: review done15:36
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