Wednesday, 2015-11-25

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jwcroppeacabot: FYI - I had a few more comments on ... overall looks good, but I wanted to see a few more details in the UC section08:54
jwcroppejed56: perhaps you can add to the UCs and we can merge the additional deltas?08:55
acabotjwcroppe: ok sorry for that I +2 because the code has already been merged. feel free to submit a new review on top of the commited change09:18
jed56jwcroppe: sure09:19
jwcroppejed56: thanks - can you post a new review on top of that?09:20
jwcroppeacabot: no prob09:20
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slaweq_workI'm trying to test watcher09:49
slaweq_workand I have few questions09:49
slaweq_workfirst of all, can You tell me example of usage "workflow"09:50
slaweq_workfor example I want to configure watcher to migrate my vms that cpu usage on compute hosts will be similiar on all hosts09:50
slaweq_workwhat exactly should I configure with watcherclient to achieve that?09:51
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slaweq_workI found some presentation from Vancouver about it so I know how it should starts11:40
slaweq_workbut when I created audit-list then it has got state PENDING all the time11:40
slaweq_workmaybe someone of You can help me where to search for reason of that?11:40
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jed56Hello slaweq12:33
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jed56Can you please share with us the log information of the  decision engine module ?12:38
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jed56slaweq : If I understand well your first question : how to add a new algorithm or strategy into watcher to achieve my goal (e.g : migrate vms accoding to theirs load) ?12:49
jed56If you want to add a new strategy you have to develop a plugin12:50
jed56you have some documentation here :
jed56after you can use the watcher client12:51
jed56watcher audit-template-create my_audit MY_PLUGIN12:51
jed56watcher audit-create -t ONESHOT -a my_audit12:52
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slaweq_workhello jed5613:33
slaweq_workI found in watcher-decision-engine that it is using keystone v3 client to authenticate13:34
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slaweq_workand I got some errors there because I'm using still keystone v213:34
slaweq_workdo You maybe know if I can easily add service type with keystone v3 to my service catalog?13:35
slaweq_workI don't want to change existing identity service to v3 because all othere services are still using v2 on my installation13:35
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acabotour agenda for today is available feel free to add your contributions13:36
seanmurphyacabot: iirc, on the call last week, you mentioned that there is a new architecture under discussion13:38
seanmurphyand we were supposed to review this13:38
seanmurphywe tried to find it13:38
seanmurphybut could not - is there a pointer?13:38
acabotseanmurphy: I had to create a wiki page for architecture v213:41
acabotseanmurphy: and we tried multiple tools to build the graph, vmahe is doing it right now using dia13:41
acabotsorry for being late13:41
seanmurphyacabot: no probs - just wanted to make sure we had not missed sth13:42
acabotseanmurphy: thx for checking13:46
acabotseanmurphy: I think something you should do is reviewing the glossary
acabotseanmurphy: we are all using many different terms and we will use this glossary to refactor the code accordingly13:49
seanmurphywhich meeting room are we in today?13:57
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acabotmeeting will be in #openstack-meeting-414:00
seanmurphythanks acabot14:01
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dtardiveltpeoples: about nova API version, I'm agree with you. but I prefer you write another bp about it (i.e. add a new Watcher configuration parameter to define nova client API Version. Same things for keystone, ceilometer client ....)14:28
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dtardiveltpeoples: in return, could you please review again (patchset 9) ?14:29
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tpeoplesdtardivel:  will do14:31
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bzhoufor bug #151017915:02
openstackbug 1510179 in watcher "Can not create an audit template with same name after deleting it previously." [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Zhenzan Zhou (zhenzan-zhou)15:02
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bzhouis there any reason we set as unique key?15:02
bzhouif we use soft delete, we should allow same name15:03
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dtardivelbzhou: yes, you're right15:08
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seanmurphyi have made comments on the gerrit web interface15:41
seanmurphyto the glossary15:41
seanmurphybut i don’t know how to commit them15:42
seanmurphyanyone know how this works?15:42
vincentfrancoiseseanmurphy: press the review button to submit your comments15:43
acabotand set to -115:43
acabotthx sean15:43
seanmurphylooks like they have now been committed to PS315:45
acabotyes I can see your 32 comments ;-)15:46
vincentfrancoiseseanmurphy: I see you comments but you made them on the previous patchset ;)15:46
seanmurphyi thought this was the latest one when i started15:47
vincentfrancoiseseanmurphy: no worries, patchset 4 just got pushed so it's normal if you didn't see it15:47
acabotvmahe_ will look at your comments in PS3, thats ok15:49
acabottpeoples: why did you start this BP ?16:24
tpeoplesacabot: accident,  just put it back16:25
acabot:) thx16:26
acabotMitaka milestones are now available on launchpad16:30
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jed56slaweq_work: regarding the integration of keystone v2 with have a blueprint
jed56we have a blueprint :
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sballejed56: acabot Can you change the large BP that Nishi submitted to Junjie instead of Zhenzan. She would prefer that because of her boss17:02
sballethis was the one I was talking about.17:04
sballejunjie: What's your launchpad id?17:06
acabotyes please :-D17:06
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seanmurphyacabot: what is the status wrt arch v217:08
seanmurphyhow can we provide some input17:08
seanmurphyand how is it changing?17:08
seanmurphyyou indicated before that this was more or less to show how it looks in dia17:08
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seanmurphybut when will you produce a ‘commentable’ variant17:09
acabotseanmurphy: first of all, if we want to iterate on the graph17:10
acabotseanmurphy: you need to get the review on your machine with git fetch refs/changes/69/249869/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD17:11
acabotthis cmd can be found in the review
acabotthen you will get a file called architecture.dia17:11
acabotthat you can open using dia tool17:12
acabotmodify things in it and then git-review the file17:12
acabotit will create a new patch-set with the new version of the diagram17:13
seanmurphywill try that out17:13
seanmurphyit might not be seamless17:13
seanmurphywill do it later this week17:13
acabotyes, I will send doc tomorrow regarding contribution process17:13
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seanmurphysend it where?17:23
seanmurphyis there a ML or is everything on irc?17:23
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