Wednesday, 2017-11-15

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zhiyuanhi song02:08
songhi zhiyuan02:09
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zhiyuanlet me open the etherpad for queens ptg02:09
zhiyuanto fine if there are some not-urgent feature02:10
songwe also have two people are freedom now.02:10
songthey can do it for not-urgent feature02:10
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zhiyuanDriver-based implementation of Trunk02:17
zhiyuansfc, qos are both implemted in a driver way02:19
zhiyuanbut we rewrite the whole trunk plugin02:19
songthat is ok, is it have add in the etherpad?02:20
zhiyuanjust have a glimpse on the trunk driver, the base driver doesn't expose many methods. this is different from qos02:22
zhiyuaninstead, the driver needs to subscribe events notified by trunk plugin and do specific works02:22
songoh ,is this the one 'service function chaining'?02:23
songi mistake i got it in etherpad.02:23
zhiyuanoh, your team can help to finish the sfc update, too02:24
zhiyuanthe previous owner no longer work on it02:25
zhiyuan this patch02:26
songthat is good02:26
songi will told our team to do it.02:28
songif there are some question i will let them to ask you or other people here. thank you zhiyuan!02:29
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zhiyuanok, or via wechat02:31
songgood. thanks again.:)02:31
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Due to an unexpected outage with Zuul (1 hour), you'll need to recheck any jobs that were in progress. Sorry for the inconvenience.02:57
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