Friday, 2015-12-04

sballetpeoples: great job!01:00
sballevery cool!01:00
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tpeoplesacabot: gave a +2 to the glossary, so nudge jed56 if we want to get that merged today for mitaka-115:48
acabottpeoples: can we also merge this one ?15:51
acabottpeoples: we are running out of time to bring your comments15:51
tpeoplesi'd like to see my comments addressed, but they're mostly nits so if vmahe_1  doesn't have time to fix the typos you guys can just merge before leaving today and  i can submit another patch to fix later15:55
tpeoplesacabot: ^15:55
tpeoples+2 vmahe_1 , thanks16:07
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